Best Hair Regrowth for Men

Hair loss is among the serious issues that men experience. More than half of the men who are over 50 years old are affected by the male pattern baldness. It means that you might also experience loss of hair at some point in your life. There are many solutions available in the market for regrowth.… Read More Best Hair Regrowth for Men

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Contents1 What Is Male Pattern Baldness? 2 Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness2.1 Genetics2.2 Androgens2.3 Aging2.4 Use Of Different Hair Styling Products2.5 Nutritional Deficiencies2.6 Stress3 Stages Of Male Pattern Baldness3.1 Stage 1 (Unnoticeable Hair Thinning Around Temples)3.2 Stage 2 (M-Shaped Hairline)3.3 Stage 3 ( Visible Balding And Slump Of Hairline)3.4 Stage 4 ( Hair Loss At The… Read More How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men