Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay Review

Recently, we have observed the trends for homebrewers for hair products seem to be merging into a clay-based product, however, an unorthodox one. Some of the notable ones are the Bayside Grooming Original Clay, Gerson & Co Tropics Matte Clay, Honkonghomebrew styling clay and the Gerson & Co’s Tropics Matte Clay. We are thrilled today, pretty much anticipating with this review ever since it arrived at our doorstep. Templeton Tonics, founded by Chris Templeton, a homebrewer was inspired by the many homebrewers products. However, he felt he could make a better hair tonic, and it really took off. Since then, he expanded his range to the Oasis Clay, which we will review them later.

Today, with full anticipation ever since it reached to our doorstep, we are excited to take on the Template Tonics White Whale Clay, one of the limited edition White Whale products. Known for using the same awesome formula of the Oasis Clay, the White Whale Clay has a different scent from its origin (Oasis Clay), but how did it perform? Let’s ride on the White Whale!



Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay


Templeton Tonics


United States


Matte Clay

Design and Packaging

Besides creating top-notch products, Templeton Tonics is known for its artwork. Looking at the White Whale Clay packaging, you will observe a lot of attention to detail is given to craft such an illustrative design. Very impressive.

In terms of the material, it is housed in a plastic container. When open it, you can see that the clay was really hand-poured. The product is weight at 113g (4 oz) so this is the only downside as you couldn’t just bring it on board on a flight, requires a check-in.


Overall, the scent of Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay is very light and refreshing, and you can tell it’s the scent are plant-based.

If you have an eye (nose) for detail, here’s the list of notes

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary, Rum, Neroli

Mid Notes: Black Pepper, Ozone, Wild Mint, Jasmine

Base Notes: Ambergris, Driftwood, Ambrette Musk, Cedarwood, Angelica



Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay.jpg

Performance of Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay


When scooping out the Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay, you could feel it’s a creamy and soft texture, as opposed to traditional clay products. Very easy to breakdown on your palm when rubbed. It is not oily at all, and if it’s to be compared to a creamy product, it much denser and thicker. I would say it is in between the Arcadian Clay Pomade and Gerson & Co Tropic Matte Clay.


During the application, it was quite a smooth process. You could feel the product does dry up a little after a few seconds of application. Sometimes, you will experience some tugging during the application but you could really feel the hold is in place and ready for the day.


Restyling with this product was fairly easy. Either using a comb or finger does the job.


Low Shine. There’s still a slight shine to it, very close to a matte product. The shine does fade towards end of the day


The Templeton Tonic White Whale Clay does give some volume if blow-dried with a hairdryer before styling.


The Templeton Tonic White Whale Clay is a strong hold product for those with fine and medium thickness hair. It does sustain in high humidity weather here in Singapore through the day with just a little drop in the hold toward the last hours of the day.

This is a product suitable for indoor or light outdoor activities with high humidity


Overall, the White Whale Clay has great endurance, especially on its hold. A light breeze wouldn’t move much and a walk in the sun is all good! The volume does tone down a little due to humidity, but it can easily be “volume up” by restyling it with a comb or finger. It does have a nice natural texture towards the end of the day and it feels very light.


This is easily washed off with water! If you want a complete washout, a shampoo does the job.

Hair Types

  • ThicknessFine to Medium Thick Hair  
  • Works great for both Straight, Wavy


Suitable hairstyles with the Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay are Comb-back or Slick Back Hairstyle, Neat Side Parting, Side Swept undercut or a classic Taper, Pompadour

(See more hairstyles here )


Water (Aqua), Candelilla Wax, Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Polysorbate 80, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Essential/Fragrance Oils, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol


We are amazed how Chris pull this off on the White Whale Clay as a sole brewer. This product overall feels very “homely” and natural. You won’t feel (and know) there’re no harsh chemicals going into this product. You would be worried as the hold is strong with some significant endurance. Currently, this is one of my go to product if I want to get my hair styled within seconds, not worrying on the scent and its endurance.

Where to Buy

Templeton Tonics: USD 20

SG Pomades: SGD 30

Overall Performance of Templeton Tonics White Whale Clay

Hold Power: ★★★★★

Shine: ★☆☆☆☆

Endurance: ★★

Washability: ★★★★★

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