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Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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As fashion is upgrading every day, accessories come up with new features to let you complete the style statement with perfection. Automatic watches are making their place in the market and attracting customers globally due to their high-end performance.

Among several models, it must be daunting to choose one that fulfills all your needs. Automatic watches are a bit expensive, and everyone can’t afford them. If stuck in such a situation, then here we are to help you out. 

We have short-listed some of the best automatic watches for you so you can buy one and upgrade your fashion statement. These power watches can complete your look, and you never have to rely on batteries ever again.

Let’s go through this ultimate guide, so you can have a product summary and buying guide to picking the appropriate automatic watch.

What is an Automatic Watch

An automatic watch is a watch that powers itself without a battery. It gets this power (energy) from the movement of the wearer. It is a must-have accessory these days as you don’t have to replace the battery after a few days due to excessive consumption.

These watches never go out of style, and they can push accuracy to the point that you can always count on them.

It fulfills all the necessary needs of an individual with fashion sense. Automatic watches are in trend and are known as a self-running accessory without asking for any effort from you.

The most fantastic thing about an automatic watch is you don’t have to worry about longevity because they last for a long time without complex technical issues.

Investing in a good wristwatch is a wise decision, but it will complement all your styles. It will provide you with a distinctive personality and establish a perfect style statement.

How Does an Automatic Watch Work?

There is nothing complicated when it comes to automatic watch working. It works on the basic principle, and you don’t have to keep adjusting it.

Each automatic watch has a rotor with a semi-circular oscillating weight to make movement free. Later rotor converts the kinetic energy of the arm into mechanical energy. Each cycle follows the same process to make the watch work continuously.

If you are not wearing an automatic watch for a long time, you can keep it in a winding case, and it will keep functioning normally. You never have to rewind the wristwatch while wearing it for any event.

5 Factors You Should Consider When Buying an Automatic Watch

The automatic watch adds elegance to the personality, and you don’t have to wander from one place to another for the right product.

By reading this ultimate guide, you can have complete information on automatic watches and what factors to consider before buying them for regular use.


When buying an automatic watch, the first thing you need to consider is it should be water-resistant. Due to this feature, you can wear it anytime and in any weather without worrying about internal system damage.

Many massive brands are offering water-resistant features so you can use them while attempting any water activity. Once you have this feature in an automatic watch, you can wear it in peace. It can work for a long time and suitable to wear anytime and in any situation.


Accuracy is another crucial factor to consider while selecting any watch from the collection. An efficient automatic watch brings accuracy to the time, and you don’t have to adjust it all the time before wearing it.

A reliable wristwatch only loses 30 seconds a week maximum to keep up the time and match your schedule. Always look for certified watches that can meet your quality standards, and you don’t have to adjust them before using them.


A durable wristwatch can provide long-term service to you than the one that is weak in the material. None of us want to re-invest an amount on the wristwatch after few months of use due to technical errors.

Ensure the construction of an automatic wristwatch, and how long can it work without replacement? Pay attention to the details and once you are satisfied with the quality, decide to buy a product. It should require less maintenance with high-end performance.

The Right Size

One thing that can enhance your style statement is the right fit watch. Choose the one that is not too tight or too loose on your hand for comfortable wear. If your hand is heavy, then always go for slim and smartwatches to complement the personality.

If your hand is slim already, go for the heavy watch that looks informal on you. The right size can make your wristwatch exceptional, and you don’t have to keep adjusting it after wearing it for any event.


Movement is crucial in an automatic watch, and people get attracted to this type due to accuracy or precision. Before you pick out any model, make sure it’s showing the accurate movement to you.

Automatic watch movement is suitable for all the people who can’t adjust it while wearing and need something less complicated.

If you are an automatic watch lover, then the movement must be of great importance for you and before anything else, focus on this factor to get satisfied with the watch performance.

Best 5 Automatic Watches

1. Bulova Automatic Watch (Model: 98A228)

Bulova Automatic Watch (Model: 98A228)

A handsome watch can add style to your personality, especially when it’s efficient in delivering high-end performance. Bulova automatic watch 98A228 is the kind of wristwatch that brings style to life and gives you a distinctive fashion sense.

