How To Keep Your Feet Comfortable in Boots This Fall

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Fall is the perfect time to wear boots, but the right weather won’t make them comfortable for you. Click here to learn how to keep your feet comfortable.

Each season brings its own clothing necessities, from loose cotton shirts in the summer to heavy jackets in the winter. In the fall, our wardrobes need pieces that allow for easy layering so that you can stay comfortable on all the in-between weather days.

Shoes are also an important part of your wardrobe, no matter the time of year, and fall is the perfect time to break in a pair of boots. Whether you wear hiking boots as you explore the great outdoors or timeless boots for your next date, the cool fall weather is the perfect time to show them off.

Just because the weather is right for boots doesn’t mean your feet will be comfortable in them, though. Keep reading to learn how to keep your feet comfortable in boots this fall.

Focus on the Sole

If you haven’t bought your boots for the fall yet, you can get ahead of the comfort game. Boots with thick soles and a small or non-existent heel will keep your feet most comfortable, whether you’re hiking on a trail or going into the office.

As you shop, try on the boots and walk around the store, testing how thick the sole is and how high the heel is. Options like cowboy boots tend to have thinner soles and higher heels, which can cause discomfort. While one pair of somewhat uncomfortable boots may look great, you might want to invest in a pair of thick-soled, flat-heeled boots as well.

Invest in Moleskin

Boots can cause lots of common foot issues, especially if you wear the wrong pair. However, even if you’ve done your best to pick the right pair, you can still experience problems. Blisters are the most common problem you’ll face, especially with a new pair of boots.

Fortunately, using moleskin can help prevent that issue. You can attach moleskin to any part of your foot that tends to rub within your boot to mitigate the effects of friction. While most people think it’s only for avid hikers, you can use moleskin to protect your feet when walking to the office or out on a date too.

Choose the Right Socks


As the temperatures cool, you’ll probably already wear socks, but the key to achieving comfort is choosing the right sock. If you’re going on hikes, you want a moisture-wicking sock that will eliminate sweat. While it’s cold, you don’t want to wear socks that are too thick, as they can crowd your toes and cause rubbing inside the shoe, creating blisters.

You can keep your feet comfortable in boots this fall by focusing on boots with a thick sole, investing in moleskin, and choosing the right socks. Whether you’re wearing your boots on a hike or to the office, the right pair should keep your feet comfortable once you take the right precautions.




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