Top 6 Best TV For Under $600 (2022)

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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None of us can deny the beauty of watching our favorite show on high-resolution TV, but we often step back when we look at the roof-shattering prices. Other than watching our favorite television shows, movie, or sports, some of us love to connect our gaming system to TV to enjoy it to its fullest. But what to do if you don’t want to splurge money aimlessly on buying a television?

If you were searching for the best tv for under 600, you are here for a reason. To help you fulfill your innocent wish, we have compelled some decent televisions to fall under the price tag of $600. Let’s see what features make these televisions exceptional from all. Let’s find out. 

Summary of the Best TV for under $600 (2022)

No.Product NameKey Features
1SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000Powerful Technology Best TV For Under 600
2Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV Best TV For Under 600 with Advanced Surround Sound
3LG 55-Inch Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV Best TV For Under 600 with Slim Design
4Hisense 50-inch ULED U6 Series Lightweight Best Tv for Under 600
5Toshiba ’43-inch Class C350 Series Best Tv for Under 600 with Excellent Picture-Quality
6Amazon Fire TV 50″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV Best Tv for Under 600 with Advanced Features.

What Are the Best TVs For Under $600 Reviews

1. SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000 – Powerful Technology Best TV For Under 600

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000

Are you waiting for the television that should be all-in-one? Do you want something in your home that is worth your money? The Samsung 55-inch class crystal 4K UHD AU8000 is a complete entertainment package with the high-resolution picture quality you crave in the home. The powerful Dynamic Crystal Technology flashes millions of real-life vivid colors on your screen and makes you a part of it. It opens the doors to a new entertainment world for you without compromising quality.

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) shows you minor details of the picture and keeps you close to the scene. 4K UHD picture quality brings you a magnified and crisp version of the picture you missed on TV. The enhanced motion clarity keeps you glued to the screen and is an ideal mode to play games with precision. It’s pretty surprising that on such a limited budget, you are getting multiple voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby to help you explore the world beyond a simple streaming.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device with an Android 8+ version, you can connect your phone to your TV and tap on it to watch on your mobile phone. If you want powerful technology, the best TV for under 600 is the television model you always need. Besides connecting your phone, you can connect a laptop or any other office device with Samsung 55-inch AU8000 and stay productive throughout the day. The perfect harmony of sound with the picture and sleek design makes you fond of its power-packed performance.


  • Enhanced motion clarity
  • Multiple built-in voice assistants
  • Dynamic Crystal Clear picture
  • 4K crystal processor


  • Remote is confusing to operate


2. Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV – Best TV For Under 600 with Advanced Surround Sound

Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV

Do you want a brilliant TV in your home that should deliver the perfect entertainment to your family? Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni series 4K is one of the best televisions to have in the home when you don’t want to compromise on picture quality and sound. The vivid colors and clear sound bring everything to life, and you connect with everything while watching TV. Due to 4k Ultra HD, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus, you can witness the crisp quality of a picture.

If you find it difficult to watch something your favorite in silence with no noises around, your dream has come true. This TV has headphones you can connect to and adjust the volume to watch anything in peace. Also, keep the remote at your side and ask Alexa to perform different tasks for you. By subscribing to your favorite streaming platform, you can access more than 1 million movies, series, and shows to keep your entertainment game on point. From streaming video games to music, everything on TV feels like a snap.

Amazon Fire TV 55” is the best TV for under 600 with state-of-the-art surround sound. With the help of HDMI eARC, you can boost the sound of a TV and enjoy your favorite show, series, or movie without distortion. One of the best features of this TV is safety and privacy features. It is built to protect your privacy with protection controls. You can disconnect microphones and keep your home safe with a simple switch. The appearance of the TV is stunning and will compliment your living space or room with its presence.


  • Advanced surround sound
  • Built-in Alexa
  • 4K ultra HD screen
  • Built-in privacy protection feature


  • It has no separate bass or treble settings


3. LG 55-Inch Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV – Best TV For Under 600 with Slim Design

LG 55-Inch Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV

A beautiful television fixed on your living space’s wall that adds life to every content you watch on the screen is the dream of every entertainment lover. LG 55-inch class UQ9000 series 4K smart TV delivers you the beautiful color of a picture that makes you feel like you are in it. The 4K resolution is responsible for involving you in every scene and keeps you entertained no matter what you are watching or playing. Also, this TV has a wide range of cloud gaming which you will love to explore as a gamer.

The slim and sleek makes it ideal for everyone; whether you have a small or colossal room, it doesn’t occupy massive space. Gen 5 AI processor makes this TV stand out from all as it enhances your picture quality without showing any more blur on the screen. AI sound pro lets you feel every action closely, and you can listen to the sound from every direction. For the immersive and cinematic audio experience, you can count on an LG 55-inch class UQ9000 series 4K Smart TV. You will never miss the beat of your favorite scene or music track while playing it on this TV.

