How to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness

How to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness

We don’t like to break the bad news to you, but this thing is serious. If your hairs are getting thin and you can see bald patches on your head, it is due to the male pattern baldness. 65% of the men get bald in their early 30’s due to this pattern, and there is nothing they can do to reverse it once it’s all over their scalp. 

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is a genetic condition you inherit from someone in the family, and at a certain age, it activates. 

Now, let us break the good news to you. It’s not impossible to stop male pattern baldness when trying for regrowth. In this blog today, we are discussing the ways to reverse the bald pattern by different methods. Some are home remedies, while some are effective products available to promote regrowth and keep the scalp healthy for a long time. 

First, let’s talk about some medical treatments for male pattern baldness which you can take to see a visible difference. This treatment may feel hefty on your pocket, but you will get hair back without any adverse effects on the skin.


You must have heard about transplants, but people often ignore the idea due to surgical procedures. It takes time to recover but bring back hair with a guarantee. If you have hereditary baldness, treatments are the only solutions to regrow healthy hair like before. Some may cause you pain and irritation for a few days, but they are proven for hair regrowth. Celebrities globally adopt hair transplant treatments to get rid of this pattern. Have a look at some of the treatments you can have to change the hair texture.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT is known as one of the most well-known methods of promoting hair growth. In this method, a surgeon removed some skin from the back of a scalp where healthy follicles are working. They reinsert those follicles into the place where existing follicles are getting dead. This surgery is effective when it comes to filling bald patches in a few months and takes less time to recover. Scars and other complications are not common during this procedure, as it doesn’t involve complex steps. 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This surgical procedure is quite similar to the FUT, but the only difference is this procedure doesn’t involve removing the skin. In this process, active hair follicles get directly removed from the skin to move to the spot where baldness is present. This surgery consumes less time, and it’s also suitable when you want quick results from the surgery. Sometimes this procedure can be painful and hard to tolerate, but results are worth the wait when you can’t bear baldness anymore.

Other Treatments

Laser Treatment

The laser treatment is a non-surgical process and is used to treat inner complications. Due to inflammation in the follicles, hair stops growing, and you can experience heavy-hair loss. In this case, you can also choose laser treatment that can reduce complications from your scalp and promote healthy growth within a few months. When it comes to male pattern baldness, laser treatments are proven effective and safe. Recovery is not an issue during this treatment; you have to keep working on the doctor’s prescriptions to see the visible results. Laser treatment doesn’t involve blades and cuts, so the chances of scarring are far less than other procedures. 

PRP Treatment

The PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and is advisable by massive dermatologists to promote the healthy growth of hairs. In this procedure, doctors take the patient’s blood and, put it into the centrifuge to extract plasma. This plasma penetrates the follicles by injecting them into the scalp. It’s a great way to boost hair health effectively without experiencing much pain. 

People with male pattern baldness will get massive help from this procedure, and they can witness visible results in a few weeks. PRP treatment is easy to recover and doesn’t leave long-term scars on the scalp. This procedure is getting widely popular due to quick and long-lasting results. A patient doesn’t have to change their lifestyle, but they need to take extra care of their hair.

Change in Diet

Diet plays an important role when trying to improve something in your body, naturally. If you are still going on an unhealthy track, this may affect hair health, and eventually, you can experience hair loss. Take one step at a time and start by adopting an exercise schedule. Prepare a diet chart or alternative activities to replace the current unhealthy habits. The more you get strong from the inside, the more chance you can see in hair strength. Let us help you understand what kind of diet can reverse male pattern baldness.

Iron-Rich Foods

The Iron-rich foods are a great source of boosting hair growth when you are tired of using medications. Junk food takes you towards obesity and leaves your body scattered. When experiencing hair loss or baldness, add iron-rich food to your diet, and it will make a difference in the overall hair strength. The beneficial food includes lean beef, green vegetables, eggs, beans, and iron-fortified grains. If you are wondering, how to reverse male pattern baldness? Iron-rich foods can help you overcome the health issue. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The omega-3 fatty acids are essential in reversing several hair conditions. After switching to a healthy diet, people share their unbelievable experiences. One with male pattern baldness should consume these foods twice a week. These foods must include tuna, egg yolks (limited for blood pressure patients), salmon, mackerel, flax seeds, walnuts, and hemp seeds. You can also use the flex seeds gel on your scalp thrice a week, and it will start filling the bald patches in a few weeks. You can turn these foods into healthy recipes and complete the nutritional requirement of a body.

