8 Best Indoor TV Antenna 100 Mile Range To Save Some Money (2022)

8 best indoor TV antenna (100-mile range)
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Is paying for a subscription getting heavy on your pocket? With cost of living is on the rise, we understand that it’s time to find a replacement that can provide equal entertainment but on a affordable budget. If planning to give a shot at the best indoor TV antenna, let us confirm, that they are still available and can perform really well.

An indoor TV antenna is a one-time purchase that can make a big difference in your entertainment. We’re going to cover how to best pick the most suitable antenna, this is a very quick guide to antennas!

So, how do we pick the best? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Best Indoor TV Antenna 100 Mile Range (Detailed Review)

1. Digital TV Antenna, Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

tv antenna walmart
Digital TV Antenna, Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

It would be an understatement to say that the MATIS TV Antenna has long-range capabilities. You just have to experience it for yourself. It ranges up to 200 miles and could be installed virtually anywhere in your house. All you have to do is hang the interior antenna on a wall or somewhere high where it can do better.

Lightweight and Unique Design

The beautiful appearance of a digital TV antenna is enough to attract you to it. While installing it, you can lift it due to its lightweight design. Also, it’s compact enough to hide behind a television or in a corner and still perform at its best. 

Full HD Channels

Due to the upgraded TV antenna, you do not have to pay expensive fees to subscription mediums anymore. HD antenna of this system can receive loads of channels, and you can access anything from sitcoms to news channels. This is the opportunity to enjoy as many channels as you want without paying extra.

Robust Construction

Your concern must be about its construction and how long is it supposed to last? Due to the high-quality construction of the coaxial cable, three aluminum-shielding layers, and durable outer layer, it will never fail to fetch signals. In addition, it is safe to use for years to come without asking for heavy maintenance.


  • Never suffer from distortion
  • Upgraded TV antenna
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight to carry


  • No recorded complaints from existing users.

Where to Buy Digital TV Antenna, Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

Amazon USA

2. Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 250 Miles Range

tv antennas at walmart
Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 250 Miles Range

This antenna has a long coaxial cable, excellent interference suppression, and excellent 4k ultra HD image quality. It is also effective over 150 miles. The new technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in a clearer picture, low noise, and access to more free broadcast TV signals with enhanced gain, range, and frequency performance.

HD Picture and Sound

The best kinds of an antenna can provide you all from a single place, whether it’s a high-quality picture or clear sound. Gesobyte amplified HD digital TV antenna works on a modern-day technology that perfectly filters radio and cellular signals to pick the right signals. 

Impressive Working Range

Many antennas out there claim to work with an impressive range but stop performing in a crunch time. This antenna is all about fetching signals for you to make everything accessible in any circumstance. The range of this indoor antenna is about 200miles and constantly scans for new channels to enhance the experience. Due to the Smart Switch control Powerful 2022 Amplifier Signal Booster, and built-in Smart IC Chip Next generation, you can expect outstanding performance.

Long Coaxial Cable

If your television is away from the window and wondering about the placement of an antenna, don’t worry because the product has a solution. It has a long coaxial cable of about 18ft and a Smart IC USB Power Adapter to save equipment from over-voltage.


  • Up to 200 miles range
  • HD sound and quality
  • Plug and play
  • Filter out cellular and FM signals


  • It’s sensitive to adjust

Where to Buy Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 250 Miles Range

Amazon USA

3. Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna 200 Miles Long Range

walmart tv antenna
Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna 200 Miles Long Range

This sleek, discreet indoor antenna features a revolutionary design that blends seamlessly on top of your tv. Use the included bracket to sit the antenna securely on top of your flat-screen tv or mount it to your wall. Set this indoor antenna as high as possible near a window. Ditch your expensive cable and satellite services to continue viewing your favorite local shows in full 1080p high definition at no cost with an Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna.

Lightweight and Unique Design

The beautiful design of an indoor antenna complements your home and never makes it look like an industry trying to invent something. It is compact enough to hide behind your TV or furniture to never compromise on the theme. Keep yourself hassle-free by choosing the antenna, which is not typical and bulky at all.

Strong Reception

The most common problem we all go through while searching for an appropriate antenna is the strong reception. It may seem small, but the performance is power-packed enough to keep you satisfied. It can fetch signals up to 200 miles, and nanotechnology is responsible for boosting the reception.

Easy to Install

Easy installation is something that seems impossible for a product that belongs to old-school times. Time has changed, and so is the antenna’s installation system. If you think subscription service is heavy on your pocket and there’s no way to afford it anymore, switch to the indoor antenna. It takes a few minutes to install, and you can enjoy HD channels with quality pictures.


  • 4K picture quality
  • Take less than 3-minutes to install
  • Long-range amplified antenna
  • High-quality coaxial cable


  • It may not completely get signals from 200 miles.

