Top 7 Best Tablet Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Best Tablet Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Technology has transformed the world into a global village. It has evolved so many cool gadgets which can make your life easier. Communication has become very easier, and cell phones, tablets and other similar devices are the keys. So, if you are looking for a cool gadget for your kids, we have got you covered. 

In this article, we have brought some best tablet deals on Amazon prime day 2022. These tablets are super-savvy and prove to be a perfect giftable gadget to pamper your child. The Hi-tech tablets are not only a good buy for bucks but also equipped with updated technology featuring modern processors, efficient touch panel sensors, precise cameras and a lot more. 

In the next section, we have also covered a quick buyer’s guide so that you may be able to make a quick decision. So, stick with us till the end and find the most amazing amazon prime day deals of 2022. 

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Summary of the Best Tablet Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022

S.No.Tablet ModelKnown for
1.022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) – PurpleSeamless performance and quality
2.Fire HD 10 tabletPrice
3.SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7Great features 
4.VASTKING KingPad K10 10.1 in TabletValue for money
5.Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android TabletCamera
6.SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Premium Quality
7.Tablet 10.1 Inch Quad-Core 32GB Android 10Value or money
Summary of the Best Tablet Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Best Tablet Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022 (Detailed Review)

1. 022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Purple

022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Purple

If you have a great budget, then nothing is quite like an iPad. IPad is a revolutionary addition to the world of gadgets, and no one can deny the fact. It has better performance and a more user-friendly interface than Android. Moreover, it has a greater number of innovative applications which always appeal to techy users. So, for those users who think that iPad is a leader, we have reviewed Apple iPad Air. Be ready to invest a fortune as this stunning purple iPad is available in amazon prime day deals at a relatively lesser price. 

The 10.9-inch iPad has a true tone liquid retina display for superior readability, brightness and viewing. The gadget has a front and read 12MP camera so you can photograph and save your memories conveniently. It has premium stereo landscape speakers, so you can enjoy great audio as well. The device has 256 GB of space which is more than enough. You can save memorable events, important docs and plenty of media files to access them easily.

Those tablet users who admire great looks would be more than happy to buy the device as it is slim, sleek and handy. In addition, it is available in striking colours like blue, purple, pink, starlight, and space grey. Featuring M1 chip fast charging, the Tablet is good for casual use. It has smooth and quick connectivity, so you can keep yourself connected anywhere and anytime with this super-smart device. 


  • Features a smart keyboard folio and magic keyboard for convenient typing 
  • It is versatile and can be used for casual as well as professional purposes
  • Portable, handy & lightweight
  • Striking looks 
  • Easy to use 


  • It is expensive 

Where to Buy 022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Purple

Amazon USA

2. Fire HD 10 tablet

Fire HD 10 tablet

Fire HD 10 Tablet is another hi-end tablet that is worth buying. The 10-inch Tablet is equipped with a potent octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM, ensuring that you perform your tasks smoothly and watch lag-free media files. However, the maximum storage capacity this device offers is 64 GB which may not be enough for gamers or professionals who keep heavy media files. The Tablet allows 12 hours of unlimited data usage, streaming and a lot more in a single charge. 

So far as the display is concerned, the size is reasonable, slim and handy. The screen has a bright display featuring more than 2 million pixels so that you may be able to enjoy the details precisely. It is tough and made up of potent aluminosilicate glass, which is scratch and shock-resistant. You can conveniently enjoy all the famous applications like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok etc., on this Tablet which is simply a bang for bucks. Moreover, it also supports Alexa, so you can ask Alexa to make calls to your friends and play videos and games etc. 

Another plus is its keyboard which you can use for great typing. Amazon Bluetooth keyboard comes with a detachable case so you can check your email and write content conveniently wherever you want. The case is classy and super-protective, so you can put your Tablet in any place. Overall, it’s a great bet if you don’t want to take your laptop everywhere with you. 


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and handy 
  • Techy and good for official use as well
  • Comes with a classy case and detachable keyboard


  • Storage capacity is not sufficient for professional tasks.

Where to Buy Fire HD 10 tablet

Amazon USA

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

If you are looking for a large tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a reasonable buy. The Tab offers an immersive viewing experience featuring a 12.4-inch large display. This Tab is not only good for students for their online classes and homework but also for the teenagers and adults for great entertainment. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 comes in a range of striking colours. It is available in Mystic black, green, silver and pink, so you can choose the colour of your choice and make it your style statement. 

Using Galaxy Tab S7 offers a PC-like vibe. You can extend the Tab by attaching a keyboard and wireless mouse to your workstation to do your professional tasks and assignments. Moreover, you can also open multiple windows on the Tab as you do on your system to make working easier for you. In addition, the Tab comes with a value-added S Pen to take notes, doodle or sketch any idea on the Tab. The pen is super-responsive and works great, and proves to offer you the most realistic experience up till now. 

The 7th generation tab is equipped with a super-fast processor, long-lasting battery backup and multi-device connectivity to give you internet access anytime and anywhere. 


