(NEW) The Trimmer Plus by Meridian Grooming – Detailed Product Review 2022

The Trimmer Plus by Meridian Grooming Ball Shaver
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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If you are conscious about their grooming, you may have noticed grooming products like trimmers. When you dress for a special day, you would want to look and feel handsome. When it comes to grooming, it can be done more easily if you have a good-quality trimming device for your body. However, for obvious reasons, some men may feel scared by the idea of trimming their pubic hair by using a trimmer. 

Imagine a trimmer that offers a variety of features to make the shaving experience smooth and easy for you. You can trust something with your sensitive skin without experiencing anxiety or fear. If you are ready to welcome such a supporting device to make your grooming effortless, you may want to learn more about The Trimmer Plus. Is this the best pubic hair trimmer for both men and women? 

The Trimmer Plus Detailed Review Features

Trimmer Guards

Trimmer Plus Meridian Grooming Trimmer Guard

One of The Trimmer Plus’s great improvements is its newly designed adjustable trimmer guards. Say no more to attach-detach different trimmer guards for different lengths. Now, with the adjustable trimmer guards, you can configure up to 5 different sizes with just a push of a button to 0, 2.5mm, 5mm, 7.5mm, and 10mm lengths. It is firmly attached to the trimmer. This means you don’t have to worry about losing the trimmer guards that affect your groin-trimming experience. This has been a long-time waiting feature, and I am glad that Meridian Grooming finally came up with something different. It is similar to MansManscaped’s, but the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 only has four different lengths, which are 0mm, 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm. 

LED Lights

Another feature that was introduced to the trimmer plus is LED light. The LED spotlight is another add-on included for the convenience of the users. It gives that extra light when navigating through those narrow and dark groin areas or, for whatever reason, your house electricity decided to call it a day. This feature is also featured in the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0

Charging Dock

Having The Trimmer Plus as your grooming essential means, you don’t have to worry about the battery of the device. It comes with a charging dock and USB cables so you can charge whenever you want. In this way, the battery of the device won’t come in your way of grooming. The charging dock allows a wireless charging experience though you still need to connect the charging dock via a USB-C connection.

Available in Different Colors

Another great thing about this trimmer is that it comes in three different colors, i.e., black, ocean, and sage. It means that not only will this item help you look more handsome, but it can also match your room’s theme and add a little more attraction to it. In addition, the sellers also claim that this product is designed with high-performance features. It offers a precise, effortless, and customized grooming experience that’s pain-free and nick-free. 

Material Design and Handling

Now let’s talk about the material of The Trimmer Plus. The surface of this trimmer is made of a rubbery texture for a good grip. Your chances of achieving stylish grooming increase when you are able to hold the trimmer with a good grip so you can ensure it doesn’t go out of your control.


Another issue many people face is that their skin is too sensitive for any device like trimmers. If you find yourself to be in the same boat, you’ll be interested to know that The Trim Plus has ceramic blades to make sure it remains friendly on your skin while using it. 

Shaving Experience:

Nicks and Cuts

Experiencing nicks and cuts while shaving may be common for many people, but it should not be. You deserve a product that provides a smooth shave without worrying about nicks and cuts. That’s why you should check The Trimmer Plus. Along with numerous other features, it offers a cut-free shave so you can use them even around sensitive spots. I did not face any cuts during my shaving experience. This is much more stable (less vibration) than its former version, “The Trimmer.”

The Closeness of Shave

If you are looking for a product to help you get a clean shave at home, this product may not be the right choice. Although it provides a close shave, it does not give a clean shave. Hence, learn what you are looking for in a product before buying.

Battery and Charging

When you search for the best ball trimmer, make sure that you check the battery and charging method. The Trimmer Plus offers wireless charging on docker along with battery level. The sellers claim that the item can last 90 minutes after a single charge. Furthermore, it also provides a USB-C charger for your convenience. 

Shock and Waterproof

Another great feature offered by this item is shock and water resistance. Many people feel comfortable shaving during bath time, which means more chances of water droplets reaching the trimmer. However, thanks to the water-proof design, The Trimmer Plus won’t disappoint you. By designing the trimmer to be waterproof, the sellers also made a cleaning job easier for you. That’s because a waterproof trimmer can also be cleaned easily with water once you are done trimming your hair. Since it is also made to be shock-proof, the Trim Plus also has more chance of withstanding being dropped and resisting any possible damage.