High-Protein and Biotin Foods

As we all know, hair is made of protein, and to boost growth, we need to focus on consuming a diet that can help overcome this health issue. For turning weak hairs into stronger and, healthier, a protein diet is compulsory to intake. Eggs are the essential source of supplying protein and biotin to your follicles, and it keeps them active. Seafood and lean meat are excellent sources of protein that can deliver results. Lack of protein can make your hair brittle and dry; as a result, you will experience severe hair loss. Deliver what your body is asking for to get the desired results.


In addition to a healthy diet, it’s essential to consume multi-vitamins to bring shine and strength to your hair. It would be great if you consult a doctor and ask for multi-vitamin supplements to recommend. Supplements with ingredients such as zinc, folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B12, biotin, and Vitamin E provide complete nutrition to hairs. These vitamins and minerals can improve the different hair loss conditions caused by shock, stress, or medical condition. 

Multi-vitamins should be a part of your routine, whether going through hair issues or not? It can stop the male pattern of baldness in the early days and, you will have more time to consider other options. Multi-vitamins can delay the male pattern of baldness for a few years.


When it comes to increasing the intake of fruits, we don’t take it seriously because we don’t know how beneficial they can be to improve the medical condition? When experiencing hair loss, consume fruits that can help you reverse the pattern to some extent. Let’s suppose, if we are talking about guava, it’s an excellent food to prevent hair breakage by delivering Vitamin C to it. It’s a tropical fruit and makes hair follicles active to keep hair healthy.


If the body lacks zinc, you may go through heavy hair loss. Our body requires complete nutrition to let everything function properly. Due to an unhealthy diet, the body may lack a few essential minerals and disturb the process. Oysters are the best source of having zinc, and they have the power to re-build the cells for boosting growth. Other than oysters, you can also add beef, lobster, and crab to your meal. They are not only beneficial to the scalp but eyelashes as well. After a few weeks of consuming it, you can feel the difference in strength.

Home Remedies

With the consumption of medicines and a healthy diet, one should also try some home remedies that are not harmful and bring difference by the constant use of few months. Home remedies are easy to prepare, and you don’t have to think about adverse reactions. They may deliver results slower but are effective. Let us discuss some remedies essential for hair growth and don’t take time to prepare.

Onion Juice

The onion juice is known as one of the powerful home remedies to use when male pattern baldness is taking over, and you have no option but to see it going away. By applying onion juice on your scalp twice a week, you can see the boosting growth in a few months, and the hair quality will improve. It’s a highly advisable treatment for alopecia patients, too. Chops the onions into small pieces and squeeze the juice out of them by wrapping them in a soft cloth. Apply the juice and rinse hair after 30-45 minutes.

Hair Oil

The hair oil is the need of your scalp and hair if you want them to shine. When hair lacks moisture and softness, they become brittle, as a result, you can experience heavy breakage. According to a few studies, peppermint oil and rosemary oil have proven benefits in boosting hair growth within a few months. It enhances blood circulation and activates the follicles slowing down with time. Other than these, you can also use coconut oil, mustard oil, and castor oil to bring shine to your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The most commonly diagnosed reason for hair loss is the unbalanced PH of the scalp. Apple cider vinegar plays an essential role in maintaining Ph and, you can feel the difference in bald patches. It can help remove dandruff and strengthen the roots as you want. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar into the cup of water and rinse your hair with it in a shower when done applying shampoo. Massage with it for a while, and here is the shine back in your hair. 

Ginger Oil

One of the beneficial ingredients in boosting hair growth is ginger. You can also add ginger juice in oil and apply it for 30-minutes on your scalp. If you don’t want to wait for more than a month to see the results, this is the kind of oil you need for rapid growth. This juice will also keep your scalp hydrated and bring back the long-lost shine. It’s advisable to squeeze ginger in the home to apply fresh juice for organic results. Due to the addition of preservatives, ginger oil may not suit sensitive hair. 

Healthy Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle is the root of many problems, especially skin and hair conditions. You can try our home remedies and suggested treatments when living life smartly, but what if you are not? Let us tell you about some of the habits you need to drop. A lifestyle change can not only bring your hair back but can also improve hormonal conditions.

Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol is so much more damaging to your body than you can ever think of. From male pattern baldness to other medical conditions, alcohol can make your life upside down. Excessive consumption lowers down immunity, and as a result, you will experience severe hair loss. If you want to reverse male pattern baldness, stop drinking alcohol, and within a few months, you can feel the difference in overall physical condition.

Avoid Hair Rubbing

After coming from a shower, many people try to dry their hair by rubbing them roughly through the towel. It will damage the roots, and you need to make efforts while brushing them. That is another unhealthy pattern you need to reverse for improving hair condition. Avoid this habit, and your hair breakage will start reducing after a few weeks. It would be wise if you let them dry naturally without using anything. Don’t even use a comb on wet hair because roots become soft after getting wet. The chances of experiencing hair loss are more in wet hair than in dry conditions.


Do you know, smoking doesn’t only damage your lungs but hair, too? As soon as you inhale the smoke of a cigarette, it starts messing up with the whole metabolism. The blood circulation gets affected, and hair loss will happen. Avoid smoking as much as possible when having hair treatments. By cutting off this habit from the lifestyle, you can double the effectiveness of the reversal pattern. 

Save Hair from Sweat

If you are the one who wears a helmet due to job requirements, then choose light stuff. Sweat damages the hair texture and appearance gradually. Whether buying a cap or any other hair covering accessory, pick the one through which air can pass. Other than these conditions, if you experience heavy sweat usually, use organic shampoos to strengthen your hair. Wash them often and avoid harsh styling chemicals. Sweat can stop the regrowth and promote hair loss.


We all know massages are an excellent source of relaxation because they increase blood supply in our body. In the same way, when planning to reverse the male pattern of baldness, massage can play an essential role. Apply any essential oil on your scalp and have a relaxing massage with the help of fingertips for 15-20 minutes. You can feel the difference at the end of the day, and hair loss will reduce. According to research studies, scalp massages are beneficial in boosting hair growth.


The most common cause of hair fall or baldness is stress. If you ever take out some time to evaluate the causes of your hair loss, stress must be the top of them. People who don’t know the art of stress management and can’t control their anxiety can experience bald patches in the coming years. To get over the stress and anxiety, adopt yoga, exercises, and other physical activities. They will enhance blood circulation, and you can feel the difference in your hair growth.

Harsh Chemicals and Heat

While styling ourselves for some party or an event, we often use gels, creams, and other harsh products. These products have the potential to damage the healthy hair texture. If you are one of those individuals who style their hair by applying maximum heat and chemicals, stop this habit right away. These chemicals and heat will turn healthy hair into brittle ones, and they will start damaging from anywhere. You can style hair, but occasionally especially when the scalp is sensitive and can’t take harsh products anymore. Switch to organic hair products to save them from falling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What if I stop taking hair loss treatment after some time? Will it return?

While having any hair treatment, it’s essential to finish the process to see visible results. It’s not an easy process to activate the hair follicles that are blocked for some reason or not working anymore. If you are leaving a treatment while it’s incomplete, then hair loss will not get a stop. Once your treatment is complete, the male pattern baldness will not come back, but you have to maintain it accordingly.

  1. How can I treat male pattern baldness naturally without going under the knife?

When you are in the initial stages of male pattern baldness, it’s possible to cure them by participating in physical activities. Blood circulation plays an essential role in hair regrowth, and the more you focus on internal health, the more effective results you can witness. Start from walking and indulging in the lighter activities.

  1. Can I regrow hair on the bald spot on my scalp?

After checking the bald spot on your scalp, many people lose their hopes and never consider all the options. Regrowing hair on bald spots is not an impossible mission, and by adopting effective solutions, you can have them back. If you are hopeless when it comes to baldness, consult your doctor and discuss your concerns. Avoid stress and anxiety throughout the treatment to have better results.

  1. Can I slow down the process of male pattern baldness before undergoing any complex treatment?

People don’t pay much attention to the male pattern of baldness in the initial stages when it’s curable. If you have recognized the signs and symptoms, it’s possible to slow down the process. By using Minoxidil, you can slow down the hair loss rate. If you have other medical conditions, consult your doctor first. 

  1. By changing my lifestyle, is it possible to activate the follicles?

Follicles stop working when they are blocked and, an unhealthy lifestyle is messing up with internal health. The first thing you need to adopt is to keep your scalp clean. Whether going through the dandruff issue or itching, keeping it clean by using organic products can help promote hair growth. Adopt some healthy habits and witness the visible change in your hair strength. 

Final Thoughts

Male pattern baldness is a common issue these days, and there may be several reasons. It’s crucial to pay attention to the early signs for effective treatment than later. Bring healthy changes in your life, and follicles will start repairing themselves to work. Enhancing blood circulation is also crucial because it’s not impossible to have healthy growth on the scalp when you are not fit inside.

From the massive hormonal changes to lack of care, anything can worsen the scalp. As a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, you may experience severe hair loss within a few months. After adopting natural remedies, if there is no improvement, one should consult a doctor and get advanced treatments. There is no other option you can have to cure this problem. Take a step earlier to stop this baldness from getting worse. 

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