Top 8 Best Turntables under 200

Best Turntable Under 200
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Are you unable to listen to music from your vinyl records just because you are tight on your budget for a record player? Worry no more, we got you! No matter how good your vinyl record collection is, if you don’t own a turntable that runs it smoothly and provides excellent sound quality, you won’t be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Affordability should never be the reason you don’t play your vinyl records, and we have sorted this out for you by making a list of the most affordable turntables to buy online.

Here’s a list of the best turntables under 200 USD that you can get your hands on. 

Summary Of The Best Turntable under 200 USD

S. No

Product Name

Key Features
1Crosley T150B-WH Modern 2-Speed Bluetooth TurntableEasy to set up
2Tekola Wireless Turntable with HiFi SystemHi-fi System Speakers
3Crosley C6B-WH Belt-Drive Bluetooth TurntableAdjustable Tonearm
4ANGELS HORN TurntableBuilt-in Phono Preamp
5Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo TurntableAutomatic Belt-drive
6LP&No.1 Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo SpeakersStereo Speakers
7ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth TurntableWireless Bluetooth
8Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl TurntableAdjustable Counterweight
Summary Of The Best Turntable under 200

Best Turntable under 200 (Detailed Review)

1. Crosley T150B-WH Modern 2-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

Crosley T150B-WH Modern 2-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

Any product’s design makes its first impression, and when it comes to the design of Crosley T150B-WH, you won’t be disappointed even a bit. With a simple and elegant look, this turntable can quickly go with your home’s furniture or décor. Bonus, it includes an aluminum tonearm and two stereo speakers, speaker wires, platter, belt, adapter, user manual in the package.

Bluetooth Connectivity

There are very few turntables that provide both kinds of connectivity, and this is one of them. Along with wire connections, this turntable allows you to have a Bluetooth connection to the speakers. These speakers provide around 30 watts of power so that you can enjoy powerful sound while listening to your vinyl records. 

Control Functions

This turntable comes with a pitch control that allows you to adjust the pitch of the sound anytime, according to your mood and requirements. Not only this, but it also has knobs on the sound system that allows you to change or adjust the turntable’s speed without any additional effort.

Aluminum Cartridge

The cartridge is specially made of aluminum, so there is this surety that it will not ever get damaged and, in turn, destroys the whole sound system. Also, it comes pre-installed already, so there is no fear of breaking the cartridge while you install it on the system. 


  • Very easy to install.
  • The design is awe-inspiring.
  • Magnetic movement of the cartridge.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is included.


  • No such noticeable cons.

Where to Buy Crosley T150B-WH Modern 2-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

Amazon USA

2. Tekola Wireless Turntable with HiFi System

Tekola Wireless Turntable with HiFi System

The dual speakers that accompany this Tekola Wireless Turntable provide an excellent and loud voice suitable to play on any occasion. This turntable comes with a wireless connection, i.e., a Bluetooth receiver that has the ability to support not only smartphones but almost all your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

Strong Tonearm

The Tekola Turntable has a very stable and robust tonearm which is exclusively designed to give you a great experience when you are playing your vinyl records. Additionally, an adjustable counterweight ensures smooth stylus movement that is free of skipping, thus allowing you to enjoy the clear sound quality.

Belt-drive System

To reduce any chance that can disturb your music listening experience, Tekola has designed a stable belt-driven system that helps decrease vibrations of the motor. As a result, you get to enjoy the best performance of the turntable. 

High-Quality Stylus

Scratches on records can completely destroy your whole mood since the vinyl won’t play continuously. To avoid this from happening, this turntable has high quality and sturdy Audio-Technica stylus that prevents the needle from jumping when the turntable is playing and helps prevent your records from getting scratched.


  • It includes an auto-stop function.
  • Straightforward operation and setup.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity included.
  • Dual Stereo speakers come with the package.


  • The quality of the wood it is made is cheap, according to some reviews.

Where to Buy Tekola Wireless Turntable with HiFi System

Amazon USA

3. Crosley C6B-WH Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable

Crosley C6B-WH Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable

Available at just 189.5 USD, this Crosley Turntable has made it to the list of best turntables under 200 because of the fantastic features it has to offer. From the availability of Bluetooth connectivity to a synchronous motor that guarantees low vibration, you get it all in this turntable and that too at such a great price. 

Straightforward Setup

Setting up this turntable is relatively easy since the cartridge and dust cover hinges are already pre-installed, and no skate control adjustment is required. All you have to do is to adjust the tonearm counterweight and install the belt. The former is a bit difficult; however, the instruction makes it easy to do. 


Considering its low price, the performance of Crosley C6B-WH is exceptionally good. Right from the factory, the Audio-Technica needle that it comes with is perfectly centered, and you will not find any issue of needle jumping from the groove even while playing songs with high bass. The built-in phono preamp also works great at low and medium volume levels.

Belt driven motor

The belt-driven motor is placed underneath the platter, and its synchronous performance makes sure that the vibrations are reduced to a significant level. The motor is capable of recording at 331/3 and 45 RPMs both. 


