Top 12 Best Pomade For Men 2021

If you are looking forward to sporting a hairstyle with the right kind of shine and hold, then getting a top-notch pomade would be a must. The best pomade for men allows you to shape your hair the way you want it to – whether it be quiff, slicked back, or pompadour. 

Here’s the catch. With all the available pomades sold on the market, it can be quite challenging to pick the right one. In addition to this, there are a lot of factors to consider before buying one.

Worry not, though. To make things a lot more convenient for you, we have rounded up twelve of the best pomades for men.

Moreover, we have also discussed each of their features and the factors to consider before buying one.

Summary of the Top 12 Best Pomade For Men 2021

NoProduct NameKey Feature
1Earth’s Enrichment Store Organic PomadeBest Pomade for dry scalp
2Jack Henry Clay PomadeBest Pomade for Dandruff Scalp
3Chronos And Creed Organic Hair PomadeBest Pomade for Sensitive Scalp
4REUZEL Fiber PomadeBest Pomade for thick hair
5Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade Best Pomade for thin hair
6Arcadian Grooming Matte Clay PomadeBest Pomade for Asian hair
7Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm for MenBest Pomade for curly hair
8BYRD Hair Matte PomadeBest Matte Pomade
9REUZEL INC Red Pomade Best Shine Pomade
10REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte PomadeBest Strong Hold Pomade
11Qhemet Biologics Castor & Amla Nourishing PomadeBest Vegan Pomade
12Firsthand Supply Clay PomadeBest Textured and Volumizing Pomade
Summary of the Top 12 Best Pomade For Men 2021

Top 12 Best Pomade For Men 2021 Review

1. Earth’s Enrichment Store Organic Pomade

Earth’s Enrichment Store Organic Pomade

Commencing our list of the best pomade for men is the Earth’s Enrichment Store Organic Pomade. All ingredients of this pomade are organic and meet the highest processing standards by the USDA.


  • Shine: Low to Medium
  • Type: Oil-Based
  • Scent: none

All-Organic Materials

All of the ingredients of this pomade are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and handcrafted. It does not contain any mineral oil.

Moreover, this pomade does not contain the following: chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, preservatives, fragrances, or artificial coloring.


Because it is an all-organic pomade, it has been formulated for healthy hair growth. Moreover, it is light and not heavy on the scalp. A little of this pomade goes a long way.


  • This product moisturizes without mess.
  • Itching is significantly reduced with this pomade.
  • It provides a nice shine.


  • This product is not vegan.
  • It does not give a firm hold.

Where to Buy Earth’s Enrichment Store Organic Pomade

Amazon USA

2. Jack Henry Clay Pomade

Jack Henry Clay Pomade

The next product on our list is the Jack Henry Clay Pomade. It does not consist of any synthetics or alcohol, so you can keep your hairstyles healthy and manageable. 


  • Shine: Low
  • Type: Oil-Based
  • Scent: essential oil fragrance (Lavender)

Healthy and Beneficial

This pomade stimulates hair growth and fights off dandruff and it highly moisturizes your scalp and hair.

It removes buildup and dead skin cells.

It contains antioxidants, making it a healthy pomade to use. 

All-Natural Ingredient

The materials are all organic, making them safe for every hair type. These include coconut oil, lavender essential oil, bentonite clay, and beeswax. These materials provide additional texture and all-day natural hold.


  • It has an excellent hold.
  • It has a true matte finish.
  • This pomade smells good as well.


  • It is difficult to wash out.
  • It does not hold the hair for a day.

Where to Buy Jack Henry Clay Pomade

Amazon USA

3. Chronos And Creed Organic Hair Pomade

Chronos And Creed Organic Hair Pomade

We also think that Chronos And Creed Organic Hair Pomade is a good choice because of its four naturally sourced ingredients that could help keep the hair and scalp healthy.


  • Shine: Low to Medium
  • Type: Oil-Based
  • Scent: Pine essential oi

Thicker and stronger hair growth

This pomade uses coconut oil to protect your hair from excessive heat and other impurities. The coconut oil likewise helps your hair grow thicker and more robust, and authentic.

Clean and Clear scalp

This pomade incorporates Shea butter to improve the health of your scalp and hair. Its nutrients moisturize the scalp and prevent potential hair loss.


  • The scent is not obtrusive.
  • It does not damage the hair.
  • It provides a natural texture to the hair.


  • It leaves the hair very greasy.
  • It does hold the hair that much.

Where to Buy Chronos And Creed Organic Hair Pomade

Amazon USA

4. REUZEL Fiber Pomade

REUZEL Fiber Pomade

The REUZEL Fiber Pomade creates a textured definition with a firm yet pliable hold and a low shine. 


  • Shine: Low
  • Type: Oil-Based
  • Scent: Subtle vanilla mint fragrance

Made of Organic Key Ingredients

This pomade is made of vital organic ingredients: quinoa, aloe vera, and vitamin E. 

The quinoa promotes conditioning and elasticity, and aloe vera encourages strength and moisture. At the same time, vitamin E serves as the powerhouse antioxidant.

