The Manscaped Crop Shaver Review – Ultra Smooth Package

Ultra Smooth Package
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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If we go a decade or more back, most of the time, grooming was just considered essential for women, while men didn’t pay much attention to their skin or hair care. However, in recent times taking care of oneself is not gender-biased anymore. Both men and women are encouraged to take care of themselves, including their skin, hair, and personal hygiene

Taking care of oneself also includes shaving, and that too on sensitive parts like the groin area. While many products claim to be great for this sensitive part, however, selecting the best one is quite essential since the wrong products can end up damaging your skin or cause irritation. 

This is where the Manscaped products come to the rescue. Their Ultra smooth package is specially designed for shaving sensitive areas of men and women and can be a great addition to your personal grooming kit.

If you want to know more about only Manscaped products – the Ultra Smooth package, let me assure you that you are exactly at the right place. 

The Ultra Smooth Package

Ultra Smooth Package

The Ultra Smooth package by Manscaped has various products. The specialized three-step groin shaving kit is excellent for not only buffing but also protecting your most sensitive areas and making them quite smooth in the end. Here are the five components that the Ultra Smooth Package contains.


Crop Exfoliator

Crop Exfoliator

The unclear and dead skin down there is definitely irritating and having a product that gets it better is a dream come true. Well, this is exactly what the crop exfoliator in the Ultra Smooth Package does. It is a gentle exfoliant especially suitable for the groin area. It has various beneficial ingredients that help scrub the dead skin and make it clear. You need to use it before shaving to get the best results. 

Fight ingrown hair

The unique formula of this crop exfoliator is suitable for fighting ingrown hair in the sensitive areas, which may be a reason for causing itching and irritation on the groin skin. It scrubs down the skin, which is essential for fighting against ingrown hair and, as a result, gives an extremely smooth surface and a clean slate to shave on. 

Dual exfoliation 

While the majority of the products provide either physical or chemical exfoliation, this unique exfoliator provides both in a significant way. The chemical and physical exfoliation by this Manscaped crop exfoliator makes sure to soothe your skin along with making it clear. 


It contains excellent ingredients which are beneficial for your groin skin and doesn’t cause any reaction on the sensitive parts. The ingredients include glycolic and lactic acid, witch hazel, pineapple, and papaya enzymes to help dissolve dead skin cells naturally, willow bark extract, and aloe leaf extract for protecting and hydrating the skin. 


  • The product is dermatologist tested
  • Provide chemical and physical exfoliation both
  • Fights against ingrown hair
  • Provide clear and smooth skin
  • Makes your skin ready for a smooth shave


  • The product is heavily scented.

Crop Gel

Crop Gel

This is one of the best products for your groin area designed by Manscape. It is a clear shaving gel that is specially made for sensitive areas, not only making the shaving process quite smooth but also making it visible for you that what you are shaving to make the whole process easier.


The dermatologist tests all the ingredients used to make this crop gel to ensure that you don’t have to go through any kind of irritation or skin problems. The ingredients present are vegan and dye-free, like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, etc., all of which have excellent effects on your sensitive skin.

Multi-glide formula

What makes this product one of our favorites is the fact that it comes with a multi-glide formula. This means that after every time you use a razor on your skin, you will not have to apply the gel again since it can remain on the skin even after gliding your razor over it multiple times. This saves the excess use of the product in one shave and, therefore, also saves the cost investment. 


You have to apply this product to the freshly cleaned skin after exfoliation and make sure since the hair is quite visible, you need to glide your razor depending on the direction of the hair. After each glide, rinse your razor and then repeat the process. 


  • Thick consistency provides a great cushion
  • Makes protection between your razor and skin
  • Gives you a smooth glide every time
  • Clear formula lets you see the grain for a proper shaving experience


  • It May get stuck between the blades

Crop Shaver

Crop Shaver

What is the crop Shaver used for?

Being designed specifically for shaving the groin areas, this crop shaver is one of the best parts of only Manscaped products – the Ultra Smooth package. What makes it stand out among competitors is the ergonomic design it comes with that makes the whole shaving of such a sensitive area (groins) become a breeze of air. 

Three precision blades

Three blades present on this razor make sure that all the hair is shaved properly from your skin. They are designed in a way that they shave out all the hair while protecting your skin from getting any kinds of cuts from it. 

Pivoting head

The pivoting head of the razor is specially designed to make sure that the blades are in contact with the skin no matter what angle the razor is. This design also requires you to put less pressure on the razor to get a proper shave, unlike the competitors requiring greater pressure and making the whole shaving job tire you. 

Ergonomic design

The Manscaped has got you covered, unlike other brands that do not care about how exhausted you get with long shaving processes. The design of this razor is extremely ergonomic and is quite easy to handle, which makes even the long shaving processes quite smooth and easy. 


  • The design is simple and ergonomic 
  • Pivoting head makes shaving experience better
  • Three precision blades shoo away all your hair


  • N/A

Replacement blades for the Crop Shaver

Replacement blades for the Crop Shaver

Good news for everyone who is deciding to buy the Ultra Smooth Package. You will not need to replace your crop razors after every shave since the package comes with around six replacement blades to give you the chance to shave repeatedly. 

Once your blades get steep or are of no use, you don’t need to buy another razor since the replacement blades will make the razor work like a new one and provide you with a smooth, fresh shave as a new razor does. This makes this kit quite good for long-term use without requiring you to invest again and again in buying a razor. 

Travel Case

You don’t need to worry about losing your razor or about the razor getting corrosion while lying on your bathroom rack since the travel case has this covered for you. 

It is extremely great for keeping your razor safe and protecting it from exposure to water or humidity so that it can last longer and provide you with a great shaving experience every time you decide to use it.

