Top 5 Best Heavy Bag Stands (2022)

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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More and more people are taking up boxing, but adding one to your home gym setup isn’t just for fighters – adding a punching bag to your workout regimen can reap a considerable number of cardio and strength benefits, regardless of whether you’re training for a fight or just trying to get fit. Choosing a good boxing bag stand can be challenging, so we thought we’d put them to the test and bring you this buyer’s guide to the best boxing bag stands. Here is a list of the best heavy bag stands from the top brands on the market based on the features I considered. Which to choose depends in part on your training needs and goals, but there is one thing you can always count on:

This list has the 5 best heavy bag stands that will serve your needs and provide good value for your money.

Summary of the Best Heavy Bag Stands

NoProduct NameKey FeatureRating
1Everlast Steel Heavy Punching Bag StandIts three-weight pegs provide maximum durability on the easy-to-assemble stand.4.3/5
2Century Heavy Bag Standit is of durable steel construction, Includes weight pegs and mounts4.5/5
3CENTURY Corner Man  StandIt allows the full rotation around the bag, allowing you to train a broader number of techniques.4.4/5
4UFC Single Station Stand Heavy Bag StanIts compact and secure design is excellent for creating an effective home gym.4.3/5
5Titan Fitness Dual Station Boxing Standwith 3 weight plate pegs to hold any size bag up to 100 lbs4.0/5
Summary of the Best Heavy Bag Stands

How Did We Select the Best Stands For Heavy Bags?

It would help to consider what bag you need and what you will use. Some bags are medium-weight and perfect for resistance training.

Heavy bags are perfect for strength, endurance, correct knees, elbows, and kick exercises. A bag for speed and hand-eye coordination…there are many. Size matters too. A small base fits in small spaces. Larger ones provide plenty of room to maneuver and perform long-distance tasks like spring kicks and punches but take up more space (all garage gyms must reserve; It does not mean!). Then there’s height and build quality. The opposite is true if you are taller and tend to punch lighter.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Heavy Bag Stands 

The following factors will help you find the Best Stands For Heavy Bags:


The material used to make the product is crucial, as is the price. You want to buy the product cheaply, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the materials, right? That’s why you have to balance between affordable prices and quality materials. The material used to make the product must maintain a certain standard. Poor or poor quality material will result in a poor product.


Product design should be intuitive. A good product should be designed to make it more convenient for users. Manufacturers do extensive research before deciding on the design of their products. A good product will never have a complex or difficult design to use.

Weight Limit 

This deserves to be considered number one because going beyond its weight capacity can make your heavy bag lean and unstable. It is essential to check the load capacity of the heavy bag holder and to correlate the load capacity with the weight of the heavy bag.


There are no compromises when it comes to the durability of a product. It is not worth it if your product becomes unusable a few days after the purchase. A good product should remain functional for at least a while. If not, buying it is just a waste of money. So make sure you find out how durable the product is and how long it lasts.

Look at Reviews 

Reviews can be a great way to determine if a product is worth your money. If people bought it and liked it, it’s probably worth buying too.

Our Top 7 Best Stands For Heavy Bags in 2022

1. Everlast Heavy Punching Bag Stand

Everlast Heavy Punching Bag Stand

Everlast is synonymous with boxing, MMA, and fitness and is a leading global brand that people trust. At 214cm tall, the sturdy Everlast stand is an excellent option for anyone looking for a good way to hang a heavy bag.

It takes up 126cm (w) x 175cm (w) floor space and includes two heavy-duty legs with weight plate locks for added stability. Compared to a freestanding option, this one looks and feels much more stable and will allow you to train at maximum intensity without having to worry about everything tipping over.

High-Quality Material

Made of tubular steel and with three weight plate stops, this stand can withstand a heavy blow without the risk of falling. It can hold up to a 100-pound bag, roughly what most recreational fighters already use (a general rule of thumb is to use a bag that’s half your body weight).

