Top 7 Best Wireless Surround Sound System 2022

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Do you want to live this theatrical experience at home? Don’t want to knock down walls or trip over wires to make that happen? So you are in a good place. A set of speakers will give you authentic surround sound, as the speakers will be placed around you in a 360-degree arrangement. But a complete surround sound system costs more than a soundbar and requires more boxes in your room, including an AV receiver.

We will inform you about the latest technologies and help you choose the perfect product. With no cables to manage and no setup hassle, the best wireless surround sound system is just a few clicks away! You can read or click below to jump to any point in this guide.

Summary of the Best Wireless Surround Sound System 

NoProduct NameKey FeatureProduct Rating
1.JBL Bar 9.1 – Channel Soundbar System with Surround Completely wireless subs can play audio while charging.4.4/5
2.Polk Audio Signa S4 Ultra-Slim Wireless Surround SoundThe object-based audio format is decoded and delivered using an immersive 3.1.2-channel speaker system4.5/5
3.Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite wireless surround sound systemAn all-in-one kit that requires little to no additional equipment.4.5/5
4.Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker SystemWith six speakers strategically placed throughout the room, the system is powerful and THX certified.4.6/5
5.VIZIO M-Series 5.1.2 Premium Sound Wireless Subwoofer Reflect accurate overhead sound off the ceiling for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content.4.5/5
6.Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound SystemLightweight cones provide a remarkable low-frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion.4.7/5
7-Wohome Model S99 Surround Sound Home TheaterIt’s a soundbar focused on loud and affordable audio quality.4.2/5

How To Select The Best Wireless Surround Sound System?

You look at everything when considering and suggesting the best home theatre systems. By the end, you’ll know all you need to start buying confidently. All the systems should be chosen for their high marks in performance, features, and value, but they vary significantly in size, audio-output power, features, and price. Users should check the results and reviews to determine which wireless entertainment system is best for them.

What to Consider Before Buying Wireless Surround Sound System


 First, find out what your TV supports and consider other devices you want to connect, such as game consoles. Ports are essential, and this is where having multiple ports comes in handy. While the options are great, there can be a big difference in sound quality depending on your use to connect.

Audio format

 It is also very important to ensure all your devices support the same audio formats before plugging them in. Dolby Atmos and DTSX are currently the two most common high-definition formats. While HDMI Arc can’t (yet) transmit high-definition signals like this, a new format has emerged that can. It is called “eArc” and is becoming increasingly popular in new sets. Depending on your soundbar and system, these higher-end formats can play back encoded information from movies and games, immersing you in authentic surround sound even with the soundbar on.


If you’re planning to install a wireless home theatre system in a large room, you must consider range seriously.

Let’s see what the difference is between systems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

As for Bluetooth wireless home theatre systems, they are suitable for shorter distances in tighter spaces. Typically, Bluetooth systems have a range of about 30 feet. But you can’t go wrong with a Wi-Fi wireless home theatre system if you have enough space.

Sound Quality

Such parameters determine sound quality as frequency response, rated output power, RMS, signal-to-noise ratio, Total Harmonic Distortion and more.

While trying to find the best wireless home theatre system, pay attention to extensive and not ideally flat frequency response, preferably with a focus on bass. The latter is supposed to feature both low and high maximum values.

Output power, RMS and signal-to-noise ratio also need high maximum values. Total Harmonic Distortion has to be lower than 1%. However, you should eventually be guided not by the values but by how you perceive the sound.

List of Top 7 Best Wireless Surround Sound Systems

1. JBL Bar 9.1 – Channel Soundbar System with Surround 

JBL Bar 9.1 – Channel Soundbar System with Surround 

This powerful system comes with extreme power and ultra HD 4K passthrough. It also has detachable speakers at both ends of the soundbar for better sound placement. This means you can get the crisp, clear sound right where you need it. It produces deep bass thanks to its 10” powerful subwoofer. This speaker system can draw 300 watts of power, making it a high-power option for your living room. You’ll also appreciate adding a remote for a more effortless experience and wireless capabilities.

Before you purchase this, learn more about its essential features:

High-Quality Construction

The JBL Bar 9.1 has excellent build quality. Its top and front are made of metal, which helps protect it while giving its speakers a sleek look. Although the back and bottom are plastic, it feels solid and durable. The satellites are made from the same material as the upper and have similar metal grid-like mesh on the top, front and sides.

Sound Quality

JBL Bar 9.1 delivers on its promise of delivering a powerful home theatre experience. You’ll be immersed in a soundscape for movies and shows featuring a Dolby Atmos soundtrack or even Dolby Digital 5.1-only tracks. With 820 watts of system output power, you’ll hear your movies, games, and music like never before. Let the impressive and powerful sound take your viewing or gaming experience to the next level.


JBL Bar 9.1 uses actual wireless satellite speakers made of hard plastic and metal. They can be attached to the bar or placed around the room. Its furthest edges are curved with a grid-like metal grille to protect the speakers, giving it a sleek look.


  • Super simple setup
  • Big, powerful bass
  • Convincing Dolby Atmos and 5.1 sound
  • Convenient wireless speakers
  • A well-balanced sound profile.
  • Full wireless connectivity options.


  • Not enough inputs
  • Not enough EQ settings

Who is suitable for this product?

This is the best choice for those who want an easy setup and wireless speakers with a very slick design.

Where can you buy this JBL Bar 9.1 – Channel Soundbar System with Surround


2. Polk Audio Signa S4 Ultra-Slim Wireless Surround Sound

Polk Audio Signa S4 Ultra-Slim Wireless Surround Sound

Polk Signa S4 is a capable soundbar that offers a good 3.1.2 channel immersive audio experience in an easy-to-install and affordable package. An HDMI connection supports eARC, Polk’s patented VoiceAdjust technology, and different sound modes. The wireless subwoofer produces a solid bass foundation, and the soundbar has enough amplification to create a sense of scale.

