Top 8 Best Pump Supplements

Best Pump Supplements
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Are you into bodybuilding and looking for ways that rush blood in your muscles and get that pump? Well, we have got you covered!

While there are various pre-workouts that may do the job, often times such workouts are not enough to get enough blood flow for your muscles to pump.

This is where the pump supplements come to the rescue. The best feeling you can feel as a bodybuilder is to see your muscles pumped as if they’re going to explode, and pump supplements help you achieve that.

In this article, we have covered the eight best pump supplements for you to select the one that meets your requirements the most. 

Summary of Best Pump Supplements

S.NoProduct NameKey Feature
1Best Performance Nutrition Pump SupplementIncreases Blood Flow
2PUMPSURGE Caffeine Free Pump SupplementEndless endurance
3Alani Nu Pre-Workout SupplementEnergy Management
4RAW Pump2 Pre-Workout SupplementHydrates thirsty muscle
5VEINZ Nitric Oxide Pump SupplementIncreases Blood Flow
6MRI NO2 Black Nitric Oxide SupplementMuscle Growth
7Old School Vintage BurstThird-party tested
8Granite® GX Pre-Workout SupplementExplosive energy
Summary of Best Pump Supplements

Best Pump Supplements (Detailed Review)

1. Best Performance Nutrition Endo Pump Supplement

Best Performance Nutrition Endo Pump Supplement

The Endo Pump supplements by Best Performance Nutrition have made it to the top of the best pump supplements list because of providing more effective workouts. The bottle comes with thirty servings and is specifically invented to increase nitric acid, which increases blood flow and causes your muscle to pump.

Caffeine Free

The Endo pump supplements are caffeine-free and don’t contain any other stimulants. This makes it excellent if you do your workout in the afternoon or evening. The reason being the absence of caffeine helps you sleep well after a workout since there is absolutely no caffeine that may stay in your body after a while of consumption and impact your sleep pattern. 

Informed-Sport Certified

Informed-Sport is globally known for testing and certifying supplements and products especially invented for drug-tested people and elite athletes. Before being delivered to the consumers for consumption, these supplements are first tested and approved by Informed-Sport. The Endo Pump supplements are tested against the presence of prohibited ingredients, including NFL, NCAA, WADA, USADA and many more.

Increases Blood Flow

During training sessions, the consumption of Endo pump supplement increases blood flow in your body and therefore helps you focus on muscular contractions. The stronger contraction in your muscle will allow you to build more muscle tension and perform an effective workout.


  • Increases nutrient uptake.
  • Delivers more oxygen to muscles.
  • Enhances Nitric oxide production.
  • Allows more blood flow.
  • Informed-Sport certified.


  • The taste is not good.

Where to Buy Best Performance Nutrition Pump Supplement

Amazon USA

2. PUMPSURGE Caffeine Free Pump Supplement

PUMPSURGE Caffeine Free Pump Supplement

Being scientifically dosed, the pump supplements by PUMPSURGE are one of their kind since they are entirely caffeine-free and still provide endless endurance and sharp mental focus. The supplements are great for giving you the skin-tearing muscle pump that you, as a bodybuilder, must be dreaming of.

cGMP Manufacturing Facility

These supplements are manufactured in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility, ensuring that you are getting the best, safest, and highest quality of supplements. This shows how the company takes its customer’s health and safety as its main priority.

No unshared blends

The company makes sure to guarantee that what you see on the bottle’s label is precisely what is inside it. The ingredients that are not mentioned on the label are guaranteed to be not present in the bottle either. You can be confident about knowing what you are intake while consuming pump supplements by PUMPSURGE.

Nitric Oxide Booster

All the ingredients that are necessary for boosting nitric oxide levels in your body, including Betaine, L-Citrulline, L-arginine and Taurine, are present in this bottle in considerable amounts. This helps promote muscle fullness and muscle growth and helps increase nutrient delivery.


  • Increases stamina and improves endurance.
  • Supports powerful pumps.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Supports muscle growth.
  • Ultimate mind-muscle connection.


  • It may cause an upset stomach.