  • The price to performance ratio is great.
  • It comes with a built-in phono preamp.
  • The Crosley C6B-WH is very easy to use.
  • Its design is elegant and simple.


  • To change the speed, you need to remove the platter.

Where to Buy Crosley C6B-WH Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable

Amazon USA

4. ANGELS HORN Turntable


The Angels Horn turntable guarantees stability and uniform speed because of an iron platter. This is because the iron platter has a uniform weight, and therefore it plays a vital role in providing high-quality sound as a result. It can turn out to be an excellent choice at just 144.49 USD to complete your vinyl record set. 

High-Quality Cartridge

The Angels Horn turntable comes with a high-quality magnet type cartridge which allows it to offer a harmonious interpretation of your vinyl record music. Additionally, a universal head-shell is also included with the turntable, which makes changing the cartridge super easy and convenient. 

Anti-Skating Weight

This turntable feature makes sure vinyl is prevented from scratches as much as possible by making the stylus sit perfectly on the record’s groove. Due to this, the turntable offers many benefits, including balancing channels, clear musical peaks, freedom from distortion and noise, etc.

Belt Driven Motor

The DC servo motor runs with the belt drive system, and it allows the iron platter to rotate at two speeds, including 331/3 and 45 rpm. You are allowed to select the rotation speed according to the vinyl records so that the turntable is able to interpret the vinyl record perfectly, and you get to enjoy high-quality music.


  • The body is made of solid wood.
  • It comes with video instructions that make it easy to set up.
  • All required cables are included to connect to speakers.


  • It doesn’t have an automatic stop system.
  • The arm doesn’t return to the base automatically.

Where to Buy ANGELS HORN Turntable

Amazon USA

5. Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

You definitely don’t want to miss this fantastic turntable since you get a fully automatic operation at a pocket-friendly price. At only 179 USD, you get various features, including a built-in phono preamp, RCA output cables, dual magnet phono cartridge, replaceable diamond stylus, etc.


The look of this Audio-Technica AT-LP60 turntable is aesthetically pleasing, and you get various color options to select from. What makes it stand out among many other turntables is the fully automatic tonearm that doesn’t require much of your efforts to work. Additionally, it comes with a replaceable stylus and a cartridge with a fixed head-shell.


At such an affordable price, the quality of sound that this turntable offers will definitely make you fall in love with it. Most of the vibrations are isolated because of the diamond-tipped stylus and belt-driven motor, which produces high-fidelity audio like a pro.

Removal Dust Cover

If your records are kept in the open, layers of dust can accumulate on them and reduce the sound quality significantly. In order to save your turntable and records from getting covered with dust, this Audio-Technica turntable comes with a removable dust cover to do the job. 


  • There is no such issue of wobbling or skipping.
  • Provides great sound quality at an affordable price.
  • High-grade materials make it highly durable.


  • No Bluetooth availability.
  • There are no built-in speakers.

Where to Buy Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Amazon USA

6. LP&No.1 Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speakers

LP&No.1 Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speakers

This LP&No.1 turntable is a multifunctional record player since it can easily support all three-speed records that are used generally. You can easily convert your vinyl music to MP3 format through this turntable and enjoy the old songs that aren’t available digitally anymore. It is a very versatile table since you can also use it as a speaker by connecting it to your phone’s Bluetooth. 


Using this LP&No.1 turntable, you can enjoy vintage and fashion styles both. Along with enjoying retro-style music by playing vinyl records, you can also enjoy digital music at any time using a Bluetooth connection. 

Additional Features

You are allowed to connect this turntable with an external speaker using RCA output. Along with that, a headphone jack is also provided if you want to enjoy music privately. It just doesn’t end here, as this turntable also includes a dust cover that helps protect your vinyl records from damages. 


One thing that makes this turntable one of my favorites is the fact that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the outcome it has to offer, you can quickly return it and get your money back within the first thirty days. 


  • The turntable includes a retro-style phonograph.
  • It comes with built-in stereo speakers.
  • It also includes an Aux-in port that makes a connection with mobiles easier.


  • Instructions are not included, so it could be difficult for beginners to set up.

Where to buy LP&No.1 Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speakers

Amazon USA

7. ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth Turntable

ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth Turntable

This is one of the turntables that allow you to enjoy three speeds, including 331/3, 45, and 78 rpm. This means it is able to play every record in your collection without any kind of limits to it. With a stunning black finish, this ION turntable can be a great addition to your house’s décor no matter where you decide to put it. 

USB cable

Along with allowing three speeds to play, the ION turntable also offers a connection with a PC or MAC using a USB cable that is included in the package. This allows you to transfer your favorite music to your desktop devices without any type of difficulty.

Sound Quality

Although the sound quality may not be the same as turntables bought with more significant investments, it is pretty good at such an affordable price. All the lows, mids, and highs of your music will sound quite reasonably solid, so you don’t need to worry about that.


