Moroccanoil Texture Clay Review 2021 – Best Hair Clays?

Introduction to Moroccanoil texture clay review We have been on a hair clay review streak here since our last one being the Hanz De Fuko Claymation! Personally, hair clays are one of my top favourite products due to its flexibility for restyling. Also, lately most hair clays brewers are creating clays that are more unorthodox… Read More Moroccanoil Texture Clay Review 2021 – Best Hair Clays?

Flagship Pomade Four Seasons SERIES Review

In Urban Oak, we are always excited and appreciative to have these hardworking homebrewers who constantly innovate to serve the market better. The Flagship Pomade is probably one of the earliest homebrewers around and has partnered with other brands to produce unique hair styling products. In the past, we have reviewed the Blackship Water Based… Read More Flagship Pomade Four Seasons SERIES Review

Top 5 Gatsby Pomade and Gatsby Wax Review for Men’s Hair Style 2021

The Men’s Grooming World Have you heard of the Gatsby Pomade? Let’s take a step back to see how much the hairstyling industry has grown. Within the last few decades, the men’s grooming industry has grown considerably. Today, it’s a billion-dollar industry. Experts forecast that by 2024, the industry will experience a CAGR of 5.5%… Read More Top 5 Gatsby Pomade and Gatsby Wax Review for Men’s Hair Style 2021

Gerson and Co Original Pomade Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce this new boy (pomade) on the block from Singapore by Gerson and Co. With the original pomade, this brand strives to craft that perfect hair product with the great hold and shine, withstanding the humidity. Having developed their own formula, they ensure their products are well in control from mixing the ingredients until the products get into the hands of their customer. So, let’s waste no time and dive into their first product – the Original Pomade!

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Concept Creations Matte Review

Concept Creations are one of the latest brands in 2018. This is a brand from USA, which aims to empower men to build their confidence starting through grooming. This lifestyle brand certainly has a great mission statement. We are pleased that the founders of concept creations was so open to send over their products over for a review. This is one of the lower price points products in the market but can they perform as well if not better? Let’s dive into it now!

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Goldfingers Premium Pomade Review

Welcome to our second review for Goldfingers hair products. Previously, we had the chance to try out the Matte Paste. I would it was pretty impressive as it was quite different from the other paste products we have tested.
However, this time, for those of you who are looking for some gel like pomade with a some shine, the Goldfingers Premium Pomade might be something you are looking for. We would not speaking about the brand’s and founder background here, but if you want to find out more, just click here!

We would like to highlight that this Premium Pomade is designed to suit the tropical climate and Asia men’s hair texture (which are thicker). Can it compete with the legendary Barbers Pomade?

Let’s dive in!

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Goldfingers Matte Paste Review

Today, we have finally get our hands on a home breed hair product brand – Goldfingers Company. The Founder, Terrence T was inspired to produce his own formula as he understood that both asian’s thick hair texture and climate played a huge difference in crafting hair styling products. After 15 months of experimentation, he finally formulated his product to combat the tropical climate with great hold and versatility.

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ORIEN’T Clay Pomade Review

Welcome back everyone! After a week break here in Singapore, we are excited to share with you this new brand from Taiwan – ORIEN’T. From the brand name itself (probably inspired by the word – Oriental), it speaks a lot of how much the company has ensured their asian oriental culture is significantly embedded as they build these amazing range of men’s grooming products. It feels fresh definitely as we are seeing more products are coming from Asia.
This brand emphasis of using natural ingredients, being organic (certified by ECOCERT) and free from animal testing. Today, we will be looking their Clay Pomade. We took this product and put into test in our hot and humid climate of Singapore. Let’s see how it fared!

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