Before you purchase this, learn more about its essential features:

Streamlined setup and usability

The Signa S4’s biggest highlight is its audio performance; sound quality is Polk’s way of competing in the ever-expanding world of soundbars, and it leaned hard with the latest addition to the lineup. The soundbar offers a nice, expansive soundstage for the movie’s opening space-chase scene while offering wacky dialogue without skipping a punchline from Ryan Reynolds.

Affordable Dolby Atmos

With a pair of built-in boost drivers, the Signa S4 is one of the most affordable true Dolby Atmos soundbars. Dolby Atmos is also sound. My scenes of going to Atmos from blockbuster movies like Blade Runner 2049 and Dune had a stellar, three-dimensional presence that depicted heavy downpours and a relentless sandstorm, respectively. You will be very impressed with what you hear, especially at this price, due to the acoustics and dimensions of the space.

VoiceAdjust technology

In terms of other features, the Signa S4 includes Polk’s VoiceAdjust, which uses patented technology to ensure the dedicated centre channel is clear and precise so you can hear every word. There are three different settings to increase the volume of sounds without affecting the rest of the soundtrack.


  • Great sound signature
  • Genuine, affordable Dolby Atmos
  • Simple setup and use
  • Solid bass performance
  • Dolby Atmos decoding
  • HDMI connection with eARC
  • VoiceAdjust technology


  • Limited settings
  • No Wi-Fi

Who is suitable for this product?

If you’re the type who likes simplicity, don’t worry about online features and look for the cheapest Dolby Atmos soundbar-subwoofer combo, the Signa S4 should be at the top of your list.

Where can you buy this Polk Audio Signa S4 Soundbar System with Surround?


3. Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite wireless surround sound system

Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite wireless surround sound system

Improve your screen sound with the Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2 SSE 800W Soundbar System. It includes a soundbar with left, right and centre channels, two side tweeters and two satellite speakers that can act as rear or up-firing Atmos speakers. The Two included 8″ wireless subwoofers provide low bass impact and send power and sound to the satellite speakers. The system’s ability to decode Dolby and DTS signals, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, helps to provide an immersive surround sound experience with compatible content.

Before you purchase this, learn more about its essential features:

Dual 8″ Wireless Subwoofers

The two down-firing wireless subwoofers are designed to deliver smooth bass effects that are nearly impossible to locate. They emit bass effects as low as 35Hz directly to the floor surface to disperse bass in all directions. Using two subwoofers helps create an open sweet spot for reduced distortion and smooth, balanced bass effects at all listening levels.

Backlit Remote Control

The 52-key backlit remote allows for seamless control, even in the dark. It provides access to source inputs, EQ settings, individual channel volume, three SSE customisation modes, one-button room size optimisation, and lip-sync settings.

Two 2-Way Satellite Speakers

Two satellite speakers are designed to provide clear and immersive surround effects. They can be used as back channels or in Atmos up fire setups. These satellite speakers aren’t technically wireless but connect to the subwoofer via cable. But the subwoofer is wireless, so technically, the satellite speakers connect wirelessly to the soundbar. Each speaker measures 5 inches deep, 5.4 inches wide, and 8 inches tall and delivers robust and accurate dynamic sound.


  • Provides quality, authentic surround sound for the cost.
  • Dialogue is clear and concise.
  • Bass & treble level control
  • Surround L&R balance
  • 4K-compatible HDMI ports give you plenty of options.
  • An all-in-one kit that requires little to no additional equipment.


  • No stereo mode.
  • The remote control is not user-friendly.

Who is suitable for this product?

The Nakamichi Soundwafe Pro 7.1.4Ch is an excellent investment for anyone looking to build a home theatre system, regardless of price.

Where can you buy this Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite Soundbar System with Surround?


4. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Completely immerse yourself in a premium cinema-quality sound experience from the comfort of your home. This 5.1 speaker system has 1000 watts peak/500 watts RMS power for rich THX-certified surround sound. With the ability to decode Dolby Digital and DTS-encoded soundtracks, the Z906 takes your movie and music experience to a new level.

Before you purchase this, learn more about its essential features:

Integrated Controls

Adjust volume levels for each satellite speaker and subwoofer independently and access power and mute from the control panel or wireless remote. Easily access all controls (power, volume, audio channels and more) from an integrated remote. You can also personalise your listening experience by choosing 2.1, 4.1 or 3D surround sound.

Amazing Surround Sound Experience.

Designed to deliver the most immersive surround sound experience right out of the box. This 5.1 speaker system is tuned to the highest standards to achieve THX certification. It is also designed to decode Dolby Digital and DTS-encoded soundtracks, giving you a premium audio experience. 1000 watts peak/500 watts RMS power delivers rich sound and punchy bass. Enjoy an audio experience that delivers every detail, from the crowd’s roar to the footsteps behind you. The sound you can hear and feel.

Versatile Setup

Supports multiple inputs simultaneously. Connect up to six compatible devices via 3.5mm, RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial and optical inputs. Choose the audio input via the control console or remote control.


  • Good overall performance
  • Nice build quality
  • Easy to connect and setup
  • Reasonable price for tight budgets
  • Convenient control console


  • Dedicated home cinema speakers dish out more detail
  • Lack of an HDMI port.

Who is suitable for this product?

Home theatre systems like this can be excellent entry-level systems because they are extremely easy to set up and connect. It’s easy to get them running in minutes, which is extremely useful for people who don’t want to deal with AV receivers and speakers and calibrating them all.

Where can you buy this Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System?


5. VIZIO M-Series 5.1.2 Premium Sound Wireless Subwoofer