Top 6 Best Pheromones for Men to Attract Females

best pheromones for men to attract females
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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If you want to improve your sex appeal, gain respect from your peers, and become the best version of yourself, pheromone colognes may be the answer. A pheromone is a chemical that your body produces to influence the behaviour of another person. Humans and animals both produce them naturally as a means of indirect communication. But, with so many pheromone products on the market, picking the best pheromones for men is a difficult task. While some pheromone fragrances work extremely well, others lack the potency to be as effective as they claim.

We examined the best pheromones for men to determine which products are the most effective. Each pheromone cologne was evaluated based on its ingredients, potency, duration, smell, price, and user reviews. Here are some of the best pheromones on the market if you want to attract women, develop instant chemistry, and gain confidence.

Summary of the Best Pheromones for Men to Attract Females

NoProduct NameKey FeaturePrice / oz 
1TRUE InstinctConfidence Booster For Men$77.00
2For Him RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne Gift SetElegance, Extra Strength Human Pheromone Formula$28.33 / Fl Oz
3AlfaMarker New generation pheromoneLong-Lasting Fragrance$176.47 / Fl Oz
4Alpha Male PheromoneEndless Attraction$66.15 / Fl Oz
5Alpha Dream CERTO for menlongest lasting bonding pheromones$67.50
6Alpha Dream L II K for menStrong Attraction Formula$79.50
Summary of the Best Pheromones for Men to Attract Females

Best Pheromones for Men to Attract Females– Detailed Review

1. TRUE Instinct

TRUE Instinct

True Pheromones TRUEInstinct – The Highest Concentration of Sexual Pheromones for Men in the World Sex, sex, and more sex. Did we mention SEX? – This is the best pheromone product on the market. Until now, the highest Androstenone mixture was 5 mg per 10 ml bottle. We decided to take things a step further and add 1.5 mg more Androstenone (the highest sexual pheromone known to man), as well as Androstenol and Androsterone for a completely different kick, all in a slow release oil-based formula. Without a doubt, this product will change the way men attract women. This pheromone is extremely well-balanced.

Confidence Booster For Men

This product is intended to be your secret weapon, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd. You don’t even have to work too hard; as long as you’re well-groomed and keep your cool, the woman will be drawn to you.


Yes. The manufacturer offers a risk-free customer satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return the product for a refund if it does not work. That’s how confident True Instinct is in what they’ve created.


  • Higher concentration of pheromones than rival products.
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting.
  • No side effects.


  • Pricey
  • Hard to find a complete list of ingredients

Who is suitable for TRUE Instinct

This product is for any guy who wants to get laid but is tired of going to bars and clubs and not having any luck. You’re sick of wasting money and time chatting up the ladies before they leave with another guy who has a bigger car.

Where to Buy TRUE Instinct

2. For Him RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne Gift Set

For Him RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne Gift Set

Salute the most effective, BEST men’s pheromone cologne for men, now available in a convenient gift set. This is the natural solution you’ve been looking for, crafted to boost confidence and dubbed the #1 fragrance on Amazon. RawChemistry’s For Him Pheromone Cologne is an ideal scent that both attracts and aids in the development of other relationships.

For good reason, “For Him” is RawChemistry’s best-selling and flagship product.

Whether you want to attract someone, spice up a relationship, or simply feel more confident in your daily life, the “For Him” by RawChemistry pheromone cologne is the perfect fit.

Natural oil blend that aids in attraction through the sense of smell

This is not your typical perfume. This perfume is infused with pheromones, making it the best perfume for attracting, enticing connections, and boosting confidence. The scent has a natural sweetness to it. 

Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Chemical Free

Most perfumes contain chemicals and unnatural acids that dry out and irritate the skin over time. That is why we use ingredients that are both effective and have no negative side effects:

  • Natural Silk-Based Formula
  • Natural oil blend
  • Human-grade natural pheromones

Even the most expensive department store and designer options contain synthetics that can cause skin irritation. With RawChemistry  Pheromone Perfume “For Him,” you can achieve long-lasting results without irritation.


