UO Barber Reviews: Rogue and Beyond

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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Men Studio: Rogue and Beyond

Started: May 2017

X-Factor: Premium Men’s Hair Studio – Speed & Neat

Welcome to our second edition of UO Barber Reviews, where we hunt and experience Singapore’s best barbershops / men’s hair studios.

Today we have Rogue and Beyond, one of the uprising premium contemporary hair studios, surfaced right in the middle of the urban jungle of Singapore is doing some real great work for men. This studio is a two members barber team who provides hair cut services and shave for the modern man. Though most of the clients are expats, many locals begin to appreciate premium barbering services.

Couple of weeks back, I had the privileged to be invited by Joel, founder of Rogue and Beyond for an interview and experience a premium hair cut and shave. I would say in my entire life, this is one of the most satisfied haircut I have ever gotten. Before the hair cut, Joel and I spent around 30 minutes chit chat about his background and how Rogue and Beyond came about. 



Rogue & Beyond.jpg

Joel and Co in action


Originated from Malaysia, at 15 years old, Joel flew to the States to embark on his hair styling career. Learning from the pioneer of hair styling, Sassoon in Costa Mesa, Joel has picked up strong fundamentals, and a set of robust skills that made him so successful today as a stylist. Though he has a lot of experience in hair styling for both men and women for 11 years in USA, in 2014, he chose his niche in Singapore, specifically for men’s hairstyling. Here, before starting out Rogue and Beyond, he started with a few well known barbershops such as Urban Hair, We Need a Hero and Jermyn Streets. But after a few years, he felt the urge to start something on his own studio and it was materialized in late 2017.

The Stylist Himself

With so many barbershops appearing in most neighbourhood, I asked Joel how he differentiate Rogue and Beyond from the rest. He mentioned this premium hair studio not only focus on minimalistic, but ensuring everyone who walks in is firstly impressed, and walks out happy or more confident. This is how much emphasis he ensure all his clients are satisfied with the services provided. In addition, while some barbers focus on trends, Joel’s take is the fundamentals and basics are the most important as trends come and go. He ensures that he and his teammates are not only strong in their foundation as hair stylist, but also dynamic enough to meet his clients’ demands. Not to mention, attention to detail must be part of the checklist.

Joel’s also shared his ambition to able to setup a proper education for those who are interested to learn hair styling, or even improve their skill. He hopes to passed down whatever he has learned throughout his journey to those who share the same passion.



IRogue & Beyond.jpg

“Always ensuring every of my client walks out the door a happy & confident man” ~ Joel

The Studio

And here we are, at Rogue and Beyond, it’s clean, simple and premium. The design and all the furnitures were handpicked by Joel himself. Rather than just focusing on how the hair looks, this studio take a more holistic approach, which is from head to toe. Hence, that explains why they have a full mirror instead of those half ones. My Favourite speaker Marshalls fills the room with Light R&B rhythm, keeping one’s mind at ease. The counter is what you will see as you enter. On the left side, there’s a few sofa bench as the waiting area, and a shelf with some products. The studio only carry products that easy to wash (water-based), non greasy and easy to apply, such as the Aveda brand. In addition, currently Mason and Smith are co-sharing space with Rogue and Beyond. You will get to check out a range of bespoke shoes and shoe products. On the right side is where all the men’s grooming operation takes place.

The Hair Cut and Wet Shave Review

As I sat on the chair, with the full length mirror, I could see my overall style. This has impact my decision on what haircut I would like to have indirectly. As Joel mentioned, style is not just the head, but from top to bottom.First, I had my hair washed, which is the a critical step to ensure both hygiene and a proper hair analysis before a hair cut. With some conditions of my hair and scalp, Joel advised some of the tweaks he could do to ensure my hair stays excellent for at least a month.

Throughout the hair cut, I felt comfortable. He ensure he cleans up any residue of hair after each stage. It felt very effortless on his end going through the motion like an artist painting on a canvas. Within 30 minutes, it was done. With that standard and attention to detail, I would say the process was a swift one. One of the interesting fact is in all my haircuts, the shape and style usually doesn’t stays after washing off the hairstyling product (Eg: pomade, wax..etc). But with this, it stays quite a bit and I could save time in styling my hair.

After the hair cut, I received a wet shave from Dee. It was my first time and it was a new experience for me. For Asians, our skin tend to be drier. Hence, during the shave with a straight razor, there were red spots and slight sting feel on the shaved area. However, Dee was kind enough to give me a two round of cold tower to calm the pores and allergy I was facing. After applying the aftershave, it was all good.



Rogue & Beyond Swift and Neat


Honestly, this one of the best men’s hair cut I ever had. I have been to many premiums ones in Singapore, but I would this is the best so far. Plainly because of attention to detail and yet it was neat and what I wanted. For me to style my hair, it was easier because the shape is already there. I hope to see his studio continue to grow and continue to educate to community around men’s grooming.

Head down to Rogue and Beyond as I would highly recommend them. See the details below:



Address: 2nd Floor, 147A TELOK AYER STREET, Singapore



Rogue & Beyond.jpg

Look for this sign on one of the pillar

Business Hours (SGT)

  • Mon – 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue – 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed – 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu – 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri – 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat – 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun – Closed



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