This turntable is one of the most convenient and simplest turntables you will use. It comes with built-in speakers and an internal amplifier which makes the sound quite audible without having to connect it with any external device. 


  • Very affordable price for the features it offers.
  • Vinyl Converter software is easy to use.
  • Includes Bluetooth availability.


  • There is no stylus for 78 rpm.

Where to Buy ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth Turntable

Amazon USA

8. Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Although it doesn’t have additional headphone jacks or built-in speakers, this is included in the list because of the fantastic sound quality that this turntable has to offer. Designed with using solid components, it definitely outshines many other models at this price because of its sound quality and robust design. 

Set up

Setting up this turntable is relatively easy; however, if you are just starting with using turntables, then the instructions it comes with might be a bit difficult to understand. But there are many videos available on how to set up this model, so you don’t need to run away because of a complicated manual.

Body Design

This Fluance turntable is made using engineered wood which is quite thick and therefore much more durable. It also includes an aluminum platter and isolation feet specially designed to stop the occurrence of unwanted vibrations.

Signal Clarity

Due to the ground terminal, high-quality instruments preamp, and gold plated RCA line outputs. The turntable produces stunning signal clarity, which ensures smooth, warm, and excellent sound quality. 


  • The sound quality is excellent according to the price.
  • Comes with an anti-skating system.
  • Includes sound isolation feet.
  • The RCA outputs are gold plated.


  • There is no headphone jack and built-in speaker.
  • Doesn’t support 78 rpm speed.

Where to Buy Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Amazon USA

Buying Guide for Best Turntables:

Now that we have sorted out the best turntables that you can buy for under 200 USD, here are the factors that you want to look for before buying one:

Sound Quality:

One of the significant reasons you would need a turntable is to enjoy the excellent sound quality of your vinyl records. You can determine if the sound quality would be good by observing the choice of the stylus, materials, and audio components that the company has used. Suitable quality materials like acrylic or aluminum platter and a diamond stylus would provide better sound quality than other materials.

USB Connectivity:

With USB connectivity on your turntable, you can easily convert music from your records into digital audio files. You can have two options either availability of USB for connecting to your PC or MAC or a USB stick inserted in the record player to convert your vinyl records. Which one suits you the best is definitely your call to make.

Easy Set up:

As a beginner, you will never want to waste hours of your time on setting up your turntable, which can definitely ruin your mood. Therefore, look for a turntable that is easy to set up or at least comes with a proper manual of instructions to ease out the task.


Great features at an affordable price are what you need if you are tight on your budget. Make sure you do your complete research and make a list of the features that you want your turntable to cover so that finding one in your budget isn’t difficult for you.

Built-in Preamp:

If you want to skip the need to invest in an external phono preamp, make sure you check the feature of the built-in phono preamp available in the turntable you are deciding to buy. This way, you will effectively get two components while paying for just one. 

FAQs – Best Turntable Under 200

Is the direct-drive turntable better or the belt-driven?

Using belt drive turntables, you probably get better sound quality as compared to the direct-drive turntable. This is because the belt-driven motor reduces external noise and vibrations to a significant level, and therefore, the output sound is more clear and more audible. 

Does Bluetooth ruin the sound quality of the vinyl?

Availability of Bluetooth feature has absolutely no effect on the sound quality, but that is only bound to the entry-level turntables. If you are an audiophile and more into audiophile vinyl turntables, you may find a noticeable difference in the sound quality due to Bluetooth.

How long does a turntable’s belt last?

For almost all the belt-driven turntables, rubber-based closed-loop belts are used with durability and life of almost five years or so. The longevity of a belt depends entirely on its tightness, quality, elasticity, and use. With lesser use, it can easily last up to 5 or 6 years.

How do I know if my turntable belt is of bad quality?

If you use your vinyl records frequently and want to have some know-how of your belt’s quality, you can tell it by the platter’s speed and resistance. The platter’s speed increases when the belt gets worn while the resistance decreases. If your records have a deeper and lower tone, it is time to change your belt. 

What to do if your turntable spins slowly?

Usually, the turntable spins slowly when the belt gets loose. To sort this out, you need to boil your belt in hot water. Start by pouring water into a utensil and bringing it to a boil. Once the water gets to boiling, turn your stove off and put your belt in it. Let the belt soak in this hot water for about five to eight minutes. After soaking in hot water, your belt will get back to its original size. 

Why does my vinyl play fast?

This usually happens because of improper installation of the belt. When the belt is not correctly installed, it moves up and down on the spindle and therefore causes the platter to spin way too fast. This will require you to set the belt’s position where it needs to be. 


There may be hundreds of excellent turntables that you can find online. However, being tight on a budget won’t allow you to get your hands on many of them. Don’t just lose your heart because you can easily enjoy your vinyl records on turntables that won’t cost you your arms or legs. By selecting turntables from our list of best turntables under 200 USD, you can have the privilege of enjoying many great features that high-quality turntables have to offer.



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