Top 8 Best TV Stand with a Sound Bar

Best TV Stand with a Sound Bar
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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How many times did you like a television stand but didn’t end up buying it because it lacked space for a soundbar? While TV stands have always been a popular piece of furniture but finding one that has enough space to accommodate a soundbar is quite tricky and complicated. 

It is essential to get your hands on a TV stand that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also goes well with your furniture. But getting a TV stand to just keep your TV on while your soundbar lies in front of it, ruining the whole look of your room, isn’t reasonable.

Therefore, we have selected the best TV stands with a soundbar to sort that out for you. 

Summary Of The Best TV Stands with a Sound Bar

S. NoProducts NameKey Feature
1DMAITH TV Stand with LED LightsAdjustable LED system
2Rolling/Mobile TV Cart with WheelsSpace Saver
3FITUEYES Iron Base Universal Floor TV StandEasy assembling
45Rcom Swivel TV Floor Stand Saves space
55Rcom Universal TV Floor StandSwivel left and right
6TAVR Floor tv StandEasy to assemble
7NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart Aluminum TV StandTV stand with wheels
8FITUEYES Floor TV StandAdjustable height
Summary Of The Best TV Stands with a Sound Bar

Best TV Stands with a Sound Bar (Detailed Review)

1. DMAITH TV Stand with LED Lights

DMAITH TV Stand with LED Lights

DMAITH is one of the most popular and known brands for producing such excellent quality, providing many TV products that deliver durability and quality. This TV stand-by DMAITH is not only aesthetically pleasing and can easily go well with your décor and furniture, but it also comes with loads of space to use.

Texture Body

The front of the TV has a glossy look to it, while the body is of matte texture. Both these qualities make the TV stand exclusive and durable, respectively. No matter how different and unique your home décor is, this TV will go with it and adds beauty to your room like no other.

Great Storage

The TV stand is big enough that it can easily hold a TV that is approximately 70 inches. Additionally, it comes with two drawers which are great if you want to keep your cables or other important stuff stored without losing them. Quite much space is still left for keeping your entertainment-related things so that your room looks clean.

Adjustable LED Light System

The body of the TV stand is not the only thing that will contribute to the décor of your room, but it also comes with sixteen different LED lights to make your room look colorful and more beautiful. You can control the settings and colors of these LED lights using a remote control that comes with them.


  • The TV stand is suitable for up to 70 inches.
  • It has 16 colors of LED lights.
  • It also has space for keeping decorative pieces like vases, showpieces, etc.
  • High-quality hardware is used to make it.


  • The backing of the TV stand is thin.

Where to Buy DMAITH TV Stand with LED Lights

Amazon USA

2. PERLESMITH Rolling/Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

PERLESMITH Rolling/Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

You can have an enhanced and better audio and video experience using your TV when you place it on PERLESMITH rolling TV cart. It allows you to identify any size of TV starting from 32 inches to 75 inches and can easily hold up weight up to one hundred pounds. The mounting solutions are now very much in demand with an increase in display technologies, and PERLESMITH has it all covered.

Easy to assemble

For an installation that does not end up making you frustrated and tired, the TV stand comes with an instruction manual that will help make the assembling a breeze of wind. Bonus, you do not have to make holes on your walls to assemble this TV stand as you can easily place it at any corner of your room.

Lockable Wheels

This TV stand comes with lockable caster wheels for ease in moving the TV from one place to another while keeping it secure. Due to ease in moving it, this makes it a perfect stand to be used in offices, homes, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Adjustable Height

You can easily adjust the height of this TV stand depending on at what level or height you want your TV screen to be at. You can easily adjust it from a height of 47.2 inches to 59 inches. Also, it comes with an AV shelf where you can easily keep your laptop, gaming devices, DVD players, etc.


  • It lasts for a more extended period because of its sturdy and robust body.
  • The wheels are pretty smooth.
  • The assembly is relatively quick, and there are not a lot of parts to handle.
  • The stand base is quite broad.


  • The AV shelf is not suitable for heavier AV stuff.
  • There is no adjustment option for tilt.

Where to Buy Rolling/Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

Amazon USA

3. FITUEYES Iron Base Universal Floor TV Stand

FITUEYES Iron Base Universal Floor TV Stand

Being compatible with all TV types, including LEDs, LCDs, OLEDs, Plasma Flat Panels, etc., this TV stand can withhold many TV sizes from 32 inches to 65 inches. With a unique and modern design along with colored blue and black hooks, this TV can be suitable to put in any of your rooms to complement the décor. 

Flexible Shelf Height

The TV stand comes with some media shelves, and all of them can be adjusted when it comes to height. You can easily change their height according to your desire and where you feel that the TV screen and other media objects are better for you to put. 

