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Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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What is a chronograph watch?

The meaning of the word ‘chronograph’ is ‘time recorder.’ This word refers to the stopwatches that are attached to it. Some of its functions are quite similar to those of a stopwatch. Chronograph watches also offer the same but much more functions.

For instance, you can easily calculate time duration by using a chronograph watch. You can also say that this product is a multi-tool of all wristwatches.

Chronograph watches have become widely common these days. These watches are used for timing the events, but people also love showing off such gadgets due to their classic appearance and killer looks.

A chronograph watch is a simple watch that offers a lot more than just accurate time. With such watches, stopwatches are attached so that individuals can easily monitor the time duration of events. Chronograph watches can be quartz-powered, manual, and self-winding. 

Other than the date, the watch also contains three different dials. Since they can also work as a stopwatch, most chronograph watches register up to 30 to 60 minutes. However, some exceptional versions of chronograph watches can even measure 24 hours.

Once you start the stopwatch, it will record every hour, minute, and second. The controls of this product are straightforward. You can use pushers that are usually on the side of the watch to start, pause and reset the time. 

Some people confuse chronograph watches with the term chronometer. However, both are entirely different products. A chronometer is a standard of watch that represents exact time.

Chronograph watches might be chronometers, but it is not the same with the other way round.

There are so many reasons why people buy chronograph watches. The main reason is the number of functions and features these watches provide.

This is why they are so expensive and valuable to consumers. This product is also called a “tool watch,” which means you need to pick the right one for you.

You may not like it, but researching the right watch thoroughly for you is highly recommended. Though it is a time-taking process, your hard work will pay off. 

How does a Chronograph watch work?

Chronograph watches might seem extremely complicated to understand, but in reality, they are not. Its use is very easy. All you need to do is press the pushers to start, pause, stop, and reset the time. Every chronograph watch contains three hands: each for seconds, minutes, and hours.

The second hand is longhand in the center of the watch. It only starts once the stopwatch is started. The primary purpose of sub-dials is to offer more features than a regular watch provides. With the movement of the watch, the chronographic complication is integrated.

The two of the most common movements are Coulisse Lever and Column-Wheel.

Operating a chronograph watch is a piece of cake. It is certainly not as complicated as people think. The pushers are already included on the sides of the watches.

One push-piece will allow you to begin and end the process. Another push-piece will let you reset the time back to zero. 

Usually, these pushers are constructed on the right side of the watch’s case. Make sure to stop the chronograph function when you are now using it.

Letting the chronograph hands run will cause the movement to become slow and wear down the component quickly. Some rare pieces of chronograph watches come with only one push-piece.

In such exceptional cases, this pusher is responsible for managing all operations. This piece is usually connected to the crown. 

Five factors you should consider when buying a Chronograph watch:

A watch can be a game-changer for your personality. It can give a necessary spark to all your outfits if bought carefully.

Not every watch is going to match the needs of every user. However, there are some basic features that every chronograph watch user should look for while buying this watch.

Below are five basic features that you must consider when you plan to buy yourself a chronograph watch. Remember, always prioritize your desires.

If a watch is fulfilling all requirements and your desires, then it is a perfect match. 


The style of a watch is one of the first things you or anyone else will notice in your watch. The style may vary in different chronograph watches as brands provide watches in various designs.

Some people prefer black and white watches while others appreciate an addition of a bit of color. Both of the designs are available for the users.

One of the main reasons for buying chronograph watches is the brilliant design and eye-catching aesthetics. It boosts the confidence of its users and enhances their overall look.

Hence, you should buy a watch that matched your taste and makes you feel empowered.

Value of Money:

Every consumer of the chronograph watch wants the best features on their watch. Since there is a considerable range of brands providing top-quality watches, this may not be the case every time.

Most of the chronograph watch manufacturers deliver what they promise, but the price is sky-high. As a result, a huge number of users are unable to buy such watches.

