Quest To Find The Best Men’s T-Shirt On Earth

Summary of the best men’s t-shirt

The Line Up of Best Men’s T-shirt

After spending a good amount of time reviewing men’s grooming products such as colognes, hair products and skincare, it’s time to make some switch to fashion and watches. Check out our unbias reviews of some of the best men’s T-shirt we have scouted. The journey has not ended yet. We are continuosly looking for more quality brands to fit into our wardrobe list. If you have more brands to recommend us, please leave us a comment below!

Uniqlo Men AIRism Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt4.0/5Medium Tight FitCold Wash, Hang Dry
Sifr Premium Pima Crew Neck4.5/5Normal / Slight Looser FitCold Wash, Hang Dry , Light Ironing
Grana Organic Pima Crew Neck Tee4.5/5Normal FitCold Wash, Hang Dry /Tumble Dry
Uniqlo MEN +J Supima Cotton Relaxed Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt 4.5/5 Medium Loose / Oversized FitCold Wash, Hang Dry
Best Men’s T-Shirt. The Journey has not ended….
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Does the best men’s t-shirt exist?

Sure it does, well, somewhere somehow! You may ask why am I pursuing this journey? Does finding the best men’s t-shirt on earth even worth it? To justify, the number one reason is due to my current location. I am living in one of the hottest and humid spots on earth, Singapore. Commuting under the hot sun is no joke. On top of this, I often get myself drenched in sweat compared to an ordinary mammal. Secondly, working in the tech sector, thank God that I do not need to suit up. Hence, I just need a good piece of crisp, smooth, clean white t-shirt (or any plain color for that matter) to put on each morning.

However, so far, life hasn’t treated me so well. When opening my wardrobe, I either find

  • crumbled t-shirts with creases (a busy person ain’t got time to iron)
  • tiny holes t-shirts even though I barely wore 3 months
  • shrinking t-shirt
  • S-size transformed to an L-shirt (true story)
  • cotton started to peel off or forming a small round of hays
  • an unfitted t-shirt, as opposed to that model I saw online that nicely fit into the T-shirt.

I hope you might able to relate one or two of the painful experience with your t-shirt. To solve these mysteries once and for all, I decided to go on a journey to learn and overcome this obstacle to find the best men’s t-shirt for men and put this case at rest. I will be sharing with you all the brands that I have tried with an honest review. For full disclaimer, some of the T-shirts are bought out of my own pocket, and some were sent to me to try on. No matter which may be, my reviews are honest and unbias.

What it takes to be the best Men’s T-Shirt on earth?

In my personal humble opinion, I will be judging based on a few criteria, mainly on comfort, fitting, maintainability, eco-friendliness, and value. All of these components are largely dependent on the material used to manufacture these best men’s t-shirt. Hence, I will be going through with the materials later on. For now, allow me to share in great detail on the judging criteria for the best men’s t-shirt. You could use these factors as part of your consideration before getting a piece or two for your own.


anonymous male sitting on boat above water
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Softness, smoothness, cooling (airy), and moisture-wicking make a t-shirt comfortable. I would prefer a soft and smooth fabric instead of a rough material that will trigger my sensitive skin. Generally, long-staple cotton is generally softer, smoother, wrinkle less, and more durable. Hence it is usually more expensive in price. Some examples are the Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton.

In this matter, I have also learnt from experience that certain materials like wool, bamboo, certain synthetic fibers are actually bad for my skin. I will get bad rashes especially if I sweat at the same time. So, if you have sensitive skin, best to avoid such material. Instead, you should either go for organic cotton, Pima cotton, Supima cotton, or even silk (like your traditional Indonesian batik).

Besides being soft and smooth, I would prefer if the T-shirt has some cooling effect or being airy. Otherwise, it should able to get those sweat to dry fast (moisture-wicking). I understand that casual t-shirt material vs sports T-shirts cannot be compared directly. Sports T-shirts are made with different materials focusing on moisture-wicking, and obviously, the style may not be suitable as an everyday casual wear for work. Hence, if it’s able to keep me from sweating in most cases or it does dry up quick enough, that would be sufficient.


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Looking presentable albeit sharp is important. First impressions count. You might not want to dress loosely, unintended oversize T that shows that how care-less you are. On the other hand, you might not want to be wearing an over-fitting or a super tight superman T-shirt that exposed the shape of your nipples straight into your colleague’s face. Doubt that it will be a good conversation started as well.

