Top 8 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for College Students 2022

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for College Students 2022
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Being a student is fun yet hard because you may be loaded with energy but have a small pocket to manage all the expenses. If you have a wish list and planning to buy a few things from it for self-satisfaction, then you are at the right place. Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to secure the best deals. The best amazon prime day deals for college students 2022 are here to help you get the best products at discounted prices. Let’s see what this sale has in store for you to make this year exciting.

Summary of the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for College Students 2022

S.NoProduct NameFeatures
1Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside SpinnerHighly durable
2COSORI Electric Gooseneck KettleSafe and reliable
3Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle King MattressClassic comfort
4Midea 12,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air ConditionerEnergy efficient
5Christopher Knight Home 305538 Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm ChairComfortable to relax
6CordaRoy’s Corduroy Bean Bag ChairFilled with reliable foam
7Shark HD120BRN Blow DryerQuick-drying
8COSORI Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo AeroblazeA family-capacity grill
Summary of the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for College Students 2022

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for College Students 2022 (Detailed Review)

1. Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

A durable luggage bag for a student is not less than a blessing as they are frequent travelers. A luggage bag is a must-have from shifting accommodation to visiting home or going on a trip with friends. Most brands offer durable, and premium bags at prices students can’t afford. Amazon basics 21-inch hard side spinner is your perfect traveling companion now.

Easy Maneuvering

Dragging a luggage bag with all your power at the airport or anywhere is a sheer embarrassment. It’s hard to deal with a product that doesn’t cooperate with you. This hard-side spinner has a durable and comfortable handle to carry perfectly with 4-double spinner wheels for easy movement. The smooth-rolling will make your traveling fun.

Sturdy Design

From international flights to local travel, this spinner is the appropriate option for every student for comfortable traveling. The protective extra-thick ABS hard shell is scratch-resistant and easy to carry without being afraid of any damage. Your stuff is safe inside as it is sturdy with a beautiful finish to define your travel mode.


Clothes, gifts, cosmetics, and personal stuff; how are you supposed to fit this all in one bag? Now you can because Amazon’s basic 21-inch hard side spinner is 15% more expandable than ordinary bags. It has separate 3-zipper pockets to store personal stuff. Also, the bag is lined with a 150D polyester interior for finishing.  


  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable to last
  • Extra space inside
  • Reduce pressure on hands


  • A handle may not stay in one place

Where to Buy Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon USA

2. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Name me a better love story than coffee and students? But surely it’s a hassle when you have to prepare everything manually within a short time in the morning or late at night. To brew the best cup of coffee, you must wait several minutes near the stove to constantly stare at the color but not anymore because Cosori electric gooseneck kettle is your savior.

Durable Manufacturing

As a student, you always try to save money by purchasing stuff at reduced prices to save a few bucks. After a few months, some kettles start catching rust and give a weird flavor to your coffee. The durable and quality standard manufacturing of Cosori electric gooseneck kettle will keep you satisfied. It’s built from 100% food-grade stainless steel with no chemical linings.

Safe and Secure

Functionality, features, and design are essential, but you should never compromise on safety. This electric kettle will help you prepare your favorite beverages or snacks and keep you safe. When water, milk, or anything in the kettle reaches the desired temperature, it shuts off automatically. Besides this feature, it also has a boil-dry feature to turn off the function when there is nothing in the kettle.

Quick Heating

This kettle may seem compact and portable but works on the power of 1200watts. It hardly takes 3-5 minutes to fully boiling water. You no longer need to waste your precious time, and it can maintain temperature for around 1 hour. The leak-proof kettle design prevents burn or injuries, no matter how you use it.


  • 1200watts quick heating
  • Precise and optimal pouring
  • 5-temperature presets
  • No chemical linings involved


  • Beep is loud

Where to Buy COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Amazon USA

3. Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle King Mattress

Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle King Mattress

A comfortable mattress is a key to healthy and relaxing sleep. Nod hybrid by Tuft and Needle king mattress is up for sale to serve your body better after a tiring day. It relieves pressure, adjusts itself according to body shape, and delivers classic support to the body. Above all, it’s affordable because we all deserve to sleep peacefully.

No Sinking

It’s embarrassing and equally annoying when you or someone is sitting on the mattress, and it starts sinking. Due to the non-durable construction and quality of the mattress, this problem may arise after a few months of usage. This mattress has several layers, such as 2-inches of T&N adaptive foam, 1-inches of slow-recovery foam, 6-inches pocket coil, and 1-inches base foam.

Cooling Effect

It happened to all of us when sleeping on a mattress in summer, and we woke up soaked in our sweat. The problem is the non-breathable mattress fabric which is not delivering a cooling effect. It’s time to say goodbye to your hot mattress and have a cool sleep. The ventilated fabric of the mattress keeps you cool throughout the night.


Do you know a good mattress can relieve all your stress and pressure from the body? Nod hybrid by Tuft and Needle king mattress keeps you relaxed by reducing squeaks, adjusting itself to your body, and bridging the gap between you and sleep. You can have this 100-night free trial with a 10-years warranty for customer satisfaction.