  • Large screen for clear viewing
  • Suitable for assignments and homework 
  • You can connect multiple devices at a time 
  • Exquisite looks 
  • Available in many striking colours


  • OS is outdated

Where to Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

Amazon USA

4. VASTKING KingPad K10 10.1 in Tablet

VASTKING KingPad K10 10.1 in Tablet

Suppose you are looking for a smart device that not only comes within your budget but also offers a reasonable value or money, Check out Vastking KingPad K10. Vastking KingPad is available at a very discounted price on Amazon. However, the device never falls short in offering all the good features the high-end brands provide, so it’s certainly a bang for the bucks. Featuring a 3GB RAM and upgraded Octa-Core T610 CPU, this device is fast and super responsive than the cheap brands. 

The device is great for multitasking. You can use it for gaming, performing your professional assignments, attending online zoom or skype meetings and keeping yourself entertained by watching movies or streaming live. You can also gift it to your kids during vacations to enjoy hours of fun. Moreover, this device is super-efficient and equipped with a the12nm chip combined with a 6000 mAh long-lasting battery. You can take this Tab while travelling and enjoy 12 hours of entertainment & fun. 

VASTKING KingPad K10 has pleasant looks and a striking design which is slim, sleek & handy. The weightless gear is equipped with a 1920*1200 Full HD glass touch screen with a narrow bezel for an immersive experience. Moreover, the display is eye-friendly and does not hurt your eyes in low light. The Tab is also equipped with an upgraded facial recognition security feature to unlock your Tab. You can also turn your Tab into a PC by attaching a keyboard or mouse to it and perform professional assignments and tasks conveniently. Furthermore, it has multiple connectivity options, so you can connect multiple devices at a time. 

Overall, VastKing KingPad is a great deal for multitaskers with a big-bang 512 GB memory to carry a lot of important media files and documents in a small device. It is also a reasonable device from the price point and costs you minimal without compromising on features and performance. 


  • Pocket-friendly price 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Striking looks and design 
  • Lightweight, hand and portable 
  • Equipped with a great built-in storage capacity 


  • It has a dim screen, so the viewing experience is not great. 

Where to Buy VASTKING KingPad K10 10.1 in Tablet

Amazon USA

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet

Here is another super-savvy deal you would love to check. If you are buying a tablet for your kids, this Tab is absolutely the best choice. You can do almost everything on this Tab like live streaming, playing games, watching movies & videos, taking pictures and what’s not. The 10.5-inch large screen is big enough for full-time entertainment as well as professional assignments and meeting etc. Moreover, the powerful device has an enormous storage capacity of 128 GB, so you can keep all your important files and documents in a small gadget and take them along anywhere. Access your important content, emails and assignment with Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 while travelling and also enjoy funfilled entertainment in boredom as the powerful battery lasts long.

In addition, you can also recharge the battery in super-fast mode with a fast-charging USB C port. Another plus is that the device offers a Galaxy Ecosystem experience so your device can connect and talk to any other smart device impeccably, so all the devices can automatically sync all your meetings, tasks and to-do lists. The Tab is great for kids too. It has a Kid’s digital learning library, which has interactive e-books and other content for kids. 

Overall, the device is absolutely a bundle of entertainment at a very reasonable price. It also has a smart switch, so you don’t have to worry about the operating system. The important documents and media files can be moved from one system to another in very user-friendly steps. 


  • Very affordable Tablet
  • High-end features which offer great value for money 
  • Equipped with intelligent ecosystem experience
  • You can move your files to any system seamlessly
  • Enormous storage capacity


  • It is a heavy tablet
  • Not good for high-profile tasks 

Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet

Amazon USA

6. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 

Another revolutionary invention of Samsung is SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8. The Tab is quite expensive but designed specifically for performance and efficiency. It is great for work assignments and professional tasks as it has the capacity to perform high-profile jobs. The 11-inch large Tab has a bigger LCD screen along with the price. It comes with a 256 GB memory and Snapdragon OS, which works seamlessly and provides lag-free performance. 

The Tablet has a long-lasting battery. You can take this Tab while travelling and enjoy hours packed with entertainment & fun. In addition, the Tab comes with a value-added S Pen to take notes, doodle or sketch any idea on the Tab. This pen works great and makes you feel like you are writing on paper. Featuring an ultra-wide camera, this Tab records clear video in 4K and can take great photos with auto framing. Enjoy immersive and impeccable video calling &U chatting with your friends and acquaintances using this camera combined with three noise-cancelling microphones. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 also gives you an on-desk PC-like experience. It is made for precise and high-profile assignments o. You can use it as your system and extend this on your workstation by attaching a mouse and keyboard. Overall, the device is great and comes with value-added features, but the price is high as well. 


  • Large screen for clear viewing
  • Suitable for assignments and homework 
  • You can connect multiple devices at a time 
  • Premium feel full metal design
  • OS is updated
  • The camera layout is outstanding


  • The DeX mode lags sometimes

Where to Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 

Amazon USA

7. Tablet 10.1 Inch Quad-Core 32GB Android 10

Tablet 10.1 Inch Quad-Core 32GB Android 10

If you are not conscious of the brand and a good-quality unbranded tablet would work for you, then this Tablet is a great deal. With a 2GB ram and Quadcore processor, this Tablet is a treat for those who want to use the Tab for watching media, net browsing and entertainment. This android 10-inch tab offers full access to Google Play and all the applications. A full HD IPS display can present clearer picture effects and vibrant colours combined with a dual camera.

