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Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Have we all seen Bergamot in pictures or wondered what it smells like? It is one of the citrus fruits high in acidic nature and usually grows in South Italy. Without knowing, some of us might have sensed it because this ingredient is added to some perfumes and scented candles.  

The appearance of Bergamot seems like a lemon, but its smell and taste are a bit different and sharp than our regular fruits.

The smell of a Bergamot is a bit on the sweet side with the refreshing, floral, and herbal vibe. In most modern-day perfumes, it is used when people want to feel refreshed and manageable the entire day. It’s not possible to eat it all, but you can feel the beautiful scent of it in your body. The citrusy and floral fragrance stays with you for a long time.

What Does Bergamot Smell Like?

Originally Bergamot came from Southeast Asia, but now it grows into the South region of Italy. Bergamot is derived from the Italian town named “Bergamo,” where no citrus plant ever came out of the soil. You can say it’s a fruit that comes in between the lemon and orange, so you can smell the hint of both in Bergamot. Due to its incredible benefits and advantages, Bergamot essential oil and fragrances are in high demand. The unique aroma, flavor, and scent are all you need when you want to keep yourself relaxed and easy after a tiring day. 

Bergamot’s unique smell gives you summer vibes due to its natural flavor. If you ever smell a Bergamot essential oil, you can feel the blend of complex aroma with different notes. It is not the sole ingredient in any perfume. Still, it gets mixed with several elements to create a unique scent. If you are a big fan of Earl Grey tea and love its fragrance, you might not know this, but it has a hint of Bergamot. To add a sweet scent to your drinks, people add Bergamot-infused edible oil into them to positively affect your mind. 

Bergamot is known as the “prince of citrus” and gets added to many luxurious products to make them smell refreshing. The aroma of Bergamot is refreshing, sweet, and citrus with floral, herbal, and resinous undertones. You can smell all in this one, like spicy, tart, sweet, and floral scents. The best thing about it is that it combines with other scents, such as Jasmine, Rosemary, Sandalwood, and many more. Many luxurious fragrances add a different aspect to the smell and make it wanted. In a nutshell, this fragrance is highly versatile and gives an edge to every perfume.

Benefits of Bergamot

Bergamot is, overall, a significant citrus fruit loaded with tons of benefits. Still, when you want to use it as a scent, it can positively impact your mental health. Let’s see what benefits the scent has in store for us and how we can improve our healthy beings through it.

Energy Booster

Who doesn’t want to eat something that works like an energy booster and keeps us active throughout the day? Bergamot is sharp and not suitable to eat as whole fruit because of acid richness, but you can have the same benefit by smelling it. Bergamot’s smell is refreshing and works as an energy booster for your brain. You can also use the stuff made of it, such as candles, perfumes, and other stuff. You can keep them in your room or use scent every day to keep yourself fresh all day. To keep your mind active, you can also use Bergamot essential oil.

Relieve Stress

We all feel tired and stressed after coming back from work or when we have solved something that strained every inch of our energy. This is when our soul and body crave something refreshing and soothing to make stress run away. Bergamot fragrance relieves stress and anxiety, improves mood, and keeps the nervous system calm. If your Bergamot essential oil or fragrance has a bit of lavender, it will make you feel sleepy. You can use the Bergamot scent when you want to stay alert and active without being stressed; this will work for you.

Promote Physical Health

Earl Tea is the most common form to ingest Bergamot when you don’t want to compromise on a digestive system by eating it directly. Earl Tea comprises many ingredients, but you can clearly have the scent and taste of Bergamot in it. It promotes physical health as it lowers cholesterol levels, prevents diabetes, reduces heart attack risks, helps in weight loss, and improves digestion. Bergamot is a beautiful fruit in itself and keeps you physically fit. It has more benefits, but more research is being conducted on it, which will be published later. 

Relieve Sore Muscles

As a result of intense workouts or other activities, people may get sore muscles that are hard to relieve. They often feel pain while doing basic movements such as sitting, walking, or standing firmly. Bergamot essential oil delivers relaxation to the sore muscles. You can massage your legs and hands with it, making them calm. Also, Bergamot essential oil is an excellent product to use when you have a headache and don’t want to ingest endless medicines. Massage your head with a few drops of essential oil, and you will feel the difference.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bergamot a feminine scent?

No, it is not a feminine scent because some part of it gets used in both male and female fragrances. It’s a bit fruity and mild-spicy, so you will love a hint of it in your scents. Also, people like to use essential oils made of Bergamot as it makes them feel fresh and doesn’t have a sharp sting that may cause headaches. It’s not the top note, but it’s a unisex fragrance. 

Is Bergamot a calming scent?

Bergamot scent gets used for many problems and also for psychotherapy. You can see it getting used in aromatherapy in many places as it makes your mind calm and you can focus. Bergamot essential oil is suitable for body lotion and massage by mixing with other carrier oil. If you are going through some psychological problems, it can make you calm down at some point. It is a calming scent, and you will love its overall effects on your personality after the usage for a few weeks. 

Is Bergamot good for anxiety?

Bergamot is not only suitable to use in a fragrance and candles, but it can keep you calm and relieve anxiety. It has been proved through a study conducted in 2015, where people used it to calm their nerves, and they felt a difference in a few days. It worked on both animals and humans in improving their moods. Several kinds of research will be conducted shortly to reveal more benefits of Bergamot. It’s better to use organic stuff than using something that is not suitable for your health.

Why is Bergamot in so many perfumes?

Every scent is associated with some season or event. As Bergamot belongs to the family of oranges, it gives a feel of summer and spring. The fresh, citrus, and natural scent gets used in many luxurious perfumes and gives you a beautiful feeling. It must have some amount of Bergamot to make it refreshing whenever you smell a fragrance with some fruity and summer vibes. Bergamot fragrances can give you the same vibe if you want to smell like summer and spring. Also, it may cost you expensive because of natural ingredients. 

What goes well with Bergamot?

Due to the strong tendencies of Bergamot, people usually use Bergamot essential oil by blending it with other stuff. It goes well with Eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, Geranium, Chamomile, patchouli, and ylang-ylang essential oil. Combining it with other essential oils can increase its effectiveness, and the scent will not be so strong. The smell will calm your nerves, and you will love its effects. Besides the fragrances mentioned, you can blend them with other essential oils to check out their best compatibility.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find Bergamot in any supermarket because of its acidic nature and how people cannot eat or add it to their meals in abundance. This fruit has many herbal properties, which may surprise you, but many of your favorite scents hint at this fruit to make them smell fresh and natural. This fruit belongs to the family of oranges, but you will find them different in appearance due to color changes. 

If you are reading us till now, you must have lots of knowledge in your hands related to Bergamot till now that can help you in several ways. It is one of the best fruits to utilize in your drinks. You can use an essential oil on your body to eliminate physical weakness or other problems. People usually opt for Bergamot aroma therapy to calm their nerves and to make themselves feel better in every aspect.



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