Top 8 Best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022

Best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Who doesn’t love discounts? Especially when it comes to a deal from the most famous E-commerce website! With inflation hitting you quite hard where it hurts, Amazon is here with some amazing deals available specifically for you on Amazon Prime Day.  For travel lovers, some amazing luggage deals will take all your worries of managing your stuff while traveling and sort it out effortlessly for you. If you want to know more about such luggage deals and are looking for Best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022, look no more as we have got the top ones selected for you. 

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Summary of the Best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022

S.NoProduct NameKey Feature
1Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside LuggageMultidirectionalMultidirectional spinner wheels
2Rockland Melbourne Spinner Wheel LuggageInterior mesh zip compartment
3Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside SpinnerScratch-resistant finish
4Samsonite Freeform Hardside Double Spinner WheelsUltra-light
5COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece SetSmooth and silent wheels
6YADSHENG Trolley SuitcaseWalking power bank
7Amazon Basics 3-Piece Set Hardside SpinnerSmooth-rolling
8DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside LuggageErgonomic handle
Summary of the Best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022

Best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022 (Detailed Review)

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage

Coming in a set of three suitcases, the Samsonite Winfield hard side luggage has made it to the top of the list of best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022, thanks to the excellent features the deal comes with. The suitcases are available in twelve different colors, so it becomes quite easy for you to select the one that matches your choice the best.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

The locks on these suitcases are side-mounted in order to make sure that your luggage reaches your destination safely with you. The built-in combination lock makes the suitcase quite safe to use, no matter where you are. One thing we love the most about it is that no keys are required, so you don’t have to panic about losing them while you travel.

360 Spinner Wheels

No more putting much of your efforts into pushing the suitcase along, as the lightweight case now offer heavyweight protection due to the effortless spinning of 360-degree wheels. You only need to give a slight push to your case, and the wheel takes care of the rest of the job, making your whole journey super easy. 

Push Button Handle

The cases come with a wider pull-out handle, giving the users an excellent and comfortable grip. The integrated aluminum handle provides extra lightness for carrying the suitcases, making it quite easier for the users to pull it out and start moving their luggage effortlessly.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comes with ten years limited warranty.
  • Effortless mobility.
  • Locks act to resist theft.
  • The brushed design hides potential scratches.


  • Gets quite heavy when loaded up.

Where to Buy Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage

Amazon USA

2. Rockland Melbourne Spinner Wheel Luggage

Rockland Melbourne Spinner Wheel Luggage

Coming in a three-piece set, the suitcases are available in sizes of 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches upright, all of which is enough to accommodate huge luggage no matter if you are going for a short trip or a long vacation. Bonus, it is available in thirty-two different colors, all of which are aesthetically pleasing, so get ready to be confused about which one to choose.


If you are someone who always needs some more space in their luggage at the last moment, this Rockland Melbourne Spinner Wheel Luggage is definitely for you. It is capable of expanding two inches more upright in-depth to maximize the capacity and hold more of your stuff.

Double Spinner Wheels

No matter where you decide to go, get ready for the effortless mobility of these suitcases, thanks to the double spinner wheels they are equipped with. They allow durable and 360-degree mobility to make it super smooth for you to carry the suitcases.

Excellent Handle

The suitcases come with a telescopic handle which is quite convenient to stow away and get extended and provide you with easy mobility.


  • Comes with an interior mesh zipped department.
  • Ergonomic and sturdy telescopic handle.
  • MultidirectionalMultidirectional double spinner wheels.
  • Design is expandable.
  • Very smooth and easy mobility.


  • Customer service is hard to get in touch with.

Where to Buy Rockland Melbourne Spinner Wheel Luggage

Amazon USA

3. Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

In search of that perfect size luggage that is suitable not only for your weekend getaways but also for work and international travels? Look no more as this Amazon Basics Hardside spinner is going to look after your needs perfectly. It comes with an extra thick and hard shell that is scratch resistant with a colored finish. 

Organized Interior

One of the very few cases that come with an organized interior, including a handy divider and a polyester organizer with three zippers that can easily get hold of all of your big and small items to make it quite easy for you to unpack.

Durable Zippers

Along with the hard-shell and scratch-resistant protective layering from the outside, the suitcases come with quite durable zippers to smooth the opening and closure of the cases. 


The suitcases are capable of being expandable around 15% of their actual size to fit in all of your stuff without having you need any other bag or luggage to carry with you. 


  • Four double spinner wheels.
  • It can easily move in any direction.
  • It is a fully lined luggage.
  • Extendable and lockable telescopic handle.
  • Scratch-resistant colored finish.


  • Available in only four colors. 