A nicely fit T-shirt makes a lot of difference. The cutting of the shoulder lining, hem, sleeve length, and chest length have to be suitable based on your body size. Fitting is also based on individual preference. Some of you might like tighter fittings while some like a looser fitting.

I do also admit is not easy for a normal T-shirt company to have a few sizes fit for the masses. Hence, you will find some companies like Son of A Tailor that provides made-to-order T-shirts. Nevertheless, in this quest of finding the best men’s T-shirt, ideally, it could fit based on what it claims on their website and the rest are my personal opinion based on my preference.

Ease to Maintain

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No-fuss. A normal room temperature wash in a washing machine, followed with air dry and yet able to be wrinkle-less, that’s what I call No Fuss. I understand some men prefer to chuck those clothes in a dryer. But based on my experience, anything that goes into the dryer will eventually be no good to your t-shirt. The high heat will destroy the material or mixing up with other clothes might spoil or scratch it. Taking a step back, do use a zipper to protect your t-shirt before throwing them into the laundry for a wash. Well, if there are any surprises during the quest to find the best men’s t-shirt that proves me wrong, I am sure to tell you guys right here! The maintainability factor will also come hand in hand with the durability aspect. Discoloration or deformation is part of the consideration even after the above proper steps being taken.


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With our ever-increasing pattern of consumerism, doesn’t hurt to help mother nature to reduce waste or prevent pollution. From packaging up to the material used, I would like to add this as a factor as part of the judging criteria. I understand it’s almost impossible to judge unless I really track down their manufacturing processes. So here’s how it will be done. I will be constantly updated based on my research. And you, my fellow readers, do leave in the comment if you found something fishy, false claims, or maybe some good that I may have missed. In the end, I just hope we can make this editorial piece a comprehensive guide to anyone who is reading. Win-Win eh?

The Best Men’s T-Shirt on Earth


I believe Uniqlo as a brand requires no further introduction. But if you haven’t caught the Japanese brand world dominance, Uniqlo has established themselves as one of the Fast Fashion company. Their main goal is basically to create practical and affordable clothing for everyday living from casual, business, and outdoor. Their design is simple but what kept me intrigue is actually their material. In the past, I have bought a few plain colored T-shirts and the materials were mainly cotton. However, recently they have started to leverage their proprietary AIRism technology on their T-shirts. My underwear, to be honest, is all Uniqlo’s AIRism briefs, and it’s top-notch comfortable. Hence, I was excited to see how their AIRism T-shirt would be played out!


The material composition is 71% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 4% Spandex. As you can see that it’s neither Pima cotton nor pure organic. The presence of polyester and spandex means the softness will not be as good as T-shirts made of Pima cotton. Nevertheless, it is still quite smooth to touch, not rough. The obvious benefit of this T-shirt was the moisture-wicking feature. I did sweat but I realized it dried up quite fast, never had to experience the wet soaking fabric on my skin for almost the whole day. As a result, it was pretty cooling as well the whole day. If observed carefully, you can see that there are noticeable gaps in between the linings, somewhat a see-through. However, viewing from a normal distance, definitely you won’t look like you are semi-naked. Overall, I am quite impressed with how it turned out to be.


Uniqlo clothing range has one of the best fittings. They know their customer well enough, especially for southeast Asians where most of us do not have a natural well build body shape. Uniqlo AIRism has a tighter fitting as compared to their Supima range and the Sifr T-shirts. Having said that, it is still not very tight such that it reveals my very skinny fat body shape. In fact, it is quite stretchable. This means that there will be no issue if I have to move a lot like carrying items around. Overall, I will comfortable and confident wearing them.


NO-FUSS. A cold wash and a hang dry is the best method to have better durability. I would advise that you also include them into a zipper before dumping them into the washing machine since I suspect that it could be easily scratch by other clothing that has metals or hooks.

It was wrinkle-less after cleaning. No ironing required. 100% NO FUSS.


Uniqlo is not super transparent about its environmental policy. They do have a recycle, reuse and reduce program to be more sustainable where used clothes can be donated to either make new clothes, recycled to make new materials or fuels, or donated to people who are in need. Based on my research on goodon, It also has a CanopyStyle-approved program for managing forestry in its supply chain and decreases water use in particular areas. Despite these efforts, we are still not very sure as they do not report much about their emission reduction since they are quite a huge fashion player in the industry. For more information, you can find Uniqlo’s efforts road to sustainability here.

