What is Manscape and How to Manscape?

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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What is Manscape? 

The manscape definition is to groom a men’s superfluous hair more than just below the belt. In fact, it covers shaving or trimming of other parts of the body, like your chest area, back, leg, ear, eyebrows or even your nose at your own home. There’s no doubt that the recent trend has been focusing probably a lot on below the belt, but that is probably because those are a man’s greatest treasure of all, and a new brand known as Manscaped as seen on Shark Tank. 

Credit to Comendy Central: Fun with manscaping

Also, there’s another myth we have to debunk about manscaping. Manscape is not a total ultimatum removal of every single hair on your body. Rather, it is to keep it under control, having them trimmed and be proper. Waxing on the other hand, which is a very common practice among hairy man,  is a total removal, clean slate, a more painful experience I would say. 

According to a study, 10 years ago, many men prefer to get it all waxed, but now, trimming or manscaping seems to take over.

Credits: fashion beans
Credits:fashion beans

Should I manscape? 

Well, it really depends. Personally, I do it more for hygiene reason and well looking good downstairs is our responsibility as mankind.  

Don’t be deceived by porn videos you have been following where the males are all cleaned-up especially their junks. They just wanted to magnify the size and the clarity and making it you to think that you should have them. 

Ultimately, it is a personal preference. Let’s say if you are not really keen on doing it for your own hygiene, do you know females are turned-off by an over-bushy man? You can check out what the ladies think here

There are definitely benefits of manscaping if done right even though there are still some risks. It can be avoided with some good techniques and tools. Let us share with you what are the benefits of manscaping.

The benefits of Manscaping

1.  It’s More Hygenic

Hair, in general, is capable of trapping dirt, dead skin cells, hence it also acts a protective layer for our skin from any contact with harmful bacteria. It also prevents skin irritation. However, hair also retains sweat, urine or any other unwanted substances. If these substances are not removed, they will start to fester on your hair, especially during hot and humid weather. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. As a result, you might get a yeast infection, itchiness, or unpleasant odour. Besides washing, keeping your hair trimmed helps to prevent the chances or any bacteria growth. In short, too much hair, not good. Keeping it bare, not good at all. Keep it in balance is the way to go! This is especially true for your groin area.

2. You’ll look better

In regardless whether it’s your 6-8 packs, your abs, your pecs or even your sexy back, a well-groomed body helps to portray a more defined and toned figure. Just look at those bodybuilders during competitions, the winners or losers has their hair trimmed if not waxed. The added benefit to trimming your manhood is it does make it a look more sizable. Time to impress your manhood, gentlemen. 

3. You’ll perspire or sweat less

Hair traps air around your skin and hence it helps to maintain your body temperature as much as possible. However, you will also tend to sweat more because it helps to cool your body down. With thicker hair, it traps the body heat, and this also means your body gets warmer and you will sweat even more. By trimming your hair, it helps your body to release heat easier and able to regulate your body temperature better. Less sweat also means less body odour, and reduces the need of antiperspirant which could be harmful to your body. 

4. Supercharge your sex life

Manscaping tells your partner that you care for your personal hygiene and it could be a turn-on factor for some partners. It helps, well, oral sex to be more conducive without any hairy disruptions. And this ultimately helps your sexual life to be more intimate and enjoyable. Trust us on this. Do bear in mind lesser hair also means there is more contact between your organs and your partner’s. It could also result in more sensitivity to your manhood, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on the couple skin’s sensitivity. 

Why You Should Manscape

From Visually.

How to Manscape and doing it right

Manscaping is not only a service a professional able to help you with. You can be your own master in the comfort of your own home.

We will looking into the different techniques in manscaping based on different body parts from top to bottom.

1. The Eyebrow

Eyebrow to some might not be a super important part of the grooming regime. Well, if you are more of hairy guy in this area, and has a job that constantly demands first good impression, grooming your eyebrows is something to be considered. The main goal here is to remove any stray hairs, however, to be very careful not to over do it. 

Manscaping Eye Brow

How to Manscape your eyebrow

First, trim any excess length of hairs using a scissors. Then, use a tweezer to remove any hair that grows outside of the natural shape of your eye. It could be a little pinching experience. However, eventually you will get use to it. If you are want a more defined eye brow shape, by all means, you could seek waxing or threading services by professionals depending on your budget. 

Warning: Never try to shave it as it will cause the blunt edge to grow. This will make your eye brow look thicker and rougher, which will cause an imbalance to your look. 

Frequency: Monthly or more

2. The Nose

Have you ever encountered a man with a nose hair sticking out while having a conversation? Even as a man, I find it quite disturbing and distracting. I am sure you want the person who conversed with you focus on what you have to say rather to have your nostril hair do the talking. In addition, ignoring your nose grooming does show that you don’t really care about your own hygiene.