Where to Buy Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna 200 Miles Long Range

Amazon USA

4. Philips Amplified HD TV Antenna

100 mile antenna
Philips Amplified HD TV Antenna

The Philips brand is very reliable and it needs no introduction. When you are searching for a system that should be safe and durable, go with it. This time, you can try an amplified HD antenna, which is one of a kind. From mounting it on a wall to hiding somewhere completely, it can work everywhere without showing distortion in the picture quality.

Slim Design

The slim design of the Philips Amplified HD TV antenna is an excellent product to keep in a home when you want unlimited TV channels without paying a hefty amount. The design of an antenna is to increase VHF signal reception for fetching robust signals. While watching TV, you don’t have to keep moving the antenna from one place to another.

Watch Everything

Whether you want to watch something old broadcasting on cable or a new-hyped show, Philips amplified HD TV antenna can fetch anything. Now you can have a wide range of channels in one place and receive uncompressed quality with superior reception.

Working Range

Can you imagine watching channels at your home through an antenna, which is, located 50 miles away from your place? But now it’s possible due to a long-range amplifier, and you can receive UHF, HDTV, and VHF channels right on your TV. As soon as you rescan the channels, it will bring more on your TV. The impressive working range will give you a clear picture without pixelated issues.


  • TV mounted design
  • 50-miles long-range amplifier
  • Long sleek bar design
  • Replacement of an expensive cable


  • It may not pick up all the channels.

Where to Buy Philips Amplified HD TV Antenna

Amazon USA

5. TV Antenna- 2022 Newest HDTV Indoor Digital TV Antenna

walmart tv antennas
TV Antenna- 2022 Newest HDTV Indoor Digital TV Antenna

Installing this best TV antenna at your place will solve the entertainment problem for a long time. This is the best indoor TV antenna you can invest in, and it is an excellent choice for people who prefer easy connectivity. It’s a great product to install when you want strong signals in problematic areas.

Portable Design

It doesn’t matter if you want a TV antenna for indoors or outdoors, the portable design ensures 360-degree rotation. This HDTV antenna has a robust signal strength, and it can mount anywhere in your home. Above all, the appearance of an antenna is trendy and cool. It seems like an expensive showpiece in your home. As it is sleek in design, you don’t need huge space to keep it settled anywhere.


Are you scared about the replacement warranty of the product? What if this is not what you wanted from the market, and still not satisfied with the product’s performance? This TV antenna is all about building the trust of customers. If you don’t want to have this product anymore or are not satisfied with the performance, ask for a replacement, and you will get a full refund without a hassle.

Long-Range Antenna

The updated amplifier signal booster is available with a new type of switch control to boost performance like never before. The range of this antenna is impressive and quite strong to follow, which is 130 miles. Also, setting up this antenna is like a breeze, and there is no need to invest additional hours.


  • Install in less than 3-minutes
  • Portable design
  • 130-miles long range
  • Free lifetime 4K HD channels


  • It can’t catch loads of channels

Where to Buy TV Antenna- 2022 Newest HDTV Indoor Digital TV Antenna

Amazon USA

6. Indoor TV Antenna, Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

Indoor TV Antenna, Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

This antenna has come up with a great combination of impressive working range and easy installation to make it an ideal product. It’s possible to save fees every month by investing a single time on this system and enjoying the maximum channels you want. Through this best indoor TV antenna, you can access national networks to local shows.

Works on Latest Technology

Due to the built-in intelligent integrated circuit chip, it can pick up signals very well, even from the distance. It makes sure that you enjoy every show, which is possible to fetch to complete the entertainment package. It clears up the pixelated picture and improves it for enhancing the experience. 

Free HDTV Channels

What is the best way to save your money on cable when you want to catch up on everything? Switch to the best indoor TV antenna when you can’t afford to miss anything. This system is perfect for watching free HD channels from news to any entertainment medium. You will experience better reception, and it’s a great way to save money every month.

Easy Placement

Do you know why this antenna is considered the best one among all? Because it can’t only work perfectly well indoors, but outdoors too regardless of weather circumstances. It is made of a high-quality weatherproof shield, which makes it durable and reliable to last for a long time. You can set it up in three simple steps and enjoy the unlimited shows coming your way.


  • Easy to install
  • Smart IC chip
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Free HDTV channels


  • Doesn’t pick up channels easily

Where to Buy Indoor TV Antenna, Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

Amazon USA

7. Antier Amplified Indoor Digital Tv Antenna

Antier Amplified Indoor Digital Tv Antenna

Changing cable networks may not do a trick but replacing them with antenna will. Antier Amplified indoor digital TV antenna is compatible with different environments and is now an integral part of modern homes. From installation to using it, there’s no rocket science involved, and you can count on it for better picture quality. Antier has come up with the best product to serve people with entertainment cravings in a better way by reducing distortion.

Easy to Install

Within a limited time, you can install the antenna in your home without worries. There’s no need to call for professional help while setting it up. You simply have to connect one end of the coaxial cable to the TV and another one to an antenna by placing it somewhere near a window for better performance. Turn on your television and scan all channels. The antenna will start setting different channels, and you are all set to watch your favorite shows.