  • Responsive and adaptive foam
  • Pressure-relieving qualities
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Stay comfortable


  • It takes time to expand fully

Where to Buy Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle King Mattress

Amazon USA

4. Midea 12,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

Midea 12,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

Midea 12,000 BTU easy cool window air conditioner can make your home, hostel room, apartment, or office comfortable with a cool environment. The brand aims to provide energy-friendly solutions to people to keep their life simple yet relaxing. Everything about this air conditioner is excellent in design, performance, and features. 

Quiet Cooling

Stop dealing with an annoying buzzing sound of an air conditioner anymore because this window air conditioner by Midea is quiet in performance. Within 10-15 minutes, it can cool the space of 550 sq. ft. by using 3-air circulation fans and reduce humidity. 

Easy to Install

This is one of the best amazon prime day deals for college students 2022 looking for pocket-friendly options to maintain room temperature in summers. This equipment is easy to install within an existing window frame. All mounting accessories are available with the product, and within a few minutes, it will be set to use.


The genuine concern of every consumer while installing an air conditioner at their place is about energy bills. Midea 12,000 BTU Easy cool window air conditioner is energy-efficient and has several options to save more on bills. You can switch it to eco-mode to save maximum energy or set the timer to schedule it.


  • Reduce humidity
  • Quick installation
  • Energy-star certified
  • Removable and reusable air filter


  • It takes time for installation

Where to Buy Midea 12,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

Amazon USA

5. Christopher Knight Home 305538 Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

Christopher Knight Home 305538 Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

Back pain, pressure on the shoulders, and neck ache are common problems we all experience as students. When you constantly sit on a chair that has no support for your back and neck, it may cause spine issues. Christopher knight Home 305538 Evelyn Mid Century modern fabric armchair will keep you relaxed to help you get rid of constant pain.

Stylish Appearance

You want a sophisticated design and stylish chair appearance to make your place look calming. Furniture decides the vibe of your place, and this modern fabric armchair will enhance the beauty of a room. The traditional design with a modern touch makes this one classic piece to own.

Uncompromised Comfort

We all change our home’s chairs and sofas due to old-fashioned appearance and comfort. We want to feel the relaxation, luxury, and comfort of sitting in an armchair. The durable structure and sturdiness make this chair a perfect match for you.

Blendable Design

Whether you have a funky room or are painted with calm colors, this armchair is built to blend with all. The color, design, and texture complement each and everything in your room. If you want to add elegance to your room without emptying your pockets, this blendable design is the need of your room.


  • Sturdy to last
  • Comfortable to rest
  • Durable structure
  • Plush fabric


  • Require assembly for a few parts

Where to Buy Christopher Knight Home 305538 Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

Amazon USA

6. CordaRoy’s Corduroy Bean Bag Chair

CordaRoy’s Corduroy Bean Bag Chair

You should not enjoy student life without being a party person. Slumber parties, sleepovers, and movie nights are the best memories to cherish forever. If you have limited space on the bed and don’t know where to accommodate everyone, Cordaroy’s corduroy bean bag chair has a cure. This bean bag chair is one of the most versatile in your home as it’s convertible into a king-size bed.

Soft and Washable

Washing a convertible chair is often challenging because we worry about the stuff inside. TheCordaRoy’s Corduroy Bean Bag Chair is soft and washable with woven touching. You are not required to wash it by hand as it’s compatible with the machine and dryer safe. No need to worry about beans anymore because it’s time to enjoy every moment with your loved ones. 

Quick Convertible

Convertible stuff requires all your effort to change them into another shape you want to, and people ask for help to finally set it up. Unlike conventional convertible chairs, changing the chair into the bed takes a few minutes. As soon as you remove the cover and flip the cushion, it will immediately turn into a king-size bed. It’s the best product when you have limited space and don’t want to fill the room with furniture.

Reliable Construction

Due to reliable construction and premium fabric, you no longer have to worry about after-wash results. No matter how many times you toss it in a machine, the shine and quality will remain the same for years. It will stay soft and luxurious, so you can always count on it to make memories with loved ones.


  • Excellent durability
  • Chair to bed quickly
  • Soft and washable
  • Best for any room


  • It takes time to expand

Where to Buy CordaRoy’s Corduroy Bean Bag Chair

Amazon USA

7. Shark HD120BRN Blow Dryer

Shark HD120BRN Blow Dryer

It’s not easy for everyone to buy high-brand products as they are expensive and require maintenance. What should be the solution when you don’t want to compromise on your hair quality but need something on a budget? Shark HD120BRN is a great blow dryer that can style your hair in a few minutes due to its powerful performance.

Prevent Heat Damage

Shark HD120BRN blow dryer is up to secure the best amazon prime day deals for college students 2022. This blow dryer prevents hair damage through intelligent heat control and distributes even heat while styling. It measures heat automatically, so you don’t have to deal with hair burn later.

