The Apothecary Malaysia Solid Cologne Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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The Apothecary Malaysia Solid Cologne Review

Previously we have reviewed the Analogue Paste by folks from The Apothecary Malaysia, The Oven and Mentega Pomade. Today, we had the privilege to introduce some very unique range of scents for the gentlemen – The Apothecary Malaysia Solid Cologne.

The Apothecary Malaysia – the word Apothecary is a term for a medical professional during the ancient days, who formulates and dispense the knowledge used for healing. This word was chosen as the brand name to continue the tradition of formulating products but with modern applications.

Founded by Mr. Adrian Cheong in 2015, this product was inspired when he stumbled across solid perfumes while traveling and the passion to always create something with his own hands. After through many trials and errors, and sourcing materials locally, he has successfully launched a range of solid colognes with 3 different scents and now 8 in total. But what are solid colognes actually?

What is Solid Cologne?

Solid colognes are wax-based fragrance instead of the usual liquid-based. It was started by the ancient Egyptians but today we are seeing the rise of it again. It can be made from either natural ingredients (from Shea butters, fruit oils, and beeswax) or Synthetic (formulated and created by the chemist). It either case they are safe to use.



Apothecary Malaysia Solid Cologne
Apothecary Malaysia Solid Cologne




Solid Cologne

Design and Packaging

Every scent has its own design and identity. The cologne is housed in a beautifully designed box. By just sliding the box out, you will find the solid cologne is properly placed in a cushion sponge to prevent from any dent during transportation.

The cologne itself is housed in a metal tin with the logo embossed on the surface for better grip during open and close. Some tins are coated with glossy colour, while the rest were matte. Underneath, you will see a printed craft paper label that describes the scent of the cologne.

Because of its small size, I could easily bring every where and fits nicely into any pockets. Definitely it is TSA0 friendly and you could pack it in your carry on luggage.

Overall, it was a very well done packaging, not only artistic and practical. Thumbs up to product’s user experience.

Application: How to Use The Apothecary Malaysia Solid Cologne

Sliding out the cover was easy with good friction. Use a finger to swipe out some of the cologne. Rub it a little to generate some heat, then rub on on wrist, neck and behind your ears.

It does not feel sticky and its scent is not overwhelming. Just the right amount of fresh scent is needed. It last around 5 – 6 hours, but since it’s so easy to carry around, you can re-apply anytime!

Scent and Usage Review

Each of the colognes has different scent and suitable for different occasion or personality. Some might be good for office use and some might be for dates or evening events. Let’s go through all latest 5 scents produced by the Apothecary Malaysia.


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