Goldfingers Matte Paste Review

Today, we have finally get our hands on a home breed hair product brand – Goldfingers Company. The Founder, Terrence T was inspired to produce his own formula as he understood that both asian’s thick hair texture and climate played a huge difference in crafting hair styling products. After 15 months of experimentation, he finally formulated his product to combat the tropical climate with great hold and versatility.

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ORIEN’T Clay Pomade Review

Welcome back everyone! After a week break here in Singapore, we are excited to share with you this new brand from Taiwan – ORIEN’T. From the brand name itself (probably inspired by the word – Oriental), it speaks a lot of how much the company has ensured their asian oriental culture is significantly embedded as they build these amazing range of men’s grooming products. It feels fresh definitely as we are seeing more products are coming from Asia.
This brand emphasis of using natural ingredients, being organic (certified by ECOCERT) and free from animal testing. Today, we will be looking their Clay Pomade. We took this product and put into test in our hot and humid climate of Singapore. Let’s see how it fared!

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Lockhart’s Heavy Hold (Black Tape) Pomade

In 2013, Steve and Nicole, husband and wife from Michigan given birth to Lockhart’s Authentic. The heart and soul of this brand is to create great grooming products and to defy some of the common wrong perception on hair pomades. They wanted a good heavy hold pomade that don’t rip your hair out during application, and yet giving a good shine. Together, they continue to innovate and creating more effective grooming products. In this review, we will look one of their first products – the Heavy Hold Pomade. No kidding, we thought most products made in the west won’t really work here in this humid Singapore, but during our deep dive review, we were wrong. This is our confession.

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Jack Henry Clay Pomade Review

This time, we’re trying out one of Jack Henry’s bestsellers — the Clay Pomade. A summary of the brand: Jack Henry was inspired by the team’s active lifestyle and quest for natural and organic grooming products. The brand’s philosophy is to craft effective, clean and pure products for the human body, so you can use it with confidence. All of their products are sourced from nature and have no artificial ingredients nor nasty chemicals. In fact, the ingredients used are actually beneficial for your body. Products are not tested on animals either. 

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