Where to Buy PUMPSURGE Caffeine Free Pump Supplement

Amazon USA

3. Alani Nu Pre-Workout Powder

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Powder

If you exercise in the morning and your drowsiness doesn’t let you work out properly, you can have pump supplements containing caffeine, and the Alani NU pre-workout powder provides you with that. The powder is packed with 200mg of caffeine, which is enough to give the energy you are looking out for in your training sessions.


The company claims that their products come with 100% transparent ingredients, which means there are absolutely no hidden blends, and you know what you are taking. All the ingredients mentioned on the label are present in the bottle, and the elements not mentioned are not present. 

Multiple flavours

The Alani Nu is available in multiple flavours to meet your taste requirements and not ruin your taste buds. The Alani Nu pre-workout powder contains all the nutrients you require for your exercise and no fillers while fulfilling your taste bud desires.

GMP Manufacturing

This powder is manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP compliant) facility, and it is banned substance tested. This means the product doesn’t contain any banned substances, and the company cares that what you are putting into your body is safe for you. 


  • Provides energy during workouts.
  • 100% transparent ingredients.
  • No unshared or hidden blends.
  • Multiple flavours are available.
  • Packed with desired nutrients.


  • Price for the quantity provided.

Where to Buy Alani Nu Pre-Workout Supplement

Paragraph USA

4. RAW Pump2 Pre-Workout Supplement

RAW Pump2 Pre-Workout Supplement

Coming in a patented formula with no fillers and providing you with increased blood flow required for workouts, this is one of our favourite pre-workout supplements you can get your hands on. After using these supplements, you can expect great vascularity, supreme pumps, and increased vasodilation.


The Raw2 pre-workout supplement is made using a special form of glycerol called Glycersize. This ingredient is quite beneficial for allowing muscles to become more prominent, increasing hydration of muscle tissue, giving fuller muscles, and promoting endurance and recovery after a workout.

No stimulants

What makes it stand out among competitors is the fact that this product contains no supplements. This very reason makes it suitable to even stack with your favourite pre-workout.

No side effects

When taken in proper dosages and according to the guidance, this product shows absolutely no side effects and is even safe to use for women.


  • Increases blood flow.
  • Gives superior muscle pumps.
  • No fillers were added.
  • The formula is patented.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • N/A.

Where to Buy RAW Pump2 Pre-Workout Supplement

Amazon USA

5. LMNITRIX VEINZ Nitric Oxide Pump Supplement

LMNITRIX VEINZ Nitric Oxide Pump Supplement

The product is specifically designed to give you the endurance that you desire during your workout training sessions. The product is a game-changer since various reviews have shown that they are excellent for sore muscles, and the recovery process is quite faster.


These supplements are made using the right proportions of all required ingredients to provide you with the results that you desire. The main ingredients include Arginine HCL for helping your body in building muscle and improving circulation, L-Citrulline for decreasing appetite and blocking the fat-making process and Alpha Lipoic Acid for improved nerve function and less inflammation.

Money-Back Guarantee

What makes it unique and loved among competitors is the money-back guarantee that it comes with. The company claims to provide you with 100% satisfaction, or else you have got the privilege of getting your money back in case of dissatisfaction.

Powerful Performance

The beneficial ingredients present in these supplements provide excellent and robust performance and increase your blood flow to a significant level. It provides some real benefits like faster recovery, bigger pumps, improved strength and better endurance.


  • Nitric oxide booster.
  • Premium quality.
  • Increases your blood flow.
  • Provides ultimate energy boost.
  • One hundred twenty capsules in one purchase.


  • Pills are different from the pictures shown.

Where to Buy LMNITRIX VEINZ Nitric Oxide Pump Supplement

Paragraph USA

6. MRI NO2 Black Nitric Oxide Supplement

MRI NO2 Black Nitric Oxide Supplement

The product contains a clinically proven ingredient called S7, which is known for increasing nitric oxide production in your body by 230%. Nitric oxide is responsible for opening up the blood vessels and increasing blood flow in your body, which means this supplement is excellent for enhancing blood flow and making your muscles pump when you exercise.

