The Fadify 2.0 Trimmer Review

Fadify 2.0
Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Have you ever thought about fading your own hair? Are the constant trips to the barber bothering you and your wallet? Do you enjoy the feeling of having a freshly trimmed fade right out of the barbershop? In recent years, more and more people have considered cutting their own fade. However, fading your own hair can be quite challenging. Even if you decide to visit the barber regularly, maintaining the fresh fade between barber visits is an awesome benefit. For either situation, a hair trimmer is helpful. Especially a hair trimmer that is specifically designed for people who are looking for fades. That’s why we looked all over the internet for the best fading clipper and found the FADIFY 2.0. (Please read all the way below to find a special discount code)

The FADIFY 2.0 trimmer offers an easy and fast way of increasing your attractiveness. It has revolutionized the way fades are cut. The blade is slightly angled, while the cutting blade is curved. Cutting the fade is as easy as swiping around the head by holding the trimmer at a specific angle. 

Its features include different fade options, a waterproof body, and cordless operation. Last but not least, if you cannot cut a fade yourself, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.

Side note: While the brand claims that users do not need prior knowledge of fade, we’ve found it would be helpful to get familiar with haircutting and the process of fading before using the clipper.

How to use the FADIFY 2.0

How to use the FADIFY 2.0

1. Prepare the tools before cutting your hair:

  • When you have long hair, use one of the attachments to trim the hair above the fade first.
  • A 360-degree mirror would certainly be helpful as it gives you better back visibility.

2. Choosing the right type of fade is the first step.

There are the following options:

  • Standard fade – use the uniform white mobile blade
  • Burst fade – use the uneven white mobile blade

3. Depending on the fade you want, you can combine the mobile blade with the static blade.

A guide is included in the box that explains how to combine them.

4. The next step is to determine how long your fade will be. 

At the lowest setting on your trimmer, the fade will be 5mm at the top and 1.3mm at the bottom.

  • You can adjust the lever to three different configurations. Each increment of the lever will reduce the length by 0.3mm if you move up, and moving down will increase the length.
  • That means, in total, there will be four types of fade configurations:
  1. 5 mm – 1.3 mm
  2. 4.7 mm – 1.0 mm 
  3. 4.3 mm – 0.7 mm
  4. 4.0 mm – 0.4 mm

5. Make sure your trimmer is set up before you begin cutting.

  • As soon as the blades are installed in step (3), set the trimmer to 7000 RPM. The purpose of this is to ensure that it cuts cleanly. Using the lower speed, you can soften the edges of other head parts. 
  • The lever should be set to the desired length based on step 4.

6. The trimmer blade should be exactly 90 degrees to the head before you start trimming.

This ensures that the fade is achieved with a clean and uniform cut. 

7. Start trimming on your side.

Do not rush to trim around your head. Make sure you get a good feel for the trimmer, and try trimming around 20cm on the side of your head, and then check if the fade you want has been achieved. 

8. Once you are satisfied with your progress, continue from where you left off, or slightly before, and continue until you reach your back. 

9. On the other side of your head, repeat the above steps until you reach the point where you completed the previous side. 

10. It’s time to trim the remaining hair below the fade.

You will want to change your silver blade (fade) to the gold one combined with the uniform one.

When you are setting your lever configuration, choose it based on which was the lowest length you had chosen when you fetched your fade (Example: If your fade setting was 1.0mm, use 1.0mm for your lever configuration).

11. Gently trim the hair below the fade.

12. If your hair is too long at the top of the fade, you can install a trimmer guard and trim the edges to soften them.

Having said that, this will require some haircutting experience. 

13. Alternatively, if you could have someone give you a fade, that would be very helpful in the execution, especially if this is your first time. 



Pros of the FADIFY 2.0

1. Unique Fade Clipper

This hair clipper is said to be a unique product that is designed to be different from other competitors. According to the brand, this trimmer possesses patented fading blades, its main feature.

There are two blades in the FADIFY 2.0 Trimmer: a static blade and a mobile blade.

  • The static blade’s length varies from short to long. This provides a fade finish.
  • If you decide to do a burst fade, the mobile blade has a curve in the middle, providing a more stark contrast. 

Another benefit of this trimmer is that it offers easy fade without drawing guidelines. This feature could be pretty compelling if you are looking for a hair clipper for fading.

However, learning the basics about this haircut and how to do it won’t hurt. 

There are three blades in this clipper, each providing a different fade. This feature is noteworthy because not only does it allow you to try on different styles, but it also allows you to try out any fade at home.

Who needs a barber when you can have three different styles of fades with a hair clipper? If you are a fan of fade, check out what other features this product has to offer and see if it’s worth considering buying.

2. Guide for Fade

As we mentioned, the brand claims you don’t have to know anything about fades and haircutting to buy this hair clipper. It offers a guide related to fade that can be used to learn more about this type of haircut.

Sellers claim the guide explains how to do a fad, so beginners may find it useful. You can also learn about the types of fades available in the guide. 

3. Efficiency

Using a hair clipper can be an efficient and time-saving alternative to going to a barber. With Fadify, you can get the fade of your choice in a matter of a few minutes.

The sellers claim that this device is designed to provide fade within minutes. All you are required to do is swipe the clipper around your head. 

You can get a fresh touch-up on your haircut whenever you want. Additionally, you won’t need to visit the barber often at events, meetings, and get-togethers.