Where to Buy Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon USA

4. Samsonite Freeform Hardside Double Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Double Spinner Wheels

Available in twelve different colors and three sizes of 21 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches, these suitcases by Samsonite provide you with a wide range of options to choose the one that best suits your needs. All products by this company are tested to make sure they meet the required standards and you get the best quality.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

The side-mounted combination lock is specifically designed to ensure that all your stuff reaches safely to your destination and doesn’t make suitcases vulnerable to theft. Also, no keys are required, so you can sit back and relax since you don’t need to keep an eye on your keys and get all tensed up about losing them somewhere.

Light construction

The suitcases are made using the lightest construction techniques and come with scratch-resistant texture to make sure that they are super easy to carry and look as new when you are on your 100th trip as when you used them for the first time. 

Ten years warranty

These suitcases come with a limited warranty of around ten years in case of problems or defects in workmanship and materials. All the products by this company are rigorously tested to make sure they meet all the high-quality standards and come up to your expectations.


  • Expandable for added packing capacity.
  • Divider and cross ribbon for easy packing.
  • Equipped with a built-in ID tag.
  • Multiple pockets to keep stuff organized.
  • Ultra-light with an ultra-strong shell.


  • The suitcases are a bit over-priced.

Where to Buy Samsonite Freeform Hardside Double Spinner Wheels

Amazon USA

5. COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set

COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set

The COOLIFE luggage comes in a set of four pieces along with the set of three pieces, so if you are a family of four or more who are about to travel in the coming days, these deals can turn out to be life-saving for you. You get to enjoy a whopping discount of almost 100 dollars on these deals which is undoubtedly huge and can be lighter in your pockets.


The suitcases are made of 100% ABS material which is not only durable but also light in weight. The suitcases come with impact-resistant hard-shell and corner guard reinforcements, which are excellent for absorbing shock in order to provide you with maximum impact resistance.

Spinner Wheels

The silent and multidirectional spinner wheels make sure that you are provided with excellent and smooth mobility when you are pulling this luggage to the best of your capabilities. 


What we love about these suitcases the most is that they won’t take up much of the space in your store room when they are empty since they can easily be stored one into another.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic telescopic handle.
  • TSA accepted locks for security.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Available in more than ten colors.
  • Interior mesh zip pocket included.


  • The zipper is not durable.

Where to Buy COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set

Amazon USA

6. YADSHENG Trolley Suitcase

YADSHENG Trolley Suitcase

If you are into aesthetics, this suitcase by YADSHENG is going to be your favorite since its stylish and unique look will turn all the eyes on it throughout your journey. Although it is available in only one color, even this single option can be an eye-catcher.

Walking power bank

Running out of battery while traveling is no longer an issue since this suitcase comes with a walking power bank. The built-in portable power bank is excellent for charging your mobile phone when it runs out of battery while you travel.

Excellent handling

The wheels of this suitcase are excellent for smooth mobility, while the ergonomic handle is equipped with easy-grab handles, which combined make handling this suitcase quite easy and convenient. 


This suitcase’s lightweight and impact-resistant construction makes it quite durable and easy to clean. Due to its lightweight construction, it can easily adhere to airline weight restrictions to make sure you are not charged extra airport fees.


  • Garment restraints to hold clothes in place.
  • Unique and stylish design.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Built-in power bank.
  • Effortless handling.


  • N/A.

Where to Buy YADSHENG Trolley Suitcase

Amazon USA

7. Amazon Basics 3-Piece Set Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics 3-Piece Set Hardside Spinner

Designed with a protective and extra-thick ABS hard shell with a colored scratch-resistant finish, this suitcase can be excellent when it comes to durability and look as new as possible, even if you get to use it various times. Additionally, the fully lined interior organizer comes with a divider and three zippered pockets to make sure all your small stuff is completely organized and doesn’t get lost in the luggage.

Short handles

The short handle of this suitcase is securely mounted to make sure that it offers stable lifting and smooth pulling. You can extend the telescopic handle and lock it in the place you find the most comfortable.

Organized interior

The interior polyester organizer and the three zippered pockets are designed to keep your clothes and small stuff organized throughout travel time. Don’t worry about your stuff being lost, among other things, since the organizers in this suitcase have covered you.

Four double spinner wheelers

The single-wheel luggage is capable of rolling only forward and backward; however, this is not the case with these four double-spinner wheelers. This suitcase can move in any direction thanks to these special wheels that allow that and make the mobility of this suitcase smooth. 


  • Stable lifting due to telescopic handle.
  • Handy divider with three zippered pockets.
  • Four multidirectional wheels.
  • Hard shell outer construction.
  • Colored scratch-resistant cover.


  • Few complaints about the durability of the handle and wheels.

Where to Buy Amazon Basics 3-Piece Set Hardside Spinner

Amazon USA

8. DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage

These suitcases are one of its kinds since they come with a brake system that can easily be activated with a button when needed and lock the front two wheels of the luggage. This design is excellent in order to prevent the luggage from drifting away while you are waiting somewhere at the airport or during your travel journey. 