Bulova is serving customers for years due to its high precision and quality.

Scratch Resistant

The first issue people go through after buying an expensive watch is scratched on the glass. You may have to make efforts to save the watch from scratches, but then you can’t enjoy wearing it.

Bulova automatic watch’s glass is crystal and scratch-resistant so that you can wear it anytime. After years of use, you won’t find a single scratch at the front that can dull the shine.


How annoying it would be when you have to remove all the accessories while attempting any water activity.

Bulova automatic 98A228 watch is water-resistant, and you never have to worry about internal system damage due to water reach. This watch can survive in water to 200meters and still perform perfectly well for you.


The appearance of this automatic watch is up to the mark and suitable to wear for casual and formal events. The color of a dial is grey with rose-gold tone hands to deliver an elegant combination.

With the strap band type, you can adjust it according to your wrist size without feeling uncomfortable.


No matter if wearing at night or day, the luminosity of hands is always serving you. You don’t have to find light to see time as the luminosity can make time hands shine and show you accurate timings.

This feature adds royalty to the overall appearance of the watch.


  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch-protection
  • Elegant appearance
  • Luminous hands


  • For smaller wrist, it requires more holes

Where to Buy Bulova Automatic Watch (Model: 98A228)

Amazon USA

2. Tissot V8 Automatic Silver Dial Mens Watch T1064071103101

Tissot V8 Automatic Silver Dial Mens Watch T1064071103101

This premium brand, Tissot, is serving customers globally with exceptional wristwatches to maintain a style statement. Tissot V8 automatic watch is a fashionable and durable watch to choose from for any event when you want to have elegance.

Everything will keep you satisfied, from the attractive appearance to performance, and this product worth your money.


Tissot V8 automatic watch is water-resistant, and while washing hands or attempting water activity, you don’t have to remove it from your hand. This elegant wristwatch can survive till 330ft of water without affecting performance and damaging the internal system.

This automatic watch is the solution when you want to have precision without getting into complicated settings.

Automatic Movement

The best thing about Tissot V8 automatic watch is that it provides accuracy without losing more than 30-seconds in a week. You don’t have to keep adjusting it while wearing it, as you can keep it in an automatic winding case to save your valuable time.

The date, hour, and month function will keep working precisely even when not wearing it for a long time, and you can always count on the automatic movement.

Luminous Hands

When wearing in the night, it will add uniqueness to your personality once the black time hands start laminating.

You never have to go through difficulty while watching time, as illuminating elements will help you stay alert. This feature boosts the shine and elegance of the wristwatch.


The elegant dial of a wristwatch attracts customers and adds charm to the overall style statement. You will love the charm of a watch and, it goes with every casual and formal style you are about to adopt for the next event.


  • Elegant appearance
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water-proof
  • Durable for years


  • Bracelet edges are too sharp

Where to Buy Tissot V8 Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch T1064071103101

Amazon USA

3. Seiko PROSPEX Automatic Divers Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Special SRPD21 Edition

Seiko PROSPEX Automatic Divers Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Special SRPD21 Edition

This gorgeous automatic watch by Seiko is suitable for all watch lovers looking for something casual to wear to any party. Seiko Prospex automatic watch special SRPD1 edition is the one that can add grace to your fashion statement with ultimate shine.

This product is one of the decent and attractive watches you can get hands-on at an affordable price.

Power Reserve

Automatic watches are the first choice of this generation as they don’t have to worry about battery replacement anymore. By removing it from the winding case, you can wear it without setting it accurately.

Seiko cares about your time, and this watch has a time reserve feature that can last up to 41-hours. It will work for years without asking for additional maintenance.


If searching for something that should be suitable for all the formal and casual events, then this is your best option to go for. The blue dial color and silver band give an elegant appearance to the watch.

The style is in a three-fold clasp with a secure lock, so you don’t have to adjust the bracelet after a short while. It has a push-button release with an extender for easy removal.


The automatic movement of the Seiko watch provides you convenience, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it after every few minutes.

