How to Apply Cologne and Where to Spray

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Many memories are stored in the back of our minds, but as soon as we smell a specific fragrance or cologne, it throws us right back to time. In the same way, fragrances are responsible for leaving a profound impact on your personality and are an essential part of any human being. The right cologne keeps you refreshed a whole day, maintains your charm, and boosts your confidence, but do you know how to apply it correctly?

The best way to apply cologne is to gently dab it on your body without rubbing it. Excessively rubbing may cause skin irritation. Also, when spraying cologne on your body, spray it from three inches away.

If you are the kind of person, who loves to use colognes but doesn’t know how to use them, this guide is formulated just for you. Dive in with us and learn from our handy guide on where you should apply it to make it last for a whole day.

How to Apply Cologne

In this guide, we have explained step-by-step how to apply cologne to make it last longer.

After a hot shower, the best time to apply cologne to your body. A hot shower opens your body pores, and once your body is damp, you can use it.

Apply adequate moisture to your skin as it will make your skin soft and absorb cologne. If you apply cologne after moisturizer, your body absorbs it quickly and lasts longer.

Hold cologne at least three to six inches away from your body and spray on the chest, neck, wrists, and armpits. Spraying cologne on a pulse point last longer and keep you fragrant throughout the day. Don’t splash it on your body, as it may cause irritation sometimes.

Don’t rub cologne excessively on your skin, as it will break the molecule chain, and you won’t get a long-lasting fragrance. Also, don’t make a cloud of perfume over you and then walk through it because it only wastes the cologne and can also stain your clothes.

No matter how good you want to smell, two shots are enough on a pulse point. Cologne works better on your heated areas such as armpits, neck, wrist, and chest. Excessive fragrance can be a headache for you and others. 

How to Pick the Right Cologne

As crucial as applying cologne in the right way, it’s equally essential to pick the best one to witness exceptional results. If your cologne is not good enough and doesn’t last long even when you are wearing it right, you need to change it. We have a guide for you if you are searching for the best cologne and don’t know how to pick the best one. Dig deeper and note a few factors that can help you drop the best product in your cart.

1. Notes

Every fragrance has a vibe or feeling you don’t want to miss; the same applies to cologne. If you’re going to feel different, refreshed, and accessible throughout the day, you should learn about the notes of fragrance you love. If you love baking scents, vanilla or Tonka bean might be the best match. You can also move to classic aromatic or jazz scents to feel confident when it’s your night out. It’s better to learn about your mood preferences and then choose the smell which is the best for you. If you don’t want to compromise on your fragrance, don’t forget to check the notes written on the bottle, and you will get an idea of what it smells like.

2. Testing

You can’t choose the best fragrance until you have tested it or someone has it but now you want that one, too. If you are making a decision because someone said so, maybe your taste is different, and you will end up disappointed. You can collect a few samples from other shops to select the best one and check which one last longer on your skin. Sometimes people buy online colognes, and they don’t find it much fascinating after using them. Check out the reviews, learn about ingredients, and then decide.

3. High Concentration

Do you know why your colognes don’t last long? Because their concentration power is low and doesn’t last long on your skin. The majority of high-concentrated colognes are more expensive than ordinary ones. Colognes with a concentration power of 20%-30% last 6-8 hours and usually belong to designer brands. If the cologne you choose has a concentration power between 2-4%, it won’t last more than 2 hours. If you want something with longevity and a reliable scent, choose the scent with high power for better results.

4. Check Limited Fragrances

The mistake that can confuse you while checking the cologne you want to buy is to prevent several fragrances that make your senses numb or shut down somehow. After studying 2-3 fragrances, you may feel the same for every bottle and buy the wrong one. If you want to make the right decision, shortlist some of the most popular colognes with the ingredients you want. Check those few colognes and pick from them. The appropriate way to test a perfume is to spray it on your wrist or test strip to smell them better.

5. Ask Someone

If you love the cologne someone is already wearing, ask them about it, which will help you make a quick decision. It’s always better to have someone’s advice than to do everything independently. You can ask for more information about the scent, like how long it lasts, concentration power, and notes. The details will provide you a complete picture of the product.

How to Keep Cologne for a Long Time

This question crosses everyone’s mind when they want to store cologne for a long time without any negative impact on fragrance. If you don’t want your scent to break down quickly, keep them somewhere which is safe from environmental changes. Don’t expose them to heat, extreme cold, or too airy space. The best place to store cologne is inside your closet, where the temperature is constant; it’s safe from sunlight and dark. This way, your cologne will last long, and even after months, you will not feel the difference in volume inside a bottle.

Mistakes People Do When Applying Cologne

Colognes are not like ordinary perfumes, and usually, we use them. Hence, they last longer and keep us refreshed regardless of the surroundings. Today we are talking about some mistakes people make when applying cologne to their bodies.

1. Spraying on Clothes

The reason why cologne stays with you for a whole day is that it mixes with your body oils and makes the fragrance unique. Spraying it directly on clothes doesn’t get absorbed into the skin and fade away in the air. If your clothes are sensitive to some liquids, they may also get damaged. If you want a fragrance to last, spraying on the clothing is not a practical option. Also, spraying cologne on fabric is a waste of material, but it will last for more than a day on your body.

2. Rub It into Skin

Another mistake many people repetitively make and then complain that fragrance doesn’t last enough is to rub it on their skin. Your cologne has a tiny and delicate molecular bond that squishes when you rub it aggressively on the skin. It provides fragrance for a few minutes but later fades out. Cologne must complement your body, and it smells differently throughout the day. Dab it on your body and don’t rub excessively, or else there is no point in applying it.

3. Excessive Application

The fragrance you use on your body should be refreshing but not sharp enough to give you a headache. Excessive application is the worst mistake you can make because this one habit takes away cologne’s power and changes it into an irritating fragrance. Even if you doubt it will fade after a few hours, you should apply it in fewer quantities. The excessive application will not work as it supposed to be.

4. Directly Splashing on Skin

If your skin is sensitive, you are not supposed to splash any fragrance directly on your skin without taking a patch test. Some scents may irritate your skin because of harsh formula or any ingredient that is incompatible with your skin. The best way to apply it is to put the finger on a bottle opening, collect some on your fingertip, and dab it on your body. Use it in a moderate quantity, and it’s one of the simplest ways to apply it. Sometimes direct contact with your skin can be harmful; it never hurts to be a little cautious.

Final Thoughts

Whether getting ready to go to work, for a party night, or to meet someone special, fragrance can change your vibe. You must know how to choose the best one that goes with your personality and doesn’t leave any side effects on your skin.

Also, cologne speaks volumes about your personality, hygiene, and mood. I hope through this guide, you must have enough knowledge now to apply cologne perfectly. By choosing the right cologne, you will be able to feel confident and attractive all the time.



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