10 Best Clippers For Fades. Is There A Clear Winner? (2022)

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Either you are a man or woman, hairstyles are crucial. Hairstyle defines your personality 70%. The rest of the 30% depends on your clothing and your looks. In the grooming of a man, hair styling and beard styling is very important. And if you talk about the hairstyle, which is most popular these days for men, they are fades. If you do not want to go to the barbershop for any hairstylist for your hairstyling, you can do it at home with simple tools. There are no expensive tools required to keep your hair in style. For fades, you can invest in a hair clipper. There are many good hair Clippers available these days. If you do not know what you should keep in mind while buying a hair clipper for fades, here is a complete guide for you to find the best clippers for fades.

But you should choose a hair clipper according to your hair type and what kind of hairstyles you need. For example, if you have excellent hair growth, then you need a clipper that trims fast and is very powerful. 

Even for fades, there are different styles that you can carry. If you have your hair clipper, it will benefit you. Well, it also depends on your hair growth. Here are the 10 best clippers for fades you can get for perfect fades.

Our Pick for Best Clippers For Fades

NoProduct NameKey Feature
0Fadify 2.0 by Fading Culture
Fadify 2.0 Discount Code (10% OFF): URBANOAK10
Fading Blade. You could literally give yourself a fade!
1Andis 01690 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper with Adjustable Fade Blade, SilverFast speed
2Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair ClipperSharp blades
3BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series – Clipper Powerful battery
4Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper, BrownClassic design and powerful battery
5Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500High-end motor
6Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair ClipperHighly durable
7Ion MAX 5-Speed Cordless Clipper5x speed

New Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper 2-BladesProfessional use
9Caliber Professional Cordless Clipper Rechargeable, High-Speed Magnetic MotorFast rechargeable batteries 
10Andis Professional Cordless Fade Combo Envy Li Clipper & Slimline Li Trimmer 75020Easy to use
Summary of best clippers for fades

Best Clippers For Fades (Detailed review)

1. Most Innovative Clipper For Fades: Fadify 2.0 by Fading Culture

This best clippers for fades probably the first of its kind. The Fadify 2.0 Hair Clipper was inspired and developed with the great minds of 14 barbers in USA. Its patent pending fading blade design will probably put some barbers out of business (if all what they do is just a simple fade). This hair clipper is able to help you achieve different types of fades in just less than 5 minutes. You probably take a couple of times to practice and eventually both of you will be in unison.

Brilliant Design

A slanted blade with a few combinations gives you different fade, from burst fade to standard fade. You could switch things around to suit your needs. Altogether there are 3 blades that you could play around with. This is also a chordless hair clipper with clear battery indicator, speed (RPM) and a safety lock.

Easy Charging

Wireless charging and able to keep the hair clipper alive for up to 240 minutes.

DIY Fade at its best

Once you are familiar with it, getting your own fade takes no more than 7 minutes! No need to draw any guidelines; you can simply go over the hair once and it’s mostly done

Pros of the FADIFY 2.0:

  • When familiar, achieving a fade by yourself is no sweat
  • Able to achieve different fades: Burst Fade, Standard Fade and Taper Fade.
  • All in one hair cutting kit as it comes with 4 trimmer guards to complete your haircut.
  • A good grip
  • Cordless
  • Waterproof
  • The battery life is extremely long, lasting up to 240 minutes on a single charge
  • Some barbers have even begun using it

Cons of the FADIFY 2.0

  • You still need a bit of knowledge of fading and haircuts. It is vital to have a steady grip and make sure the clipper is perpendicular to the head. Do not be shy to ask someone to help to trim the back of your head. Alternatively, get yourself a 360 mirror to have a better view
  • It is relatively quick to do the fade itself, but you still have to cut the hair above and below as well as on top, which requires some time and effort
360 mirror

All in all, you will get better over time, experience definitely helps when cutting the fade. Something to be mindful, you cannot achieve a skin fade, since the shortest length is 0.4mm. In my opinion, you should give a try especially if getting to a barber is hassle, this could save you time and money!

Where To Buy Fadify 2.0

Fadify-culture.com (50% Launch OFF)

Fadify 2.0 Discount Code (10% OFF): URBANOAK10

1. Best High Speed Clipper: Andis 01690 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper with Adjustable Fade Blade, Silver

best fade clippers
Andis 01690 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper with Adjustable Fade Blade, Silver

If you are finding the best clippers for fades, then your search ends here. Andis professional fade hair clipper is best for smooth results. It comes in two models, and one cordless other is with a cord. You can buy whatever suits you best. It has a unique design. 

Now let us talk about the functionality of this hair clipper. The design is a bit funky. The clipper is adjustable. This clipper is very lightweight, and it works smoothly. It is letter pricey but the results what your money.

Speed and sharpness

Andis clipper is sharp and fast. It cuts hair from the very edge so you can cut even small strands with it. With a speed of 14 thousand strokes per minute, the clipper gives you smooth and pleasing results. The product has a powerful battery that does get heat up at least before 2 hours. 