This device is super-efficient and equipped with a 6000 mAh long-lasting battery. You can take this Tab while travelling and enjoy 12 hours of entertainment & fun. Moreover, it has a 128GB expandable storage capacity, so you can keep plenty of files and documents in it. Featuring multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, wifi support and cellular networks, this Tab is great for kids. Your kids’ can enjoy funfilled vacations and play games, music and cartoons on it at a very reasonable price. 

Overall, the device is absolutely a treat at a very reasonable price. It is a great deal for multitaskers. It is also a reasonable device from the price point and offers you reasonable features to take your entertainment experience to the next level. 


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and handy 
  • Reasonable quality at an affordable price
  • Comes with a classy case and detachable keyboard
  • Impressive battery life & picture quality


  • Storage capacity is not sufficient for professional tasks.

Where to Buy Tablet 10.1 Inch Quad-Core 32GB Android 10

Amazon USA

A Quick Buyer’s Guide for Best Tablets

A tablet is a mediocre device. Typically, it is smaller than a laptop and bigger than a smartphone in size. However, its functionality depends upon various other features. If your main objective is not attending calls but gaming and web browsing, then a tablet is a great bet. It is portable and handy like a cell phone and can be used as an alternative to a laptop at times. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Tablet

The market is full of techy devices, and with so many variations, buying one gets really confusing. So here are a few things you should consider while narrowing down your list. 


‘’The more you play, the better you get’’ is a rule of thumb. You can get a high-performance tablet I you invest a fortune. How investing in the fortune does not always work because one must be minimalist and buy what he or she really needs. So, determine your need to buy a tablet and make the budget accordingly. This way, you would find it easier to narrow down the choices. There are plenty of models in every price range, so you can easily get a reasonable one no matter how limited your budget is. 

Operating System

Choosing an efficient operating system is critical. The tablets are available with more operating systems than other gadgets. You have the option to buy Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire OS etc. Each OS has a different specialty. All the platform offers different apps, so you should filter the choices according to your use. Microsoft is good for office work, while iOS is suitable for gaming and web-browsing etc. However, in my opinion, Android is a win-win buy if you are buying a tablet for multitasking. 

Processor & Storage Capacity 

Processor is something you must look at considerately because performance largely depends on it. Moreover, the storage capacity is also a significant factor to consider. Think about how much data you are going to carry and choose the storage capacity accordingly. The processor also has implications on storage capacity, so if you buy a tablet with enormous storage capacity but a cheap processor, then the system will start lagging and won’t work great. Most tablets come with 8GB to 64GB of space. 


Display, resolution and screen size are significant aspects because they govern the readability and details of the images. Make sure your Tablet has reasonable brightness, viewing angle and resolution so that you may be able to see the media conveniently. 

Portability & Compactness

Tablets are supposed to be handy. They are usually slim & smart and are more mobile than conventional laptops. People usually take the Tablet in their hands for extended hours, so make sure you buy a lightweight one. 

Networking Options 

Tablets are mobile devices, and people usually use them on the go, so strong connectivity to cellular or wireless devices is critical to enjoying a smooth experience. Typically, the tablets offer wifi or cellular connectivity like Bluetooth or GPRS etc. It is recommended to buy a device that offers both wifi and cellular connectivity options.

Battery Life

Tablet is a portable gadget that is extremely suitable for on-the-go net browsing and gaming etc. That is why travellers prefer tablets over laptops. Therefore, it is significant to buy a tablet having considerable battery life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Tablet brand is best? 

The most popular brands of tablets in 2022 are;

  1. Apple iPad 
  2. Samsung Galaxy
  3. Microsoft Surface 
  4. Xiaomi Pad 
  5. Amazon Fire

Can I use a tablet as a laptop?

Yes, you can use your Tab as a laptop as you can connect the mouse and keyboard with it and do your official chores if the processor and operating system allow it. However, there are some models which are specially designed for the same, and you can buy one of them if you frequently need to use the Tab-like laptop. 

Who Should Buy a Tablet?

Tablet is a great alternative to a TV and laptop. It is suitable for kids, gamers, travellers and avid readers. Kids can do homework and attend online classes, while readers can enjoy long hours of reading e-books. Travellers can watch movies and enjoy listening to music on the go. 

Can I watch TV on my Tablet?

Yes, of course. You can watch live TV and enjoy live streaming, movies, shows and videos on your Tablet, provided that the operating system is compatible. Android OS Is great for this purpose.

Final Thoughts 

Did you ever think of grabbing the globe in your fists? If not, then do buy these best tablet deals on Amazon prime day 2022 and enjoy miracles of technology. We hope our research will create value for you, and you will be able to buy the right Tablet for you. In the meantime, let us know about your reviews in the comments section below. Happy Shopping.