Best Men’s Hairstyle Styled With Tribal Chimp Products

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Best Men’s Hairstyle Styled with Tribal Chimp Products

To redefine your style statement, you must move beyond conventional styling techniques. It’s a new era for hair styling. All the credit goes to Tribal Chimp’s revolutionized hair styling products that can help you achieve salon-like styles at home. Whether you have a few minutes to spare or an hour to get ready, it’s as easy as combing your hair. If you are not fond of spending countless minutes in front of a mirror, it’s time to switch to Tribal Chimp’s styling products.

If you are always conscious about your looks but don’t want to splurge all your savings on an expensive salon every time, you have an affordable solution. Get your favorite styles at home and stop compromising on the texture of your hair. Let’s look into the product details and how fun, innovative, and easy they are to use.

Best Men’s Hairstyle Styled with Tribal Chimp Products From Classic Slick Back to Natural Look (Detailed Review)

Hairstyle: Slick Back Look

Tribal Chimp Pomade + Styling Powder Tribal Chimp Pomade + Styling Powder Tribal Chimp Pomade + Styling Powder

The slick back look is the hot look to adopt for centuries, whether you are up for a casual or formal look. If you want a powerful look, a slick back look is an ideal style for you, but how are you supposed to create it without breaking the bank on the products? Tribal Chimp products are your knight in shining armor.

Classic Pomade Bundle 

Classic Pomade Bundle

The classic Pomade bundle by Tribal Chimp consists of three products; hair styling powder, classic pomade, and styling comb. This combo will control your looks, and you don’t have to maintain them throughout the event. Let’s dissect every product’s details to learn more about it. They offer $59.99 on a whole bundle, and on the subscription, you can get a 10% discount for products every three months.

  • Hair Styling Powder

If you are tired of using tons of hair products and none of them maintain the beauty of your hair, it’s time to move on to the classic Pomade bundle by Tribal Chimp. Now you won’t see yourself as a child on a bad hair day because this product will save you tons of time, effort, and money. To get a professional and natural look at home, use hair styling powder to add volume to your natural hair strength. 

There is no need to prepare your hair before using this product. Sprinkle an adequate amount of powder on your hair, and move your fingers to create the desired style. Also, there is no need to use an additional product over it because it can maintain the look for 24 hours. If you are worried about the buildup, this may come as a surprise, but it doesn’t leave a residue on your scalp. With a simple wash, you will be able to clean your hair.

  • Classic Pomade

Classic pomade builds strength into your hair and keeps your hair in control. People with medium-hair length create a slick back style as it creates curves in your overall strength but classic pomade holds them for a long time. This styling product delivers natural shine to your hair, and a wet look makes you look like a celebrity. Also, classic pomade has a pleasant scent if you are thinking about how it smells. It perfectly matches your personality to keep you fresh.

Applying classic pomade to your hair doesn’t get sticky at all; instead, it gives a natural look to your hair for better styling. The pomade formulation is 100% cruelty-free and is not tested on animals while manufacturing. While applying this product to your hair, you don’t need a professional style because it moves your hair in the direction you want to with your fingertips. Once you are done sprinkling powder on your hair, apply classic pomade to keep the wet look on point. 

  • Styling Comb

It’s an absolute horror to see your hair breaking due to a low-quality comb that is too harsh on your scalp. Along with these excellent styling products, you deserve to have a pro-level comb that stays gentle on your hair and helps you create the hairstyle you want. The styling comb by Tribal Chimp gives you complete control over stubborn locks and easily untangles all the hair knots. The wide tooth multi-purpose comb is suitable for all hair types.

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Hairstyle 2: Natural Textured Look

If you are here while looking for the best styling products that can deliver a natural look, you are in luck. Most people are tired of witnessing fake shine in their hair in the name of natural styling look. If you don’t want to experiment on your hair with tons of styling products, grab the styling clay bundle and always keep your look natural.