What I like

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Smooth
  • Stretchable
  • Affordable Price

What to Note:

  • Slightly tight-fitting, some might feel not so comfortable
  • Thinner fabric hence be more careful when cleaning them. Some reviews have commented that the collar became loose after a few washes. Personally, I have not experienced such an incident yet.

Who is suitable for Uniqlo’s AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt

Where to buy Uniqlo AIRism Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo USA

Shopback Singapore (2% Cashback +SGD 5) Singapore (2% Cashback)

Sifr Premium Pima Crew Neck

Made in Southeast Asia, Sifr started back in 2008. They are based Singapore but their t-shirts are made in Indonesia. The word “Sifr” actually means nothing, in fact, in Arabic it means zero. When developing the product, the founder, Suraj wanted a name that transcended all pre-conceived notions of a name that ties to a product. Instead, he allows the product to speak for itself as well. Initially, Sift started with a range of products and designs. However, as time goes by, eventually they realized that their core and the true product was their Pima Cotton T-Shirt. A timeless piece that customers keep coming back for because of its quality and durability.


The material is 100% Pima Cotton, weighted at the range of 120 – 135 GSM (grams square per meter). As mentioned above, Pima cotton is one of the finest cottons besides Egyptian Cotton. This T-shirt is definitely lightweight, and soft. After tested during my commutes in the day and night, I would say it still feels pretty comfortable despite broken some sweat under the hot sun. Lastly, I have no issues with my sensitive skin while wearing this T-shirt.


Compared to some other Pima cotton t-shirts, somehow this a little airier because of its fitting. This is not your tight-fit T-shirt, I would say it is more a loose fit. The bright side of this as mentioned it brings that cooling, airy factor, lesser fabric contact to your skin. Personally, for such loose-fit T-shirt, because of my smaller body size, I would wear it on a casual day running my errands or chilling at some outdoor parks. For a more professional setting like in a workplace, I would prefer a more fitted T-shirt.

Sifr Premium Pima Crew Neck
Sifr Premium Pima Crew Neck


Fairly easy to maintain with a cold wash in the washing machine and hang dry. I am 100% sure this is not going to be good if I would have put it into a dryer with high heat as I have experimented with other Pima t-shirt. After washing and drying, you may spot a few wrinkles. A quick steam iron should probably solve it.


I would say they are probably one of the most environmentally-conscious companies. After speaking with the founder, he is deeply passionate about this topic. Instead of producing in large quantity which could result in high rejection volume, they chose the road less taken. After closing down their large factory, moving towards a more sustainable approach, they hop on to the “sample room” factory method. It is made up of a small, tight-knit & highly skilled group of people that can apply themselves at every stage of the garment-making process. This sample room in Indonesia produces higher quality garments in smaller quantities (similar to small-batch alcohols you see nowadays). Sample-rooms produce quality garments and have lower rejection rates because of their attention to detail.

In terms of packaging, they are using Avani bags which is a specific type of bio-cassava material that is biodegradable which is better than your normal plastic. However, Sifr is still looking for better methods of packaging because Avani bags still requires industrial compositing which is not so easy for recycling.

What I like

  • Soft
  • Airy
  • Company who cares about sustainability

What to Note:

  • Fitting is a moderate, just a little looser relatively to Grana and Uniqlos T Shirts
  • Require some light ironing to smoothen some of the wrinkles
  • Delivery might be a bit slow since usually it is based on pre-order then only manufacture. But hey, they are doing this to reduce wastage :)

Who is suitable for Sifr T-Shirt?

  • Loose fit style
  • Wants a relaxing and airy clothing
  • Appreciate sustainability / environmental friendly company

Where to buy Sifr , Singapore ( 10% OFF)

Grana Organic Pima Crew Neck Tee

Based in Hong Kong, Grana has been around for a while since 8 years in the making. It was founded by an Australian, Luke Grana who decided to make luxury clothing affordable after his travels in Peru. He realized the Peruvian Pima Cotton, which is one of the premium materials for fabrics is actually more affordable than he thought. Instead of industry 8x-10x markups, he decided to just remove all the middlemen, and only mark the price up 2x – 3x. Besides Peruvian Pima Cotton, they also source other quality materials like Chinese Silk, Mongolian Cashmere, and Austrian Tencel.


