Top 5 Best Cable Machines for Home Gym 2022

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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The cable machine is one of the best investments for your home gym. From your upper body (e.g., pale chest, curled biceps) to your lower body (retreats with ankle straps, wired RDLs, etc.)

While some exercises on cable machines can be recreated with resistance bands or suspension trainers, the consistent tension and versatility make cable crossing machines a great addition to your home gym residence.

Although cable machines can be expensive for your home workouts, they are durable and well-made.

Below are the best cable machine for home gyms, including key features, buying guides, and more.

Let’s get into that.

Summary of the Best Cable Machines For Home Gym

NoProduct NameKey FeatureProduct Rating
1.XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine7 attachments make the equipment suitable for 36 different kinds of exercises.4.8/5
2.Marcy Smith Cage Workout cable machineIt is safe and efficient with ultra-smooth linear bearings and ergonomic steel guide rails.4.1/5
3.Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable StationFeatures 16 adjustment positions for performing bilateral and unilateral exercises.4.6/5
4.Bowflex PR3000 Home GymMulti-use hand grip/ankle cuffs are designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout.4.6/5
5.Marcy Smith SM-4008 Cage MachineComes with 8 workout stations that give you commercial gym training variety on a budget4.1/5
Summary of the Best Cable Machines For Home Gym

How Did You Select the Best Cable Machine For Home Gym?

Before you commit to starting your home exercise routine, there are a few essential things to consider. First, ensure you have enough space to accommodate your new training equipment. Home gym machines can range from sleek and minimal to bulky and bulky. Second, review your fitness goals and evaluate how much you want to invest in your training. It would help if you also considered how you want to train and what additional equipment you will need for the exercises you want.

What to Consider Before Buying Cable Machines For Home Gym

Attachment Options

Cable machines are highly functional. The range of exercises you can do with one is nearly endless. A good cable machine should have clips to swap out different attachments to maximize the types and exercises you can do with the machine.


Exercise equipment is often bulky and requires appropriate space.

In cable machines, especially cross-cable machines, the space it occupies is not small.

If you’re investing in a cable machine for your home gym or garage, leave enough room for the machine and a work area around it so you can exercise, change weights, and access the machine properly.

Noise Level

For some, noise levels may not be a determining factor. However, some high noise levels can become a distraction or even a problem for people nearby. Pay attention to user reviews on Amazon and even my main observations in this review.

Weight Post Sizes

Note that machines with weight posts do not come with weights. So you can use existing weights that you already have or will have to buy them separately.

Most weight poles come with standard 1″ size poles. So if you already have 2-inch Olympic-size weight plates, 2-inch adapter sleeves are included with the cable machine or can be purchased separately.

Weight Capacity

Most cable machines have a maximum load capacity of 200-220 lbs. Many weight stack-type units come with dual 150 to 165-pound weight stacks. Expandable to 200-210 lbs each.

Plate loading versions usually take Olympic or standard weight plates up to 200-220 pounds per side. Most of the moves you will do are isolation exercises, so using heavy weights is not that important.

However, you should always have a machine that provides a buffer whatever its intended use. That means buying a 50-75 pound machine. More per side you plan to use.

Our Top 5 Best Home Gym Cable Machines In 2022

1. XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine

XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine

This cable machine is a functional trainer. It does not include a Smith machine or power rack, as many hybrid models do today. But with two batteries, two adjustable pulleys and a range of accessories, the XMark Functional Trainer offers more than its ability to provide an endless range of exercises. They’re also great because of all the diagonal moves you can do with them that target your core. This cable machine has weight stacks weighing 200 lbs with 19 different adjustment positions and many accessories.

Heavy Duty And Solid Mainframe

The quality of the Xmark functional training machine can be seen in its strong and reliable steel mainframe, which consists of a 2″ x 3″ scratch and corrosion-resistant 11 gauge steel body.

The sturdy and stable main frame combines a super smooth pulley and traction platform to make this an easy-to-use functional training machine.

Space-Saving Design

This Xmark commercial functional trainer also takes great pride in its space-saving design. Its size and dimensions fit into small spaces, making it perfect for home gym equipment. This fitness trainer fits the bill if you don’t have the biggest space for your home gym.

