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Reviewed by Justin Lim
Reviewed by Justin Lim

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Depression, anxiety, and stress are common terms that you get to listen to quite often these days. Not only are these threatening to one’s mental health, but they also play a huge role in ruining one’s physical health and sleep cycle. Every other person is having any one of these problems to cope with along with their daily life issues.

While they may not sound as horrible, all these mental health problems are extremely problematic, especially if they occur on a regular basis. Treating them well and getting rid of them is the first thing to do to get your life back to normal. 

However, if these mental health issues are not occurring regularly, they can get better with some supplements that use natural ingredients. One of these supplements is the GABA supplement which is known for providing a good night’s sleep and reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.

This article has covered the eight best GABA supplements for you to choose from. All these supplements contain natural ingredients and are free of any kind of harsh chemicals or harmful additives. 

Summary of best GABA supplement

S.NoProduct NameKey Feature
1Designs for Health – PharmaGABA Chewable TabletsGMO Free
2Best Naturals GABA SupplementSupports calm mood
3Nutricost Pure GABA 500G PowderGluten-Free
4Pure Encapsulations GABA SupplementSupport Relaxation
5NOW Supplements, GABANaturally Produced
6NeuroScience Alpha GABA PMStress Management
7Natural factors chewable Pharma GABAVegetarian
8Natural Stacks GABA SupplementSleep Aid
Summary of best GABA supplement

Best GABA supplement (Detailed Review)

1. Designs for Health – PharmaGABA Chewable Tablets

Designs for Health – PharmaGABA Chewable Tablets

Suitable for stress, focus, and anxiety altogether, the Designs for Health GABA chewable tablets are naturally sourced, coming in a bottle containing 60 such tablets. GABA is known for serving as a calming agent for the body, and these chewable tablets by Designs for Health does this job quite well.

Brain Compound

These supplements contain PharmaGABA, which is known for containing a naturally occurring form of a brain compound which is called GABA. The formula is specially created to help create alpha brain waves that provide physical relaxation. 


Because of the inhibitory activity of GABA, it is also great for enabling relaxation and sleep and therefore helps cope with stress more effectively. All thanks to the relaxation it provides, the people taking this supplement can now enjoy a better mental focus and a stress-free daily life. 

Top Quality

Designs for Health is known for manufacturing top quality health supplements, and these ones are no exception. Their products are always made in their NSF registered facilities, and they make sure that they meet all the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.


  • Helps in weight management.
  • Improves mood and focus.
  • Supports normal brain function.
  • Enhances concentration.
  • Fosters good sleep.


  • They don’t taste good.

Where to Buy Designs for Health – PharmaGABA Chewable Tablets

Amazon USA

2. Best Naturals GABA Supplement

Best Naturals GABA Supplement

Coming in a bottle that contains around 180 such capsules, these Best Naturals GABA supplements can take care of you for months with just one purchase. They are great for promoting relaxation, good mood, and focus.


These supplements containing GABA can prove to be exceptionally good for your brain. When GABA gets low in your body, it is quite difficult to relax, and therefore these supplements will not only cover the reduction of GABA in your body but also provide you with great relaxation.

Sleep aid

GABA in these supplements works as a sleeping aid, all thanks to the calming influence it offers. GABA is known for dampening the transmission of the nerve impulses between neurons, and when its quantity increases, it helps in fighting insomnia and provides a night of better sleep.

Improves mood

These supplements will also help in improving your mood because of containing a balanced proportion of GABA. Through these supplements, the GABA levels in your brain increase, which is great for decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression.


  • Helps support the mental focus.
  • Supports a calming mood.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • One bottle contains 180 capsules.


  • Capsules develop dark spots after a short time.

Where to Buy Best Naturals GABA Supplement

Amazon USA

3. Nutricost Pure GABA 500G Powder

Nutricost Pure GABA 500G Powder

If you are not into taking capsules, then this GABA powder can solve the issue for you. The Nutricost GABA powder is 100% pure, and the bottle comes with a scoop included so that you don’t have to get up every time to grab a spoon whenever you need to take it. 