Durable and Reliable

This reliable stand features heavy-duty powder-coated steel tubing combined with 3 weight plate fasteners offering maximum strength and durability. Overall, the Everlast is well made, sturdy (especially when you add your weight discs to the pegs), and looks great with a neat bag.

User Friendly

This bag holder is not designed to be taken apart after each use, and while it is not difficult to assemble or disassemble, it is not ideal for doing it after each workout. It weighs only 22kg when the bag is not attached, making it easy to carry if you want to move it to a corner of a room. The Everlast can hold a sack weighing up to 45kg, which is more than enough to hold most domestic punching bags.


  • Heavy duty powder-coated 
  • Speedbag platform at the rear of the stand
  • Includes 3 weight plate pegs for maximum stability
  • Robust steel structure
  • Durable powder-coated paint against corrosion
  • Easy to assemble heavy bag stand


  • It should include a chain hook to hang the heavy-weight bag.

Who is suitable for this Everlast Steel Heavy Punching Bag Stand?

This heavy bag holder is perfect for helping any athlete with training and fitness. This support features durable, powder-coated tubular steel and superior stability for any workout.

Where to Buy Everlast Steel Heavy Punching Bag Stand


2. Century Heavy Bag Stand

Century Heavy Bag Stand

The Century Heavy Bag Stand is available in gray. Most of the heavy bags listed here are pretty basic. It is sturdy and durable, with the ability to add weights and anchors to the ground. The stand is made of powder-coated steel. It can support a 100lbs heavy bag. The entire stand weighs 57 lbs. It can be moved from one point to another with the help of another person.

Design and Build Quality

The heavy bag holder design is unique and offers the perfect balance of quality and value. The unit is made of high-quality 3-inch round steel. The man’s corner has a central support beam that hangs from the unit and allows you to hang a heavy bag. It has an adjustable stand from 72 inches to 102 inches and can hold a heavy bag weighing up to 100 pounds.


You can easily replace the bags with the corner man; just lower the adjustable height, grab a ladder, and replace it without the hassle of you or a friend. It’s easy to assemble with easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Supports 100-pound bag
  • Weighs 57 pounds
  • Easily portable with the help
  • Easy to assemble


  • The bag hangs low
  • Not packaged with care

Who is suitable for this Century Heavy Bag Stand?

This heavy bag stand is perfect for helping any athlete with training and fitness. This support features durable, powder-coated tubular steel and superior stability for any workout.

Where to Buy Century Heavy Bag Stand


3. CENTURY Corner Man Stand

Century Heavy Bag Stand

Century cornerman is the best heavy-duty bag holder. It has a pervasive design allows you to move freely inside the bag. It stays in place and has an adjustable height. You can also practice all kinds of kicks and combos. It is large enough to hold a 100 lb full-length Muay Thai bag without problems. Creating angles in boxing is an essential element of the game, so his movement is the breaking feature we look for in a grandstand.

Steel frame

The steel frame of this product is very sturdy; it never bends or breaks and offers the weight needed to prevent this harness from moving while training on a heavy bag. The frame is not adjustable; you can use only one size height setting, which is Perfect for boxers and martial artists. The legs extend 7.5 feet from the corner.

Ease of use

Once installed and configured with this Corner Man coat rack, it’s easy to install and replace bags. It is designed to be easy to use, and the top is made for hanging or changing the bag as quickly as one or two people can.

Easy To Assemble

With tools or instructions, connecting the metal pipes and using the supplied screws and wrenches to secure them is very simple. The quality and build are excellent, so every hole/screw fits where it should go.


  • Ideal for practicing power punches.
  • The frame will hold up to 100 lbs.
  • Six height adjustments from 72″ & 102″.
  • Fits perfectly in the corner
  • The stand is extremely well made and stable as a rock
  • It Doesn’t Make Noise – Great for use at home


  • Bags and stands will weigh a lot on your floor.

 Who is suitable for this product?

This Century Corner Man support is compatible with heavy bags 100 pounds or less and is suitable for boxing, kickboxing, sparring, MMA and karate.

