About Us

Welcome to Urban Oak. We focus on independent and unbiased reviews that answer your questions about products. Products ranging from men’s grooming, fashion, lifestyle and everyday carry accessories.

Who we are

Justin here. Probably have tested more hair styling products than a normal guy and has almost went to all the barbershops in Singapore. Not signs of stopping yet! 

I have bought countless of products and reviewed them in my blog here and Youtube channel. Right now, I am focusing on improving my health and fitness. So you can expect more contents around these topics too! 

What we do

We review products for you so that you can make a more informed decision before purchasing them. We are dedicated to curate items of quality and that suits your needs.

Our research process can range from buying the products ourselves and test them to researching fellow product reviewers who have used the products and went through their reviews.

Why we do

The idea of a Men’s Grooming & Style Guide came to mind whilst I was searching for suitable hair grooming products for my hair and sensitive skin. Living in a humid Singapore climate made my search more challenging. It took me numerous of tries before I finally found the right products for my needs.

With few resources dedicated to the gentlemen living in Southeast Asia, finding the right products for your lifestyle can be a tall order. That’s where you can count on us to fill the gap. To make sure you don’t go through the same arduous process, I am dedicated to help you sift through the noise effectively with our informative platform. From grooming to everyday carry, it’s shopping made simple again.

Disclaimer: Some of our recommended programs under the Amazon and Other Affiliate Program. This means we earn a small commission if you click on our “Shop Now” button link and purchase the products on Amazon. Whilst we are super appreciative if you can do so, but there’s no pressure if you do not want to. We wanted to be just being transparent on how we earn our money to sustain this portal. Greatly Appreciated!!

Speak to us if you have any ideas or would like to work with us with your creation!
You can reach us by via email justin@urbanoak.co or shoot us a message below!

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