UO Barber: LA Barbershop Singapore Hair Cut Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

Probably reviewed every hair styling products, thankful that his hair is still intact. Loves travelling and trying to be healthy and pump some muscles at the same time!

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INTRODUCTION to LA Barbershop Singapore

Barbershop: LA Barbershop Singapore

Started: Jan 2017

X-Factor: Modern Barbershop Services mix with Traditional Settings and Vibes. Some of the outlets are For Her & HIm (Vivo City)

Welcome to our 3rd Edition of Reviews though personally I have lost count the number of barbershops I have visited here in Singapore. Previously I had a great experience at Rogue and Beyond and Telja Studios with amazing service and very different approach towards their respective business.

This time, I decided to try a brand that’s more for the masses but yet has its own approach and style.

When I first heard about LA Barbershop, I thought it originates from Los Angeles. However, I realized it wasn’t at all. Might be purely for branding purpose since I supposed LA is one of the famous places known for their art in celebrity hair styling. It is actually brought it by Japanese Komars Group who also introduced EC House that provides fuss free hair cut

LA Barbershop by now should be quite a well-known name here in Singapore. As of today September 2019, they have 5 outlets altogether. I took the chance to try them out as I was curious what went well for this barbershop chain. This barbershop located in 5 areas in this Lion City if you curious to know which barbershop is near you.

LA Barbershop Location

  • FUNAN, 107 North Bridge Road, #B1-19, Singapore 179105 | +65 6970 0769
  • 238 Thomson Road #02-02, Velocity@Novena Square, Singapore 307683 | Tel: +65 6904-4311
  • Unisex outlet: #02-162, Vivo City, Singapore 098585 | Tel : +65 6266 2411
  • 68 Orchard Road #06-13 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839 | +6562596681
  • 1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-58 Jurong Point, Singapore 648886 | +6562532070



LA Barbershop Velocity Outlet at Novena Square
LA Barbershop Velocity Outlet at Novena Square



The Crew from LA Barbershop
The Crew from LA Barbershop

LA Barbershop Design & Vibes

With the many options available, I picked the Novena Branch out of convenience since I was around in the area. A phone reservation is preferred as it’s usually quite occupied and it’s a 2 main chair barbershop. As I was early, I took the chance to observe the interior design of the place. With pop music playing in the background, you could see there’s a range of collectibles from The Mummy, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, and some fancy famous celebrity canvas painting decorated on the war. In addition, the walls were of bricks designs, combined with some displays of men’s hair grooming products like the American Crew, it made the room feels a little more masculine yet calm.

However, the space was quite small as compared to most barbers I have visited here in Singapore. I was even curious how can i get my hair wash done without a clear room or a space setup for it.



While waiting for my turn
While waiting for my turn

LA Barbershop the Haircut Experience

With a friendly gesture,  Jacob, my barber for the day invited me over. The setup was pretty swift and organized. They have a lock feature on the chair to ensure the canvas stays in place at all times.

This time, for my haircut, I tried a well-defined side parting, with a side comb back hairstyle. If you are curious to find out what hairstyle for you, check out here based on your head shape.  After sharing what are the do’s and the don’ts, Jacob prepared his tools and dive into working on his craft on my head. We had pretty good conversations, which is an important trait for a barber to have to keep his customer connected. Well, some of you guys would prefer to be silent, no judgement bruh.

I came to know Jacob is actually Vietnamese and he picked up Mandarin while working here in Singapore for a couple of years. Really impressed with his self learning attitude as it wasn’t an easy feat to speak fluent Mandarin from scratch. Not to mention, he has over almost 10 years of experience, from salons and now barbering.

After the haircut, as I was about to get my hair wash, he pulled out a hidden sink from the drawer. I was pretty amaze how this was integrated to the shop. Instead of lying to my back, the barber asked me to lean forward with my head bowed downwards to the sink. It was a bit awkward in the beginning, but surprisingly it does get the job done. At least, I did not get myself soaked. Having said that, during the wash, your face will be drenched as the water flows from the top /back of your head towards your face. After the wash, he provided me a warm towel to refresh myself or wipe off any leftover hair.

After the cut, he finished off with some shave on the sides and bottom back of my head to give a clean look. Styled with a little hair wax, the job gets done in around 40 minutes.



LA Barbershop - Finishing Touch
LA Barbershop - Finishing Touch

Final Verdict



LA Barbershop Hair Cut Review - Side View
LA Barbershop Hair Cut Review - Side View



LA Barbershop Hair Cut Review - Front View
LA Barbershop Hair Cut Review - Front View

With the price I’ve paid for the haircut, (around SGD 40) I thought it was fair. Friendly barber, clean cut and nice finishing touch. The only slight improvement could be made is the finishing on my crown, which usually causes a problem for cowlick. This time he managed to maintain prevent that by having a longer length in the crown area, but it was hard to style after 1 week because it still tends to stick out in a outward direction. So far, the only barber that manage to pull this off perfectly is by Joel from Rogue and Beyond. I guess my head shape is quite a challenge. 

Overall, this is still not a bad job done. 

If you are still looking for more options, check out our Singapore Top 13 barbershops here.

LA Barbershop Services

More than just haircut, you could expect anything from shoulder massage to ear waxing. Easily could spend 2 hours on a Sunday to get all done ;)

  • Haircut – $40.66
  • Head Wash & Style – $21.40
  • Beard Trim & Shave – $39.59
  • Ear Cleaning – $23.54
  • Massage – $28.89



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