The good thing is that some brands provide exceptional watches with all luxurious functions and are less expensive. It would help if you kept looking for the watch that you can afford and desire.

The value of money is a significant factor that you should consider. It does not mean that you should keep looking for cheap watches. If you think that the watch is worth spending more money on, you should go for it. 

How it Fits

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a chronograph watch is its fitting on your hand. If a watch does not fit your hand perfectly, it will not give you that classy look. You will not be satisfied with your purchase either.

Hence, for buying a new chronograph watch, keep your wrist’s measurement in your mind. For people having large wrists, watches with a bigger faces will look better. Similarly, individuals with smaller wrists should consider the watches according to their size.


Luminosity is essential when you wear the watch at nighttime. Due to darkness, checking the time or performing any other function may seem very difficult. To solve this problem, the creators of many chronograph watches add luminosity to the hands and numerals. It also looks way classier than the rest of the watches.

Water Resistance: 

For sports enthusiasts, this factor is significant. Waterproof chronograph watches are always better than non-waterproof watches. You can enjoy water sports without any worry of the watch getting damaged. Hence, consider water resistance while buying a chronograph watch. 

Best 5 Chronograph watches

1. Bulova Men’s 98B152 Precisionist Analog Chronograph Black Watch

Bulova Men’s 98B152 Precisionist Analog Chronograph Black Watch

The first one to hit the list of the best chronograph watches is Bulova Men’s chronograph watch. This watch is considered to be highly accurate in movements, even within seconds a year.

This masterpiece has many different features in this watch to make the world’s best. Consumers get fully impressed by looking at the design only. The aesthetical vibes you get from this watch will not be present in most other chronograph watches.

This product is a beautiful blend of engineering and fashion. People who have broad wrists can trust this product as it suits bigger wrists the most. The library testing has proven that this watch is three times more accurate than other standard quartz.

The hands and markers are luminous, allowing the watch to rock in daylight and shine at night. The material used for this watch is water-resistant. Whether the users are at the beach’s office, this watch is their best bet for every event.

Besides its excellent features, Bulova Men’s watch adds killer looks to any user who wears it. If you want a killer chronograph watch enriched with all advanced features, Bulova is your go-to product.

Amazon USA

2. Seiko Men’s Pilot Watch Alarm Chronograph

Seiko Men’s Pilot Watch Alarm Chronograph

In developing a gambit of pilot-inspired watches, Seiko has been very popular. It offers everything from easy design to a stunning visual appearance.

If you are a gadget lover and prefer extra features added to your watch, this is your perfect match. It is a highly versatile and well-designed watch. It provides 1-hour stopwatch with a split function and alarm. If you want unit conversion, you can lean on the bezel that this watch includes.

The steel gear-edged bezel is amazing for navigational and mathematical calculations. You can calculate basic mathematical calculations such as division and square root. Bezel van also is used for quick calculation as a slide rule.

The price is not high, given the number of value-added features that you are getting. If you want a daily wear functional Chronograph watch, this one is your best bet. People who prefer smaller wrists should give this product a try as its size is 42 mm.

Due to the addition of the domed crystal, this watch gives off very classic and cool vibes. It contains two dials, one is an alarm, and the other is for measuring time.

The most significant factor that makes the Seiko Chronograph watch stand out in the crowd is its value. You are getting a wide range of value-added features along with a top-notch loom at quite a reasonable price. For sports lovers, we have good news.

You can wear this watch in all water activities without worrying about the damage as this product is waterproof. The dial is black, and all markings are added in white on the dial and bezel.

Eight markers and luminous hands make reading easy and give off an intense glow. All in all, this masterpiece is enriched with several functions and unique designs.

Amazon USA

3. Citizen Watch AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Citizen Watch AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Another best Chronograph watch on the list is the Citizen Chronograph canvas watch. This product is offering the features of a high-end watch, but its price is considerably less.