Adjustable Settings

It’s hard to work with such styling equipment that works in a single setting. This product has solved your problem by coming up with adjustable heat settings. It has 3-cool and 3-heat settings that are customizable according to the texture and look. You can adjust them from low to high as required by the style.

Ultra-Fast Drying

This product works on the HyperAir IQ technology that is responsible for combining high-velocity heated air with ionized air for quick drying. It also prevents heat damage, and your hair remains shiny even after styling. This is the best product to secure in your cart for a frizz-free look.


  • Auto-optimized heat
  • Customized settings
  • Quickly shape hair
  • Excellent drying power


  • Too hot for sensitive scalp

Where to Buy Shark HD120BRN Blow Dryer

Amazon USA

8. COSORI Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo Aeroblaze

COSORI Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo Aeroblaze

Food is the only thing that makes you happy when you want to treat your taste buds but doesn’t want to consume unhealthy calories. What options do you have in such a situation? Cosori indoor grill and smart XL air fryer combo aeroblaze is the solution to your grill cravings. The hot food will be on your table with a precise caramelized flavor.

Quick Cooking Time

COSORI Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo Aeroblaze doesn’t work like a conventional air fryer, requiring maximum cooking time without delivering a crisp texture. This technologically advanced indoor grill and air fryer have an efficient cooking time of around 25-minutes with 360 degrees rapid air circulation technology. 

Smoke-Free Process

Regardless of your cooking place, this product is built to handle cooking without disturbing the surroundings. It cooks food by adopting a smoke-free process so you all can cook together. The activated carbon smoke filter layered with stainless steel is responsible for reduced smoke. Your kitchen will always be clear from the grilling or cooking mess.

8-Cooking Functions

As a cooking enthusiast, you don’t have to buy different appliances for cooking because Cosori Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo Aeroblaze is all in one. It has 8-versatile cooking options to make indoor cooking fun. You can try air grill, roast, bake, dehydrate, crisp, broil, preheat and keep warm. It prepares food with 85% less oil than conventional air fryers or grilling.


  • Versatile cooking functions
  • 360 rapid air circulation
  • Smart control
  • Family capacity equipment


  • It may smoke sometimes

Where to Buy COSORI Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo Aeroblaze

Amazon USA

Buying Guide

Reading a buying guide before securing anything in your cart is one of the wisest decisions you can make for a better purchase. If you want the best deals and compromise is not an option because of limited money, here is your best guide. Search for all these factors in your product, and you will pick out the best one from all. Let’s dive in.


Regardless of the product category, we want durability in everything. Whether buying a bag, kettle, mattress, or charger, we want something with a bigger ROI. While drooling over your favorite product, don’t forget to check the reviews left by existing customers and what they have to say about its durability. The longer it lasts, the more you will get satisfied with its performance. This factor also depends on the manufacturing standard, so ensure to check that out, too.

Modern Functionality

We seek ease in everything to save our precious time for more things that require attention. You should not buy anything that works on old methods that might consume half of your time. From a coffee machine to a simple bag, it must have modern functionality to keep every task simple. Look out for the unique point of your desired product that can solve your problem.

Easy to Use

Nobody wants to use something complicated that can waste their whole day. We all need a product that is easy to use to save our precious time for completing other tasks. Before buying anything, ensure it’s easy to set up, has quick connectivity, and has easy-to-reach functions. It shouldn’t require hours of reading and research to operate it finally.


As a student, you must be living in a small hostel room or apartment to manage everything in a limited amount. You may want to have many things at your place but can’t because of space issues. This season, you can surely buy as many deals as you want but make sure that the product consumes less space to keep your place de-clutter. It should be compact and easy to place anywhere in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will be the duration of my free trial for Amazon prime as a student?

Student policy is lenient globally from stores to transport as they have a limited amount in pockets and expenses to fulfill. You have secured the best amazon prime day deals for college students 2022 by being their member, and above all, you will get a 6-months free trial which is mostly 30-days for other customers. When your trial is expired, you will get charged $6.49 per month.

2. How will Amazon verify my student status?

 Amazon has set a few steps to verify whether a person subscribing to their student membership is showing their true identity or not? Amazon will verify your student status by asking for an ID card provided by the institution and your picture. When everything is verified, you can get any deal in the cart. 

3. What should I look for in a product to avoid problems later?

The first thing as a student you need to avoid is additional hassle. There is no point in using a product that is complicated to deal with and not reliable. Look out for easy-to-use, long-lasting deals, and you must have a hassle-free warranty to keep your money safe with them.

Final Thoughts

This year Amazon prime day has amazing deals to keep you on your toes. You will not only get products from them but from third-party retailers. It’s time to open your eagle eye and drop the best products in your cart before it goes out of stock. The best amazon prime day deals for college students 2022 are available at a reduced price, and even with your little pocket money or earnings, you can have spectacular products to last for years. You can save big now and for sure won’t regret shopping later.



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