Pre-portioned scoop

The bottle’s scoop is pre-portioned, which means you are allowed to take the exact dose of 500 grams and don’t have to measure it separately every time. This, in fact, saves you a lot of trouble and time.


With the big tub kind of a bottle it comes in and is available at such an affordable price, the Nutricost GABA powder is definitely going to be a great purchase for you. It may only cost you 0.02 USD per serving which is quite less compared to the competitors.

Safety Precautions

The company Nutricost makes sure to follow all the necessary safety precautions and use a GMB compliant and FDA-registered facility to manufacture this powder. The powder is also tested by a third party in order to ensure that you are getting the best quality.


  • One bucket has a great quantity of powder.
  • Premium quality at an affordable price.
  • Third-party tested.
  • Made in FDA registered and GMP compliant facility.


  • Difficult to dose consistently.

Where to Buy Nutricost Pure GABA 500G Powder

Amazon USA

4. Pure Encapsulations GABA Supplement

Pure Encapsulations GABA Supplement

Having over 30 or more years of researching and developing premium quality supplements, the Pure Encapsulations GABA supplement is one of the best GABA supplements that you can get your hands on. All the benefits it has in store with the excellent quality it has to provide make it stand out among competitors.


What makes these supplements by Pure Encapsulations unique is that they are absolutely free of unnecessary additives like flavors, artificial colors, sweeteners, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, fillers, binders, preservatives, etc.

Premium Quality

These supplements are made using only premium ingredients to make sure that the users get high-quality supplements. All the ingredients are sourced by trusted suppliers and selected based on the guidance of nutritional experts and then manufactured and tested to make sure that their potency and purity are acceptable.

Relaxation Support

Studies indicate that GABA is great for producing alpha waves in the brain, which are known for promoting relaxation. These supplements by Pure Encapsulations are excellent when it comes to providing the relaxation that you must be looking for.


  • Made using premium ingredients.
  • No unwanted additives.
  • Nuts and gluten free.
  • Enhances alpha wave production in the brain.
  • Carefully manufactured and tested.


  • It may make one feel drained.

Where to Buy Pure Encapsulations GABA Supplement

Amazon USA

5. NOW Supplements, GABA

NOW Supplements, GABA

NOW is known for producing supplements that are not only made using premium quality ingredients but also have excellent benefits for users, and its GABA supplements are no exception. It is a perfectly portioned capsule with a proper amount of GABA to help your body work great.

Vitamin B6

These supplements contain GABA along with vitamin B6 both of which are great for functioning as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Depending on what dose suits you, you can take one capsule two or three times a day to get the best results.

GMP Quality Assured

The NPA A-rated GMP certification that NOW is awarded indicates that every process of manufacturing the NOW supplements has been examined, including the laboratory tests. This is carried out specifically to ensure that the supplements’ potency, product formulation, and stability are up to the mark. 


The NOW GABA supplements are gluten free, vegetarian, and non-GMO. This ensures that they will not cause any kind of adverse reaction or allergies to people who are sensitive to such products.


  • Eases nervous tension.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Made without gluten.
  • GMP quality assurance.
  • Functions as a neurotransmitter in the human brain. 


  • Relatively high dose.

Where to Buy NOW Supplements, GABA

Amazon USA

6. NeuroScience Alpha GABA PM

NeuroScience Alpha GABA PM

Hundreds of healthcare professionals trust the products manufactured by Neuroscience Alpha because of the benefits they have to provide. Not only this, the professionals trust and recommend their products because they formulate them based on peer-reviewed studies.

Calms mind

The formulation of these GABA supplements contains L-theanine, botanicals, and 5-HTP, which are known for inducing calming brain waves, especially in times of stress. It successfully provides stressors with a sense of calm.

