Top 10 Best Long Lasting Cologne for Men 2022

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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It’s almost scary how a fragrance can completely change how others – or even you – perceive yourself. A scent is a powerful thing, and investing in the right one can turn your life around completely. The best long lasting cologne can make you more attractive in the eyes of others – especially the opposite gender, seem more in control of a tricky situation, or give you that extra boost of confidence that you need just before an important job interview. It is as much a part and parcel of your outfit as your shoes or your shirt.

This is why it is so essential to pick up just the right fragrance from the shelf. But while we look for the perfect notes and the ideal formula, there is one crucial thing many of us forget to pay attention to during scent shopping: longevity. After all, what’s the point of a great smelling perfume that fades away by the time you finally reach the party?!

Our blog today is going to be all about what contributes to a cologne’s longevity and how the best colognes for men perform in that regard. But before we get to the nitty gritty, here is a brief overview of our favorite longest lasting men’s fragrances.

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Summary table – Comparing the top 10 BEST Long Lasting Perfumes for Men 2021

NoBest Long Lasting Men’s CologneRating on AmazonPrice / OzMost noticeable fragrance notes in the formula
1The Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette4.7/5$19.12/ozMandarin orange, papaya, green tea, nutmeg, amber, musk
2The Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Eau De Toilette Spray for Men4.5/5$42.34/ozCitrus and woody
3The 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette Spray 4.6/5$20.85/ozCinnamon bark, white wood, leather, grapefruit, blood mandarin, rose
4The Bleu De Chanel for Men Eau De Toilette Spray4.4/5$52.94/ozTop notes: lemon, mint, pink pepper, and grapefruit Middle notes: ginger, nutmeg, and jasmine
Base notes: labdanum
5The CREED Aventus, 1.7 fl. oz., White4.4/5$191/ozPineapple, birch, and ambergris
6The Hugo Boss BOTTLED Eau de Toilette4.6/5Apple, citrus, geranium, cinnamon, sandalwood, cedarwood
7The Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Nuit Eau De Toilette Spray, 4.2 Fl Oz4.6/5$15.47/ozNOTES : Grapefruit Essence , Leather Vanilla Accord , Tonka Bean Absolute Patchouli
8The Narciso Rodriguez Him Bleu Noir Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce4.5/5$17.27/ozNutmeg and cardamom
9The Escentric Molecules Eau de Toilette Spray Molecule 01, 3.5 Fl Oz4.3/5Subtle velvety woody notes
10The Joop WOW! Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.4oz4.6/5$27.65/ozBergamot, cardamom, geranium, fir resin, vanilla, tonka bean

What makes a cologne long lasting?

There are two factors that play equally important roles in governing any fragrance’s longevity: the formula and the application.

So, what exactly is the formula that affects how long a cologne will stay on your skin? The main culprit here is the concentration of the perfume oils in the product. The higher the percentage of these fragrance oils, the longer you can go without having to reapply.

This is the reason why different types of fragrances have different lifetimes on your body. An aftershave has 1 to 3 percent fragrance oils in its formula and will only give you about 2 to 3 hours of smelling like heaven, while a good cologne with 2 to 5 percent fragrance oils can last you all evening. Similarly, an Eau de parfum is a much stronger version with about 15 to 20 percent fragrance oils and can stay even for the morning after, but those are quite expensive and not for everyday use.

But even the longest lasting men’s perfumes stand no chance if your application is all wrong. While you can not change the formula of a fragrance yourself, this is something that you can easily control. Usually, people with dry skin complain about their perfumes fading away too fast—moisturizing your skin before the application can resolve this problem in an instant.

Along with this, also pay attention to where you are pointing the nozzle while spraying if you want your cologne to stay with you through the night. Aim at your pulse points: your wrists, the inside of your elbow, and your chest. You will notice that doing so makes your perfume slowly release over the passage of time as opposed to it evaporating all at once.  

The Top 10 BEST Long Lasting Colognes for Men

So, you now know what to look out for when you want a cologne that lasts all day. But how do the best long-lasting colognes in 2021 fare if you scratch under the surface? Want to know the unique features of our top 10? Read on below to find out!

1. The Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette

Mellow character

What’s worse than going without a fragrance? Putting on an overpowering perfume that weighs down on the senses. This is why the Calvin Klein One is designed to have a pleasant yet mellow character. This perfume makes you smell great without being too overburdening on the nose and mind.

For both men and women

The CK One features a classic unisex scent that you can share with your partner for a romantic experience. The floral fragrance is neither exclusively masculine nor overly feminine. In fact, it strikes just the right balance between the two.

