Top 8 Best Treadmill for bad knees

Best Treadmill for Bad Knees
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Do you want to run on a treadmill, but your bad knees don’t allow you that? We can totally feel you!

While exercise is great for your health, it becomes a great ordeal with bad knees. Therefore, doing the right kind of exercise and using the proper equipment to get your desired results is quite necessary. Therefore, you need to get your hands on the best treadmill that will not make your bad knees even worse for weight loss.

Out of various options in the market, we have selected the eight best treadmills for bad knees to make your choices much more precise and your final decision easier. 

Summary for Best Treadmill for bad knees

S.NoProduct NameKey Feature
1Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Electric TreadmillHigh torque motor
2BESTORTBLE Foldable TreadmillHigh weight capacity
3Hurtle Electric Folding TreadmillBluetooth app sync
4SereneLife Smart Electric Folding TreadmillLCD Display
5BiFanuo 2 in 1 Folding TreadmillQuiet motor
6Exerpeutic TF900 Walking Electric TreadmillWide side rails
7SOLE F63 TreadmillBuilt-in speakers
8IN10CT Manual TreadmillNot motorized
Summary for Best Treadmill for bad knees

Best Treadmill for bad knees (detailed review)

1. Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Electric Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Electric Treadmill

This treadmill is an excellent option to burn your fat and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Unlike outside walking, the treadmill walk will provide better shock absorption and lets you exercise in the comfort of your own home while you watch your favorite show with your family.

Wider Belt

For safety and security, the belt of this treadmill has been widened to around 20 inches. The overall size of the treadmill is around forty inches in length and twenty inches in width to make sure it can accommodate users of any size and height.

Extra Long Safety Handles

The safety handles of this treadmill are around 18 inches long. It is around two times longer than the normal handles on other treadmills so that the users don’t have to stretch their arms while they walk or run on the treadmill for longer periods.


The treadmill is foldable and comes with wheels so that you can easily keep it anywhere in the store and transport it easily from one place to another without any hassle.


  • Comes with an LCD display console.
  • Heart pulse pads to target your heart rate.
  • Speed control buttons for adjusting the speed.
  • The frame can easily accommodate the high weight.
  • It supports 400 pounds of user weight.


  • The machine may rock and rattle during usage.

Where to Buy Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Electric Treadmill

Amazon USA

2. BESTORTBLE Foldable Treadmill

BESTORTBLE Foldable Treadmill

Being suitable for gyms, offices, apartments, and any place, these treadmills can be great for giving you an experience of indoor running and walking. You can easily enjoy fitness at home, and it doesn’t require much hassle from you since it is easily foldable and can be stored even in narrow places.

High weight capacity

With the good stability and high weight capacity that this treadmill comes with, it can be suitable for people of different sizes to help them maintain their physical health. The treadmill is specifically designed to be suitable for people of all ages, including children above 12 years and adults.

Quiet Motor

The speed of running of this treadmill ranges from 0.5-6 mph, all thanks to the powerful, quiet motor it is equipped with. This treadmill is great if you are concerned about not disturbing others while you exercise since it has a very quiet operation because of this motor. 

Non-slip Belt

While providing a spacious running area, the belt of the treadmill consists of around five layers to make sure this is a non-slip surface for the users and provides a safe cushion for absorbing shock effects significantly.


  • It comes with twelve optional programs.
  • The treadmill is equipped with a safety key.
  • You can add oil for a smoother running experience.
  • Equipped with transport wheels for easy portability.
  • Multiple LCD displays to keep data at a glance.


  • The treadmill is a bit small compared to competitors.

Where to Buy BESTORTBLE Foldable Treadmill

Amazon USA

3. Hurtle Electric Folding Treadmill

Hurtle Electric Folding Treadmill

Coming in a foldable design, the treadmill has a hydraulic folding style to make sure that the users get to store it easily without any hassle. It comes with a motorized electric plug-in design to make it completely hassle-free use.

Training modes

The treadmill is equipped with twelve preset training modes suitable for cardio fitness, weight loss, health stamina building, and many more beneficial uses. 

LCD Display

It has an LCD display with touch buttons that display various important data like distance, calories burnt, run time, speed, heart rate, and data of handgrip sensors. 

Incline Adjustment

There are adjusters that allow you to use them to set incline levels according to your demands and requirements. 


  • Provides easy setup and storage.
  • It has an LCD display with touch buttons.
  • Bluetooth app synch for recording and reviewing training data.
  • The machine is portable.
  • Safety key emergency power-off function.


  • The fitting of parts is a bit complicated.

Where to Buy Hurtle Electric Folding Treadmill

Amazon USA

4. SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill

SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill

This has made the list of best treadmills for bad knees because of coming with various excellent features like being portable, electric, and folding. The convenient hydraulic folding design is specifically designed for easy storage and setup.

Compact Design

The compact design of this treadmill makes it suitable even for small spaces. Even if you have smaller space left where you want to adjust the treadmill, the compact design feature will allow you that.