Many individuals do not buy luxurious watches like spending a large portion of their hard-earned money. That’s why Citizen has launched a series of luxury watches that are highly reasonable in price.

It also has a lot of various features that are discussed below. So, continue reading if you want to learn more about this product. The first thing that users notice in this watch is its tool-like, sporty case.

With a diameter of 41mm, this can fit easily in the wrists of most men. This product contains a significantly robust and solid case.

This watch is a winner in terms of design. The polished pushers are similar to those used in globally famous pilot’s watches. Quartz powered this watch movement.

The advantage of a quartz watch is that it is less expensive to maintain and accurate in performance. During the daytime, the watch gets recharged and functions smoothly at night. Since it is a military watch, its dial offers fantastic legibility.

The creators have added luminescence in the hands so users can easily read the time at night. The bright-red chronograph hand in the dial is one of the unique features of this watch. It is very eye-catching and can capture consumers’ attention quickly.

Overall, this watch is fantastic for individuals looking for a military watch. Even its green-colored strap represents a military canvas band. The strap matches perfectly with the aesthetics and design of this watch.

Amazon USA

4. Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy chronograph watch is yet another amazing-looking watch on the list. Whenever you wear kt, you will surely get a lot of compliments. Diesel is a known brand for creating trends instead of following them.

This product is a perfect example of this statement. This watch is iconic, bold, and never-shy. Everything in its looks, from design to style and manufacturing, displays a perfect masterpiece. You won’t easily find it anywhere else.

There are plenty of different languages and materials that are used to create this luxurious gadget. The mechanical touch is compelling and exceptional. It has a detailed appearance and contains several beautiful features.

The blend of its insanely black dial with iridescent crystal is something that makes this watch unique. You won’t easily find such a great visual appearance in a watch with so many special features.

The creators have included a single-link bracelet along with a bold black IP case for the final touch. The case and band of this watch are stainless steel, making it a reliable and efficient product.

Furthermore, it is an entirely water-resilient watch that won’t turn off by a splash of water. You can enjoy swimming or play near the beach. This watch will function perfectly everywhere. 

Amazon USA

5. GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch

GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch

This one is an exceptional piece of artwork that is one of its kind. One cannot resist without praising the beautiful style of this watch. Busy people who want to keep track of their important scheduled events can use the alarm function of this watch.

It will be enough to remind you where you have to go or who you have to meet. This watch provides a powerful resonance of vintage, classic watch with a blend of advanced technology and smart design.

It will bring you some remarkable features that will totally be worth spending your money on. It comes with a stopwatch and alarm to keep users organized and managed.

With an attractive dial, this watch offers a superb design. Like every top-notch watch, the Graf Zeppelin chronograph watch is also provided water resistance. This makes it a perfect product for sports enthusiast individuals.

All remarkable styles and brilliant designs become useless if a watch doesn’t offer a basic comfort level. Comfort is an essential and inevitable element of any watch.

The users will never buy a fancy and good-looking watch if they don’t feel comfortable wearing it. But with this watch, you don’t need to worry. Your wrist will be at total ease and comfort. You won’t feel irritated even if you wear it for hours.

Thus, opt for both comfort and design. Consider Graf Zeppelin chronograph to watch your suitable match. 

Amazon USA

Closing Thoughts:

We have shared a list of the best chronograph watches to help you decide the best watch for yourself. As you learned, these watches offer functions beyond just telling time.

Besides functions, chronograph watches also look amazing on the wrists. The amount of ease and comfort that chronograph watches provide is amazing.

Not only does it look great on the wrists, but it also provides maximum comfort level. Why wear an ordinary watch when you can have high-end, luxurious chronograph watches?

Hopefully, you have now learned that these watches are worth spending a little more than your budget as they fulfill all your needs and desires.

If it means you have to spend more than your expected amount, it’s alright. The product is worth your money. You will not regret this decision. So don’t wait much longer. Start planning and order your chronograph watch right away.



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