Stimulant Free

Caffeine can constrict your blood levels, and having it in a product containing Nitric oxide can be counter-productive. Therefore, there are absolutely no stimulants present in these supplements, and they are caffeine-free to give you the best results. This will let you optimize pumps without any interference.

Increased benefits

There is an ingredient present in this product called Nitrosigine, which is a blend of a patented complex of silicon and arginine. This ingredient is quite beneficial for increasing pump, energy, focus, blood flow, and vascularity and lasts around six hours in your body. 

Activated charcoal

The black colour of this product is specifically chosen since it is actually black and contains activated charcoal, which works as a detox. This detox agent works as a body working cleaner and bonds and attracts toxins.


  • Helps in hyperhydrating muscles.
  • Increases your stamina.
  • Increases nutrient delivery to muscles.
  • Allows longer pump stay.
  • Enhances energy, blood flow and focus.


  • It contains sweet3ners.

Where to Buy MRI NO2 Black Nitric Oxide Supplement

Amazon USA

7. Old School Vintage Burst

Old School Vintage Burst

Fueled by L-arginine, spectra and other clean NO booster ingredients, the Old School Vintage Burst pump supplements deliver you a nitric oxide boost for around three hours. These elevated levels of nitric oxide enhance the blood flow in your body and, as a result, help you achieve massive pumps and build fuller muscles.

Third-party tested

These supplements are tested by a third party and guaranteed to be made using premium ingredients. The testing carried out by third parties also ensures that the product you are taking is entirely free from any hazardous ingredient or contaminant and is safe to take. 

Bigger pumps

The enhanced levels provided by these supplements will help enhance the blood flow in your body. This blood flow will increase the vascularity and, as a result, help you build fuller muscles and achieve bigger pumps.

Less fatigue

While more prolonged periods of exercise are supposed to make you tired, taking these supplements will result in less fatigue post-workout. All thanks to the correct clinical dose of Spectra and the presence of other 70 key nutrients, which will help you fight against fatigue like never before.


  • Stimulates antioxidant activity.
  • Help lift mood and metabolism.
  • Provides awesome vascularity.
  • Deliver more oxygen to muscles.
  • The entire body looks more defined.


  • Extremely expensive for a month’s dosage.

Where to Buy Old School Vintage Burst

Amazon USA

8. Granite® GX Pre-Workout Supplement

Granite® GX Pre-Workout Supplement

If you love watermelon, this one will be your favourite since it is available in watermelon flavour. Apart from that, the formula of this product is exceptionally great since it contains around seven workout enhancing ingredients which, as a result, improve your workout performance and provide excellent results.

Delicious Taste

These supplements will not play with your taste buds as it comes in three different flavours, out of which one is the most rarely found, which is watermelon. The delicious flavour will make you look forward to your workout plans and doesn’t make your mood get ruined by ruining your taste buds. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

The company claims that all of its products are made in the USA in an excellent environment and guarantees you 100% satisfaction with the usage. In case you are not 100% satisfied with the product, the company promises to repurchase the package from you without charging you even a single penny.

Beneficial Ingredients

The pre-workout formula by Granite contains various beneficial ingredients for different purposes. Taurine, L-citrulline, Nitrate No3-T and Betaine are added to provide you incredible pump results. Beta-alanine, Alphasize, Creatine and Alpha-GPC are added to the formula for maximum performance. You can achieve laser focus through proven ingredients, including Mushroom extract, L-tyrosine, Huperzine A, N-acetyl and Lion’s mane. 


  • Primes you physiologically and psychologically.
  • Helps in achieving an incredible pump.
  • The product is suitable for vegans.
  • The labels on this product are pretty clear.
  • Includes proven and effective ingredients.


  • The powder may not mix well sometimes.

Where to Buy Granite® GX Pre-Workout Supplement

Paragraph USA

Buying Guide

Before making your final decision, here are some of the essential things that you need to look for in a pump supplement.