The automatic movement with manual winding capacity keeps you relaxed when wearing the watch and supports you throughout the event. 


Unlike conventional watches, you can always attempt water activities like swimming and scuba diving while wearing them. It can survive in water till 200m without damaging any of the parts inside. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Automatic movement
  • Powerful appearance
  • 41-hours power reserve


  • Bracelet is too large

Where to Buy Seiko PROSPEX Automatic Divers Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Special SRPD21 Edition

Amazon USA

4. Orient Watch ORIENTSTAR Automatic WZ0151DK Men

Orient Watch ORIENTSTAR Automatic WZ0151DK Men

This Orient is such a rock star when looking for something elegant and classy in appearance. Orient watch automatic WZ0151DK gives a classy look to the overall appearance of men and delivers ultimate performance.

The playfulness and blend of styles keep you attracted to this model, and you will love to wear it for any event.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

If you love to adopt a bracelet-style watch as a fashion statement, then this is the accessory for you. The stainless steel bracelet is durable and won’t get any scratches due to regular use.

The shine will stay on point for years, and there is no need to replace any part due to the negative effect on appearance.


This wristwatch by Orient is something you can wear without worrying about internal system damage. If you are washing hands or diving into the swimming pool, then you don’t have to remove the watch first. This model can resist water till 50m, and you can enjoy the moment with style.

Crystal Glass

Whenever wearing a watch, we all want to have crystal clear glass that can show a clear dial and must be scratch-resistant. You are getting both qualities in this wristwatch to update the style statement every day.

The crystal glass of the model adds elegance and beauty to the appearance. You can wear it for long hours without fearing scratches.


What if you want to wear the watch, but you cannot catch it properly due to deviation conditions. This model by Orient is anti-magnetic, and you can always wear it while being on the magnetic field.

The automatic movement brings reliability to the operation.


  • Anti-magnetic
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Water-resistant
  • Stainless steel bracelet


  • Not suitable for a medium wrist

Where to Buy Orient Watch ORIENTSTAR Automatic WZ0151DK Men

Amazon USA

5. Seiko Men’s Prospex Special PADI Edition Samurai Black Dial

Seiko Men’s Prospex Special PADI Edition Samurai Black Dial

The Seiko men’s perspex special PADI edition is the affordable, reliable, and durable option you can adopt for regular wearing.

This watch is available in several editions, but people are attracted to the black one due to its decency and casual appearance. From the color combination to style, everything about this watch is superior.


The massive relief any user can have from the wristwatch is water resistance. The watch can survive in water till 200m, so no harm will be done to your wristwatch if you are diving or playing in the water.

It will perform perfectly well for you, and accuracy won’t be affected.

Automatic Movement

The automatic movement of the Seiko watch is on point, and you never have to go for replacement after a few months. Due to precise performance, the watch will lose 30-seconds a week and keep in a winding box if not worn for a long time.

For accurate movement, you can always count on this model without wasting time in adjustability.

Safety Lock

Due to no safety lock, many users lost their favorite watch, making them uncomfortable for the next time due to its care. This wristwatch has a safety lock, so you can wear it without fear of losing it in any event. 

Luminous Hands

The luminous hands of the watch make it possible to wear it during night hours, and you don’t need additional light to watch time.

It can show you time due to the illuminating element and adds elegance to the overall style. You will love every bit of this model by Seiko.


  • Safety lock style
  • Water-resistant
  • Luminous hands
  • Stainless steel case


  • Sometimes needs adjustment

Where to Buy Seiko Men’s Prospex Special PADI Edition Samurai Black Dial

Amazon USA

How long do automatic watches last?

If your automatic watches are fully wounded, then you don’t have to use an additional winder in a week for an adjustment.

At an average rate, automatic watches last for years, depending on your use and maintenance. If you are using it for daily wear, it will last for 3-4 years with 40-50 hours of life.

Closing Thoughts on Automatic Watches

Automatic watches add elegance and luxury to the overall appearance, and you will love the performance as well.

If you were tired of spending money on cheap watches that last for a few months, now you can pick any from our listed products. You can always depend on these products for accuracy and precision anytime.



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