Top 8 Best Soundbars for Samsung TV

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Do you want to enjoy high-quality TV sound without needing to install an expensive, spacious, and complex home theatre system? We have got the trendy techy gear for you – the best soundbar for Samsung TV. 

A soundbar is an all-in-one solution to enjoy stereo or surround sound from your TV. It is a compact and less-complicated device than a typical home theatre system or surrounds sound speaker arrangement. This is the reason it is widely getting popular. It comes in different sizes and shapes and with multiple varying features. So, we have come up with the best soundbars for your Samsung TV to help you figure out the most reasonable soundbar according to your need. In addition, we have also put together a quick buyer’s guide to help you make a wise decision.

Let’s discover the right combination of performance, value, and convenience to take your listening experience to the next level. Read out the best soundbar reviews for your Samsung TV.  

Best Soundbar for Samsung TV Reviews 

1. Samsung HW-A450

Samsung HW-A450

Want to give your bass an instant boost??? Samsung HW-A450 can do it with a push of a button. This all-in-one soundbar also contains an impressive subwoofer to enjoy deep bass and an immersive sound experience at the convenience of your home. The device features an exquisite design with a slim body that amplifies the sound like a pro. It uses an advanced adaptive sound lite technology that ensures consistent volume control and equalizes background music. 

As far as the installation and setup are concerned, Samsung HW-A450 is extremely easy to set up. It comes with a wireless connection, so you can seamlessly connect the devices wirelessly. For the gaming freaks, The device features a distinctive Game mode that ensures perfectly synced audio to take your gaming experience to the next level. The audio moves with the visuals and also cancels out the crosstalk. This feature reduces in-game distractions so that you may be able to concentrate to the fullest. 

In addition, you can convert your soundbar into a powerful surround sound system by connecting Samsung rear speakers wirelessly. Moreover, one remote gives you control over your Samsung TV as well as a soundbar. However, it is only possible if you have a Samsung TV, and you will have to use a separate remote if you have some other brand. 


  • It comes with an impressive integrated sub-woofer
  • Easy to setup 
  • Offers easy wireless connectivity 
  • You can convert the soundbar into a surround sound system by connecting rear speakers 
  • Features an exclusive game mode for the seamless gaming experience


  • It does not have center level adjustment control 

Where to Buy Samsung HW-A450

Amazon USA



The SAMSUNG – HW-S40 is another impressive soundbar that took our attention. It offers rich sound quality at a very economical price, so you can also enjoy the holistic sound without investing a fortune. The system features two woofers in a slender frame which saves you a lot of space, and you can place or mount the device conveniently. The system is intelligently designed with a simple yet intuitive design that compliments your living room. It features cutting-edge technology combined with a curved design that offers room-filling sound. 

The connectivity is also very effortless and easy as you can connect the device using Bluetooth. Another unique feature is that you can use Bluetooth to connect two different devices at a time and effortlessly switch between the devices to play your favorite music or content. The device features an exclusive music mode that delivers the music as it is intended by its composer and producer. It optimizes the sound and clarity to offer an enjoyable experience.  


  • Delivers holistic room-filling sound
  • Easy to use
  • Seamless wireless connectivity 
  • You can connect two devices at a time via Bluetooth 
  • Music mode optimizes the quality of music  


  • You cannot connect the soundbar through the app. 

Where to Buy SAMSUNG – HW-S40T

Amazon USA

3. Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450

Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450

The Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 is another soundbar optimized to work with the Samsung TV. You can program your Samsung TV remote to control the soundbar and also control it right from the TV menu. It is extremely easy to use and can be played using wired or wireless connections both. It amplifies the sound using smart sound technology, ensuring the best experience. The soundbar comes with an exclusive subwoofer that produces tremendous bass and boosts a frequency response enormously. This subwoofer is wireless, so you can seamlessly connect the devices using hassle-freely. 

The device comes with an exclusive game mode which is good for gaming freaks and enthusiasts. It delivers great sound effects and offers special settings appropriate for gaming. Another unique feature is its wireless connectivity for fast and easy connection using Bluetooth. So, you can enjoy music from your wireless device like your phone, tablet, or laptop effortlessly. 


  • Allows wired as well as impeccable wireless connectivity 
  • It comes with an exclusive gaming mode 
  • It comes with a powerful wireless subwoofer
  • Smart sound technology ensures the optimum sound quality 
  • Great looks
  • Affordable price


  • It does not offer stereo imaging 

Where to Buy SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar

Amazon USA

4. SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A S Series Soundbar

SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A S Series Soundbar

The SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A S Series is another intelligent soundbar that can make you feel the difference. This soundbar offers impressive bass as well as an optimum sound quality which offers holistic sound effects. It has a dedicated speaker located at the center. The speaker throws clear sounds so you can hear each and every word distinctly. The unique feature of SAMSUNG S60A S is the built-in voice assistant, so you can control the device with your voice. You can use Alexa for checking the weather, playing music, or performing various other functions. You can use Alexa using Amazon Echo. 

Moreover, This soundbar has five channels to produce greater and optimized sound for every scene so that you may get a feel of a surround sound system.SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A S Series Soundbar has a premium and intuitive design which is made to complement every space. It is slim and slender and can be placed or mounted in any space easily. The setup and installation are absolutely hassle-free, and you can also operate the system and stream music seamlessly using your iOs device as it enables Bluetooth connectivity. It also offers wifi connectivity or an HDMI port, so you can connect with it using any option you find feasible. Moreover, you can also connect multiple devices with it at a time and switch between the device effortlessly. 


  • You can connect multiple devices at a time 
  • Hassle-free installation and setup 
  • Exquisite design and complimenting looks
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice assistant 
  • Multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, WIFI, and HDMI port 


  • It does not have a balancing mode to normalize audio.

Where to Buy SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A S Series Soundbar

Amazon USA

5. SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar

Here is a compact soundbar that lets you hear the sound differently. Enjoy optimized sound quality and effects for every scene, whether you are watching sports, new, listening to music, or more. You can connect your soundbar to your TV easily and enjoy a seamless listening experience wirelessly. The device offers wireless, Bluetooth as well as HDMI connectivity to connect to the TV or other devices. Moreover, you can also play impactful music from your USB device because it also consists of an integrated USB 2.0 port. 

SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar is designed to offer you a high-quality immersive sound. If you don’t have a surround sound system, just buy this power-packed soundbar and enjoy an impeccable experience. Moreover, you can control the device using a Samsung Audio remote app which is absolutely free. Just download the application on your smartphone and control the device remotely on the tips of your fingers, make adjustments and play loads of music and content anytime.  


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Delivers impactful surround sound expansion 
  • It can be remotely controlled using a free android application 
  • Optimize sound quality for every scene
  • Built-in USB port 2.0


  • Integration with TV is limited.

Where to Buy SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar

Amazon USA

6. SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar

SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar

The SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar is another big hit for 2022. We believe you would never regret the decision because the soundbar is as powerful as the surround sound system. It contains three channels at right, left, and center, one potent subwoofer, and two up-firing channels to mesmerize you with the impressive sound quality. The sound has a theatre quality, so you need not invest a fortune and buy a home theatre system. 

SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar features a unique Spacefit sound technology that auto-adjusts and optimizes the sound according to the space. It is a great soundbar for small living rooms and requires hassle-free connectivity and setup. Moreover, the system looks great and goes well with the aesthetics of any living room. It can be connected using an HDMI cable, Bluetooth, or wifi. You can also operate this sound system using Amazon Alexa for playing music, changing the weather, and doing other tasks. 


  • Surround sound extension 
  • Spacefit technology tailors the sound according to the space 
  • Multiple connectivity options 
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice assistant


  • Weak bass

Where to Buy SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar

Amazon USA

7. SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar

The SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar is the best bet if you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality soundbar. The soundbar is equipped with a smart sound system that automatically detects the type of content you are watching and optimizes the sound accordingly. Whether it’s a sports match or a movie, enjoy tremendous sound quality and bass with a compact device you can count on. Furthermore, you can operate the soundbar with your Samsung TV’s remote control and enjoy the best ever sound quality on your tips.

SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar can be connected through Bluetooth and WIFI, so you can enjoy an effortless setup. Moreover, it is very easy to install and compact enough to accommodate any living room setting. It also features a Game mode that optimizes the sound quality for gaming enthusiasts and offers clear directional sound to avoid distractions. 


  • Features a gaming mode for clear directional sound
  • Offer multiple connectivity options 
  • It can be controlled through a Samsung TV remote 
  • Smart sound system to optimize sound according to the scene


  • It does not have an HDMI ARC port.

Where to Buy SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar

Amazon USA

8. Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar

Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar

The Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 is an advanced soundbar device that features exemplary technology. The soundbar comes with dedicated remote control. However, you can also program your Samsung TV remote to operate it. The package also includes an optical cable and a DIY mounting kit you can install the device at your convenience. It incorporates Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon audio technical expertise to offer you seamless audio quality. 

Samsung Acoustic Beam technology adjusts the sound according to the scene on TV. Moreover, it also features an adaptive sound technology that optimizes the sound quality and delivers clear sound even if the volume is low. The device has powerful subwoofers and up-firing speakers, which assist the gaming mode so the gamers can enjoy a fully immersive experience with boosted sound effects. Moreover, the device has multiple connectivity options, so you can connect to it using WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI cable, etc. In addition, it looks quite striking and compact, so it’s a great addition to your living room. 


  • Features a gaming mode for boosted sound effects
  • Offer multiple connectivity options, i.e., HDMI port, WIFI, and Bluetooth
  • It can be controlled through a Samsung TV remote 
  • Harman Kardon audio technical expertise to offer you seamless audio quality. 