Besides high-resolution picture quality and sound, this television has developed a magic remote. Yes, it has magic because you can operate your television as you want whenever it’s in your hand. From clicking and scrolling to giving voice commands, it can do anything for you. This Smart TV has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant to act on your voice commands. Also, it works with Apple home kit and Airplay. Many people have trouble looking at the TV screen in different lighting conditions. With the AI brightness control, you can adjust your screen with the light in your room. Never make your eyes strain again due to the high beam brightness. You will love everything about this best TV for under 600 with a slim design.


  • Built-in multiple voice assistants
  • Cinematic 4K experience
  • Sleek and slim design
  • AI brightness control


  • It’s hard to adjust sleep timing


4. Hisense 50-inch ULED U6 Series – Lightweight Best Tv for Under 600

Hisense 50-inch ULED U6 Series

Hisense is known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy names in the industry when you want to have something with no compromise on quality at an affordable price. Hisense has come up with a television with entertainment options and will fulfill your wish to experience cinema at home with the 50-inches ULED U6 series. The exclusive ULED technology is responsible for delivering bright picture quality, a 4K cinematic experience, and smooth motion. Quantum Dot’s wide color gamut delivers pure and rich colors to your screen to involve you with every scene.

This Smart fire TV brings tons of movies, shows, and stuff to your screen from the apps such as Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and much more. Also, you can stream lots of shows freely with Freevee, Tubi, Pluto TV, and more. This TV is not just an ordinary product but a powerhouse of entertainment to watch anything without missing a hint. Due to Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, and HDR10 Plus, you can experience cinema image quality. It’s time to stop rewinding your favorite movie scenes because of a blur. Now you can pay attention to a minute of details.

It’s hard to keep looking at the remote buttons at night with the lights off, but this television has a solution, too. You can do everything from controlling the TV power to navigation with your voice command. Hisense 50-inch ULED U6 series has an Alexa voice remote to manage and act on your voice commands. Also, if you want something sleek and innovative for your home that must be lightweight and compact, go for this lightweight best tv for under 600

You can wirelessly connect Bluetooth with equally compatible sound bars, headphones, and stereo components for enhanced sound. For the love of gamers, this model has introduced “Automatic Low Latency Mode” to keep gaming motion smooth and close to reality.


  • Work on exclusive ULED technology
  • Alexa voice remote
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • ALLM game mode


  • Settings are time-consuming


5. Toshiba ’43-inch Class C350 Series – Best Tv for Under 600 with Excellent Picture-Quality

Toshiba ’43-inch Class C350 Series

None of us wants to keep switching between different devices at home because we want to watch something different available on different platforms every hour. If you are stuck in such a situation, you need the Toshiba 43-inch class C350 series to watch every piece of entertainment on a single platform. The fire TV has bought all your favorite apps together. You can watch anything you want with a simple remote navigation or voice command. This high-performing TV is the dream of every entertainment lover who doesn’t want any disturbance in between.

This is the best Tv for under 600 with excellent picture quality due to Regza engine 4K. With the combination of ultra-essential PQ technology and high-quality LCD panel, you can have an incredible 4K images. If you are craving a full-professional theatre-quality image, you will get it from here with 4x resolutions of HD. After bringing the TV into the home, many people get disappointed by the sound quality, which often is full of distraction. Toshiba 43-inch class C350 series has X-technology that boosts the audio experience and give you versatile sound from every dimension.

You will love its performance as soon as you set this TV in your home. It redefines every view of the picture without making your eyes strain with extreme brightness. Toshiba 43-inch class C350 series is compatible with Alexa, which can help you with anything, let it be simple navigation, playback, or switching with a simple voice command. Get the best viewing experience at an affordable price. It also supports Apple Airplay, making it versatile and different from other models in the market, selling at high prices.


  • Regza Engine 4K processor
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Excellent sound experience
  • Re-master technology for natural colors


  • Navigation is a little bit complex


6. Amazon Fire TV 50″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV – Best Tv for Under 600 with Advanced Features.

Amazon Fire TV 50″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

Are you craving a brilliant cinematic performance at home without spending all your savings buying a TV? Amazon fire TV 50″ 4-series Smart TV is your affordable option to consider. It has everything you were looking for in an expensive television with no compromise on a picture resolution. Within the range of 600, this Smart TV is undoubtedly a steal. Let’s discuss some of its most-talked features that enhance your watching experience.