Besides increasing your efficiency, it can also reduce your barbering expenses. This device can give you a haircut in under ten minutes.

4. Good Grip

A clipper with a good grip in your hand increases your chances of getting just the haircut you want. A clipper will be more stable in your hand with a good grip.

This feature may not affect professionals or people who have used clippers before. People without prior experience or knowledge of hair clippers will likely appreciate it. Holding the clipper firmly definitely reduces the possibility of messing it up. 

5. Cordless Device

Another way that this hair clipper provides convenience is by providing cordless operation. If you’re easily annoyed by tangled wires that take forever to untangle, this feature may be of interest to you.

This makes the FADIFY 2.0 trimmer worth checking out. Using a cordless clipper like Fadify, you can easily get a fade in your bathroom or bedroom, depending on your preference. 

6. 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

Regarding after-sale services, Fadify appears to be doing quite well for the satisfaction of its customers. This clipper comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Moreover, it claims to refund your money if you are unable to cut a fade. There is a return policy for those unsatisfied with the product and the opportunity to try it out. 

7. Waterproof

When you style your hair, using a waterproof clipper can give you an edge and make you more confident. The FADIFY 2.0 trimmer is designed to be waterproof, which means that if it gets wet or slipped from your hand, the clipper will not be damaged.

I found that the waterproof feature was not 100% effective, as it caused some false alarms after washing with water. After a while, the alarm stops, and it works normally again.

This issue has been brought to the attention of the FadingCulture team, and they will definitely improve it. It’s not a big problem.

8. Battery Life

With a wired clipper, you don’t have to worry about batteries. You only need to connect the wire with power and keep trimming as long as you need to.

However, people who own a wireless clipper cannot benefit from this privilege since, eventually, the battery would run out of charge, and the device would stop working. The limited battery life of a wireless clipper is one of its drawbacks. 

If the clipper’s battery life is long enough, this problem can be solved without worrying about running out of power. It has a battery life of about 240 minutes for the FADIFY 2.0 trimmer.

It claims to fade your hair within 10 minutes. Such a long-lasting battery gives you another reason to check it out and consider buying the product. 

9. High-Quality Product

It is evident from the FADIFY 2.0 trimmer review that this product offers many features. Moreover, the brand claims that the clipper has overall high quality.

As per the sellers, this clipper also comes with a straight blade so you can use it on the rest of your hair. Therefore, it is said to be an all-in-one haircutting kit worthy of your attention and consideration. 

10. Simple and Elegant

The design of this FADIFY 2.0 trimmer is made simple yet elegant. While it does not have a very fancy appearance or luxurious looks, it gives off elegant vibes.

Keeping the clipper in your dressing table or bathroom would increase the overall image of that area. In addition, the color combination chosen for its design is also quite impressive and will likely match your bathroom or dressing table’s theme. 

Cons of the FADIFY 2.0 Trimmer

FADIFY 2.0 Trimmer

While FADIFY 2.0 offers so many perks, it is also important to beware of the cons of using the clipper that you may come across. Before placing an order, you are suggested to go through the cons as well to see if the product is suitable for you or not.

Not every product is made for everyone. Some people may find it ideal for their use, and others may pass. So, keep on reading to learn about the cons of FADIFY 2.0. 

1. Fade-Related Knowledge

Even though the product comes with a guide for people without prior knowledge of fade hairstyles, it may not be enough for some. You cannot just trust any barber regarding haircuts or hair styling.

When you cannot visit your regular barber, you will not just trust any barber with your hair; you will likely have doubts about that new barber. That’s the same even when you try to take matters into your own hands.

If you want to avoid messing up with your hairstyle, make sure you’ve learned enough about the process of haircutting. In any other case, you may end up ruining the hairstyle.

Therefore, you don’t have to take risks. Learn as much as you can about fade hairstyles. You can try watching tutorials on how to get a fade at home and observe the techniques of the stylists.

Fades can be considered the trickiest hairstyle. Hence, it is advised not to rely on the guide only and acquire as much knowledge as you can before giving it a try. 

2. Steady Grip

When you learn about fade hairstyle, remember to observe how the stylists hold the clipper and how well their grip is.

That’s the area where you are required to excel. Having a steady grip for a fade is vital, even according to the brand itself. In addition, keep it perpendicular to your head when you are ready to start using the FADIFY 2.0 trimmer for a fade. 

3. More Time and Energy

FADIFY 2.0 trimmer makes getting a fade quite easy and quick. However, a fade doesn’t mean your hairstyle of the entire head is done. Of course, you would have to work on your remaining hair on your head, a task that may or may not be easy for you to complete on your own.

Because of this, you should avoid using the trimmer unless you know how to deal with the heads after you get a fade, as you may mess up your look. 

All in all, fade or no fade, every kind of hairstyle requires practice, learning, and experience. Trying it for the first time may not give you the exact look you were hoping for, and that’s okay.

Learning any skill, not just styling, takes time and effort. You must keep practicing and be patient until you see the desired results. 

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed reading our Fadify 2.0 trimmer review and learned more about it. Undoubtedly, the features mentioned by the sellers are worth your consideration. Depending on your needs, it may even be suitable for you.

You should, however, do your research before making a purchase. Consider its benefits as well as its potential drawbacks. In addition to reading reviews, you can also learn about previous customers’ experiences. Lastly, if the product seems reasonable enough, try it and see if it works well for fading at home. 

Where to Buy the Fadify 2.0 Trimmer

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