Concept Creations Matte Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Concept Creations Matte Review

Concept Creations is one of the latest brands in 2018. This is a brand from the USA, which aims to empower men to build their confidence starting through grooming. This lifestyle brand certainly has a great mission statement. We are pleased that the founders of Concept Creations was so generous to send over their products over for a review. This is one of the decently priced products in the market but can they perform as well, if not better? Let’s dive into it now!

By Vilain Wax ZeroBy Vilain Wax Zero


Concept Creations




Matte, Water Based Wax

Design and Packaging

The Matte Wax is housed in a good solid plastic packaging. With a black cover, this is considered a very light in terms of weight, 100ml. This means it is flight friendly, can be easily carried together in your travels. Thumbs up to this considerate design!

On the labels, besides mentioning the ingredients and directions to use, you will notice there is an interesting measurement of the hold factor. For this product, it is indicated as 8 out of 15+ . I believe they have great ambition to continue to improve their products even better, at least on the hold.


The scent is pleasant, a refreshing cologne smell that is not overpowering, but enough to get a hint of it throughout the day. It reminds of the Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax as well.

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By Vilain Wax Zero TextureBy Vilain Wax Zero Texture

Texture & Application

This Matte Product has a smooth white texture, similar to a typical light wax product. It can be slightly sticky but no big deal.

For this test, I tried it on a dry hair. It require 2 scoops to style my hair and the application was a breeze. However, it gets in shape pretty quickly and felt a little harden, not too much. During restyle, you will feel a tug if it is done with your dry fingers. Hence, I would advice to use a wet comb for smoother restyling experience. Add extra products for more hold.


No Shine. Very Matte


This is a product that provides quite a good a volume when accompanied with blow dry. Considering the humid weather in Singapore, it does holds the volume pretty well almost throughout the day.

Strength & Endurance

  • Medium Strong Hold. It does give a good hold. However, if you stay outdoors with high humidity and perspire, I would say it’s more medium hold.

  • Suitable for indoor and light outdoor activities. However, not advisable for highly intense sports activities as it is water based.

  • Endurance: I would say it is medium. Some restyling required after 75% of the day, especially if you are out in the heat in Singapore. But restyling with a wet comb would solve the issue.

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After 8 P.M. Hold reduced after 12 hours

Before 8 A.M. Looking Sharp with Comb Back

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After 8 P.M. Fringes coming down but can be restyled easily

Before 8 A.M. Well defined edges and corners


One Shampoo is required. Considered pretty easy

Hair Types

  • ThicknessFine to Medium Thick Hair  

  • VolumeLow to High Volume Hair

  • Straight, Wavy


Pompadour, Spiky Side Parting, Comb back, Side Swept-Brush Up

(See hairstyles here )


Water, Amino Acid Wax, Beeswax, Copernicia, Glyco Cerifera Wax, Hydrolysed Diagonal Elements, Dimethicone, Co-polyol1,2, Propylene, Hydroxyl-Di-mEthylcelluose, Mineral Oil, Vp/VA Copolymer, Hydrolysed Plant Protein, Vitamin B5, Fragrance


With a considerable good performance product, I would use this if i spend most of my day in a low humidity outdoor or indoor like offices. It will definitely provides the hold and texture in these conditions. The wash out is easy and it does not have an overpowering scent. The only down side is the tug when restyling on dry hair. Would I use this product daily, maybe not as often unless i spent most of the time in an air conditioned room, or living in places like US, Australia, or UK where humidity is low most of the time.

As an appreciate to you all readers of Urban Oak out there, here’s a 10% discount code  – URBAN10 for you to try it out!

Overall Performance of Concept Creations Matte Pomade

Hold Power: ★★★☆☆


Endurance ★★★☆☆


Promo Code


Where to Buy?

USD 17.90 (After Discount)

Original Price: USD 19.90

Promo Code: URBAN10



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