Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk Review

Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk

There are four skincare lines from Muji: Sensitive Skin, Balanced Skin, Aging Care and Organic Series. In this review, however, we will be discussing the pros and cons of the Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk.  

From delicious snacks to clothing, stationery and furniture, no-frills Japanese label Muji is known for its good quality products and reasonable prices (for the most part). Fun fact: Did you know that Muji’s Japanese name translates to “brand-free quality products”?

However, it seems like their made-in-Japan skincare products aren’t as known or well-received as their other retail products. In our opinion, that’s a real pity, because those who have tried Muji’s skincare will know how simple yet effective the products are for maintaining a healthy and clear complexion. That probably explains their motto: “Daily skincare for everyone”.

Read on to find out more!

Outlook & Mobility

Similar to the toning water, what we liked was the minimalist and uniform packaging, no unnecessary fluff. In addition, the product is available in various sizes, including travel-friendly options. The smaller bottles are especially useful if you would like to try the range without investing in a full-sized product.

However, do read the English labels carefully as the product names are not immediately obvious. For example, the Moisturising Milk comes in three versions: Light, Moisture and High Moisture. However, all three bottles look roughly the same if you are not looking closely.  

Key features of Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk 

This Product is made in Japan and can be worn under sunblock comfortably. The Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk is especially suitable for men with sensitive skin that feels dry easily. As mentioned earlier, the Moisturising Milk comes in three versions: Light, Moisture and High Moisture. We recommend either the Light or Moisture if you live in a humid and tropical climate. High Moisture is more suited for drier seasons.

One of the main ingredients in the moisturiser is natural water drawn from a cave in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture in Northeast Japan. The ultra-soft mineral water has been naturally filtered for years, and penetrates comfortably into the skin without irritating it. The Moisturising Milk is also free from artificial colouring, mineral oils, parabens and alcohol. It has also been allergy-tested.


The products from the Sensitive Skin range are fragrance-free, and are pleasant to use as they have little to no scent.


Light and watery, the moisturiser is easily absorbed into the skin.


After using toner, squeeze an appropriate amount onto your hand, and gently rub it all over your face in circular motions until absorbed. Your face should feel hydrated and smooth after.


The Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk is an effective and wallet-friendly option to combat dry skin in hot and humid environments. The gentle formulation also makes it a travel must-have as it won’t stress your skin out further. Jet lag and dry air are bad enough!


As prices may differ in different countries, do check with your local store.

Where to get it?

All Muji stores worldwide.  


Personally, I have been using for the pas 2 -3 years and never turned back. It is especially used after I had my shaves, which usually caused my skin to dry and having red spots. This moisturizer helps my skin to stay calm and moisturized. For more sensitive skin related product, you may check out our top pick for skincare products or more specifically – the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.



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