Su:m37 Bubble Mask Black Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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In this review, we will be talking about the Su:m37 Bubble Mask Black. The way that this mask is formulated causes it to react with the oxygen in the air. This creates tiny bubbles, which in turn help the key ingredients of the mask to penetrate the skin. For those unfamiliar with the label, Su:m37 [pronounced soom-37] is a Korean skincare brand that’s famous in South Korea for its naturally-fermented range of skincare. It makes use of a natural fermentation process to extract the concentrated goodness of natural ingredients at 37°, as it is the optimal temperature for the fermentation process. And in case you are wondering, yes that explains the “37” in the brand name!




Outlook & Mobility

TheSu:m37 Bubble De Mask Black is encased in a sleek black cylindrical bottle with an attached cap. It also has a unique pump system that keeps the mask fresh while unused. Plus: the 100ml bottle is travel-friendly and spill-proof! Just make sure you hear the pop when you shut it tight.

Su:m37 Bubble Mask Black: Key features

This product contains bamboo charcoal, which helps in absorbing dirt and grime. The product boasts multiple benefits like brightening, deep pore cleansing and sebum control.


The Su:m37 Bubble Mask Black has no noticeable smell.


It goes on like a thick, dark grey cream. However, once exposed to air, it starts producing microbubbles to deliver oxygen to your skin for a healthier and brighter complexion.


After cleansing your face, apply a thin layer on the entire face except the eyes, then rinse off with warm water after 5 to 7 minutes. Don’t apply too thick a layer, because it will produce way too much bubbles!


While it doesn’t promise miracles, this product is definitely worth trying, especially if you want a quick fix for your dull-looking skin. It leaves your skin feeling softer and rejuvenated. Use it at least once a week (for oilier skin types, I recommend you use it every other day) to see results.

Price: US$44.98

(as of Jan 2018)

Where to get it?

Ebay and all Su:m37 stores and counters.



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