How To Set Pool Table Lighting Height?

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Playing pool is exciting when you have the right environment. The right environment means the right place to set the pool table, the right lighting, determining the right height to install those lights, and so on. However, lighting plays an important role in order to make your experience worthwhile. Appropriate lighting and the height to hang the pool lights over the table is inevitable to the pool game. This is why most of the players ask about how to set pool table lighting height.

So, in this article, we have got you covered. There are different types of pool table lights and lamps, and determining the right height for each is a challenge. In this article, you will come across our detailed review of how you should set a pool table lighting height appropriately. So, read down the line and find out how to set pool table lighting height.  

Determining the right Pool Table Lighting Height

Determining the right height is critical because we want to give full coverage to the pool table. Our objective is to make the game enjoyable and smooth, for which the correct height plays a significant role. While installing the light lamp, keep in mind that our motive is not lighting up the room but the pool playing surface. 

Typically, the lights should be installed at the minimum height from the pool table. The appropriate height of the light lamp from the floor is 62 to 66 inches and 32 to 36 inches above the pool table. The height should also be determined according to the type of light or lamp you are using. Moreover, you should also consider the size of the pool table to determine the type of light and eventually the height at which it should be installed. Make sure that the light lamp provides full coverage to the table so that you may be able to play the game smoothly.   

Light Fixture Sizes, Pool Table Size & Height Considerations

There are numerous kinds of lights and lamps, so each has a different height requirement. However, no matter what type of canopy or light we purchase, our core objective is to install it at a height where it may be able to provide enough light to the playing area. For pool table lighting, the most common styles which are used in most of the gaming zones are strip light canopies and bowls.

If you are installing a canopy light, then we would recommend you install a height a little above 36-inch so that the light may be dispersed on a wider table area. There are wooden as well as aluminum canopy lights available in the market. Wooden canopies are expensive but sturdy, while aluminum is lightweight. Moreover, there are two types of lamps with respect to no, lights. One is a single-shade lamp, and the other is a multiple shades light bar. 

Some rooms do not possess appropriate ceilings, so it is quite difficult to choose light lamps for them or to install them appropriately. Ceilings should neither be very high. Nor low like drop ceilings usually found in the basements. It is recommended to choose a room with having suitable ceiling so that you may be able to install a pool table light conveniently. Brass light rails are good for snooker tables. These light rails are available with multiple lights, so you can choose the appropriate size according to the size of your pool table. 

What is a WPA Tournament Regulation Height

WPA tournament association also recommends the height of lights. So, for professional play, the light mounting height is higher than that of recreational play. 

How to install a Pool Table Light? 

So, now as you know the mounting height at which the light should be installed for your pool table. It is time to hire a professional electrician to do so. Some lights need internal wiring so the system can only be set up with the help of a professional electrician. It is recommended to get the lights installed before placing the pool table under it to avoid masonry dust on the pool table cover. 

Here are a few steps to follow in order to install a pool table light. 

Step #1

Measure the size of your pool table. Mark the center of the table using measuring tape so that you may be able to install the light right in the center of the pool table. 

Step #2

One should use a plumb line to align the center of the table with the ceiling. Mark the ceiling with a pencil or chalk.  

Step #3

Measure the length of the chains from the center of the light bulb.

Step #4

Now drill a hole in the place which you marked with a pencil to nail down the metal hook tightly.

Step #5

Now attach the chains to the hook, ensuring that the chains are equal on both sides to balance the light bulb. 

Why Do You Need Pool Table Lighting?

The pool is a game that largely depends upon your vision so that you may be able to play some good shots, but if the shadows deceive, then you may not be able to do it. These shadows are misleading, and you can only avoid them by mounting suitable light at a reasonable height so that everything on the table may be clear. 

Lighting plays an impactful role because the shadows created on the table and the room’s surroundings can change the game. Appropriate lighting on the side rail and table is important to play the game smoothly. Moreover, sometimes lighting effects act as a distraction, so it is important to choose and install light lamps considerately. 

Wrapping Up 

Shadows can ruin your shots and, eventually, the gaming experience. So, installing the right light at the right height is critical. I hope this quick installation guide will address all your concerns about the pool table lighting height and that you will be able to get the lights installed appropriately on your pool table. Cheers.  



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