Bluetooth Sync

You can easily get connected with the FitShow app available on your device through Bluetooth. This app will allow you to record and review the training data, share fitness data on social media, challenge your friends, and display training stats. The feature is applicable for tablets, android, and iPhones. 


The treadmill is equipped with manual adjusters that allow you to set incline levels according to your fitness goals.


  • Safety key emergency to keep you safe.
  • Comes with a cup holder and magazine tray.
  • Equipped with LCD display with touch controls.
  • Easy setup and storage due to hydraulic folding style.
  • The treadmill is portable.


  • The manual is not much clear.

Where to Buy SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill

Amazon USA

5. BiFanuo 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

BiFanuo 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Compared to the competitors, this treadmill comes with two sports modes, which means it can be used as a running treadmill used when you decide to run and as an under-desk walking treadmill used when you decide to walk.

Multifunction LED Display

The Multifunction LED display of this treadmill allows you to check the track progress, including time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. This lets you check your progress and work out accordingly.

Quiet Motor

Regardless of the speed and intensity of the workout, the quiet motor of this treadmill makes its operation very quiet and not disturbing.

No assembly needed

What makes it the user’s favorite is the fact that it comes completely assembled, and you don’t need to put your time and effort into assembling it.


  • Perfect for walking, jogging, and running.
  • The speed range option is quite wide.
  • Comes with a phone bracket and Bluetooth speaker.
  • Foldable design with transportation wheels.
  • Great durability due to sturdy steel frame.


  • Takes a while for the belt to settle.

Where to Buy BiFanuo 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Amazon USA

6. Exerpeutic TF900 Walking Electric Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF900 Walking Electric Treadmill

A treadmill that not only folds for easy storage but also comes with transportation wheels for providing excellent portability. It is equipped with a quiet high torque motor for smoothness and durability.

Heavy-duty frame

The heavy-duty frame is high weight capacity capable and can easily support around 350 pounds of weight. 

Extra-long safety handlebars

The treadmill comes with extra-long safety handlebars of around 18 inches, which are great for providing amazing balance and guaranteeing safety during walking.

Large LCD Display

The large LCD display that it comes with shows distance, time, calories burnt, and speed for the easy performance of the user.


  • Wide side rails for safety.
  • Folds for space-saving storage.
  • Moves easily on built-in wheels.
  • One-year warranty for the frame.
  • Five years warranty for the motor.


  • N/A

Where to Buy Exerpeutic TF900 Walking Electric Treadmill

Amazon USA

7. SOLE F63 Treadmill

SOLE F63 Treadmill

The sole brand is known for perfecting cushioning tracks on their treadmills, and this one is no exception. It reduces the impact on your joint by around 40% as compared to running on the roads.

Quiet performance

The treadmill is known for the quiet performance it has to offer because even when you are running on the track, the noise coming out of it is quite negligible. All thanks to the 2-ply running deck it is equipped with.

Long deck

The treadmill has 60 inches long-running deck that allows the user to let their legs stretch completely and get into the full range of motion.

Built-in workout programs

The treadmill has around 10 different workout programs, and you can have different workouts following them. With a 15% incline, you can do your workout as challenging as possible.


  • Heart rate monitoring is possible.
  • Dual water bottle holders.
  • USB charging port and Bluetooth speakers.
  • Speed controls are present on the handlebars.
  • Fat-burning high-speed workout.


  • Customer service is not as good.

Where to Buy SOLE F63 Treadmill

Amazon USA

8. IN10CT Manual Treadmill

IN10CT Manual Treadmill

What makes this treadmill stand out among competitors is the fact that you can use it anywhere without worrying about having an electric outlet nearby. This means absolutely no electric consumption while you use this treadmill which is better for the environment.

Curved Manual

This is a curved manual treadmill that allows indoor cardio and allows the users t run at their own pace for any amount of distance.

Speed Control

Since the treadmill is manual, the user can control the speed and run at its own pace without having to set it every time a change in speed is required. It lets you burn 30% more fat compared to motorized treadmills.

Easy Transportation

The treadmill comes with wheels, making it super easy to transport from one place to another. You can move it to any location whenever needed. 


  • There is no power outlet required to run it.
  • The PU belt reduces the harmful effect on joints and knees.
  • The treadmill stops when you decide to stop.
  • Performance monitoring is designed to track distance, time, eating, pace, heart rate, etc.
  • Doesn’t include a minimum or maximum speed.


  • Customer support is not as good.

Where to Buy IN10CT Manual Treadmill

Amazon USA

Buying Guide – Best Treadmill for Bad Knees

Before making your final decision on which treadmill to buy, here are the features that you need to look for:

Treadmill Size

This is extremely important to look for before going for your treadmill shopping. You need to know how much space in your room or your home you can offer for your treadmill and select the treadmill size accordingly before buying. Measure the spare space in your room to know what size the treadmill can easily fit in it. Also, even if you are going to buy a folding treadmill, you need to measure the length, width, and height to spare its space in the storeroom.

