How to Apply Solid Cologne

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Solid colognes are a growing trend among men as their go-to fragrance source. However, a lot of guys are still unaware of it. There are many benefits from using these men’s solid colognes, so it only fits to use it as a substitute for your everyday spray cologne. It may come as a surprise, though, but many guys do not know how to apply solid cologne. But wait up, it is easy to do it! Please go through our article to find out how convenient it is on how to apply solid cologne.

We will also discuss the benefits of having a solid cologne and how it differs from the spray cologne that we have all grown to love and use. Who knows, by the end of this article, you may already find yourself purchasing the best solid colognes.

What is Solid Cologne vs Spray?

how to use solid perfume

For a long time, men have sprayed fragrances from colognes that come in bottle form. The bottled scents have become a staple for men that other cologne forms have become so foreign to them. The bottled spray colognes’ popularity caused a surge in demand and supply, causing more brands to pop up everywhere.

Solid colognes are just one of the many new forms of fragrances that men have been using. Other forms include powders, roll-ons, and gels. They provide convenience and scent that one may not find in an ordinary spray cologne. But let us focus our attention on solid colognes since they are practically new to several of you.

Solid cologne is a highly concentrated perfume in solid form. Usually, it is packed into a tin for convenient and portable packaging. Since it is in solid form, it offers a scent that generally lasts longer than a spray cologne. Hence, we advise that you would not apply it to yourself as frequently as possible. You do not want to smell strong, defeating the purpose of why you use cologne in the first place.

While it is a growing trend among men who are always on the go, a solid cologne is not a new invention. We can trace this idea back to the ancient Egyptian period. Usually, the royals and the affluent used colognes in solid form to add scent to their wigs and headgear. They mix the resin and several spices to make their version of solid cologne. Fortunately, modern solid colognes have incorporated lasting ingredients and stronger scents, so purchasing one would be worth it.

How to Apply Solid Perfume

Solid cologne is very easy and convenient to use. But it takes one to know one to grasp the beauty of this product fully. So whether you are a newbie to solid cologne or have already been using it for quite some time, it is still essential to know how to apply solid cologne. Do not worry. Using it is as easy as 1-2-3. There are no complicated instructions to follow when applying a solid cologne.

For a rundown on how to wear cologne, check out our step-by-step guide below.

Step # 1 – Turn the cover to open the cologne

First, hold the bottom portion of the tin container using your middle and index fingers. Place your thumb on the top portion. Then, turn the lid of your cologne using your thumb. Now, this is where it gets tricky. The lid may be different from one brand to another, so you should double-check through your thumb. You will need to swivel and turn the lid clockwise to open the solid cologne in some brands. For others, you will need to slide your thumb up and push the lid to open it. Either way, the cover will click open at the top portion of the square.

how do you use solid cologne

Step # 2 – Swipe your fingers through the cologne

Now that the lid is open, the next thing to do is get some of the cologne. Use your fingers and gently swipe across the surface of the wax cologne a couple of times. Be generous, but do not take more than what you can use. We do not advise you to dig your fingers through the cologne because you will only be getting more than what you can use. You do not want to have an overpowering smell.

does solid cologne last longer
By BluMaan

Step # 3 – Apply it to your pulse points

Since you already have a portion of the wax cologne on your fingers, the next thing that you have to do is to apply it. For starters, you should know where to use cologne. You have to apply the cologne’s waxy portion on your pulse points, like where to spray colognes. These include your neck and the wrist.

If you are looking for the right place to apply cologne, the wrist is an excellent place to start. One of the reasons is that it could leave you with good impressions. When you shake your hands with people, you will indirectly utilize your wrists. And in doing so, you let other people indirectly smell the scent coming from your wrist. The neck is also another right spot where you can apply the cologne. Having a solid scent on your neck can allow people to get to smell the fragrance without you exerting too much effort.

Thanks to the heat that these pulse points have, you can project the cologne’s scent more efficiently. And that’s it. If you’re done applying, you can close the lid of the cologne using your thumb. And when you feel like using it again, all you need to do is repeat the first step.

how to use solid cologne
By BluMaan

What is Solid Cologne Made of?

The best solid cologne options out there have a similar set of ingredients. Yet each one of them is different because of the distinctive scents infused on them. But generally, they have the same base ingredients. Solid colognes are typically made from natural wax such as shea butter and beeswax. The wax (which serves as the medium of the fragrance) is initially melted. Then, either a strong scent or a mixture of scents is added to it. 