Where to buy Century Cornerman heavy bag stand


4. UFC Single Station Stand Heavy Bag Stand

UFC Single Station Stand Heavy Bag Stand

Increase your agility, speed, and endurance with the UFC Single Station Bag Stand. The new and improved design provides maximum stability for athletes. There are 4 weight plate latches to keep the bag stable and secure. Rugged powder-coated steel tubing for ultimate durability and strength. It’s compact enough to fit in the corner of a room and made from heavy-duty steel tubing for heavy bags up to 100lbs. Enhance your workout from the comfort of your own home with this easy-to-assemble single-station stand. Trusted for the training needs of top boxers and MMA fighters.

Compact Design

Its compact design makes it easy to assemble, making it the perfect tool for your home gym. Holds heavy bags up to 100 lbs. Perfect for creating compact, safe and effective workouts.

Extremely Adjustable

Adjustable width, angle, and height from 4″ to 6.5″ for use by people of all sizes. A highly versatile punch holder that does not require assembly. You can activate all muscle areas with this excellent punching support.


  • Multiple Striking Pads    
  • Customizable
  • Automatically adjusted pads


  • The base is not sturdy enough.

Who is suitable for this product?

This Stand Holds Heavy Bags up to 100 lbs. Its compact and secure design is excellent for creating an effective gym. It is suitable for top-level boxers and MMA fighters.

Where To Buy UFC Single Station Stand Heavy Bag Stand


5. Titan Fitness Dual Station Boxing Stand

Titan Fitness Dual Station Boxing Stand

Train comfortably in your gym, basement, den, or bedroom with the Dual Station Boxing Stand. Constructed with a sturdy and durable steel tube that provides a solid base to hold the bag on its axis and is covered in a powder-coated finish, this sandbag holder offers users two ways to train, allowing users to maximize both speed and power. Attach your speed bag or heavy bag to this mount as needed. Compatible with bags weighing up to 100 lbs. Ideal for performing exercises targeting the upper body and core.

Heavy Duty Construction

It is constructed of a sturdy and durable metal tube that provides a base to keep the bag firmly on its axis and is coated with powder-coated edges. The entire steel body is powder coated to protect it from scratches. This powder-coated body also helps with media handling.

Small form Factor

The small form factor of the stand is no hindrance when installing tall, heavy bags. It can support heavy bags up to 80 inches tall, 83 inches tall, 62 inches long, and 47 inches wide.

Portable Stand

Enough for amateur home training. You can place it anywhere you like, such as your living room, balcony, garage, or office, to relieve stress. It is a highly portable device, so you can quickly move it around. In addition, the three included weight plate pegs provide excellent stability.


  • Powder-coated metal tubing
  • Lightweight
  • Small form factor
  • three weight plate pegs
  • Sturdy and practical


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Needs extra weights

Who is suitable for this product

This heavy bag stand is suitable for those looking for an affordable punching bag stand for the home gym.

Where To Buy Titan Fitness Dual Station Boxing Stand 


Frequently Asked Questions about best heavy bag stands

Q1- How to clean the heavy bag stand?

Heavy bag holders are usually made of steel. The type of steel is different, but the cleaning method is the same. Also, steel shows water and moisture stains, which doesn’t look good.

We can create a cleaning solution for you. To make a solution:

  1. Mix vinegar and water.
  2. Put this solution in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray this solution on a towel several times.
  4. Rub this towel against a punching bag holder until it’s clean.

This method works wonders in boxing gyms around the world.

Q2- How do I determine the correct height of the heavy bag on the stand?

 The top of the bag must not cross the top of the person’s head. This way, the punching bag will behave like a real opponent, allowing the boxer to work on his moves correctly.

Q3- Do I need to mount a heavy bag holder on drywall?

 No, it is not recommended to do so. Instead, it is the other way around; a punching bag holder should be grounded, not mounted. There are hangers for that purpose.

Q4- How to assemble a heavy bag stand?

I am often asked how to assemble a heavy bag holder. There are various types of supports, types of screws, and manufacturers, so I cannot generalize. The manual is pretty simple. But