  • A combination of natural oils that aid in attraction through the sense of smell.
  • Pheromone Absorption Increased with a Silky Smooth, Moisturizing Blend
  • Aroma and long-lasting effect
  • One of the Best Men’s Scented Colognes
  • The Best Pheromone Blended Cologne Made in the USA
  •  Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Chemical Free 


  • Has a faint smell

Who is suitable for this product

RawChemistry Pheromone Perfume Gift Set is an ideal scent for men to attract females. 

Where to Buy For Him RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne Gift Set

Amazon USA

3. AlfaMarker New generation pheromone

AlfaMarker New generation pheromone

AlfaMarker is a line of highly effective pheromone oils and sprays. AlfaMarker uses only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. Each product is free of potentially harmful parabens and sulphates, allowing you to feel and look good at the same time. The AlfaMarker Next Generation Pheromone Formula is the result of many years of scientific experiments and laboratory research in the field of subconscious influence and nonverbal communication.AlfaMarker is a one-of-a-kind and potent new generation formula of reconstituted Androstenone, the most potent men’s pheromone. AlfaMarker “modifies” your natural “scent signature,” giving you the appearance of being more attractive, sociable, popular, and “alpha.”

Long-Lasting Fragrance

AlfaMarker is as elegant as a designer men’s cologne. Citrus, bergamot, olive flowers, and woody notes combine to create an ultra-masculine fragrance that every gentleman should have in his perfume collection.

Excellent Interest Indicators

As women become more interested in you, you will notice more flirting. Make yourself more appealing to women, and make them long for your presence.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Global Famous Brand
  • For maximum effect, Alfamarker contains a UNIQUE COMBINATION OF PHEROMONES FOR MEN and fragrant notes.
  • Make yourself more appealing to women, and make them long for your presence.
  • Excellent indicators of interest – you will notice more flirting as women become interested in you.
  • Create an aura of trust, respect, and dominance.
  • Improve your social standing and gain the respect of those around you.
  • Make others feel more at ease in your presence.

Who is suitable for this product

AlfaMarker New generation Pheromone Perfume Gift Set is an ideal scent for man to attract a women.

Where to Buy AlfaMarker New generation pheromone

Amazon USA

4. Alpha Male Pheromone

Alpha Male Pheromone

This pheromone oil has been enhanced with an extra-strength, long-lasting formula. Take things to the next level with the enticing and seductive fragrance contained within every potent drop of your new bottle. With this powerful cologne for men, you will become irresistible with the charm of masculinity and confidence. Your new blend contains maximum, extra-strength human pheromones that will appeal to her receptors and synchronise her hormones with you. This pheromones for men cologne is small enough to fit in your pocket. You’ll be prepared if you see her in a bar, a cafe, or at work. When you need it, reach for it and use it in seconds to attract the woman of your dreams.

Beautiful Fragrance

Pheromones have no scent at all. The cologne you’ll be wearing smells nice and doesn’t smell like anything else. You will not emit any unusual odours. Meanwhile, those unscented pheromones will be activating her brain’s pheromone receptors, causing her to become attracted to you.

Infinite Attraction

Remember that your body already produces pheromones, albeit in much smaller amounts. As a result, any attraction she feels at first will last even after you stop using AlphaMale pheromone cologne. You’re simply giving yourself a “boost” to get ahead of the game by using this product. And because you have her attention, you don’t have to act a certain way; just be yourself. She has no plans to leave!

Take up all attention

Once she’s become attracted to you, her brain and hormones will be tuned to you, and only you. Nobody else will be able to break that chemical bond. She’s yours.


  • Attracts who you want:  Simply approaching her will pique her interest. Make your move now. 
  • Get notified quickly: The scent of AlphaMale Cologne is appealing and masculine. When she gets close to you, she will experience an attraction to you that she has never felt before.
  • Long lasting Those pheromones will still be sending out signals the next morning, so be prepared for things to last longer than one night.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: If you don’t get the results you want from this pheromone cologne, simply contact us for a refund.

 Who is suitable for Alpha Male Pheromone

This product is ideal for quickly escalating the relationship. This product is for any guy who wants to get laid but is tired of going to bars and clubs and not having any luck. You’re sick of wasting money and time chatting up the ladies before they leave with another guy who has a bigger car.

Where to Buy Alpha Male Pheromone

Amazon USA

5. Alpha Dream CERTO for men

Alpha Dream CERTO for men

Women adore heroes, and this is the aura that this Good Guy formula embodies. Certo goes beyond the physical; it is our formula containing the longest lasting bonding pheromones. Women may perceive the wearer as trustworthy and disarmingly comfortable. Certo is an intimate pheromone blend that promotes long-term love and pair bonding.


Certo for Men contains the same pheromones as Certo. It contains androstenol and androstenone, two of the most common human pheromones. Certo has a higher concentration of androstenol, indicating that it is a social product with a slight sexual undertone. That being said, it is a hybrid of what would happen if Scent of Eros for Men and NPA for Men were combined. Understand, however, that Certo is clearly more sociable than sexual.


Certo contains a high concentration of androstenol, so you’ll be the life of the party. Both men and women will be interested in interacting with you. You’ll notice that everyone around you is friendly, chatty, comfortable, and relaxed.

Certo for Men contains androstenone, a human pheromone that only affects the women around you. Androstenone is a sexual pheromone that promotes aggression, competition, and dominance. Most importantly, it awakens people’s sexuality. By incorporating androstenone into Certo for Men, a social and sexual vibe is created. Don’t worry, though. This is a well-balanced cologne. It is appropriate for both professional and social settings. In fact, it can be worn every day.


  • Gives off an enticing aura that women find appealing.
  • Strong repercussions


  • It can take hours or weeks to see the effect.
  • Only applies to a specific type of woman
  • It could have a negative impact on your well-being, hence do not use too much

Who is suitable for CERTO for men

Certo for men is best used with your girlfriend or wife, but it can also be used in social settings where there are women looking for a relationship.

Where to Buy CERTO for men

Amazon USA

6. Alpha Dream L II K for men

Alpha Dream L II K for men

License to Kill by Alpha Dream is our Secret Agent-inspired formula, combining Alfa Maschio’s hard-as-steel vibe with added refinements geared toward sociability. LIIK has slick self-effects, is self-assured, and creates a sexually charged environment for those around you. LIIK possesses unique characteristics that distinguish it as our most refined and approachable alpha male formula.

Strong Attraction Formula

L2K is a powerful attraction formula that influences women by exuding a ‘James Bond’ vibe. It has the ability to persuade its user. You don’t have to be a natural conversationalist or an outgoing person to ask a woman out on a date. It will no longer be difficult to advance to the next level.


  • 100% guaranteed product quality 
  • Immediate sexual attraction
  • Increase your confidence by getting more dates.
  • Make foreplay more enjoyable.
  • With your desire, drive your partner insane.
  • You become extremely persuasive.
  • You do not have to initiate the conversation or interaction because most women do.
  • This is useful for attracting attractive women such as actresses or models.


  • Male friends may become more distant.

Who is suitable for this product

This product is ideal for quickly escalating the relationship. If you are allergic to coconut or MCT oil, avoid using it. If you are allergic to essential oils, avoid using scented versions.

Where to Buy L II K for men

Amazon USA

What to Consider Before Buying Best Pheromones for men to attract female

There are several pheromones for men on the market, but only a handful deliver the results as advertised. Get the right product for your needs by looking out for the following:

Is it scented or unscented?

Pheromones are available in both unscented and scented forms. There are no added fragrances in unscented products. Unscented products can be scentless or have a musky fragrance, depending on the manufacturer.

The benefit of using scentless pheromones for men is that you can keep your natural scent or combine them with your favourite cologne. If the natural fragrance of the product is too musky, you can mask it with your regular perfume. Men’s scented pheromone colognes are strong enough to replace your regular perfume. There are numerous interesting fragrances available, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality. A scented pheromone’s scent will not interfere with the product’s ability to attract women.

Ingredients Used

The pheromone combination used in a product determines its effect on women. Some pheromones are thought to increase your sexual attractiveness, while others are thought to make women feel more at ease around you. Choose a pheromone cologne for men that contains the hormone blend most likely to assist you in reaching your goal.

How long can a single application be used?

You should use a pheromone cologne with a long-lasting formula that can last at least five hours on your skin. When used correctly, high-quality products, particularly oil-based ones, can stay on the skin for up to ten hours. For example, applying a pheromone cologne for men to dry skin and pulse points allows the fragrance to last longer.

Customer Feedback

Before purchasing pheromone perfumes to attract women, read what other customers have to say about them. If a product has far more positive reviews than negative ones, chances are you’ll have a positive experience with it.Don’t just read the positive reviews. Negative consumer feedback will indicate whether a product has side effects or other issues that are either ignorable or too significant to overlook.

Price and Warranty

Pheromones for men are sold at various prices. If you are on a tight budget, the cheapest options may appear appealing, but keep in mind that such products are typically of lower quality. Instead of focusing on price, choose a product with high-quality ingredients and a high number of positive customer reviews.

Also, only buy products that have a money-back guarantee. As a result, your purchase is risk-free because you can get a refund if the pheromone cologne does not meet your expectations.

The brand’s reputation

It is a lot safer getting something from a conventional, old brand than from all of these new firms that seem to sprout up overnight. A large firm is much more concerned with the quality of its products. They have a lot more to lose than any newly founded brand, so they are a little more cautious about what they put out there. When you combine that with their large budgets, you are more likely to get a reliable product.

Frequently asked Questions about Best Pheromones for men to attract female

Can pheromones be used to attract women?

Although the male pheromone androstenol have been shown to be attractive to women, men’s use of pheromone-based scents to attract women may not be effective.

What scent attracts a woman?

Pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, and ginger are all aphrodisiac scents. Despite some scepticism about the use of aphrodisiacs, research shows that many of these aromas do work — and they are simple to incorporate into anyone’s fragrance routine.

Do men’s pheromones have any effect?

According to studies, pheromone cologne works better than a placebo. Some men were given Pherazone, while others were given a fake fragrance. Men who received Pherazone saw a 90% increase in advances, while the control group saw only a 10% increase.

Can pheromones make someone attracted to you?

People who have a high level of pheromones have more sex, feel more confident and sexually attractive, and can bond with others. High pheromone levels also make people more sexually appealing to others, which encourages more attention and social engagement.

How long is it going to last?

A pheromone-infused perfume, like any other, will last as long as its strength and concentration allow. Its effectiveness is enhanced when applied to key pulse points. Some pheromone-infused perfumes have greater sillage than others and thus last longer. If you have dry skin, you may need to reapply it more frequently, whereas those with oily skin may find that it lasts longer.

How does pheromone fragrance function?

Pheromones work to attract your desired partner. The same principle underpins the formulation of pheromone-based perfumes. These perfumes blend with your body’s natural scent to create your own signature scent. This, in turn, helps you attract the right kind of attention.

Closing Thoughts on Best Pheromones for Men to Attract Female

A good pheromone perfume can instantly make us feel better. It awakens our senses and puts us at ease. If your favourite perfume contains human pheromones, people in your immediate vicinity are more likely to be attracted to you. These pheromone perfumes can help you stand out whether you’re going on a date with your special someone or attending an evening party. Before purchasing a pheromone perfume, consider the scent, season, and skin type. Although perfumed fragrances are not produced by the human body, they can elicit strong desires and emotions, which can increase attraction to the opposite sex.

There isn’t much evidence that wearing a pheromone perfume makes you more appealing to others. Humans can produce and detect pheromones, but more research is needed to figure out how. You will almost certainly receive a compliment on your fragrance at some point in your life. Though studies show that certain fragrances are more likely to attract a potential mate than others, this should not deter you from wearing scents you enjoy. If you can’t bear the thought of smelling like vanilla or lavender, don’t worry; just spray on whatever makes you feel your best and bask in the confidence that comes with it.

Even the best pheromones will not work if they are not used correctly. Follow these tips to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Spray your cologne on pulse points: Spray your cologne on pulse points. This ensures that the fragrance circulates throughout your body.
  • Be confident: Females find confidence appealing. Maintain eye contact and speak confidently as your cologne influences your date’s perception of you as an alpha male.
  • Use the correct dosage: If you use too much cologne, the fragrance can be overpowering. If you use too little, you will not achieve the desired results. Follow the dosage instructions on the packaging for the best results.

Try one of the pheromone products on our list today to attract your ideal woman.



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