It has 4K ultra HD, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby digital plus to support your full-bright picture quality with close-to-reality colors. You can expect the most satisfactory levels of quality from this TV without emptying your pocket. The 1080p full HD resolution brings clarity to the picture and lets you notice every bit of detail on the screen. Besides screen resolution, due to the other functions, you can say that this is the best TV for under 600 with advanced features. It has an Alexa voice control remote to make navigation as simple as possible for you.

You can also check the weather and sports score along with watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and playing games. The TV has combined all your favorite apps on a single platform, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime video, so you can stream more than 1 million shows anytime. This is the best tv for under 600 with advanced features.

Also, this TV will not always stay the same because it keeps updating itself. With time, you can see new Smart home capabilities, Alexa skills, voice functionalities, and more to explore. You don’t have to keep moving on different websites to watch your favorite shows because now you can watch whatever you want to. Also, it has headphones so you can cut off from the surrounding noise to watch your favorite show.


  • Remote with Alexa for voice commands
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Connect several devices
  • Deliver vibrant picture


  • The legs are of plastic


How To Buy The Best TV For Under 600?

Regardless of your budget, we want the best within our budget. If you are on the hunt to find the best TV for under 600, we have formulated a buying guide to help you choose the best one from the market. Let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider before deciding to buy a television.


Why do we think of updating or replacing our TVs with something better in the market? One of the biggest reasons that we all nod in agreement with is having the high resolution. Watching your favorite character with no blurry effect is absolute happiness. Before you get overwhelmed with the reviews and other stuff you heard from others, research it on your own. The picture quality is the most essential feature of every television. You should not compromise on buying the best TV for under 600. If you find the 4K resolution under this price, go for it.

Screen Size

We often feel ourselves losing in the serial or movie when the screen size is enormous and gives a cinematic feel. If you have unconditional love for big screens, find the one that fascinates you and takes your heart. Also, if you are a hardcore gamer, it must be your requirement to have a big screen at home to get the most out of it. So before you buy anything from the market, decide what screen size you are interested in and which one will be compatible with your room size. Keep it in consideration whenever you are about to buy a TV.


What else are you scared of while buying a TV? Durability is often the less discussed factor when we are buying a TV. The majority of brands offer high-durability and reliability of their televisions. But some models are so delicate that their parts become useless after a few years, or you must spend a lot on maintenance. To save yourself from this hassle, don’t forget to ask about the durability from a seller. Make the right decision by choosing the best one from the market.

Advanced Features

Televisions are all about making your life simple these days. Televisions are more than watching your favorite shows because if you miss them, you can re-watch them again by recording them. Also, it should have good connectivity so you can connect the television to different gadgets. It should have a user-friendly interface to navigate the page without annoyance. If you are buying a Smart TV, you should also look for a universal search engine where you can search for several things to watch. Don’t forget to check the volume control and if it’s smooth enough to help you listen to every beat of your favorite track or dialogue of a movie. It should not have any distortion. 


What if you spend a handsome amount on television, but it starts showing some technical issues within a few months? Here many customers think about the warranty period. Before buying any television for your home, research its warranty period and how many years you can avail of the service without being charged. Due to voltage fluctuation, television often comes up with different issues and consumes lots of money to repair. Save your pocket from unnecessary spending and ensure the warranty period is on the safe side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which smart TV is best for a low budget?

Smart TV makes everything looks better, even if you are watching the scene you hate the most in the show. As television prices were on the hike, it was hard for many people to bring it to their homes. If you want to buy a Smart Tv on a low budget, you should go for

  • Xiaomi
  • One Plus
  • Thomson
  • Kodak
  • Nokia

Which TV brand is best?

Every year, based on the performance of the TV, we get to know the different brands of the year. This time in 2022, Sony Bravia is the best brand because of its reliability, picture resolution, and advanced features. Due to the constant improvement in their television performance, they have created a significant market gap that other competitors are trying to fill with their revolutions.

How much should I spend on a TV?

This is the question people often feel confused about. Different brands offer several television models under the best tv under 600. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on TV only to realize later that you could have the same model at a lower price, you should keep the range to 600. You can have reasonable models under this range, from the 4K resolution to those loaded with advanced features. It’s a decent and enough budget to spend when you want some television with high resolution.

Final Thoughts

Television prices have dropped as the market is getting competitive, and every company is coming up with the best technological advancement. Our listed televisions aim to deliver a complete Smart entertainment experience to make your family time memorable. It’s time to pick your best tv for under 600 and enjoy your family, friends, or alone time with high-resolution quality. We hope you must have enjoyed the list and must be excited to binge-watch this weekend on your brand-new high-resolution TV.



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