Deluxe Interior

The bag is equipped with a luxurious soft-touch and fully lined interior with two packing compartments, including a zipped mesh divider on one side and a tie-down strap on the other. One hanger and two interior bags are included with the suitcase for maximum organization. This particular design is specifically invented to ensure that the contents inside the bag go through a minimum shifting process when traveling. 

Dual-density wheels

The double spinner and dual-density wheels are there to ensure a multidirectional rolling along with a stable base so that you get to have zero weight on your hands while you pull it during your journey.

Polycarbonate shell

Although the suitcase is quite lightweight, the polycarbonate shell is extremely resistant to breaking or cracking, making it much more durable than competitors. It is almost 15% lighter than others with the brake version.


  • 3-dial TSA-approved combination lock.
  • Three times more resistant closing system.
  • SILVADUR coated lining to provide odor control.
  • Additional corner protectors for extra durability.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy mobility.


  • The case may scratch easily.

Where to Buy DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage

Amazon USA

Buying Guide

Before making your final decision on which luggage deal you should buy with a discount on Amazon Prime day, here are some factors that you need to look for:


You get to have two options when it comes to wheels on the suitcase, including two wheels and four wheels. While both of them are good in terms of carrying your luggage, the two-wheeler suitcase is more prone to tripping if it is not balanced properly. The four-wheeler suitcases stand upright throughout your journey and are easier to pull sideways through narrow spaces. 


To help you organize all your stuff properly, the number of pockets and compartments plays an important role. Look for a suitcase that comes with various small pockets and a few compartments so that you don’t forget where you have put your stuff in the bag if you are in a hurry.


Make sure you look for a suitcase that guarantees durability and is easy to go through the rough patches of traveling. When you get your hands on a piece of quality luggage, it can last a lifetime, and you will not need to invest in buying a suitcase every time you travel.


Suitcases that are made of hard shells are excellent for protecting your belongings better. Also, ensure that the suitcase you are buying is made up of scratch-resistant material so that your case looks as new as the first time you see it, no matter how many times you have traveled with it. 


There is no denying that a travel suitcase can turn out to be expensive, especially when you want to invest in a quality suitcase that can last long. Price is usually based on quality; however, you also don’t want to over-spend, so check the reviews before making your final decision and decide for yourself if the features match the price it is charging you.

Telescopic handles

The telescopic handles make the pulling your luggage part quite easy and smooth for you. Just ensure that the suitcase you buy comes with a handle that is not only sturdy but also retracts easily.

Size of suitcase

Here is the size guide for you to select the one that suits your travel needs the best

  • 18-20″ – considered an international carry-on and is enough for carrying essentials and traveling from 5-14 days.
  • 21-22″ – it is considered a domestic carry-on and is suitable for carrying essentials for a journey that lasts from 7-14 days.
  • 23-24″ – enough to carry your essentials for a trip that lasts from around two to three weeks.
  • 25-27″ – it is a medium checked suitcase and can easily carry your essentials for a travel time lasting from two to four weeks.
  • 28-32” – large checked luggage suitable for carrying your essentials for a trip lasting from three to four weeks.  

Frequently asked questions

What happens on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a sale for two days annually, especially for the Amazon Prime members who get to enjoy excellent discounts on various items, from headphones to different home appliances. During these two days, different deals are being added for the members that are available to get for only a few hours.

What day is prime day 2022?

Recently Amazon has announced that it will have excellent discounts available on Prime Day, which will take place on July 12th and July 13th, 2022. If you are a new customer, there is good news for you. Amazon Prime comes with a free trial of 30-days, and you can avail of this discount if you register yourself today for the free trial.

What is the best time to buy luggage deals?

Luggage deals can turn out to be quite expensive since you are investing in something that is going to last a lifetime. Therefore, buying luggage deals when they are at discounted prices is the best way to go. Amazon Prime Day offers various luggage deals; if you are a Prime member, you can easily avail yourself of those to go light on your pocket.

Is hard or soft luggage better?

Hard shell luggage is better in terms of protecting fragile items if you have cushioned them properly inside the luggage. However, the only problem with hard shell luggage is the fact that they are a bit difficult to adjust in narrow spaces since you can’t squeeze them. 

How do I measure my luggage size?

You can measure the height of your luggage from the top to the ground level with the handle that is retracted as far as possible. For the width, start measuring your luggage from one side to another, and for the depth, measure it from front to back. 


There is no denying that one loves to have an excellent quality of luggage if they are frequently traveling. However, the luggage can be a huge investment and can turn out to be quite expensive for the majority of the people. Therefore, buying them when there are discounts available can turn out to be the best go-to option. Since Amazon Prime Day is coming this July 12th and 13th, you can easily get your hands on the best luggage deals at amazing discounted prices. In this article, we have covered the best Amazon Prime Day Luggage Deals 2022 to make your choices precise.  



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