Before deciding which one to buy, you need to be sure whether you need pump supplements with or without caffeine. Many companies make both versions of a pump supplement. The pump supplements containing caffeine are suitable for a morning workout since they will fade away from your dizziness and laziness. The supplements without caffeine are suitable to be taken before an afternoon nap or at night to make sure your sleep doesn’t shoo away due to the caffeine content present. 


The pump supplements have three main ingredients responsible for doing the job you expect from them. However, before buying, make sure to refer to the ratios of these ingredients added to the supplements. Here are the three main ingredients and the range of ratios you need to look for. 

  • Betaine: 2.5 grams.
  • L-citrulline: 6 to 8 grams.
  • L-arginine: 3 to 6 grams.

Third-party testing

Most supplement companies choose to get their products tested by third parties, and this is what you need to look for before buying the pump supplement too. The third-party testing guarantees that the supplements are free of hazardous components since the test results are absolutely unbiased and carried out by outside laboratories. Additionally, these third parties make sure that the ingredients present match those mentioned in the labelling of the supplements. If the supplement you want to buy isn’t third-party tested, make sure to adequately research the company and check if they provide any other kind of quality assurance.


You don’t want to test your taste buds by consuming supplements that taste bad. Make sure that the flavour mentioned on the bottle of pump supplements suits your taste buds, and also check for the reviews to see if the flavour of the supplements is good enough for you to take. Many companies provide supplements in different flavours that can meet your requirements.


The price of the supplements varies from company to company, and the final decision completely depends on your budget. There are various supplements that are available in the $ range while others are available in the $$ range. You can look for the features and see if most of the required ones are available in your budget range or not.


While many of the supplements come with guidance on how to take them, you should still consider starting with small dosages. This is quite important if the supplement contains caffeine. Additionally, the timing of dosage is around 30 to 60 minutes pre-workout so that the ingredients get enough time to dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow. Also, the timing to take the pump supplement dosage ultimately depends on you. If your supplement contains caffeine, make sure to not take it before your sleep schedule, or else it can indeed get disturbed.

Doctor’s advice

It is pretty vital to connect with your doctor before making a final choice of pump supplement. Especially if you have health conditions, a doctor may guide you better on which ingredients will suit you and which supplement is safe for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pump supplement?

Pump supplements are basically pre-workout supplements that are specially made to increase the oxygen and blood flow to the muscles when you exercise. In easy words, these are the supplements made to provide needed nutrients to the muscles to enhance the workout performance and results. 

When should I take a pump supplement?

If you think your pre-workout isn’t giving many results and you want to amplify it to enhance your workout, you can take a pump supplement. When you add a pump supplement to your pre-workout, you will take it to a whole new level and end up having an excellent workout as a result. 

Do pump supplements do anything?

Pump supplements are specially created using various ingredients which are responsible for increasing nitric oxide production in the body. The produced nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels to increase the blood flow to the working muscles, which increases the workout and exercise performance to a considerable level. 

What ingredient gives your muscles a pump?

The muscle pump is the result of the widening of blood vessels and increased blood flow, and the ingredient L-arginine is the ingredient for that. The L-arginine is responsible for producing nitric oxide, which result dilates the blood vessels, increases the blood flow and promotes muscle pumps.

Does nitric oxide have side effects?

Nitric oxide is safe to use for the majority of people and doesn’t have any side effects whatsoever. Even when the side effects occur in rare people, they are very mild. Some of the side effects that nitric oxide may cause rarely include stomach pain, heartburn, diarrhoea, bloating, etc.

Are pump supplements worth it?

Pump supplements are definitely worth it because of the advantages they provide. The pump supplements provide nitric oxide in the body, which is responsible for increasing blood flow and, as a result, improving exercise performance. 


If you are into exercising and bodybuilding, you will know how important it is to increase your exercise performance to get better results. While many pre-workout routines may help you during your exercise, sometimes, these routines or workouts aren’t enough to provide you with the results that you are looking for. In order to improve your performance when you exercise, you can take pump supplements which are responsible for increasing oxygen and blood flow to your muscles and enhancing your exercise performance. Out of the various options available, selecting the best one might get overwhelming; therefore, we have chosen the eight best pump supplements to ease the selection process for you. 



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