Motor Power

Depending on your usage, whether you are going to use your treadmill for walking, running, or something in between, you need to look at the motor power, it comes with. You need to buy a treadmill with higher motor power if you are looking for heavier exercises and vice versa. For walking, the motor power suitable is around 2 CHP or more. For jogging, motor power suitable is around 2.5 CHP or more, and finally, for running, the motor power suitable is around 3 CHP or more.  

Workout Programs

If you don’t know much about workouts, you should go for a treadmill with built-in workout programs that are great for controlling its speed and incline. Except for the built-in workout programs, some treadmills now also allow you to add extra workout technology to your purchase which includes:

Wireless Pulse Monitors: It helps users exercise more efficiently by providing accurate heart rate data.

iFit: The monthly membership of this workout program offers unlimited workout programs to its users. It also allows users to access hundreds of videos of workouts delivered by personal trainers.

Passport Virtual Active: In this built-in program, the workout programs through interactive sessions are compatible with usual treadmills with Horizontal and Vertical Fitness. 

Automated Incline

Inclines usually vary your ride on the treadmill, and this is what makes your exercise experience more exciting. Additionally, the automatic incline has various benefits like making the exercise easier on joints, supporting better muscle definition, and allowing faster calorie burn. Most treadmills now come with an incline of around 10%, 15%, and 20%, while the incline trainer treadmills have a 40% incline, which allows you to burn calories at a runner’s pace you walk.

Deck Size

The size of the running deck of a treadmill is equally important as any other feature that you look for. The shorter the size of the deck, the more it will limit the knee extension, especially for people with longer heights. Users of different heights will find 55-60 inches of a deck size quite suitable with their natural and full stride and won’t limit their knees from extending completely. 

Control Panel

The other features should not take away your concern about the ease of use of the control panel of the treadmill you are going to buy. Make sure that the buttons are easy to reach even when you are running at high speeds, and you can use the control panel without any hassle. Additionally, the handrails having important features like start or stop, increasing or decreasing the running speed will definitely be a plus point. Look for the availability of an emergency button on the control panel since you may ever need to press it down in case of any mishap.


Many physical therapists think that various variable speeds work as a recovery tool. While good quality treadmills have 0-10 mph of speeds to offer, the top models come with around 12 mph of speed. 


There are some brands that allow you to customize your purchase with some accessories. Here are some of the accessories that will make your treadmill running experience smooth and more exciting:

Cleaning materials: A great way to ensure that your treadmill lasts longer is to buy proper cleaning instruments that include cleaning brushes and solutions that are specific to the treadmill you buy. Look at the manual that comes with the treadmill to make sure you purchase the right accessories that suit your treadmill the best.

Mats: If you want to place your treadmill on the carpet, a treadmill mat can surely improve its durability. Additionally, it will protect the floor underneath because the direct footprint of the treadmill would be on the mat and not the floor. It is also great for minimizing the noise that may be caused by the vibration of the treadmill happening directly on the floor.

Entertainment accessories: If you don’t want to invest more to have a treadmill that comes with a built-in screen, you can get your hands on a tablet, smartphone, or iPad holder. You can easily enjoy your favorite shows or watch some workout programs on your tablet easily through these entertainment accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is walking on a treadmill better for the knees than walking outside?

Treadmills are a better choice as compared to walking or running on the roads because they offer better shock absorption. Due to this very reason, treadmills are good for bad knees if you are into walking or jogging on a regular basis. Along with protecting your knees from more harm compared to the roads, the treadmills are great for burning fat and calories, which is definitely a win-win situation.

How do I avoid knee pain on the treadmill?

In order to avoid knee pain on a treadmill, a slight incline of around 3% is preferred. Also, a 1% incline on the treadmill is also good for leveling out the surface beneath you in order to relieve the pressure from your knees and avoid knee pain as a result.

How long should you walk on a treadmill a day?

It is ideal for a user to walk on the treadmill for 300 minutes a week for extensive health benefits. This means on a daily basis, and it is suitable to walk around 43-45 minutes each day to help you burn around one kilogram of fat in a week.

What is the best incline to walk on a treadmill?

For optimal results, the incline of the treadmill depends completely on your fitness goals and levels. However, if you are just starting, the incline of around 2% to 3% is ideal, to begin with. 

Why do my knees hurt after walking on the treadmill?

Various researches have shown that walking on the treadmill without setting it on an incline lets the exerciser run on the treadmill with his knees completely straight resulting in muscle strain and pain in the knees. Therefore, it is preferred to have the treadmill inclined according to your fitness levels to make sure it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort to your knees.


Exercising may look like all fun and games until you get yourself indulged in the wrong exercise or equipment and end up hurting your body parts. This is true in the case of a treadmill as well as the wrong purchase, and running on it without knowing the proper settings may end up hurting your knees really bad. Therefore, we have selected the eight best treadmills for bad knees and provided a buying guide for you to get all your worries answered and make your running or walking experience a breeze of fresh air. 



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