Credit to Coco’s Close - Nose Grooming

How to Manscape your nose

We strongly advise not to pluck your nostrils out. This is because

  • they are meant to trap any dirt when inhaling, plucking out might actually cause some infection
  • It might cause bleeding which also leads to infection
  • It is mother freaking painful up to your brain

So, to safely groom your nose, we advise to trim it with either proper grooming scissors or an electric tweezer

Frequency: Monthly

3. The Ear 

To manscape your ear and back are probably the most tricky part as compared to other parts of the body. This is because those areas are not easily visible to you. 

How to Manscape your ear

For ear hair, usually it increases with age. For the easiest method, you could get an electric trimmer to clear those excess hair in your ear. However, this might cause a much faster regrowth as compared to complete removal. 

You might need professional help or some barbershops even offer ear waxing services, which involve grooming your ear as well). 

Frequency: Monthly

4. The Back

This is the part of body where most men will seek a professional service to get rid of them. However, if you ever decide to give it a trim or a shave, you would need an extended handle to be attached to your razor. 

Manscape your back
Manscape your back

Manscape your back

How to Manscape your Back

Using the lowest setting of your trimmer, it will help you not to over trim or harm your back. Through the process, do follow up each time a trim is done to ensure there’s no patch of hair left unattained. Getting a patchy back is your worst nightmare and could even make your partner feeling the distastefulness of your back view. We recommend you to use a professional service if you aren’t very sure about it or get someone to “have your back”

Frequency: Monthly

5. The Chest 

Knowing the thickness or how coarse your hair is will define how much you should manscape. Usually, man with much thicker hair, you are encouraged not to trim them as it might cause the “pricking” effect (resulting in rough surface; feeling like a cactus). Usually men with thicker hairs are advised to either wax them completely or just trim until to a comfortable hair length that still lay flay on your body.

How to Manscape your chest

For men with normal or finer hair, you first need to choose a style. Usually, men prefer a clean (not completely bare). You can choose to use an electric trimmer to trim from top to bottom. The different clippers can be used to give a better gradient look. If you are looking for a clean smooth skin surface, you can try using a manual shaver with shaving cream. First, make sure warm your skin up in a hot shower to help your skin to be softened and ready for shaving. Then, ensure that you shave according to the direction of the hair growth to prevent any prickling effect. 

Alternative method: Hair removal cream
Alternative method: Hair removal cream

Alternative method: Hair removal cream

Alternatively, you could use hair removal cream which has the ingredients that helps to breakdown hair structure. Just apply those cream on your body and leave up to 3 minutes. Then rinse it off and your hair will follow through.

Frequency: Monthly

6. The Manhoood – Groin, Shaft and Balls

Man’s greatest treasure or weapon that contributes to the ever-growing population and ensuring the existence of mankind. I would say this is the most challenging area and some men could even be paranoid about giving it a try. But afraid not my brothers, here are some of the tips to maneuver.

Credits to boingboing.net

How to Manscape downstairs

First of all, you don’t have to completely remove all of your bushes. Just get it trimmed and keep it fresh. It is not that complicated. Start of with a good trimmer with the lowest setting. Then trim and retain around half an inch or more. Anything less will again, have the “prickling” cactus effect. 

If you are really keen to keep your shaft smooth, you will need plenty of shaving buttercream before you pull it off with a razor. Some say a boner would help as your skin is stretch to prevent you from any nicks or razor burn. Again, we are not a fan of using any razors for our boys. An electric trimmer like Manscaped’s Lawn Mower 2.0 is good enough.

p/s: If the image above still stuck in your head, watch this video ;)

Frequency: around 2 weeks 

Best Tools for Manscaping

To prevent you from spending time to find what are the best manscape tools out there, we have listed here some of the best quality ones. We will be covering everything for eye brows, ear, nose, down to your boys.

Best Manscape Tool for Groin and Balls

1. Manscapred’s The Lawn Mower 3.0 – Waterproof Electric Trimmer

This company started by focusing from the bottom – below the belt grooming. So you can’t deny they are one of the experts out there. You might even heard them on Shark Tank!

This next-level male trimmer is cordless, 100% waterproof, and can be charged using a USB cable for the utmost in convenience. Plus, the Lawn Mower 3.0 features rust-resistant, ceramic snap-in blades for hygiene and sharpness. No nicks or snags here! Just smooth, even balls.

It features a strong 6,000 RPM motor with QuietStrokeTM technology that can handle coarse and curly hair without tugs and pulls and has rust-resistant, hygienic, replaceable ceramic blade module featuring SkinSafeTM technology to prevent nicks and snags.