Minimalist design

The minimalist white bottle of CK One keeps things simple and clean. While the scent is a classic that sends you right back to the nineties, the packaging and presentation is super modern and futuristic.


  • Mixes and balances a lot of contrasting notes that compliment each other well
  • Great value for the money


  • Includes no risk or adventure as it builds on a classic fragrance formula

Where to Buy

Amazon USA


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2. The Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 1.7 Ounce


The Christian Dior Sauvage eau de toilette is a fragrance that will last you through the evening and then some. This product’s formula and quality ingredients ensure that it stays around for a long time before losing intensity.

Classic gentlemanly scent

If you are looking for a safe, sophisticated scent that you can wear everywhere, the Christian Dior Sauvage eau de toilette is your answer. This distinguished, absolutely French fragrance will make you stand out wherever you go without raising any eyebrows.


Usually, you won’t be able to find a fragrance this great that lasts you so long without having to empty all your pockets. However, the Christian Dior Sauvage eau de toilette comes at a fantastic price for what it is.


  • It makes for a great gift for any male in your life
  • A sophisticated, unique scent that you can wear on every occasion


  • This eau de toilette is greatly a hit or a miss with the people who have tried it

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

3. The 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz for Men – 100% Authentic

Winter vibes

The 1 Million by Paco Rabanne is a warm, rich fragrance for the chilly evenings of winter. This eau de toilette spray gives off a remarkable fall/winter vibe at the first sniff.

Great everyday wear

1 Million by Paco Rabanne is an eau de toilette spray that you can wear anywhere – be it school, office, or even the bar. This casual scent allows you to smell pleasant and fresh without taking over your senses with heavy notes.

High performing formula

When it comes to performance and longevity, the 1 Million is really one in a million. This loyal eau de toilette spray stays with you all day long without losing its intensity. If you are a guy who likes a bit of a cover up, this is the absolute best fragrance that you can reach for. 


  • One bottle of this eau de toilette will last you a long time
  • Noticeable and obvious in its masculine character


  • Lacks points in presentation and packaging

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

4. The Bleu De Chanel for Men Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4oz

Timeless fragrance

The Bleu de Chanel for men is yet another classic fragrance that everybody falls in love with. This timeless scent is perfect for the occasions where you want an instant boost to your confidence. You can easily wear this scent all year round without being limited by the season’s notes.

Chic presentation

The Bleu de Chanel for men scores ten out of ten when it comes to packaging and presentation. The timelessness of this product exceeds beyond the fragrance to the bottle it comes in as well. The chic perfume bottle is guaranteed to be a visually pleasing add-on to your vanity top.

Far-reaching scent 

For anybody who wants a signature scent to announce their arrival, the Bleu de Chanel for men is an option you just have to consider. This Eau de toilette’s long-lasting scent can be smelled from about 4 meters away and takes a long while to die down.


  • This fragrance is bound to turn heads and fetch you a lot of compliments
  • The timeless scent is a ‘safe’ option for all the times you do not feel like stepping out of your comfort zone


  • This eau de toilette has a lot of counterfeit copies being sold, so be very careful during the purchase

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

5. The CREED Aventus, 1.7 fl. oz., White

Channels strength

The Creed Aventus has been inspired by the historic emperor of the same name. This long lasting cologne celebrates the royal strength, success, and power of Aventus. In doing so, it attempts to invoke these same qualities in its wearer.

Appeals to all

This is a fragrance that nobody can say no to. The fruity apple top notes very well complement the boldness of oakmoss and vanilla. Whether you are hanging out with your bros or going on a date, everyone is going to be equally impressed by your taste in fragrances. It is undeniably one of the best perfumes for men that last long.

Develops wonderfully

The best thing about Aventus is how it develops over time to release its full essence. Starting off fresh and fruity, it transitions into a sophisticated woody scent by the end of the night that you will absolutely love.


  • Available in two different sizes
  • Great packaging and presentation


  • This Eau de parfum is quite an expensive option and is not very affordable for daily wear 

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

6. The Hugo Boss BOTTLED Eau de Toilette

Beautiful transitions

What we love most about the Hugo Boss Bottled eau de toilette is how it transitions notes and develops over time. The fragrance starts off with fruity apple notes that soon go away to reveal the heart notes of geranium and cinnamon. Finally, these notes are taken over by the sensual woody notes that stick around for a long time.