Styling Clay Bundle

Styling Clay Bundle

The styling clay bundle is your complete professional package without spending unnecessary money on hair styling. The bundle consists of hair styling powder, clay, and a comb. If you think it’s impossible to maintain that perfect natural messy look, now it is. The one-time purchase will cost you $59.99, and the subscription every 3-month costs you $53.99.

  • Tribal Chimp Hairstyling Powder

The best way to express your personality and mood in a few seconds is to get a perfect hairstyle. People get irritated when using comb or styling products to maintain the look. Tribal chimp hairstyling powder has made this issue quite simple, and now you need a few minutes before getting ready. The flattering natural look with tribal chimp hairstyling powder will compliment your whole attire.

There is no need to prepare your hair before using this styling powder. Sprinkle this powder on your hair and it works as a pre-styler. It enhances the volume of your hair and maintains softness before you apply the clay. You must apply styling powder to transform your hair into a different look.

  • Hair Clay

Without spending tons of time on the application of products on your hair, you can transform your hair into any look with Tribal Chimp’s hair clay. From supporting your casual look to formal, it can deal with your hair every season without making it sticky and fake. It’s effortless to apply and suitable for all hair types and lengths. You will love the matte finish of the product and how it stays longer on your hair without giving you complete control.

Our hair has a natural shine that sometimes gets double due to styling products and looks odd. This hair clay by Tribal Chimp enhances your natural glow to portray a natural look and keep them rugged without being sticky. It’s a vegan product as it is made of cruelty-free ingredients and gets a firm grip on hair after an application.

  • Styling Comb

Have you ever wondered why your favorite stylist has that one specific comb in their hand that makes a perfect hairstyle every time? Because styling comb is necessary when you don’t want to see your hair getting all messed up from different sides. Styling is also responsible for gently saving your hair from breakage and gently opening the knots. Even if you want a natural look with a messy style, the comb can help you untangle all and deliver the best possible look. Achieve that perfect look every day with the Tribal Chimp styling comb.

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Hairstyle 3: Matte Look

Tribal Chimp Styling Clay and Styling Powder Tribal Chimp Styling Clay and Styling Powder Side View Tribal Chimp Styling Clay and Styling Powder Front View

For non-frizzy styling with a perfect look, you need matte products to keep your hair game on point. It’s time to make a statement with Tribal Chimp’s matte look bundle that consists of hair styling powder, matte cream, and a styling comb. This combo is not only responsible for controlling your hair frizz. Still, it keeps your hair manageable and soft throughout the day.

Matte Cream Combo

Matte Cream Combo

From creating the perfect short hair look to a long-hair style, you can count on a matte cream combo for a perfect hairstyle that fits your personality. The benefit of the flawless matte without making your hair feel rough is that this combo stands out from all. The one-time purchase costs you $59.99, and with a subscription to have products delivered to you every 3-month, you can have them for just $53.99.

  • Hair Styling Powder

Have you spent almost all your money on buying products that claim to save your hair from the after-effects of styling but end up disappointed? If this was the case, now you have a solution right in front of you. The hair styling powder by Tribal Chimp is non-sticky and essential to prepare your hair for styling professionally. 

Sprinkle some of it on your hair, and without losing the beauty of the style, you can achieve your fashion goals. The long-lasting, invisible hold, texture lift, and softness remain the same even after a day. The instant volumizing effect after using the powder stays for 24 hours.

  • Matte Cream

The matte cream consists of a water-based formula that makes your personality groomed and redefines the fashion statement. The intensity of the matte cream is medium firm and takes complete hold of your styling. It keeps your hair naturally in place and easy to wash out. Take a dime of cream in your hands, rub them together and apply it to the hair. Transform your hair into any style, and use powder to add extra volume to your hair.

  • Styling Comb

Do you want your hair aesthetics to be perfect? The styling comb by Tribal chimp can help you achieve the ideal and clean hairstyle without creating damaging knots in between. Instead, it deals with stubborn locks gently and enables you to create elegant styles at home. A comb’s broad tooth head minimizes frizz, untangles all knots, and prevents hair from breaking off.