  • The Lawn Mower 3.0
  • SkinSafeTM blade
  • USB charging cable
  • Cleaning brush

Unfortunately, this is not available in Singapore yet. If you are interested, do drop us an email – justin@urbanoak.co

2. Manscaped Men’s Ball Deodorant, Male Care Hygiene Moisturizer, The Crop Preserver, Anti-Chafing Groin Protection With Active pH Control and Cooling Aloe Vera Deodorant

  • THE CROP PRESERVER – Offering superior below-deck protection, Crop Preserver is a humidity-absorbing, ANTI-CHAFING BALL DEODORANT! This “magic-in-a-bottle” is uniquely designed formula for men — a residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing liquid talcum gel that features ingredients to preserve the skin’s essential barrier, promote antibacterial protection, and maintain all-day freshness with a velvety smooth finish. Think of this as your balls’ suit of armor. Don’t leave home without it.
  • HOW TO USE – You wouldn’t leave the house without putting deodorant on your pits, so do the same for your nuts. Keep them smelling good with Crop Preserver, and be ready for anything life throws your way: a hot date, a promotion, or a pick-up game of basketball! That’s why our motto is “Always be caught with your pants down.” Use Crop Preserver as part of your regular manscaping routine , and daily after showering on non-manscaping days for the ultimate protection against sweat and funk.
  • FORMULATED TO PERFORM: Using a proprietary combination of ingredients, including Active pH Control, Crop Preserver works in the toughest of ball situations. It keeps them dry, clean, and smelling fresh — all day long! Formulated as a gel talcum, it goes on dry and keeps your scrotum dry and hydrated. Crop Preserver helps prevent inflammation and redness that can come with razor burn. Not only that, by keeping the skin on your balls healthy and dry, you can avoid bacterial infections.


Balls. Hot, dark environment. Constant activity. Crop Preserver fills a vital gap in a man’s grooming arsenal. Balls get hot, sweaty, and crowded in your pants. Hours of that leads to balls being hot, sticky, and stinky. And who wants stinky balls? Not you, not your partner, and certainly not us. Once you use Crop Preserver on your balls to keep them dry, moisturized and not so salt-and-vinegar-y, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

Best Manscape Tools for EyeBrows and Ear: 

1. ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers w Leather Sheath Guaranteed for Life by Gorillakilla

  • Perfect for maintaining bushy eyebrows and ear hair, giving a non plucked look. Not for fine hair removal, more suitable for bushy hair
  • Made larger (4″ vs. 3.5″ length) for Larger Men’s Hands
  • TSA Approved (Flight friendly)
  • Comes Free Leather Travel Sheath
  • Can be used to remove ear hair as well
  • With Comfort Tip That Pulls Hair Comfortably From Root Without Cutting Hair

2. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer – Black Model No. 1230-BR

  • Slant Tweezer features perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips that grab every hair, every time.
  • Professional quality, 25 degree slanted tip is the perfect angle for working against the brow bone
  • Superior calibrated tension for comfort, control, and true precision.
  • Suitable for fine hair and for very detailed grooming

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3. Slant Tweezers – Tweezer Guru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

  • Perfectly calibrated tension for more control and a stress free tweezing ritual.
  • Stainless steel slant tip design that is durable & easy to clean. You will never need another pair of tweezers.
  • These slant tip tweezers are brought to you by the makers of TweezerGuru pointed tweezers for ingrown hair, a 5-star rated pair of professional tweezer
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR HER OR HIM – Give your loved ones the gift of a beautiful pair of modern, sleek tweezers that will make them throw their old ones out!

Best Manscape Tool for Facial Hair / Beard Trimming 

1.Beard and Mustache Scissors With Comb For Precise Facial Hair Trimming

  • Suitable for fine trimming
  • SMALL MUSTACHE & EYEBROW COMB (2.8 inch) included makes the very precise shaping easier. Use it to help cut very fine details and to comb your whiskers.
  • STAINLESS STEEL is long lasting and easy to clean and THE FAUX LEATHER CASE is perfect for keeping the trimming tools at hand when your facial hair most desperately needs them.
  • USE THESE SCISSORS INSTEAD of CLIPPERS as it gives you more control and it only cuts a few hairs at a time so a small mistake is not a big deal for your awesome beard or mustache.

2. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 3 3010Bt Electric Shaver & Beard Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver

  • 3-in-1 tool to shave, trim and edge
  • Clean shave: 3-pressure sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and skin comfort**Versus Braun Series 3. Tested on 3 day beard.
  • Even trim: 5 combs 1-7mm for a masculine 3-day beard look. Running/Charging time : Full charge in 1 hour for 45 min. of shaving time. 5-min Quick charge is enough for one shave
  • Precise edge: Exchangeable trimmer head for accurate shaping
  • Wet & Dry shaver for use with water, foam or gel. MicroComb technology

3. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 7893s Electric Shaver With Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry & Travel Case

  • As compared to Braun Series 3, the Braun Series 7 has 8 directions contour adaptation to your skin surface.
  • The Braun Series 7 is a 100% waterproof smart electric razor designed for a close and gentle shave – engineered in Germany to last up to seven years
  • Built-in Responsive Intelligence automatically adapts to the features of your face, for a shave that’s personal to you
  • Four synchronized shaving elements achieve in one stroke what others do in two, vs. previous Braun Generation. Individual suspension of all cutting elements responds even tot he smallest contours
  • Five personalized shaving modes allow you to adjust the power to your personal skin type and shaving style
  • The razor’s skin-friendly precision trimmer helps you easily reach difficult areas, like under your nose or sideburns. Automatic voltage adaptation – 100 to 240 volts

4. Gillette Fusion Proglide Men’s Razor Handle + 4 Refills

  • If you have lesser hair and do not such a high budget device, the Gillette Razor is good enough. However, best used with a shaving cream.
  • With FlexBall technology, Gillette ProGlide responds to contours and gets virtually every hair
  • Gillette razors for men with 5 Anti Friction Blades; A shave you barely feel
  • Men’s razor with Precision Trimmer on back great for hard to reach areas and styling facial hair
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Fusion5)
  • 1 razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves ; 5 thinner, finer blades for less tug and pull

Best Manscape tool for Nose

1. Coco’s Closet Safety Hair Scissors – Professional Grooming for Eyebrows, Nose, Moustache, Beard (Straight Tip)

  • Spa Quality Scissors at Home – These 4.6 inch scissors will last! Trimmers are made of Stainless Steel with Precision Sharpness
  • These razor accurate shears have straight blades tips to prevent nicks and cuts that can occur during sudden movement.
  • Hair cutting, eyebrows, mustache & beard scissor is made easy with large ample finger holes.
  • Snip Nose and Ear Hairs with safe and sharp hair cutting scissor toolsRounded safety tips are perfect for personal grooming.
  • Round tip scissors are safer than pointy scissors for use with baby, dogs & pets. Don’t let durability fool you, these scissors are designed to cut fine infant hair while providing tip protection for Men, Women, Kids, Toddlers, Babies and even Pets

2. ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer, Includes Detailer and Shaver Attachment

  • Unique cutting system is thorough and precise for no pull precision cutting
  • Patent pending 360 degree bevel cutting system cuts evenly and cleanly through all types of hair
  • Diamond shaped 3 bevel blade for close trimming of the ear and nose
  • Detail trimmer and shaver attachment helps create the perfect edge and line
  • Cordless/Battery operated (1 AA battery not included)
  • Compact and convenient for travel includes storage pouch

Best Manscape Tool for Body 

1. Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream – Painless Hair Removal for Men – Soothing Depilatory Cream for Unwanted Coarse Male Body Hair, 6.8 Oz

  • Painless hair removal results that last longer than shaving
  • Only remove the hair up to the surface area rather than removing the hair root
  • Extra strength cream formulated for coarse body hair
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Ideal for body, chest, arms and legs. Always wait 72 hours between applications
  • This product is alkaline and irritant. Prolonged or incorrect exposure may produce burns. Do not leave more than 3 minutes.
  • Use tissue paper to gently wipe off the cream together with the hair.

2. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Bonus Pack with Free Blade, QP2630/72

  • Bonus pack includes free replacement blade ( $12 value based on QP220/80 MSRP).
  • Rechargeable One Blade can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair.
  • Click-on skin guard for extra protection on sensitive areas.
  • Includes 4 stubble combs + 1 body comb for an even trim on face or body
  • Rechargeable Li-lon battery delivers 60 minutes of constant performance.

3. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500, Showerproof Body Hair Trimmer for Men with Back Attachment, BG5025/49

  • Shave or trim any area on your body, including hard to reach areas like your back, shoulders, chest, abs, underarms, arms, groin area and legs using the extra-long attachment
  • Comes with a back attachment to help you reach your back areas
  • Blades designed to be comfortable and efficient. Rounded tips make smooth contact with your skin allows you to shave or trim in any direction which takes care of long and short hairs
  • Showerproof design with ergonomic rubber grip for better control when wet
  • Easy to clean and maintain by running the detachable blade cartridge under water for a quick rinse
  • Powered by Lithium-ion battery technology that allows for up to 1 hour of run time on only a 1 hour charge

Wrapping Up

Hope you find this Manscape Guide helpful.

Remember, it’s a journey to discover what is suitable for you, and more importantly, do not overdo it. There’s still a reason why hair should still cover certain parts of our body.

Good luck my brothers!

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