Where to Buy Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar

Amazon USA

An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs

Some TVs are good for the picture quality but not for sound. Don’t worry if this is the case with your television. You can buy a soundbar at arm’s length to enjoy the amplified sound you like. Here are a few factors you should consider to make a wise purchase. 

Types: Sound Bars and Sound Bases

There are two types of devices that can enhance your TV’s sound and make it sound better, i.e., Sound Bars and sound bases. However, there are a few differences which can make you think about the types. Let’s read on. 

A Soundbar

A soundbar is an all-in-one device that has a rectangular shape. The device contains speakers and a woofer often. It gives you an immersive home theatre experience where you can listen to each word clearly out of your TV. It scatters sound in all directions and helps you enjoy the sound to the fullest.  

A sound base

The purpose of a sound base is similar to that of a soundbar. The only difference is the size and power. The way how you would place them with your TV is a bit different too. They are usually designed to be placed under your TV. They are bigger than the soundbars and take more space. However, they also amplify the sound better and have large bass drivers. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Soundbar for You:

Here are some important concerns people need the most to listen to about the soundbars. 


One of the most important concerns is to decide where do you want to place the device. This decision of yours will govern the type of soundbar you should buy. Soundbars are quite versatile when it comes to placement. You can mount it on the wall if your TV is hung on the wall, or you can also place it on the table if your TV sits on the table. It again depends upon the size of your TV and the space you have. Soundbars are not very hefty and large so placing them is quite convenient. Some come with DIY kits, so you can install them without any professional help. However, you should measure the size of your TV and the space you have considerately. Typically, a soundbar should not be wider than your TV. However, you can pair any soundbar with any size of the TV, so it is up to you and the space you have.  

Active or Passive Sound Bars

Passive soundbars do not have built-in amplifiers. They use an external amplifier and woofers to improve the sound quality. However, they have better speakers which produce better sound. That is why Passive soundbars are an expensive counterpart as well as more powerful than that active ones.

Active soundbars have built-in amplifiers. They are smaller in size and take less space because everything is packaged in this device. You don’t need to get into the hassle of buying additional cables or devices in order to set up a sound system. 

Number of Channels you need 

The decision also depends upon how many channels you need. Channels refer to the number of speakers. Typically, a soundbar contains all the channels in one unit. Most brands offer five channels nowadays, which means two speakers at the rear and three speakers at the right, left, and center. The greater the number of channels are, the better and more immersive the sound quality will be. 


Soundbars come with a number of options you can connect your TV with. Some soundbars are compatible with HDMI inputs, so you just have to connect it to your TV’s ARC input using an HDMI channel, and here you go. 

Some have optical ports, so you can connect the devices using an optical cord which seems to be the most convenient and easy way to get the devices connected. 

Nowadays, newer models come with wireless connectivity. They have built-in Bluetooth or enable wifi connectivity so you can stream music from your smartphone, computer or tablet, etc. 


Soundbars usually come with dedicated remote control. However, if you don’t like to use a separate remote for each device, there are ways you can program your TV remote to work with them. Some soundbars also come with a mobile application, so you can download that app on your phone or tablet and operate the soundbar through it.

How much do soundbars cost?

Soundbars come in different price ranges. You will find one ranging from $100 to $4000 depending upon features. However, price does not govern the sound quality you need. There are several other factors that should be considered in order to get a reasonable model. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Soundbars worth it? 

Yes. They are absolutely worth the brainstorming. They are simple yet intuitively designed to amplify the sound of your TV. Moreover, they are trendy, compact, affordable, and can work well with advanced technology. You can easily set them up with your TV and enjoy seamless sound anytime. 

Can you use any soundbar with a Samsung TV?

Absolutely yes! Some people have a misunderstanding that soundbars won’t be compatible with the Samsung TV. However, this is not the case at all. Samsung soundbars go well with the Samsung TVs. Besides, there are several other brands as well which work great with them—for example, Sony. By using a soundbar, you will be not only able to get a high-quality sound but also have full control over the sound via the TV remote. 

How do I know if a soundbar is compatible with my TV? 

If ARC (audio return channel) is enabled on your soundbar and TV both, then you just need an HDMI cable to connect the devices. However, if your TV does not have ARC input, then you will have to use both optical as well as HDMI cables and activate ARC to connect the devices. 

How much space do you need between the TV & Soundbar? 

The soundbar takes less space as compared to the hefty sound system. You need to have a gap of 10 to 15 cm between the TV & the soundbar to go well. This distance is sufficient for the connections and control. 

Summing Up 

Soundbars are simple yet intelligent gear used to amplify sound. They are available in different variants and types, so we hope our quick buyer’s guide and comprehensive reviews will help you to figure out the best device for yourself. 

Do share your reviews with us in the comments section below and suggest new models you want us to review in the next draft. Cheers. 



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