Bedtime Botanicals

The supplements consist of lemon balm and valerian extracts which are known ingredients to successfully improve nighttime sleep. The majority of the supplements containing valerian have a weird smell; however, this is not the case with Neuroscience Alpha supplements because of incorporating a researched dose of valerian.

GMP compliant

All the products by Neuroscience Alpha, including these GABA supplements, are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility to ensure the quality that users get meets the highest standards and is premium.


  • Calms the mind for bedtime.
  • No weird smell of valerian.
  • Improve the quality of night rest.
  • Induce calming brain waves.
  • Sixty capsules in one bottle.


  • It May cost more compared to other products.

Where to Buy NeuroScience Alpha GABA PM

Amazon USA

7. Natural factors chewable Pharma GABA

Natural factors chewable Pharma GABA

Are you looking for a naturally made and clinically studied GABA supplement that tastes good too? Look no more as the GABA supplements introduced by Natural Stacks is your go-to option. This is a well-tested supplement that has various benefits like a relaxed and focused mind in store for you.

Ease nervousness

These supplements are PharmaGABA which means they are made using a natural and concentrated form of GABA to provide you with the best results. The brain uses such a kind of GABA to help ease scattered thoughts and nervousness.

Sleep Quality

Without getting you all drowsy, these supplements are excellent for promoting immune health and emotional wellbeing in times of stress and, therefore, proven to make your sleep quality better.

Relieves Stress

By taking 100mg of natural and clinically studied GABA present in these supplements, you can have your mind at ease. This is because these supplements are specifically manufactured in a way to provide fast-acting support for a focused and relaxed mind.


  • Better focus and sleep quality.
  • The third party is certified.
  • Tested for GMOs and around 700 contaminants.
  • Guaranteed purity and potency.
  • Promotes immune health and emotional wellbeing.


  • The flavor is a bit acidic.

Where to Buy Natural factors chewable Pharma GABA

Amazon USA

8. Natural Stacks GABA Supplement

Natural Stacks GABA Supplement

Helping you calm your racing mind, these supplements have the proportioned form of GABA to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. You can now easily say goodbye to your unaddressed stress, all thanks to these GABA supplements by Natural Stacks!

Beneficial ingredients

The supplements are full of beneficial ingredients like L-citrulline, potent amino acid, and grape seed extract, all of which are great for crossing GABA through the blood-brain barrier and provide the excellent benefits it has in store for you.

No additives

These supplements by Natural Stacks are completely free of bad stuff like any kind of additives or harsh chemicals. The GABA supplements are vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, and Paleo-friendly.

No side effects

Since the supplements are made using natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, there are no such side effects that you should be scared of. Additionally, these natural ingredients used are exceptionally great for making better rest and a good night’s sleep possible for the users.


  • Beneficial and natural ingredients are used.
  • Calms and slows down a racing mind.
  • World’s first open-source supplement company.
  • They provide full label disclosure.
  • All the ingredients are traceable.


  • The bottle is not a 30-day supply.

Where to Buy Natural Stacks GABA Supplement

Amazon USA

Buying Guide – Best GABA supplements

Among all the options you have for GABA supplements, selecting the right one that meets your needs the best is essential. Therefore, before making your final decision, make sure that you look for the features we have mentioned in this buying guide for GABA supplements.

Supplement form

This completely depends on an individual’s own preference. The majority of the GABA supplements are either sold in pills or capsules form or in the form of a powder. You need to check what the manufacturers mention on the bottle of GABA supplements and select on the basis of your ease.

Facts Label

Not only in the case of GABA, but you need to look for the facts label whenever you decide to buy any kind of supplements. National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends that you look for a supplement facts label containing a number of active ingredients per serving and mentioning additional ingredients like fillers, binders, artificial flavors, sweeteners, etc.

