Arcadian Clay Pomade Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Arcadian Clay Pomade Review

Established in 2014 in Knoxville, Tennesse, USA, Arcadian is one another strong home-brewed label in the market. In fact if was chosen as the best clay pomade by the masses. Hence we decided to take the Arcadian Clay Pomade for a ride in the South East Asia climate to see how it perform. This was the first version. They actually modified the formula and came up with a better one in 2018. Full review here


Based Type

Water Based Clay

Outlook & Mobility

Using a simplistic design, it looks clean and neat. Its design really synchronizes what it preaches as a matte hair product with a matte looking product. Housed in a amber glass jar, weights at 114g.

Not advisable as a hand carry in your luggage while flying.


It is spec’d as bay rum and howood scent. Personally, this a woody and masculine smell to it and it is quite strong.

Texture & Application

The texture is very soft, creamy-like consistency, grey in colour. You will not feel any grip on your hand. It is very easy to apply by scooping it on to your hands and rub on your palm, then style it accordingly with your finger or combed for a cleaner appearance.



None, Matte similar to Morris Motley’s Treatment Styling Balm

Strength & Endurance

Overall this is a medium hold product, almost similar to Red House Private Label. It’s performs at its best in indoor air-conditioned environment, or dry & hot outdoor climate.  However, in a long period exposed in a humid climate, it tends to soften slightly during mid day which can be easily restyled using some water. It’s very light weight, feels very natural and hence it’s provides good volume when styled using a hair blower. For stronger hold, you can consider Morris Motley’s Treatment Styling Balm.



Easy peasy. One Shampoo Wash


Swept back side parting, Pompadour (only if you have soft hair or climate is cool & dry), Wavy and Curly hair, Natural looking style.

Check out here for more hairstyle inspiration

Suitable Hair Types

  • Volume – Low to High Volume Hair
  • Thickness – Fine Hair
  • Straight Hair
  • Wavy and Curly


For a natural look and have  fine hair, this product will work best on you in terms of hold and texture .

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