Made 100% of Peruvian Pima Cotton, my expectation is to be similar to Sifr. After wearing a couple of times I would Grana and Sifr has the almost exact smoothness and softness. I have also brought it for a walk under the sun and the performance is also very similar. I did not feel any itch though I did sweat quite a lot. No issues as well with my sensitive skin. In addition, it is definitely more cooling/breathable compared to your normal Zara / Cotton On T-Shirts


The Grana Organic Pima Crew Neck Tee has more shape and standard fit as compared to Sifr. It might be similar to the Uniqlo AIRism Crew Neck Tee, albeit a little looser than that. From the neck collar to the hem and shoulder, personally, I would say it was just nice, not too tight and not too loose. I chose the S size and would say it was perfect for someone who is169cm in height. However, I would still advise you to measure your body size before clicking that confirm order button.


It was very easy to care for the Grana T-Shirts. User a zipper when washing. A cold wash and hang dry are sufficient to maintain the shape of the T-shirt. They do however mentioned they you can still tumble dry but no dry clean. There will be a little wrinkle after the cleaning. So, a steam ironing below 150 Celsius / 302 Fahrenheit is still required to keep it crisp!


Based on their website, their Peruvian Pima Cotton T-Shirt is actually produced in Lima, Pima. They only use eco-friendly dyes. The T-shirts are hand-sewn rather machines and are operated at a small-batch scale run by a local family business. Their Pima grows free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This is especially crucial and important for individuals like me who have sensitive skin. There are not many external reviews in more detail about their production and supply chain ethics. Having said that, you could also find out more details from their code of conduct here.

What I like

  • A perfect fit
  • Soft and Smooth
  • Cooling

What to Note:

  • Price is a much higher compared to Uniqlo/Sifr

Who is suitable for Grana Organic Pima Crew Neck Tee

  • Casual every day wear both indoor or outdoor
  • Can be paired with a Jacket for Semi Formal Setting
  • Seeking to inject some Latin American flavor into your life?

Where to buy Grana Organic Pima Crew Neck Tee (10% Off for your first purchase)

Uniqlo MEN +J Supima Cotton Relaxed Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Why did I choose another Uniqlo T-shirt? Well, this is because the material for this version is different. It is made 100% of Supima Cotton. Living to its name, Uniqlo is really dominating the aspect of life that requires different fabrics of clothing. This T-Shirt is a collaboration between +J and Uniqlo, an oversized T-shirt to add some flair to my daily style.


Compared to Pima cotton, it is claimed that Supima Cotton is one level higher. It is more durable, softer, and has fluffiness. It is not only used in clothing, but also in other household items like your bedsheets or towel. Do I feel Uniqlo’s Supima Cotton is much softer as compared to Sifr’s Pima cotton? I would say it’s not that significant. It’s is definitely softer than Uniqlo’s AIRism T-shirt. Overall, it is still a comfortable


Since this is an oversized designed cloth, it is expected this is a loose-fit T-shirt. I would say it fits nicely to my body size and was not overly oversized. It does provide a different dimension to my normal daily normal fitting T-shirts. I would definitely wear this more often because I really feel comfortable with it. For a more professional occasion, you can pair it with a blazer and you will look great!

Uniqlo Supima Cotton T Shirt Shoulder
Uniqlo Supima T Shirt Hem


NO-FUSS. The standards – fit into a zipper before washing, Cold washing, and hang dry will do the job.

It was wrinkle-less after cleaning. No ironing required.

What I like

  • Soft and Smooth
  • Loose fit but not overly-oversized
  • Provides another new style
  • Affordable Price

What to Note:

  • Nothing much actually

Who is suitable for Uniqlo’s +J Supima Cotton Relaxed Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

  • Looking for a loose fit style
  • On the run having to switch between casual and professional settings frequently

Where to buy Uniqlo MEN +J Supima Cotton Relaxed Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo USA

Shopback Singapore (2% Cashback +SGD 5) Singapore (2% Cashback)


As you can see, each brand has its own uniqueness. Sifr offers loose fitting and softness while Grana has a more normal fit style. On the other hand, Uniqlo ones offers a wide range of choices, from tight fitting to oversized Tee. There’s no one size fits all T-shirt, as it really depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Personally, I am would pick Grana or Uniqlo’s AIRism if I am spending most of my time outdoor running errands. For a casual date or social setting, the Unqilo Men + J Supima Cotton does give a different presentation. On the other hand, I would pick Sifr for more indoor purpose, especially now with the work from home routine, it’s important have something comfortable. I hope you find this piece useful. If you have other brands in mind that you think we should try it out, let us know in the comments below! Till the next time ;) The quest for the best men’s T shirt on earth continues……

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