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What to Consider Before Buying the Best Men’s Hairstyle Styling Products

If you are sensitive about your hair and think intensively before picking any product, then choosing the best men’s hairstyling product must be a trial by fire. But, no worries because we have done all the homework for you to come up with the best buying guide. With the help of our freshly formulated buying guide, you can pick the best product in a heartbeat without second guessing.

Longer Holding Power

Using something on your hair that maintains them throughout the day without damaging texture seems tempting, but how would you achieve it? Before you get overwhelmed looking at the different products and revealing the benefits of using them, you should learn about the holding power. It’s better to understand the product’s basic details than to get irritated in the middle of an event because of a messy look. Pick the product with long holding power with minimum effort on your part. The more it holds, the more you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Matt Look

Dropping the right hair styling product in your cart takes some intense effort from your side because doing research, you can’t have the best on your dresser. If you take a closer look at the models and your favorite actors, it doesn’t look all shiny and fake whenever they style their hair. It looks matt and natural, so nobody can calculate whether it’s a product or its natural style. If you want to turn the heads at a party, use a product that can deliver a matt look to define your style.

Evaluate Hair Type

Everyone’s hair is distinctive in texture and density, and not every product suits your scalp. Many people develop several allergies and scalp issues because they use inappropriate products on their hair. As a result, they can see an adverse reaction in a few weeks that costs them thousands of bucks on a treatment. Before picking the best hair styling product, it’s crucial to evaluate your hair type and what doesn’t suit them. Browse through products by keeping details in mind and then move forward with your choice. This crucial factor will help you pick the best hair styling product.

Product Formulation

When you buy a men’s hairstyling product, ensure that the product doesn’t have anything that does irreversible damage to your hair. Some products are excellent in performance, but they are formulated from harsh chemicals unsuitable for your scalp. If you are satisfied with all the benefits and other features of the product, read about the ingredients to ensure the formulation is organic and will take care of your hair texture. It seems complicated when deciding on your hair, but as soon as you find the best product, it will solve all your styling problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I protect my hair before styling?

If you are fond of styling your hair before going anywhere, it’s better to protect it from unnecessary heat and harsh products. Prepare your hair using organic products to protect it from irreversible damage. Use heat protection lotions or protection spray that reduces the effects. Some organic products are responsible for nourishing your hair and reducing frizz as much as possible to give a clean look.

How do you know if you use too many hair products?

When you start using styling products regularly on your hair, dullness is the first sign that tells a lot about your hair’s health. Your hair will start losing out on its shine, and you can feel stickiness in them. It happens when some styling product residue remains in your hair, deteriorating the hair’s health. If your hair is getting sticky and dull lately, it’s a sign that you should give your styling routine a break.

How do you prevent product buildup in your hair?

The primary reason why most of the time your hair feels sticky is due to the product buildup. Also, it occurs when you mistakenly apply excessive styling products to your scalp. To prevent product buildup, apply it at hair ends and protect your roots; use the minimum product, and if using a spray, don’t use it close to your hair. Maintain the distance between hair and spray of around 12-inches.

How do you deep clean hair?

Once you are done with a day, never make the deadly mistake of going to bed with styling products. Women clean makeup before bed as it can worsen their skin. The same goes for your hair. If you are not paying attention to deep washing your hair, you can suffer from heavy hair loss. Use organic shampoo scrub and massage your roots; use a hair mask to keep roots soft and to remove any buildup from hair. Clean your hair with water thoroughly without being rough to them. Keep your hand movements gentle when deep cleaning your hair.

Final Thoughts

Not many hair styling products are available in the market, offering affordable costs with no damage to your hair. Many people get confused while buying something to style their hair because they don’t want to damage them permanently. You can adopt any style using these products, from the formal slick back to a natural look.

The entire line of products by Tribal Chimp is natural, easy to use, and keeps your hair texture manageable even after hours. Adopt any hairstyle you want to without being afraid of the after-effects. These products have simplified your styling to have a perfect look anywhere.




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