Clean and classic design

This eau de toilette comes in a stylish bottle featuring clean lines and a classic design. This no nonsense bottle is perfect for those who value sophistication and realness in their lives. The visual sets a masculine, iconic, and elegant mood that cannot be ignored.

Invokes the Boss values

The Hugo Boss Bottled eau de toilette is designed for the ultimate Bossman of today. The fragrance exudes confidence, ambition, and drive. It sets the mood for success and competition, invoking the same values in its wearer.


  • A magnificent luxury fragrance at an affordable price
  • An excellent scent for the workplace


  • Might come off as too overpowering to some people at first

Where to Buy

Amazon USA


10% OFF Promo Code: URBAN10

7. The Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Nuit Eau De Toilette Spray, 4.2 Fl Oz

Undeniably masculine

The Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme is an eau de toilette for those who like their scents to be on the masculine side. The unique leathery and woody flavors of this fragrance have an undeniably masculine character to them. This eau de toilette will have you smelling great 24/7.

Interesting ingredient list

Just like any other Issey Miyake fragrance, this one also makes use of unique, exciting ingredients. These rare ingredients give the fragrance a distinctive feel that sets you apart from everybody else. If you are bored of the common, classic fragrance from other brands, this is the one you should try next.

Sensual and romantic moods

A little bit of the Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme can make your date night super sensual and romantic. This fragrance features top notes of yuzu, w hitch are followed by the middle notes of blue water lily and nutmeg. In the end, the base notes of tobacco amber and Indian sandalwood close the deal.


  • This eau de toilette is perfect for a date night fragrance
  • Manufactured in France


  • You cannot share the same fragrance with the females in your life

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

8. The Narciso Rodriguez Him Bleu Noir Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce

A warm, woody scent

The deliciously woody scent of the Narciso Rodriguez Him Bleu Noir is all you need to warm up your cold winter nights. The fresh, spicy notes of nutmeg and cardamom seem just right when it comes to a fragrance for the long fall and winter seasons.

Stylish design

As appealing as the eau de toilette is in itself, the Narciso Rodriguez Him Bleu Noir’s packaging and design does not let you down either. The deep blue bottle looks absolutely amazing sitting on any dressing table top.

Great for all occasions

You can go from wearing it to a party at night to flaunting it at your workplace the next morning. The super versatile fragrance of the Narciso Rodriguez Him Bleu Noir makes it perfect for any and all occasions.


  • Lasts a long time before fading away
  • A little goes a long way with this intense eau de toilette, so one bottle is enough to get you through the winter months


  • It does not go very well with the heat of the summer months

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

9. The Escentric Molecules Eau de Toilette Spray Molecule 01

A modern twist to the classics

The Escentric Molecules Eau de Toilette spray gives a unique modern twist to the classics. It combines modern perfume practices with the traditional fragrance knowledge and theories. This comes together in an experience that is unlike any other, giving you the best of both worlds.

Minimalistic yet powerful

Though the scent of the Escentric Molecules Eau de Toilette spray is not overly intense, the effect it has sure is powerful. The subtle scent mixes in with your body chemistry to give off an effect that seems as natural as your own pheromones.

For the adventurous man

Bringing the modern and the traditional together, Escentric Molecules Eau de Toilette Spray is unlike any other in the same fragrance group. The subtle velvety notes of this fragrance almost disappear for a short while before appearing once again, making this quite an adventurous wear.


  • Does not become too overpowering at any point
  • Gives you a clean, singular scent that is simple yet powerful


  • The Escentric Molecules Eau de Toilette spray does not give off a fragrance like a traditional eau de toilette

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

10. The Joop WOW! Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.4oz

Oriental fougere fragrance

The Joop Wow! Eau de toilette features an oriental Fougere fragrance that mixes in with your body oils to create a wonderful scent. The scent starts off with pretty strong notes of bergamot, vetier, cardamom, and vanilla. However, these notes will deteriorate after a while to reveal more subtle tonka bean and cashmere notes.

Suitable for fall and winter seasons

The rich, warm fragrance of Joop Wow! makes it a great option for the fall and winter season. The bergamot, vetier, and cardamom notes help you make a great style statement and establish your individuality. 

For the older gentleman

This eau de toilette spray has been especially designed for the older gentleman. This makes it a favorite with dads and grandads, and is a wonderful gift idea for Father’s Day.


  • This fragrance has been in high demand ever since its launch back in 2017
  • Gives a powerful, comforting feeling to the wearer and those around him


  • Smells too ‘old’ and mature on a teenager or young adult

Where to Buy

Amazon USA

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