How to use Manscaped Crop Exfoliator

Here is how you can use the crop exfoliator my Manscaped

  • Take a small amount of the crop exfoliator on your hand before going for the shaving process through a crop shaver
  • Apply it to your groin area in a circular motion and keep massaging it for around 30 to 60 seconds
  • Once you have applied the exfoliator and done the massage, you can rinse it with water and move to the next step of the shaving process.

How to use Manscaped Crop Gel

Once you are done exfoliating your skin, you can now apply Manscaped Crop Gel to move forward with the process of shaving. Here is how you can apply this product

  • Apply this crop gel to the freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin
  • Once applied, start gliding your razor over this gel in the direction of the grain
  • The clear formula of this gel lets you see the direction of the grain to make the whole shaving process smooth and easier.

What makes Crop Shaver better than Normal Razor?

Manscaped Ultra Smooth package consists of a razor they call crop shaver, and there are various factors that make it better than a normal razor.

First and foremost, this crop shaver is suitable for all hair types, no matter how thick one’s hair is. Additionally, the three precision stainless steel blades are excellent for providing an accurate shave and not leaving behind any hair tips on your skin, unlike the normal razor types. 

Not only this, but the lubricating strips are also a part of this razor which are specially designed to give your skin the smoothness and softness that you expect from a shave. It is suitable to be used for around five to seven shaves which are not quite common in normal razors as you usually have to throw them away after each use.

The pivoting head doesn’t bound you to use the razor at one angle, and you can use it no matter what angle you are comfortable with, which doesn’t happen when you are using a normal razor without a pivoting head.

Buying guide for a shaving kit

Before making your final decision, here are some of the essential products that a shaving kit must include. fortunately the majority of them are a part of the Ultra Smooth Package


A razor is the major part of a shaving kit, and the design of the razor plays a huge part in giving you the shave you are looking for. Look for a razor that comes with a pivoting head so that you don’t have to stick with one angle and make yourself fatigued while shaving for longer periods. The Ultra Smooth Package by Manscaped consists of an ergonomically designed razor and makes sure to remove each hair from your groin area. Additionally, the small design and the pivoting head are excellent for providing you with a crystal clear skin aftershave. 

The stock of replacement blades

You definitely don’t want to invest your money in buying razors again and again after each shave. This is where replacement blades come to the rescue. With these blades, you will just need to replace the older ones with them and get the job done quite a many times. Manscaped Ultra Smooth package contains six replacement blades to provide a long-term shaving experience. Additionally, these blades are great to last for around five to seven times depending on the workload, making them quite long-lasting and worth the investment.

Pre-shave exfoliator

Exfoliation is great for providing smooth skin, and it is a must-have product in any shaving kit as a pre-shave essential. The Ultra-smooth package contains a crop exfoliator to get the job done.

Pre-shave oil or gel

Softening your hair before shaving your sensitive parts is essential for a smoother shave, and this is exactly what a gel does. The crop gel included in the manscaped package has excellent ingredients to provide you with the shaving experience you are expecting. 

Travel bag

A travel bag is important for storing all your essential shaving equipment to protect them from any kind of harm. The Ultra smooth package comes with a travel case that ensures that your razor is protected from corrosion and that you don’t lose your razor while you travel. 

Some other essential 

While all the important things are mentioned above and present in the Ultra Smooth package, you can still look for more. Various other essentials like face towels, razor stands, shaving brushes, and aftershave balm are also required to make your shaving experience excellent and smooth. You can always look for more for a better expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Manscaped products worth the money?

Manscaped products are definitely worth the money, especially for a sensitive area if you are really looking for a smooth shave and don’t want to cause any potential damage to such sensitive skin. Although the products may be a bit more expensive as compared to the competitors, however, the protection and the smoothness they provide to your skin make the products definitely worth it.

Can Manscaped products be used by women?

With all the benefits this Ultra-Smoot package provides, women can easily use it for their private areas. Even on the website of Manscaped, they have mentioned that the package is not gendered biased and can be used by men and women both.

Is exfoliating the groin area safe?

The skin around the groin area is extremely sensitive and delicate; therefore, it is recommended that to exfoliate your skin for better shaving results, always apply the product on the top and sides of the area. Never use any kind of product inside of these sensitive parts, and that goes for both men and women.

How to properly exfoliate the private area?

Once you have decided to exfoliate this sensitive part of your body, you need to make sure that you do it in the right way. You have to apply the exfoliator gently on the skin in small circular motions and make sure to cover the entire surface of the area to get proper results. Let the exfoliator sit on your skin for 30 seconds to three minutes, and then rinse the area well to move further with the shaving process.

How can you have a smooth groin area?

Follow these steps to have a smooth groin area:

  • Properly exfoliate the skin around your groin area.
  • Apply the shaving gel to get proper results.
  • Make sure that the razor you are using is sharp and not dull.
  • Start shaving in the direction of your hair growth.
  • Once you have done shaving, apply a little coconut oil to the skin to properly moisturize it. 

Is applying gel to the groin area safe?

Yes, applying gel to the groin area is completely safe and also important for making your razor glide smoothly on sensitive skin. Make sure that the gel you are buying has ingredients that are completely harmless and you are not allergic to them in any way. 


Having a clean and smooth groin area is a major part of personal hygiene and a dream come true for the majority of people. However, getting products that are suitable for skin of such a sensitive area to get a proper shave that results in a smoother skin is quite difficult. With hundreds of products available and many brands providing shaving kits, making your final choice is no less than a considerable task. Therefore, we have picked one of the best kits available in the market, known as Manscaped products – the Ultra Smooth package, which contains all the necessary products to give you the smooth and clean groin skin that you dream of. 



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