The scent can change depending on the brand or theme of the cologne. But it is worth noting that most of these scents come from organic sources. A Duke Cannon Cologne, for instance, infuses the natural ingredients and essences of rosemary extract, sunflower oil, calendula extract, and coconut oil. Other colognes use intense fragrances such as ginger root, rosewood, and cypress. The purpose of mixing various scents is that these colognes aim to be reminiscent of places that you would like to go to — forests, waterfalls, bars. It depends upon your liking.

Does solid cologne expire?

Since we have just learned more about solid colognes, it may leave you wondering, does cologne go bad in the long run? To put it merely, solid colognes do expire. Perfumes, in general, go bad. Their scents would run out as time passes because of the ingredients that they are made up of. So better check the expiration dates of your colognes. When your product goes beyond the date mentioned in their lid, you do not expect that the scent initially intended for the cologne will still be the same.

Is Solid Cologne Better than Spray Cologne?

Because of its recent resurgence, solid colognes have been compared to spray colognes a lot. Indeed, they offer the same goal of giving you the scent that you want. But if we genuinely compare them, you may find that one may be better than the other. Look at our comparison table below to get to know more about their similarities and differences. Who knows, you might discover that a solid cologne is something you would try.

Solid Cologne vs Spray Cologne

Solid CologneSpray Cologne
PortabilityIt is very portable, can be carried wherever possible, including in your pockets.Only portable if it’s carried in your gym or work bag.
ConcentrationHighly concentrated, giving more scentFor certain spray cologne, it is slightly concentrated needs to be applied frequently.
Evaporation levelsDoes not evaporate quite quickly. It interacts with your body temperature.It evaporates quickly, so you need to apply it frequently.
Length of UseIt lasts approximately two to three months with heavy use.It lasts approximately several weeks to months with heavy use.
VersatilityYou can carry it wherever you go – gym, office, travel.There are limitations in its versatility due to its size.
Duration of smellThe smell tends to disappear quicker than spray cologne.Spray cologne smells longer.

Based on the table above, we can safely assume that men’s solid colognes are better when comparing them to the spray colognes. With heavy daily use, you can find that they are a better deal than spray colognes, thanks to their benefits.

Benefits of using solid cologne

Now that you know how to use and apply a solid cologne properly, it is fitting to learn its benefits. As we have mentioned earlier, a solid cologne is better to use than a spray cologne, based on our comparison table. However, the benefits do not end there. Solid colognes pack a massive load of advantages in a tiny tin can. This is why you should decide on the best solid cologne to purchase based on these benefits.

  1. Easy on the Skin

One of the most apparent benefits of having a solid cologne is that it is easy on the skin. In many spray colognes, alcohol is a prominent ingredient. Alcohol tends to dry out the skin. This is not the case with solid colognes. Since they do not include any alcohol (we have learned earlier that they are made with natural wax), they do not cause any dry outs on your skin. Instead, these natural ingredients help nourish and moisturize your skin for a better-looking glow. Not only do solid colognes provide a good scent, but they also take care of your skin.

  1. Portable

As we have mentioned earlier in the comparison table, solid colognes are portable. Their lightweight and small size make them a better choice when we compare them to spray colognes. You can easily slide one solid cologne into your bag or pocket without causing too much inconvenience. You can also bring it with you when you go on a backpacking trip that requires you to carry light things. By doing so, you can apply and reapply as much scent as you want throughout the day without having to take a bulky bottle of spray perfume.

You should also note that you can take this with you on airlines. Most airlines do not allow spray colognes. On the other hand, having a solid cologne will be more convenient because you will not leave it behind at the airport.

  1. Durable

Because they are waxy scents placed in a robust container, expect that your solid colognes will not break easily. They will not smash or get damages quickly even if you drop the cologne directly on the floor. Instead, the metal tin containers will securely keep the colognes in place. Hence, you can avoid having any leaks even if you throw your bags away.

  1. Privacy

Another benefit of using solid colognes is the privacy that you will have. And by confidentiality, we mean to say you can apply it subtly without causing too much of a scene. Sometimes when you are in an environment involving many people – office, party, bar – it may be awkward to pull out your bottled cologne and spray yourself. If you do so, you run the risk of causing a scene because wafting the perfume can be very obvious. 

To avoid any unwarranted attention, you can either go to a secluded place or, better yet, go to the bathroom to apply cologne. There is no need for you to go the extra mile to apply perfume with a solid cologne. You just need to swipe a tiny bit of your cologne without causing a scene.

Closing Thoughts on How to apply solid colognes

Applying solid colognes are not difficult but doing the right way such as applying at the right spots goes a long way. If you are interested to explore what are the best solid colognes, click here to find out more! We have scouted a list of them that suits your needs and budget.

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