Easy Assembly

This TV stand doesn’t require you to drill your walls and ruin them as it can easily get fit into any corner of your room. Also, it comes with an installation manual which makes the whole assembling process absolutely easy. 

Additional accessories

Both the hooks of the TV are differently colored with black and blue, and this is exclusively done so that you can easily distinguish the left and right hook and place your TV exactly in between without any difficulty. It also has three entertainment shelves that you can use for keeping your DVD players, gaming stations, etc.


  • The body of the TV stand is quite sturdy.
  • Installation becomes super easy using the manual.
  • The design of the stand is quite eye-catching.
  • Different colored brackets make the placement easier. 


  • The highest setting of the height may still be low for taller people.

Where to Buy FITUEYES Iron Base Universal Floor TV Stand

Amazon USA

4. 5Rcom Swivel TV Floor Stand 

5Rcom Swivel TV Floor Stand 

This 5Rcom Swivel TV floor has also made it to the list of Best TV stands with a soundbar because of the fantastic features that it has in store. This TV stand can fit many types of TVs, including curved TVs, LCD, LED, OLED, Flat Panel TV, etc. It is constructed using high-quality steel that makes it protect the television like no other. 

Swivel Design

This TV stand can easily swivel left and right up to 30 degrees to provide you with a wide range of viewing angles. This feature makes it a great option to be put at any corner of your room since it can swivel and serve you the purpose you have bought it for. 

Adjustable Height

Using this TV stand, you get five levels of height adjustments to get your seating height requirements fulfilled. You can adjust the height of the TV from 44 inches to 56 inches off the floor so it can match your height without any trouble.

Easy Assembling

The TV stand comes with all necessary hardware equipment and an easy-to-understand instruction manual which makes the whole process of assembling it super convenient. Additionally, the package contains screws that are suitable for almost all TV types and brands, and it also includes cable management to keep the entire look of your room and stand much clean. 


  • The shelf is big enough for keeping the laptop and speakers both.
  • The instruction manual includes simple-to-read instructions and also pictures to make the assembling process more effortless.
  • The sleek design of the TV stand can fit any corner of the room and helps save a lot of space.
  • It is sturdy enough to hold a TV size of 65 inches easily.
  • VESA brackets are included with the TV stand.


  • This TV stand’s versatility may be a bit less than other competitors at the same price.
  • It may not be as sturdy as other products available in the market.

Where to Buy 5Rcom Swivel TV Floor Stand 

Amazon USA

5. 5Rcom Universal TV Floor Stand

5Rcom Universal TV Floor Stand

This large TV stand is made of glass and has mounts that can support various sizes of TVs, starting from 37 inches to approximately 70 inches. The shape of the stand makes it perfect for mounting against the wall at any part of your room, including the corners. It allows keeping TVs with flat and curved screens both.


The design of this 5Rcom Universal TV stand is minimalistic, having some fancy and glossy aluminum tubes that make it suitable to go with any kind of room’s décor. It comes with two and three mount stands from which you will have to choose the one that suits you the best. These mount stands allow you to keep any audio, video, or gaming devices on them. 

Cable Management Clips

This TV stand comes with a number of cable management clips so that all the cables that connect to the TV can easily be hidden from the sight and don’t ruin the stand’s entire look. 

Swivel Stand

Depending on the viewing area, the unit can easily swivel to almost 45 degrees. So you are not bound to keep it in the center of the room because you can easily swivel its direction to watch TV without any problem. 


  • The 5Rcom Universal stand is highly durable.
  • It comes with a manual that makes assembling easy.
  • The height of the stand is adjustable.
  • The tempered glass and metal frame make cleaning easy.


  • The heavier TVs may lean forward. 

Where to Buy 5Rcom Universal TV Floor Stand

Amazon USA

6. TAVR Floor tv Stand

TAVR Floor tv Stand

The TAVR floor TV stand can prove to be a great option if you have a narrower room space as it can easily adjust in a corner. It can support Plasma flat TVs and curved screens, and different sizes without any trouble.

Lustrous Body

While other TV stands are made of iron, this TAVR floor TV stand is made of aluminum and has a lustrous touch to it. So even when you put it in a corner, its striking look will get the attention and make your room look complete. 

Adjustable Height

You are allowed to adjust the height of the TV stand depending on your viewing height requirements. Not only this, it can easily swivel around 45 degrees so that you do not have to worry about a narrow range of vision. 


The TAVR stand is sturdy enough to support the weight of various sizes of TVs, starting from 27 inches to almost 55 inches. 


  • The glass finish is durable and makes your TV stand look aesthetically pleasing for a more extended period.
  • It comes with two shelves to keep your audio and video devices on. 


  • The product may not be budget-friendly.