Third-party tested

Along with recommending checking a supplement’s fact label, NIH also recommends checking whether third-party organizations test the supplements by providing quality testing or not. Third-party testing may not guarantee a product’s safety or effectiveness. Still, it definitely guarantees that the product is properly manufactured, it contains the ingredients that are mentioned on the bottle, and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or contaminants.


Make sure that you check how durable and long-lasting the supplements are. The expiration date of the supplements should not be closed so that they expire before you finish the entire bottle. You definitely don’t want to pay again for a product that could have lasted longer.

Key features

Thoroughly study the key features and the benefits that the manufacturer claims about GABA supplements having in store for you. Check if these key features meet your needs and expectations thoroughly, and then make your final decision.

Manufacturer’s reputation

A manufacturer’s reputation plays a huge role in getting you the right product. Having great reviews from various users means that the manufacturers are taking care of their consumer’s needs, and thus, the supplements are providing the benefits that they claim. 


If you are buying online, one of your main concerns should be the warranty of the products. Since you don’t have an opportunity to check the product by hand, you need to completely rely on the website or the vendor. Therefore, look for a website or vendor that guarantees to give a warranty or quick replacement option in case of any mishap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take GABA supplements every day?

You can take GABA supplements every day without having any adverse effects if you take them in recommended proportion. Studies have shown that taking around 120 milligrams of GABA every day is unlikely to cause any problematic effect. Additionally, many studies have shown that using GABA supplements along with medications for epilepsy and high blood pressure may increase the impact of these medications.

Will GABA make me gain weight?

There is no such case that has proved that GABA makes one gain weight. Instead, studies have shown that GABA helps produce higher levels of HGH, which is linked to lower body fat levels. This means that people taking GABA supplements or GABA as an ingredient through different food on a regular basis may tend to lose weight rather than gain it.

Does GABA reduce anxiety?

Yes, GABA is considered to be great for reducing anxiety and providing a calming effect on your mind. This usually happens when GABA gets attached to the GABA receptor (it is a protein present in the human brain) and produces a calming effect. This calming effect is great for helping with uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress.

Is GABA good for depression?

GABA is basically an amino acid that is known for being good for improving an individual’s mood. Various studies have shown that taking GABA supplements increase the quantity of GABA in the brain, which helps in decreasing depression, stress, and anxiety.

What are the benefits of GABA supplements?

Taking GABA supplements regularly can provide various benefits, including:

  • These are good for treating PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
  • The supplements are a great help for improving mood.
  • GABA supplements are exceptional when it comes to reducing anxiety.
  • They also provide an improved and better sleep.
  • The supplements are also good for treating ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Disclaimer: There are no such studies that have shown the absolute effectiveness of GABA supplements.

What are the possible side effects of GABA supplements?

Some possible side effects that GABA supplements possess include:

  • May get your stomach upset.
  • The supplements may end up causing headaches to the individual.
  • Muscle weakness can yet be another side effect.
  • It May cause sleepiness.

How can I raise my GABA levels?

Here are the six best ways to increase GABA levels in your body

  • Take GABA supplements which are great for reducing anxiety and providing sleep.
  • Exercise regularly to increase GABA naturally.
  • Take foods that contain GABA.
  • Perform yoga on a regular basis.
  • Mindfulness and meditation are two excellent ways to boost your GABA levels.
  • Avoid junk food, drugs, and alcohol. 


If you are having episodes of anxiety or stress or your mood gets weird within minutes, you need something that helps get these issues sorted out. This is where the GABA supplements come to the rescue. While there are no such studies that guarantee the benefits that GABA supplements offer, the majority of the reviews from its users ensure that these supplements are good for reducing anxiety and depression, and stress and thus provide better sleep.

Among hundreds of options available, getting the GABA supplements that contain natural ingredients and only have exceptional benefits to offer might get overwhelming for you. Therefore, we have made your choices precise by selecting the eight best GABA supplements with excellent ingredients and advantages that you can benefit from. All the companies selected have a great reputation in the industry for having decades of experience and manufacturing premium quality supplements. 



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