Easy to use

This product is adjustable and has an excellent grip; when you are cutting hairs, tool size and grip matters a lot for good results. If your slipper size is too big and you cannot grab it correctly, your haircut will probably be a mess. 

That is why you need a perfectly sized hair clipper, and this hair clipper comes with adjustable size so you can make it according to you. This makes it one of the best clippers for fades.


  • It is adjustable.
  • The clipper comes in two variants; cordless and corded
  • Fast speed.


  • It is deafening.

Where to find Andis 01690 professional hair clipper?

Amazon USA

2. Best Barber Clipper for Fades: Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper for Barbers and Stylists

best fading clippers
Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper for Barbers and Stylists

For hair clippers and hair styling tools, Wahl is a very known brand. The products are highly professional and usually are used at salons and barber. But if you want to cut your hair at home and make perfect fade, then you can buy Wahl professional hair clipper. 

This model precisely easy to use, and you can use it at home easily. Here are the reasons why it is the best barber clippers for fades:


This hair clipper is a cordless full stop. You can use it anywhere without loving it per charging. It has a powerful battery, so you do not need to take tension about charging. 

And if you forget to charge your hair clipper, then you can cut your hair while setting it. This makes it very convenient to use.

Extremely sharp blade

The Wale hair Clipper is very sharp. This clipper is magnificent to make the first line out to the bald. Because this line needs to be very fine and prominent, so it requires a very sharp blade. Be careful while using this product because of its sharpness. 

Besides, it gives you perfect results, and the quality of the hair clipper is outstanding. It is unbreakable and does not get rusted.


  • Top-notch quality result.
  • Cordless.
  • Strong battery.
  • Sharp blades.


  • It becomes slow at constant use.

Where to find Wahl professional 5-star magic clipper?

Amazon USA

3. Best Premium Design Clipper For Fades: BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series – Clipper

best clippers for fading
BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series – Clipper

Baby Plus Pro clipper has a premium design in gold color, which gives an aesthetic look. This clip is extreme and is Unbreakable. This Lithium clipper;’s why you already know it is going to be last for long. 

You can use such a powerful tool even if you are a barber and you have to cut different types of hairs every day. This single tool can save your day and your reputation. 

Powerful battery

This hair clipper is famous for its robust battery design, which talks Ferrari design. It has Lithium batteries that last for so long and are powerful enough to run for two to three hours without a break. 

Top-notch quality

Baby bi fewer Clippers stand out in the market because of their high quality. These slippers are perfect for fades because you have to cut tiny hairs. It does your task in no time. It is a challenging and time-consuming task to cut fades at home for those who have thick hair. 

The best professional hair clipper will save your time and energy and gives you the perfect haircut.


  • Powerful battery
  • Stunning design 
  • Clippers are sharp and smooth.
  • Cordless


  • These pairs are expensive.

Where to find these babybliss clippers?

Amazon USA

4. Most Durable Clipper for Fade: Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper, Brown

best clippers for fade
Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper, Brown

The Oster Classic is a brand that is 120 years old, providing its best services in hair styling tools for a century. The Classic 76 has a very minimal but classic look that gives you an old sophisticated Vibe. These Clippers are ideal enough to be used as a professional tool by any professional. 

You can cut different types of hair from this one single tool. It also comes with extra accessories like clipper oil, cleaning brush, grease, etc. 

Perfect for professional use

Classic 76 is perfect for professional use. If you are a barber and have to cut hair all day long, users need a vital tool to cut any hair. Classic 76 gives you a perfectly smooth look. It is soft and quiet that you can even cut White hair with it. 

And it is perfect for cutting fades of a different style. Blades are detachable to attach different sizes and types of blades according to different hair types and different hairstyles.


Classic 76 is ideally durable. It has a powerful battery, which lasts for so long. And the design is not only classic, but the material is also solid that is Unbreakable. 

It does not get rusted even if you cut wet, oily hair, even if you keep it in a more structured, moisturized environment. The hair clipper is long-lasting and gives you perfect results.


  • Perfect for professional use.
  • Long battery life.
  • Sharp and smooth.


  • These are heavy because of their design.

Where to find Oster classic 76 professional clippers?

Amazon USA

5. Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500 – The Original Electromagnetic Clipper with V9000 Motor

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500 – The Original Electromagnetic Clipper with V9000 Motor

The brand Wahl is our favorite when it comes to clipping and hairstyling accessories. But this electro electromagnetic clipper is structured highly effectively. Its design is very smooth. Can two different types of cuttings with a single tool like fades, heavy-duty cuts, blends, etc. 

Clipper does not get overheated. It comes with other accessories like blade oils, cleaning brush, etc. 

Higher-end motor

The working of the tool depends on its motor. Wahl hair clipper has firm hire and engine, which cuts your hair fast. For thick hairs, this is the Best to so far. Its blades are sharp and do their work perfectly. 

These slippers are easy to use because they do not take much energy and time to give you a simple haircut. You can use it for professional and for everyday use.