Where to Buy TAVR Floor TV Stand

Amazon USA

7. NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart Aluminum TV Stand

NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart Aluminum TV Stand

Made of aluminum alloy, not only does this TV stand provide sturdy performance, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing. If good looks along with performance are both your primary concerns, this TV stand is for you. 


The TV stand comes with smooth and lockable caster wheels that make it super easy to move from one place to another while keeping the TV secure.

Adjustable Shelves

It comes with two height-adjustable shelves that are perfect for an interactive video conference since you can easily use the shelves to keep the top camera and video trays.

Adjustable Height

you can also adjust the height of the TV stand, and you can set it according to your viewing requirements without any problem and difficulty.


  • The wheels are great to move on the floor and carpet.
  • It can support many sizes starting from 32 inches to 65 inches.
  • The stand can easily hold higher weights up to 80 pounds.


  • The packaging comes in a bit ordinary.

Where to Buy NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart Aluminum TV Stand

Amazon USA

8. FITUEYES Floor TV Stand


This TV stand comes with two distinguished colored hooks, i.e., black and red, that allow you to easily distinguish which is left and right and hang your TV without any problem. Additionally, a safety lock is also added to keep your TV safe from dropping down. 

Wood Base

The base of this TV stand is made of wood which guarantees absolutely no breakage issue if you move it from one place to another. Also, it looks pretty good, so that makes it a great addition to your room décor.


For a perfect perspective and viewing experience, this TV stand can easily swivel around 30 degrees.

Height Adjustable Stands

The base of the TV stand and shelf both are height adjustable and can be adjusted according to your requirements. The height adjustment ranges from 47.8 inches to 55.7 inches. 


  • The TV stand is excellent for corners too.
  • It is pretty affordable in price.


  • The screws may be difficult to fix.

Where to Buy FITUEYES Floor TV Stand

Amazon USA

Buying Guide For Best TV stand with a Sound Bar

Here are the features you should look for to get your hands on the suitable Tv stand with a soundbar.


The material of the TV stand with a soundbar plays a considerable role in supporting the weight of the TV along with adding aesthetics to your room’s décor. If you need something more traditional and old-fashioned, wood TV stands are a great choice, and for modern decor, the aluminum and metal TV stands work the best. 

Multiple Shelves

Along with a soundbar, a good TV stand is also required to have multiple shapes to keep much of your stuff organized, including video and audio equipment, gaming stuff, cables, etc.

Adjustable Height

The adjustable height of a TV stand and shelves will make it easier for you to adjust them at a height that is suitable for you. 

Sound Bar Size

Make sure that the size you buy for a TV stand with a soundbar should be suitable according to the space in your room. Also, check that the soundbar isn’t so tall that it hinders the remote’s line of sight towards the TV.


Check the warranty of the product and ensure that you buy one that comes with the most significant time of enabled warranty since the product can show problems at any time. The most common warranty is for almost a year.


If you only have to use the soundbar for watching TV, don’t overbuy as even a simple model can do the job and provide you with sound output that is better than TV’s sound. However, if you are going to listen to music as well, a model with an excellent score of quality will be the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space should be between the soundbar and TV?

The soundbar and the TV gap should be at least four to six inches. This distance is ideal to allow you to access the controls and connectivity without any trouble.

How do you hide cables that connect the TV with the soundbar?

There are four easiest ways that can help you hide the cables going from TV to soundbar that include:

  • You can use cable channels or cable raceways that are specifically used to hide the wires from your sight. 
  • To save yourself the trouble of buying new stuff, you can also hide the soundbar wires using some decorative items. 
  • You can also go for hiding the soundbar wires behind the wall, but that may require a bit of much more work.
  • If nothing works, the last option is to hide the soundbar wires using small zip ties and hooks. This may not be able to disappear the cables entirely from the sight but at least let them hang in a decent manner.

Should the soundbar be mounted above or below the TV?

One thing to look for while placing a soundbar is the place that will be the closest to your ear height. That can either be above the TV or below it. However, the soundbars are usually placed below the TV because of aesthetic reasons, and because the eyes are almost at the same height as ears, so you should also adjust the TV accordingly. 

Can you leave the soundbar on all the time?

While keeping your soundbar on may seem harmless to you, it can decrease the life of your product quite significantly. Also, like every other electronic equipment, keeping the soundbar on all the time may end up damaging it. This is because the soundbar can get overheated, use up loads of energy, and worse of all, it can end up in a fire hazard. 


While getting your hand on a TV stand to put just your TV may do the job of entertaining you, however, if you are pretty obsessed with sound quality, then buying a soundbar is definitely a good option. Investing in a TV stand and soundbar individually may cost you relatively more, and therefore, to sort it out for you, we have made the list of best TV stands with soundbar which you can easily follow and get your hands on without costing you your arms and legs. 



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