Best Ways to Turn Your Commute Into a Workout

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Turn your early morning travels to the office into something beneficial for your physical well-being with the best ways to turn your commute into a workout.

The worst part about working is the commute to get there. So many things can happen before you even set foot in the office that can sour your mood. One way to combat this is to turn your commute into something constructive. Learning the best ways to turn your commute into a workout can give you something fun to do to and from work. 

How To Get Fit on Public Transportation

There are ways to burn calories while taking the train or bus on your commute other than sweating profusely from a cramped cabin. If you’re working your typical nine-to-fiver in an office, you should take advantage of any opportunities to remain standing. While waiting for your lift, you can do calf raises and hold that position for 10 seconds.

Once inside, you can offer your seat to someone in need, grab the railing from above, and engage your core muscles as the vehicle turns. However, if it’s your lucky day and there are plenty of seats available, you can work on your abdominals by tucking in your pelvis and doing the so-called “commuter crunch.”

Use Alternative Transportation

In an ideal world, it would only take a hop, skip, and jump to get to work or class, providing you the opportunity to use alternative transportation to get where you need to be. Riding a bicycle is the easiest way to make your commute productive, and it’s not as strenuous if you can take a leisurely pace. 

On a cool, calm morning, a bike ride is a refreshing activity as you prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead. Another form of transportation you can try is using a longboard. A longboard is a relaxing form of transportation that offers several health benefits, so it’s worth giving it a try. 

Turn a Traffic Jam Into a Pump Session

Not all benefit from a close workplace or can rely on public transportation. Driving to work is common for most people, as is the frustration that ensues when you’re fighting everyone else on the road. But you can make those traffic jams fruitful with some useful car exercises.

Purchase the world-famous grip from a local store to build your forearms and use it to release your anger from the car that cut you off in a constructive manner. Or you could work on your abdominals by using nothing more than your steering wheel, twisting your body back and forth to engage your core. 

Learning To Walk Again 

The best place to start is by walking. That doesn’t always mean you should walk to work from your home. You could park further away or get off at an earlier stop and take the time to walk to rest of the way. You can cover a mile in 15 minutes with a casual but steady pace, so maybe start the day a little earlier and burn off your morning cup of joe before you clock in. 

Trying one of these best ways to turn your commute into a workout lets you start on an optimistic note. Knowing you got a brief workout before the day even begins gives you a sense of accomplishment that you can take on anything thrown your way. 




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