Aesthetics and Styling

The XMark XM-7626 Cable Trainer has an aesthetic appearance. The frame is carved from sturdy steel, giving the equipment a rich look. Even if you pull this cable machine for your home gym, it still has the appeal you’ll find in commercial gym equipment.

One of the biggest benefits of this equipment is that it helps you organize your home gym. It also takes up minimal space, maximizing your workout space.


  •  Made of heavy-duty steel
  • The price is quite reasonable
  • 2 pulleys are fully adjustable.
  • There is a pull-up bar.
  • Interchangeable accessories
  • Unlimited range of exercise


  • Assembly might seem to be a little time-consuming.

Who is suitable for this Cable Machine?

The machine is perfect for those just beginning their fitness journey or those who are already deeply enmeshed in their training regimen. It achieves all that with durable materials for individual parts and all-steel construction.

Where can you buy this XMark XM-7626 Functional Trainer Cable Machine?


2. Marcy Smith Cage Workout cable machine

Marcy Smith Cage Workout cable machine

The Marcy Smith machine is perfect for a complete home gym system. It can hold up to 136 kg (300 lbs), so you can be sure it will suit everyone. You can do many exercises on this machine, and it comes with a detailed exercise chart to help you identify them. It comes with mechanisms elevated above ordinary home gyms. These ball bearings move the press vertically and are commercial grade and sealed so they can lift even the heaviest weights without breaking.


The cable machine excels in the area of versatility. The Power Cage is a mix of the smith machine and the crossover cable machine, so you can do virtually any exercise you want and hit your whole body with one piece of equipment. There’s also a pull-up bar at the top so you can target your back muscles more.

High-Quality Construction

The cage is made of high-quality 14 gauge square steel tubing. Typically, 12 gauge tubing is best but followed by 14. The pulley system is held by sealed bearings and comes with 1-inch chrome guide rods. The high-quality steel is durable, as you can go up to 300 pounds on the bar. The tensile strength of the cables can lift 2,000 pounds. So the product certainly didn’t cut corners.

Value for Money

The product offers excellent value for money as a single purchase will give you high-quality, durable, and versatile equipment. While you can always tweak and refresh your workout routine with all the available workout options, you’ll likely be using it for years.


  • Durable cable system
  • Weight holder attachments
  • Open space inside the cage
  • Multi-position bench
  • Removable leg developer
  • 4 storage posts
  • Good value for money


  • 14-gauge steel
  • 300-pound limit
  • The dual pulley is stationary

Who is suitable for this cable machine?

The Marcy Smith machine may be the perfect choice if you need a fitness machine for all your workouts to build muscle and strength at home.

Where you buy this Marcy Smith Cage Workout cable machine


3. Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station

Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station

Wall-Mounted Cable Machine Dual Pulley Home Station, The Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall-Mounted Cable Station, is a machine every home needs. It is a versatile, space-saving machine that offers the ability to combine strength training with the use of a cable system in your home or commercial gym. The machine has 16 adjustment positions to allow the user to perform various bilateral and unilateral exercises.

Effortless Assembly

The installation of the machine itself is very simple. Perhaps the most important aspect of installing the BD-62 is the amount of space you can use. Although this cable system is compact, it still measures just over 7 feet. This equipment is so simple to set up that you probably won’t need to use the user manual. Once you’ve found an area with enough space, you’re good to go.


This equipment is a double roller system adjustable to 17 different positions. The versatility of this cable station allows you to perform various exercises. The Valor Fitness BD-62 Cable Station lets you target various muscle groups while remaining incredibly compact.

High weight resistance

The machine has 3 pulley systems that provide variety in your workout. A dual system on both sides of the machine offers up to seventeen settings to adjust the tension. Another lower pulley system is suitable for exercising while sitting on the bottom.

An added feature is a pull-up bar, which allows for more types of exercises. It has a sidebar, a row bar, and two single hanging handles. The machine has a resistance of up to 250 lbs, suitable for beginners and more advanced.


  • Heavy-duty steel for strength and durability
  • Compact space-saver design
  • 17 adjustable positions per side
  • Holds standard and Olympic-style plates
  • 2 single adjustable hand strap handles included


  • It can be difficult to assemble.

Who is suitable for this cable machine?

The machine has up to 250lb resistance, which is suitable for those starting and those on a more advanced level.

Where you buy this Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station


4. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym