Anthony Shave Cream Review For Sensitive Skin

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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The Anthony Shave Cream Review Introduction

It’s been awhile since I last review a good shave cream, especially for my sensitive skin. In the past, I have done a couple reviews from Gillette Sensitive Shave Gel to Edwin Jagger’s Cooling Menthol Shaving Cream. With my sensitive skin, I am very particular the products I used. Besides picking a good razor for sensitive skin, an equivalent suitable and soothing shaving cream. The last thing to be start the day wrong is with irritation and redness around the shaved area.

Today, we are stoke to have Grooming Den Singapore for sharing with us some quality products from Anthony, in particular the Anthony Shave Cream and the Invigorating Rush Hair and Body Wash. We have tried this products for a close 2 weeks, and I am very excited to share this Anthony experience with you. So here we go!

The Anthony Shave Cream



Anthony was created since 2000 with a goal in mind to help men to have a healthy and easy skincare regimen. This is done by infusing natural ingredients and advanced science formulas that are skin-friendly especially all of us has different allergies and skin types. They are very serious of ensuring their products are safe to use where all Anthony products are allergy and dermatologist tested.

Over the years, they have developed and expanded to new verticals from shaving to body care products like deodorants. Their mantra ” Developed for men. Borrowed by women” showcase that though it is marketed mainly for men, it shows that women are addicted to it as well.


Soho, New York, USA

Product Name:

Anthony Shaving Cream

New Packaging of The Anthony Shave Cream

Skin Type:

All skin type, especially for sensitive skin


Eucalyptus scent (Minty)

Texture and Application of the Anthony Shaving craem

The Anthony Shaving cream is housed in a grey tube. Upon squeezing it out from the tube, the white and smooth cream flows out easily. The texture is very smooth and feels luxurious. You could lather it up with a brush or otherwise with your both hands. Unlike the Gillette Sensitive Shave Gel, it is not very foamy, but rather a creamy smooth lather.

Before your application, ensure your shaving area is damped with warm water. Then rub the lathered shaving cream gently around the surface. Again boys, the experience is very soothing due to its minty scent and very smooth texture, which is quite similar to the Edwin Jagger’s Cooling Menthol Shaving Cream. You could also feel a cooling sensation due to the use of Eucalyptus. The rich later provides a good start for a smooth close shave. Then, shave with slow strokes in the direction of hair growth, rinsing the razor often. Finally, rinse off with cold water and feel the cooling and refreshing sensation.

Key Ingredients of The Anthony Shave Cream

  • Squalene helps to lubricate and moisturized skin. This is to prevent irritation or razor burns
  • Cornmint and eucalyptus oils refresh and cool skin.
  • Rosemary is anti-inflammatory and acts as a natural antiseptic.
  • Hops helps to condition the skin.
  • Claims: Free of parabens, phtalates, GMOs, DEA, triclosan, and gluten.
  • Allergy and dermatologist tested. Made cruelty free in the USA.

Full ingredient list here


3 oz or 6 oz

Verdict of the anthony shave cream

Just for product itself, will I use it on a daily routine? Yes! I would not deny this product is of high quality. If you have sensitive skin this is one of the products to go for. I would hope that the price per oz could be lower to make it more affordable to all. With all the ingredients, science and effort going into this product, I understand why this is priced as such.

Where to Buy the Anthony Shave Cream

Grooming Den Singapore

SGD 38.00 (6oz)

10% OFF Coupon Code: URBAN10

Amazon USA

USD 20.00 (6oz)

What else should you try?

To add on top of this shaving cream, you could try out together with the Invigorating Rush Body + Hair Wash. It is equally good with the use of

  • Eucalyptus Extract and Birch Leaf to provides a refreshing scent,
  • Canadian balsam to soothes the skin,
  • Glycerin and Vitamin B5 provide lasting hydration.

Both these products are very consistent in terms of what it is trying to achieve, which is providing you quality products for your body and shaving needs without you being concern of harming your skin, but rather nourishes it.

Where to Buy the Invigorating Rush Body + Hair Wash.

Grooming Den Singapore

SGD 49.00 (12oz)

10% OFF Coupon Code: URBAN10

Amazon USA

USD 30.00 (12oz)



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