Red House Private Reserve Firm Pomade Review

Red House Private Reserve Firm Pomade Review




The Red House brand is one of the well known home brewed handcrafted products based in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA. With the recent launch of Red House Private Reserve Firm Pomade, it is one of the better performing products among all water based pomades.

We decided to give this a try because it has good reviews by the The Pomp in the States and this is an opportunity for us to explore its performance in our hot and humid climate here in Singapore.

Based Type

Water-based Pomade




Outlook & Mobility

Definitely a very well designed packaging with a metallic gold on the label. The bottle is made of glass just like a beer bottle. Its nett weight is 113g. With that weight label on it, it’s not advisable to risk it as a carry on item while flying.


It has a Tobacco Vanilla scent, with a little bay rum and sweet citrusy essence on top of it. The scent is quite distinct and you can probably able to smell it throughout the day for the first few days.

Texture & Application

It has a quite a thick white-beige colour texture compared to the softer ones by Barbers Pomade. The texture is between of a wax and hair cream, less creamy to the Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade. Even though on the first grip it might feel a bit dry, it is still easy to apply and style on damp or dry hair.





Low Shine

Strength & Endurance

Overall this is a medium hold pomade. It’s most suitable in air-conditioned environment and doesn’t soften during the day, unless you perspire a lot. You can easily restyle with a wet comb but you might need to add on some to keep maintain your style.





Easy to wash off with shampoo, no hard-core hair washing products needed

Suitable for Hair Types

  • Volume – Low to High Volume Hair

  • Thickness – Fine to Medium Fine Hair

  • Straight Hair


Swept back side parting, Pompadour (only if you have soft hair or climate is cool & dry), textured spiky style

See Hairstyles here


This is one of the best product that gives a low shine look to your hair. If your hair is soft, it is easily used for styling and holds pretty well. A very notable masculine scent.

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