Easy on the Hair

There are many benefits of this pomade, primarily since it works on all types of hair. You can easily rework your hair after styling using this pomade.


  • It is effortless to apply for wet or dry hair.
  • It has an excellent flexible hold when it dries.


  • The hold is not that strong.
  • Its smell is not that good.

Where to Buy REUZEL Fiber Pomade

Amazon USA

5. Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade

Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade

The Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade is water-based. Hence, it’s gone once you rinse it. Since there is no oil, no grease is formed.


  • Shine: high
  • Type: Water-Based
  • Scent: Light tonka bean scent

Strong yet malleable

This pomade is strong yet perfectly flexible. It holds your hair firmly all day long. The presence of hop, efficient conditioning, and a thickening agent, helps create more hair volume.

High sheen finish

The 101 Proof Classic consists of a high sheen finish that you can run your hands through.


  • It can hold the hair in place.
  • It is easy to remove.
  • This pomade has a high shine.


  • The smell is not that good.
  • It is a little sticky and clumpy.

Where to Buy Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade

Amazon USA

6. Arcadian Grooming Matte Clay Pomade

Arcadian Grooming Matte Clay Pomade

The Arcadian Grooming Matte Clay Pomade is also a good choice for looking for a matte finish hair styling product.


  • Shine: low
  • Type: Water-Based
  • Scent: Eucalyptus mint

Creamy consistency

Due to its creamy consistency, you can scoop it and apply it to your hair without exerting too much effort.

Versatile pomade

This pomade works well with various hair types. It can be finger-styled for a more natural look. You can also comb it for a cleaner appearance. 

You can restyle the product without water, and it would still hold firm all day long.


  • It easily spreads on the palm.
  • It has a natural finish.


  • The scent is kind of odd.
  • It has a weak hold.

Where to Arcadian Grooming Matte Clay Pomade

Amazon USA

7. Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm for Men

Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm for Men

Next on our list is the Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm for Men, a product that adds texture and eliminates frizz on all hair types. This pomade leaves your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

  • Shine: Medium
  • Type: Oil-based
  • Scent: Lavender and Bergamot coupled with Cardamom and soft Amber Woods.

Made of natural ingredients

It is infused with natural ingredients. Biotin is for enhanced delivery. With an erucic acid content, Abyssinian oil seals in the moisture while protecting your strands from frizz and dehydration.

Kale protein blend promotes moisturization and the overall health of the hair.

Easy to use

You can apply this pomade to your slightly damp hair, thus creating a great look. It has a natural hold that will not build up or weigh down your hair.


  • It has a masculine scent.
  • It is free from chemicals.
  • This product leaves the hair smooth.


  • It does not feature any shine determinator.

Where to Buy Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm for Men

Amazon USA

8. BYRD Hair Matte Pomade

BYRD Hair Matte Pomade

For effortless grooming, you can try out BYRD Hair Matte Pomade. It has a build-up-free formula that will allow you to clean your hair with just water. It can be used on every hair type.


  • Shine: Low
  • Type: Water-based
  • Scent: Fresh masculine smell

Medium Hold/No Sheen

It has a matte finish that will leave your hair looking groomed without it looking dull effortlessly. This is an ideal product for your everyday hassle-free look. 

Safe to Use

This pomade is free from harmful substances such as sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, and phthalate that could potentially harm your hair and scalp.


  • It provides an all-day hold.
  • This washes out easily.


  • It is oily and greasy.
  • It tends to be heavy on the hair.

Where to Buy BYRD Hair Matte Pomade

Amazon USA

9. REUZEL INC Red Pomade


The REUZEL INC Red Pomade comprises a combination of ingredients that allows you to wash it out easily without leaving any residue. 


  • Shine: high
  • Type: Water-based
  • Scent: Subtle vanilla cola fragrance

Made of Natural Ingredients

One of the best things about this pomade is that it is made of natural ingredients. One of the most prominent ingredients is castor oil, an element that encourages moisture and manageability.


Another thing that this pomade is known for is its ability to keep high shine hold all day without it or your hair flaking. With its no dry formula, your hair will look slick throughout the day.


  • It has a medium hold once it sets.
  • It works for thick, dense, and wavy hair.
  • This pomade gives a soft feel.


  • It often needs restyling by the end of the day.
  • It does not perform well in the rain.

Where to Buy REUZEL INC Red Pomade

Amazon USA

10. REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

We have another Reuzel product on our list. The REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade delivers a firm hold and a matte finish. It works well on various types of hair: from fine to thick hair.


  • Shine: Low
  • Type: Water-based
  • Scent: Subtle sugary rum fragrance

Made of Natural Ingredients

Like other Reuzel products, what makes this a great option is the presence of natural key ingredients. Beeswax promotes moisture retention. Castor oil, on the other hand, encourages manageability and moisture.

Water-based formula

Thanks to its water-based formula, it washes out easily. Moreover, it does not leave any build-up or accumulations behind.


  • It keeps the hair in check.
  • It provides a firm hold on the hair.


  • It is not firm at all.
  • The particles are quite hard.

Where to Buy REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

Amazon USA

11. Qhemet Biologics Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade

Qhemet Biologics Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade

For those looking for the best pomade for men, the Qhemet Biologics Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade could also be a great choice.

It consists of castor oil, a natural humectant that encourages hair growth while moisturizing coarse hair.

Combats breakage

This product helps soften the edges and ends to fight breakage and preserve the length of your hair. Moreover, it also adds pliability, softness, and sheen to the cornrows, twists, locks, and loose hair.


This pomade is free from petroleum oil and mineral oil. Hence, it is capable of nourishing the scalp and encouraging hair growth. This is 100% vegan, so you are assured that it is safe and free from torture.


  • It works well with high porosity hair.
  • This pomade hydrates the hair well.


  • This pomade is greasy.

Where to Qhemet Biologics Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade

Amazon USA

12. Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade

Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade

Completing our list of the top 12 best pomades for men in 2021 is the Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade. It is designed to provide a solid yet flexible hold. It works well with all types of hair.


  • Shine: low
  • Type: Water-based
  • Scent: bergamot, lavender, juniper berry, wormwood, palo santo

Clean and Non-Toxic

This pomade uses clean and non-toxic ingredients. Hence, it does not have the following ingredients: parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and toxins.

Instead, this product has beeswax, argan oil, shea butter, and kaolin clay.

Easy to Use

What we also love about this product is that it is easy to use. You simply have to scoop a portion of it then you can already apply it to your hair. 


  • This holds hair for most of the day.
  • It leaves the hair feeling soft and flexible.


  • The smell is quite different.
  • It may not work for those with fine hair.

Where to Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade

Amazon USA

What to consider before buying Top 12 Best Pomade For Men 2021? 

Type of Pomade

The first thing you will pick is the type of pomade that would work well for your hair. All kinds of pomades would hold your hair to some extent.

But using too much of a wrong product would only cause you more harm than good. Hence, you have to know the types of pomades so that you could pick better.

Water-based pomade

As its name implies, water-based pomades use a formula that consists of water. A water-based pomade breaks down quickly, making it easy to apply and remove.

It has a smooth and creamy consistency. We recommend using a water-based pomade if you want to have a firm and long-lasting hold without any side effects.

Oil-based pomade

The next type of pomade on our list is the oil-based pomade. The consistency of this type of pomade is slick, quite greasy, and smooth. It does not dry easily to have a wet look to style any time of the day.

Hybrid Pomade

Finally, we have the hybrid pomade. Simply put, it is a combination of properties from water-based pomade and oil-based pomade. It is beneficial because it has a powerful hold, yet you can wash it out with ease as compared to a pure oil based pomade. These pomades can be infused with wax or clay so that it is able to provide that texture that water based pomades unable to provide.

Pomade Material

The material of the pomade also affects how firm it would hold your hair or how shiny it would be. The material of the pomade can also be a massive factor in styling your hair, so you better pick on the pomade well.

We suggest that you choose the material based on how you want your hair to be when you would go out.

Cream Pomade

A cream pomade provides a light to medium hold. It is rich in moisture, allowing it to smoothen and soften the hair while offering a light shine finish.

Clay Pomade

On the other hand, the clay pomade has a matte finish styling that molds hair in place to provide a solid and firm hold.

Paste Pomade

The paste pomade has a semi-matte finish that adds texture and thickness to your hair while, at the same time, delivering a durable hold that you can rework throughout the day.

Hard Cream Pomade

A hard cream pomade is a lightweight pomade that offers a firm hold for hours without weighing the hair down.

Hard Water Pomade

This type of pomade provides a firm hold. Its water-based formula offers texture, dimension, and sleek control.

Soft Water Pomade

Finally, a soft water pomade provides light to medium hold. Since this is water-based, it can spread easily through the hair for a non-greasy shine.

Is Pomade Good for your hair? 

Pomade is not bad for your hair. It has a lot of benefits, as long as you would use it properly. And of course, it would only be good if you get the pomade with the right ingredients.

One of the main benefits of using hair pomade is that it does not dry out easily. This gives you soft and flexible hair that lasts an extended period.

Who doesn’t want to have such hair, right? A pomade can make your hair wet-looking and slick so that you will look fresh throughout the day.

In addition to this, because the pomade does not dry out quickly, you can change your hairstyle throughout the day.

With this product, you can create various hairstyles based on what you desire. You can dishevel your hair and quickly organize it according to the hairstyle that you want.

Finally, contrary to popular belief, the best pomade for men does not cause hair loss. Instead, it can help your thin hair look thicker. This will surely boost your confidence as you carry your hair wherever you go.

Closing Thoughts on Top 12 Best Pomade For Men 2021

When it comes to the top 12 best pomades for men in 2021, you have to be more careful about how you will purchase one. This is because not every pomade in the market would suit your hair. 

So if you are looking for the best pomade for men, focus on the type of pomade and the product’s material.

We also recommend that you would look into the pros and cons of these pomades. This way, you can pick the most appropriate pomade that would suit your hair the most.

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