Precise cutting

The tool has sharp blades which give you precise cutting.  These are excellent for doing zero fades as well. If you have a cheap and low-quality hair clipper, you will not be satisfied with zero fades cutting. Because of this cutting, you need an exact blade and a potent motor tool.


  • Elegant design
  • High-end motor
  • Precise cutting 
  • Perfect for zero fades cutting 


  • Clipper’s vibration is sometimes irritating.

Where to find Wahl professional senior clipper?

Amazon USA

6. Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Panasonic brand is very famous for its electronics. If you are finding the best clipper for you, Panasonic is here to save you. Panasonic ER 1611 professional hair clipper that you can use for everyday use. 

It is lightweight and does not get heated up even if you are using it for hours. The design is structured very beautifully and as handy as possible. 


This product is cordless and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you want. It is convenient, especially when you are traveling, you can easily have it with you. This product does not take hours of charging, And its battery e lasts for long. 

This product is highly durable and portable for traveling etc. You do not need to worry about hair styling while you are away from home and cannot find a barbershop near you.

No overheating 

With this cordless hair, the clipper says no to overheating. It doesn’t get overheated. This is also a safety feature, and you do not need to worry about overheating while wearing your haircut.


  • It is lightweight.
  • No overheating.
  • Highly durable.


  • This Panasonic clipper is expensive.

Where to find Panasonic ER1611 professional clippers?

Amazon USA

7. Ion MAX 5-Speed Cordless Clipper

Ion MAX 5-Speed Cordless Clipper

If you are looking for fast and precise results of your hair clipper for fades, then the iron max speed cordless clipper is perfect for you. It is precisely for hi-speed and durability. Its battery is designed in such a way to give you 5 hours of constant hair cutting with no overheating. 

It has an excellent blade that prevents overheating and eventually provides you perfect smooth hairstyling.

Sharp blades

 It has very sharp blades, which are made up of Titanium ceramic material. Ceramic blades are perfect for cutting thick hairs and even short hairs. You can even have zero faith in cutting with these sharp blades. 

Be very careful while cutting because you can get damaged if not used properly. Its battery is also mighty.

5x speed

The most prominent feature of this hair clipper is 5x speed. This is the fastest and best hair clipper for fades. You can do perfect hair cutting with these clippers, just like Salon at home. 

If you are doing your coats at home, you need a professional hair clipper because you are not trained enough to use low-quality hair clippers easily.


  • Powerful battery
  • Clipper doesn’t get overheated.
  • Fastest speed.
  • Smooth results.


  • These are expensive clippers.

Where to buy Ion Max 5-Speed clipper?

Amazon USA

8. New Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper 2-Blades (blades sizes are 000,1)

New Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper 2-Blades (blades sizes are 000,1)

Oyster hair Clippers are always our favorite Clippers for different purposes like cutting, trimming, etc. These hair Clippers are not only good in look and designs but are also best for quality cutting. 

Whether you are a barber or hairstylist or if you want to do your hair at home, these slippers are the best clippers for fades. You can do a different types of fades with this single tool. Get your hands on these hair Clippers, and don’t worry about the hairstyling. 

First of all, you need to watch some tutorials on how to do perfect fades at home. 

High-quality clippers

Oster has high-quality Clippers. Their battery life is a long-lasting full stop, and blades are sharp enough to provide you perfect haircut at home effortlessly. Some people get irritated by the noise of hair Clippers, but these hair Clippers are quiet and smooth. 

You can lower its voice by reading the instruction in the manual. The product has a powerful motor. You can even do heavy-duty cuts with it. You can use it in any condition, oily wet, etc. It is perfect for rough use. 

If you do not like to do heavy maintenance of your tools but still want excellent results, this hair clipper is all you need.

Professional use:

This is not only for home use. Even if you are a professional hairstylist, you can use these Oster Clippers for professional use. It has detachable blades. So you can easily cut any kind of hair of any length. 

All you need to do is to change the blade according to its hair size and type. For example, if your client has thick hair, you can change the blade size according to his hair. It depends on the haircut also, like for fades, sharp blades are used. 

The product comes with three blades and is super easy to change. Clippers are highly durable; you can use them for hours, and it does not get overheated. Oster classic Clippers have a long cord for making them easier to use. 

But because of its classic style and material, this hair clipper is a little bit heavy. It has a firm grip that you do not face any inconvenience while cutting your perfect style. But quality comes with a price, so little have an excellent effect on the high-quality results of these other classic Clippers.


  • High-quality clippers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long cord for convenience.
  • Fast and smooth results.


  • Very expensive.

Where to find the New Oster classic 76 Hair clipper?

Amazon USA

9. Caliber Professional Cordless Clipper Rechargeable, High-Speed Magnetic Motor

Caliber Professional Cordless Clipper Rechargeable, High-Speed Magnetic Motor

Calibre professional hair clipper is the best clippers for a fades. It gets charged super fastly. Its battery is potent. You can use it all day long and use it for 4 to 5 hours without a break.

Highly durable: