How to Shave with A Safety Razor

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Due to the rise of state-of-the-art shaving ways, people have shifted to more modern methods of removing the grains from their faces. Innovative electric shavers are on the rise, so the usual double edge safety razor might be antiquated already. But here’s the catch, the art of using a razor is making a comeback. For beginners who are not used to using one, you should know how to shave with a double edge safety razor. 

What is a Safety Razor?

Before getting to know more about how to shave with a double edge safety razor, one has to know what a razor is. A safety razor is a protective tool between the blade and your skin. The primary purpose of a safety purpose is to diminish the frequency of you getting injured while shaving. Because of the safety that it provides, you do not need to rely on another person to do the shaving for you.

There are significant kinds of safety razors. Each of these types functions differently from the other.

A double edge razor means that both sides of the razor blade can be utilized for shaving. A double edge razor comes with two unique razor head styles – the closed comb and the open comb. A closed comb razor offers additional protection using a straight bar that would run underneath the blade’s length. On the other hand, an open comb razor consists of teeth that would run underneath the razor blade. These teeth help in the positioning of the beard’s hairs to be cut better without the possibility of jamming up the razor.

Merkur Double Edge Razor

On the other hand, a single edge razor means that only one side of the razor blade is capable of being used for shaving. This type of razor is quite rarer than that of the double edge razor. However, it is said that it is made to be more functional than symmetrical.

Supply Single Razor

Other less common types of razors include the following. The slant razor holds the razor blade in a slant position. On the other hand, a butterfly razor would open up with butterfly doors.

Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

Using a double edge safety razor offers a lot of benefits. Hopefully, these could provide you with the reason to pick up a good safety razor that you could use for the long run.

A safety razor lessens expenses.

If you take into account the long run, you will save more by using a safety razor. The price of a safety razor is compared to its cartridge counterparts. A typical safety razor would cost around $0.25. On the other hand, a regular cartridge razor would cost approximately $20. Imagine saving as much money while being more effective with safety razors.

A safety razor delivers more uniform shaves.

One of the problems that many men face with modern razors is that they may not provide consistent shaves. With a cartridge razor, its blades are placed to extend toward your beard. These modern counterparts may tend to leave the skin with ingrown hairs, sores, and razor burn.  The safety razor delivers otherwise. A safety razor cuts your hair at the surface of your skin without causing burns or sores.

A safety razor helps the environment.

Finally, you should note that a safety razor helps the environment in more ways than you can imagine. This is because you will be using three times fewer razor cartridges with a double edge safety razor. And with fewer cartridges used, you will have less waste to throw. The only waste material that you would conjure from the razor would be a single metal razor blade. But if you are creative, you could utilize the blade for something else. The cartridges in their more modern counterparts, on the other hand, may not be recycled because they are made of metal and plastic.

A safety razor is better for thick hair.

If you have thick hair that just does not budge under a cartridge shave’s delicacy, then having a safety razor is the key. This is more applicable, especially if your hair is too coarse. Using a cartridge can lead to clogging and dragging. In addition to this, you will never have a dull shave because you will always replace the blade after using the safety razor.

How to Shave with A Safety Razor

If you have a good safety razor, it’s time to test it out by actually shaving. Here are the step-by-step processes on how to shave with a double edge safety razor.

Pre-Shave Routine

The first thing to do before shaving is to take a hot shower. This would make your hair soft and easier to shave. If you have not taken a shower, you need to least wet your beard with hot water.

As you prepare, try to determine the direction of your hair growth. Your beard would typically grow in a downwards trend. However, the hair in your chin and neck may grow sideways. By understanding how your hair grows, it would be easier for you to shave later on.

Apply the Shaving Cream

Shaving creams are as crucial as your safety razor in removing the hair across your skin. The purpose of shaving cream is to help smoothen the beard so you clean smoothly glide your razor. If you are in a hurry, you can use a shaving cream that comes from a tube. But if you have enough time, you can place the cream in a mug. Take your pre-soaked brush and swirl the shaving cream around it until you have a thick lather. In a slow swirling movement, apply the lather with your brush. Once your face is nicely covered, you can proceed to shave.

Start to Shave

Load a blade on the head of your safety razor. Ensure that the edge is new and straight. You should also make sure that it is not curved because you may end up cutting yourself. After which, hold the razor at a thirty-degree angle. And angle it as away from your face as possible. This way, the protective bar is angled out while exposing the razor blade to your hair. To do so, you need to put the top portion of the razor head on your check then gently lower the handle until the blade can cut your hair. 

Now, start the first pass. If you do not remove all the stubble, do not worry. That’s normal, especially if your beard is thick. Do a second pass or even a third pass until you get a smooth result. When doing so, ensure that you shave in straight strokes perpendicular to the blades.

It takes a lot of practice to have that perfect shave. However, you have to keep things in mind when you do to have a smooth shave after. First, use little pressure. The weight of your razor is already enough to cut your hair. To counter the pressure that you may build yourself, hold the razor by the tip.

Next, ensure that you are shaving with the grain. While every man has different growth directions, shaving with the grain can help you make a smooth shave.

Finally, ensure that your goal is to reduce the beard and not remove it. If you do the latter, you may end up having skin irritations. 

After you are done, rinse your razor.

Flip the Razor Over

One of the reasons why double edge safety razors are beneficial is that there are two sides. This means that you will not rinse the razor as much while you are shaving. You simply have to flip the razor over.

Make a Second Pass

After doing the first pass, you can do a second pass to ensure a smoother shave. Do this by placing a shaving cream on your face and then shave at a 90-degree angle. This direction is perpendicular to the direction of your hair growth. You can make an optional third pass. This time, pass it against the grain.

Post-Shave Routine

Once you are done with shaving, you can rinse off your face with cold water. While hot water opens the pores, cold water closes the pores. Some people would utilize ice water instead because they think it is a better option to close the pores. 

We recommend applying a good aftershave. An aftershave helps in decreasing the irritation that may have appeared while shaving.

Recommended Tools for a Wet Shave with Safety Razor

 If you have gone over our steps on how to shave with a double edge safety razor, you may have seen that there are various tools that you need to arrive at the ideal shave. Primarily, you need four tools: a safety razor, blades, shaving creams, and a shaving brush.

Safety Razor

We have talked about safety razors earlier in this article. A safety razor aims to diminish the frequency of you getting wounded while shaving. Hence, you should invest in a good razor. An efficient weighted razor would consist of a handle that would provide you with the right amount of force and balance for the shave. 

Merkur Double Edge Razor


You can pick from different blades for your razor. Each knife features a distinct cutting ability. Moreover, a blade’s sharpness differs from one brand to another. We suggest that you try different products until you discover the edge that suits your preferences the most. Don’t worry. The blades are cheap. Plus, you can find them in drugstores and convenience stores. So you can quickly get one to use.

Viking Blades

Shaving Creams

Shaving creams and soaps can help you make shaving a seamless process. They come in a variety of forms, and they provide a lot of benefits. Primary, a shaving cream protects your skin and the blades to minimize the risk of irritations. By serving as a lubricant, there is lesser friction, thereby avoiding cuts and nicks.

Shavings creams also help to hydrate the beard hairs while you shave. By applying a cream to your beard, they become softer and easier to shave off. When your beard becomes moisturized, you will exert less force, making the process more comfortable to do. 

The process of removing the cream would help you keep track of where you have already shaved. The parts of your face with cream are those that you have not run through your blade yet. The shaving cream helps ensure that you do not miss any spot on your face while you shave.

Finally, a shaving cream helps you a lot in feeling soothed after you shave. You will feel refreshed without the tingling feeling of the razor that just happened to pass through your face.

The Art Of Shave Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Shaving Brush

Finally, we have a shaving brush. A lot of men just dab the shaving cream on their faces with their hands. But others would use a brush to do so. There’s more to the shaving brush than just a tool to apply the cream on your face. It also helps hydrate the cream so that it forms a rich and thick lather. Using the shaving brush to lather up would get the cream up under each whisker. 

Generally, a shaving brush is constructed using two kinds of animal hair: badger and boar. If you want to have a good shave, though, we recommend the badger brushes. The badger bristles are a lot less stiff than the boar bristles. Hence they would seem more delicate on your face. Moreover, the badger bristles make more lather. If you are on a budget, go with the boar bristles because they are less expensive. 

The Art of Shaving Set


So there you have it. We hope that our guide on shaving with a double edge safety razor has helped you a lot in deciding whether to make that massive switch from cartridge razors. Practice takes time and patience. You might get bruised along the way. But as long as you have the right tools and you have perfectly mastered the art of shaving with a safety razor, then you will have no problem in the long run.



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