Analogue Paste Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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the Analogue Paste

It has been awhile since we last reviewed a local brand (at least coming from Southeast Asia). As a Malaysian, I am dope proud because today we have a strong product coming from Malaysia – the Analogue Paste. This product is a collaboration between 3 different Malaysia brands – The Apothecary Malaysia (cologne maker), The Oven (Barbershop) and Mentega (a well known pomade label). I am glad that Apothecary share not only the analogue paste with us, but also a range of their colognes, which we will share more later in the week.

But today, we gonna have all eyes on this brand new product the Analogue Paste, designed locally for the locals. I am always excited to review local products because it is designed for the different climate we have here and also the typical Asian hair texture, which are thicker and stubborn usually. So let’s waste no more time and dive into it ;)


The Apothecary Malaysia, Mentega, The Oven




Paste (Creamy)

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The Analogue PasteThe Analogue Paste

Design and Packaging

The design is very much consistent with The Apothecary Malaysia cologne style. Housed in a metal-like tin cans, makes it feel very classic, and combined the use of different design patterns makes it stands out from most pomade packaging. However, as compared to jars, the quality of these tin cans are slightly more vulnerable to dents.

With it 4oz (113ml) volume, it requires you to check in together with your luggage when flying around.

On the labels, you will find the origins of analogue paste and how it came about, with simple instructions on how to use with ingredients info.


A very pleasant refreshing cologne aroma and this is not surprising since The Apothecary Malaysia is the expert in this domain. According to them, this is the “OMNI” scent, similar to their Omni Solid Cologne, which consist of Velvety dark berries of Juniper and Blackcurrant followed by a mid tone of leather and rose, anchored with wood, tobacco and vetiver.

Overall, it’s refreshing, slightly on the sweeter side but yet masculine enough. Definitely a big fan of the scent.

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The Analogue PasteThe Analogue Paste

Texture & Application

As expected, this is an easy to scoop with creamy its texture. It reminds me of the Orien’t Texture Paste, as smooth as butter. Rubbing on the palm was easy and smooth with no grip or whatsoever.

For this review, I had my hair blow dried before applying on it, as advice on the label. For this product, I actually require 2-3 coin-size scoops for my hair length.

When apply on my dry hair, it was easy with no or very little tug. You will not have any trouble to restyle throughout the day with little or no water required. It does works well with a either finger or comb styling.


Low Shine

Strength & Endurance

  • Medium Strong Hold. Legit even in humid climates.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities in humid climate. However, due to its water based feature, any intense sport, it will fade out after awhile.

  • For less intense activity (walking outdoor), it lasted almost the whole day without needing to restyle, however can be easily restyled by finger  

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Easily washed off with one round of shampoo.

Hair Types

  • ThicknessFine to Thick Hair

  • VolumeLow to Medium Volume Hair

  • Straight, Wavy


Pompadour, Spiky Side Parting, Comb back, Side Swept-Brush Up

(See hairstyles here )


Water, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Beeswax, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Borate, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20,  Essential Oils


What makes this product standout is its consistency and aroma. This is suitable for those who commute daily to work, and works in the city area that requires professional setup. Would I use this product again? Definitely yes! Though the hold power is not the greatest, as a paste product, it does endures very well throughout the day and smells refreshing all day long!

Summary of Analogue Paste

Hold Power: ★★★★☆


Endurance ★★★★☆


Promo Code – 20% OFF


Where to Get?

Here’s a list of their stockist


Price: RM75

Price: RM 60 (After Promo Code Applied)

SINGAPORE (Promo Code doesn’t Apply)

Price: SGD $28.00



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