Since it offers plenty of features and benefits, chances are that you are going to love this product. But what if you don’t? It is possible that you buy it but don’t feel satisfied with the results or want to return it for any other reason. In such a case, you’ll be happy to know that The Trimmer Plus comes with a year warranty. Within a year of your purchase, if you find any problem with the product, you may contact the sellers and see if a warranty can be claimed.


Like any other electronic device, trimmers work better if they are well-maintained. So, you must take care of the equipment to expect the best outcome. Per the sellers, you are recommended to replace the trimmer blade every three to four months. If the usage is frequent, you can plan the blade replacement every three months.


The price of The Trimmer Plus is USD 89.00, with the replacement blade costing USD 20. Feel free to use our 15% discount code “URBANOAK15” at your checkout.  You can also go for the four interest-free payments of USD 22.25 each by checking on the website.

What are the Positive Features of The Trimmer Plus:


This blade is designed to be adjustable and easy to use. Its ergonomic design offers a soft-touch finish and an easy grip for a smooth trimming experience. The single flexible trimmer comb was a winner for me.

Shockproof and waterproof 

The chances of damage are reduced, and the durability of this trimmer has been increased by making it shock and waterproof. No matter if you clean it with water or use it during a shower, the performance of this product won’t affect water. Similarly, shock resistance also makes this trimmer stronger than the rest of the products available in the market that are not shock-proof. They may be more prone to damage, but not The Trimmer Plus. 


Thanks to the additional LED spotlights, you will be able to see the narrow and dark areas more clearly. Don’t worry if you cannot visibly see the area that needs to be trimmed. Just use the Trimmer Plus and benefit from its cool LED spotlight, which you may not find in every other available trimmer. 


Another great thing about this trimmer is that it’s gender-friendly. What does it mean? Well, it means that it can be used by both men and women. Although you may have assumed that the product is designed for men’s use only, it’s actually quite the opposite. Ladies can also trim their hair with it, just like men.


Versatile performance is yet another remarkable feature offered by Trim Plus. It’s not made to be used on a specific part of the body, unlike many other trimmers out there. You can use it for shaving on sensitive areas or any other part of the body. Versatility impacts the overall performance of this trimmer as it offers more services, so customers don’t have to buy multiple items for trimming different types of hair. 


This Trimmer Plus comes in an elegant design that is not only good in terms of usage but also in terms of appearance too. The overall design of this product is elegant and impressive, which also makes it a giftable item. So, if you are invited to an upcoming birthday party or other events, you can consider this item as a gift.

What are the Cons of The Trimmer Plus:

Despite having so many plus points, you may also find a few cons. Make sure to read about both pros and cons before buying the product. One of the cons of this product is that you may find it to be a little sharp on the comb’s edge. If you are an expert user and know how to handle it carefully around sensitive areas, then it may be a suitable choice. But if you don’t think you can handle it, maybe you should reconsider the decision. 

Another factor that may make you want to rethink your decision is the price. The price of The Trimmer Plus is high compared to other products available. Although there may be numerous cheaper products available in the market, you need to compare their features with this one too. Furthermore, the cheaper product might also offer you a lower quality, which will impact the performance eventually.

The Trimmer Plus Is Best Used For:

The Trimmer Plus is said to be best used in between waxes for the ladies and for the men. It is claimed to be the best to trim sensitive areas. The overall purpose of using a trimmer is to save time and money by avoiding frequent salon/barber visits. But if you cannot trust a trimmer’s quality enough to use it in sensitive areas, you may end up visiting the salon or barber frequently anyway. So, always make sure the machine that you are investing in is worthy of your investment. 

The Trimmer Plus gives you the advantage of trimming hair from sensitive skin; you need to be careful nonetheless. You may find the edge of this trimmer a little sharp, which may result in hurt if you rub it against the skin. Hence, be gentle while using this trimmer and try not to rub it in order to avoid any possible damage.

How is Trimmer Plus different from the Trimmer (Original Version)?

The Trimmer Plus
The Trimmer

Some additional features included in the Trimmer Plus were not added in the Trimmer. For instance, The original version does not feature LED lights, but this version does. Furthermore, The Trimmer has two adjustable trimmer combs for five lengths, whereas the Trimmer Plus has a single adjustable comb with five lengths. The overall length of this new version is said to be slightly longer than the original product. In add