Samsons Hair Pomade Product Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Introduction to samsonS Hair Pomade

It has been awhile since our last product review on Flagship Pomade. Due to my day job and personal commitments, I had to take break from this. But hey, I am glad to return now to share with you all who share the same passion in men’s grooming or hair products. Today, I bring you Samsons Hair Pomade by Samsons Hair Care. I am very grateful to have own of their products. Adam and Jake are the founders of Samsons Hair Care that started at 2016. Jake is a barber and working on this product part time. He has been the main guy for product development while Adam who joined in a much later stage, is in charge on marketing, business development and customer care. Up to date, they have expanded their product line to several range from beard balm to cologne.

But today, we will be focusing one of their first developments, the Samsons Hair Pomade. In Singapore, we always love strong hold product due to the humidity and hot climate. But, will this product able to withstand our harsh weather? Or is it designed for a more relax style? Let’s jump into the review!


Samsons Hair Care


United States


Water Based Pomade (Unorthodox)

Design and Packaging

In terms of the material, it is housed in a aluminium casing. Not the best material because it easily gets dented. On the art work, you could see a manly figure (That’s has to be Samson) with 2 pillars broken apart. It might indicate the strength of the hair product, not even the collapse of the pillars will move the hair. (Don’t take this joke too seriously, Samson is actually a Bible Figure, known for his strength.)

On the labels, it stated semi-matte finish, and also apparently they partnered with “The Hounds, LTD” to enable education for children from under-resourced environments by creating ethically made men’s clothing.

A part from the above, nothing really stood out. Basic and simple.

The product is weight at 85g (3 oz). This mean you can bring Samson (as your body guard) onboard with you while travelling on a flight.


Samsons Hair Care claims to have “classic barbershop scent”, I couldn’t agree more. It feels like entering to your classic barbershop (even in Malaysia/Singapore), that familiar scent when you were a kid. The product has a citrusy, bergamot and sandalwood scent. When scooping out and apply to your hair, you will definitely notice it. However, it is not so overpowering that others will notice it immediately.



Upon scooping the Samsons Hair Pomade out, it is pretty easy even though it has a thick creamy texture. This is not your typical gel like water based pomade. I believe they might have mixed with some wax that increased the density of this product.

It is also quite sticky and the stickiness is pretty strong. Breaking down on the palm was moderately easy. At this moment, I know the Samsons Hair Pomade is going to be a strong hold pomade.


When applying on my hair, it was fairly easy. I can feel the stickiness of the product but it do not resist while styling with my fingers and comb. There’s some tug but not significant. You could apply this on towel dried hair or blow dry hair. My personal recommendation is blow dry hair because it is totally water soluble.


This product doesn’t harden so restyling is not a problem. However, since this product has good endurance (even on thick hair), you don’t need to do much.


Low Shine. There’s still a slight shine to it, very close to a matte product. The shine does fade towards end of the day


If you style it with your hair blown dry, the Samsons Hair Pomade does give you some good volume.


The Samsons Hair Pomade is an unorthodox water based pomade with a superb strong hold. If you are living in a dry climate, you might want to test it under a “pillar collapsing” situation.
In this high humidity, it holds very well. Only a slight drop towards the end of the day.

1c. Samsons Hair Pomade Front View: 9am
2a. Samsons Hair Pomade Side View: 9am

1b. Samsons Hair Pomade Front View: 8pm
2b. Samsons Hair Pomade Side View: 8pm


Overall, the Samsons Hair Pomade also has great endurance, especially on its hold. I was close not requiring major restyling, just a slight touch towards the end of the day. This product stood out in the test of time and humid climate.


Because of its great hold and endurance, washability has been compromised a little. For total removal, you would need one shampoo and one conditioner. It is not totally water soluble.

Not a big issue for me.

Suitable for Hair Types

  • ThicknessMedium to Thick Hair  
  • Works great for both Straight, Wavy Hair.

Not recommended to man with very fine hair because it weigh it down. It is possible it might still work with very little amount used.

Suitable for Hairstyles

Suitable hairstyles with the Samsons Hair Pomade are Comb-back or Slick Back Hairstyle, Neat Side Parting, Side Swept undercut or a classic taper, Pompadour

(See more hairstyles here )


Water, Beeswax, Candelila wax, Grapeseed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, Soy lecithin, Sorbic acid, Emulsifying salts and Essential oils for scent


The Samsons Hair Pomade is definitely one of the strongest pomade out there in the market right now. If you are looking for great endurance and great hold for your slick back with a matte look, this is the product for you. Personally, during the styling it will take some time to get used to the stickiness. But other than that, I love the hold and endurance. The Samsons Hair Pomade deserves to be in our list of Strongest Hold Pomade for Humid Weather.

Where to Buy

Samson Hair Care Official Store

USD 18

Overall Performance of Samsons Hair Pomade

Hold Power: ★★★★★ +

Shine: ★☆☆☆☆

Endurance: ★★

Washability: ★★★☆☆

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