Lifetime Warranty

Antier is the kind of a brand you can trust to bring quality equipment to your home. The quality will never be compromised, and you can focus on watching rather than adjusting. Also, to keep you satisfied always with their product, this best indoor TV antenna is offering a lifetime warranty. Other than covering natural cause damages, they are sure about the durability of the antenna.

Crystal Quality Image and Sound

This Smart antenna has adopted signal amplifying booster technology that can pick up signals up to 270+ miles. You must be wondering what is more special about this product? It prevents distortion and pixelated pictures by filtering out cellular signals from interfering. You will always get smooth service without any interruption in streaming.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • 270+ miles working range
  • Unique modern design
  • Quick to setup


  • It is delicate and needs the care to handle.

Where to Buy Antier Amplified Indoor Digital Tv Antenna

Amazon USA

8. TV Antenna, 120 Miles Long Range HD Digital TV Antenna

TV Antenna, 120 Miles Long Range HD Digital TV Antenna

It’s one of the most annoying moments when watching your favorite show, and a technical glitch happens, or the cable goes off. This antenna by HiDB is one of the reliable ones to have at your place to get rid of blurry and pixelated pictures. It’s possible to enjoy your favorite shows anytime without adjusting them.

360Degrees Rotations

This portable antenna can deliver you the exact quality you want to enjoy a favorite show. By moving to 360 degrees rotation, it can pick up signals in both vertical and horizontal directions. This product is different from your traditional antenna that keeps you moving all the time.

120-Miles Reception Range

This TV antenna has a strong signal pickup ability even if living in an area where it’s an issue. The impressive range of the antenna is around 120-miles, and due to the amplifier, its performance is boosted. The product is suitable for all who want to watch everything but on a limited budget.

Easy to Install

Firstly, you can place this antenna anywhere in your home, and it will work perfectly well. If wondering about its installation, it only takes 2-steps, and you are done. As a beginner, there is nothing to worry about, as you only have to connect it to your TV and re-scan channels. Ultra-clear picture and stable sound are what you’ll get from this product.


  • 120 miles working range
  • 2-step installation
  • 360-degrees signal receiving
  • 4K definition quality picture


  • Keep at a higher place for better performance

Where to Buy TV Antenna, 120 Miles Long Range HD Digital TV Antenna

Amazon USA

Buying Guide

Picking the best indoor TV antenna is a daunting task, as you don’t want any distraction while watching your favorite show. To help you in this regard, we have compiled a buying guide, which can help you choose the best product to watch television in peace. Let’s dive right into it.

Frequency Coverage

Frequency coverage is the first thing to learn about the antenna. What if you have a perfect product, which is expensive too, but unable to fetch the specific channel you want? This will be a failure, and you have to start hunting for the right product again. Choose the antenna with a wide band, and it must be compatible to work in different areas.


We all are used to watching favorite shows on different subscription channels, and now setting up an antenna can be a big deal. But, what if you don’t have to move to a higher place to set it up or ask for someone’s assistance? While choosing the best indoor TV antenna, focus on the quick installation. It should not involve any complicated process that consumes your day.

Compact Size

The time has gone when people used to deal with massive antennas that were hard to carry even from one place to another. Now we all focus on things that are compact, easy to carry, and lightweight to make everything manageable. A product should be Smart, simple, and incredibly easy to use for fetching maximum channels. Along with its compact size, it should be competitive in performance to keep you satisfied with the quality.


The best indoor TV antenna should be durable to last for years, or else what is the purpose of investing in it? You need to focus on a few features before buying an indoor antenna to ensure its reliability for upcoming years. It has to be weatherproof with UV-resistant coating to survive in rough weather conditions; it can last and perform at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best place to put an antenna for strong and distortion-free signals?

Usually, it is advisable to hang the antenna near the ceiling to catch strong signals for better performance. Avoid keeping in a room that can block the signals while catching channels.

How can I improve the antenna reception without installing additional accessories?

It doesn’t involve rocket science when you want to improve antenna reception in an area where signals are usually weak. By wrapping aluminum foil on the surface area, you can increase the conductivity, and it has been proved. It’s only applicable when you have no other way of fetching signals to watch TV.

What can I do to boost the current performance of my best indoor TV antenna?

Sometimes due to cable resistance and other problems, your antenna may not perform well. But, there’s nothing to worry about because you can boost the performance in an instance. By using TV aerial amplifiers and signal boosters, you can convert poor signals into good ones. When trying to make the antenna work in a low signal area, do not forget to use this accessory to boost the performance.

Final Thoughts

These aren’t your grandparents’ indoor TV antennas! If you’ve cut the cord, or are considering it, an HDTV TV antenna may be better than you’d have imagined for covering all your local news, sports, and public access, especially if you’re near a reasonably large metropolitan area. When your antenna arrives, ensure to take a little time and experiment with different placement options. Remember: The same antenna can perform quite differently at several locations, even within the same room.



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